Safety: Cars vs. Gun Control

There are four times more guns in the United States than there are cars, anti-gun people find this a shocking number and insist that these numbers need to be lowered; only certain guns should be legal, guns need to be registered, gun owners licensed, and gun crime needs more severe punishment than other crimes. For the most part, these people do not use firearms, they don’t know anything about using them, and they are frightened by them.

The fact is that there is much more harm done by cars than there is by guns. There are more than 52 times more automobile accidents than gun incidents in the United States. These result in 41 times more injuries by car than by gun, and cars kill more than 150% more people than guns.

Keep in mind that death or injury by firearm includes criminal activity, suicides, accidental discharges, gun malfunctions, citizen self-defense, and police shootings. A very large percentage of firearms that are used in crimes are used by criminals and very often the victims of such shootings are other criminals. Also, the number of suicides by gun make up a fairly large percentage of this number; most experts believe that those who commit suicide by gun would commit suicide by other means if no gun is available. In both of these situations criminal activity and suicide, the presence of the gun is not essential to the act – they would use other means to accomplish their goal if a gun is not available.

Not only are police shootings included in the number, but there are hundreds of acts by citizens each year in which a criminal is shot in self defense. But beyond police and civilian defensive shootings, there are thousands of incidents in which the mere presence of an armed officer or citizen has stopped a crime, and an arrest was made or the criminal fled without doing harm, with no shot being fired.

Beyond all this is the fact that just the knowledge that a perspective victim may be armed is a proven deterrent to crime. If you doubt the deterrent power of this, remember that the Japanese stated that they would not invade the United States during World War II because America was an armed citizenry, and they had a high level of competency in the use of their weapons.

When you consider the facts that guns aren’t as dangerous as cars, and you weigh the potential harm against the potential good in gun ownership, you have to ask, “Why do American politicians want to control firearms? For safety?” No the facts don’t support that premise; the only logical conclusions are that they want control of the citizenry, and they want to be able to track and tax gun ownership. And this is the very reason that the Founding Fathers created the second amendment of the Constitution, to assure the people never have their power to govern usurped by bureaucrats.

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