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While Vice President Joe Biden was counting sheep during the President’s “debt reduction” speech yesterday at George Washington University, Americans were counting dollars–specifically the ones it would take to pay for the President’s spending plan. The administration’s “solutions” to the deficit are so alarming that Gov. Mike Huckabee joked that Biden wasn’t sleeping–he was praying that Americans wouldn’t realize how insincere the White House is about cutting costs. In stark contrast to the two conservative proposals, the President is fiercely opposed to slimming down the government. He says, “We will all need to make sacrifices”–but by “we,” he means taxpayers. Under his plan, Washington doesn’t have to stop spending–it just needs to stick you with more of the tab. Take his idea of a “debt failsafe trigger.” Basically, the White House is suggesting that if the government spends over a certain level, an automatic tax increase would go into effect. That would be like your neighbor taking off on a shopping spree and transferring anything above their credit limit to your cards. (I don’t know about you, but “debt failsafe trigger” sounded better.) The President is also keeping up his aggressive push toward class warfare by trying to punish successful Americans with more taxes. If Obama succeeds, it would be the largest Tax Increase in American history!! “In December,” he said, “I agreed to extend the tax cuts [to everyone], and I refuse to renew them again.” Translation: don’t get too attached to the tax relief that Congress extended last year. We’re going to need that money back to pay for the agenda we promised our base. The House Republican Conference took offense to that idea, saying, “We have debts and deficits because Washington spends too much, not because the American people are taxed too little.”
If the President wants to maintain the status quo and try to balance the budget through higher taxes, it would take a 60% across-the-board tax increase!! That would further debilitate families and destroy businesses. “We will make the tough cuts necessary… but I will not sacrifice the core investments we need to grow and create jobs.” Investing is just code for more spending. In his plan, the President tacks on more money for the environment, education, infrastructure, and other pet projects. One way he plans to pay for them is penalizing generosity. Once again, the White House is promoting its favorite revenue raising gimmick–decreasing the tax benefits for charitable giving, which would make it harder for all nonprofit organizations to raise money. To Reps. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who both released budgets that would make the government leaner and more effective, the President hinted at a rocky road to those negotiations. In his more pointed comments, he warned Republicans not to mess with Social Security (which is almost bankrupt), to stop reforming Medicare, and to keep their hands off the health care law. “The way [the GOP’s budget] achieves its goals,” President Obama said, “would lead to a fundamentally different America than the one we’ve known.” That’s what voters are counting on. They’re tired of living outside America’s means. They want stability for themselves, their families, and their grandchildren. Liberals insist that we can achieve that by doubling the debt and running up the deficit. In the Spirit of Joe Biden:Dream On!!
Starting from Hatch

There are at least three people sleeping and praying for Barak to be real in this video. Biden, the gray haired woman behind him, and the black woman on the LH side. This is how important our nation’s economy is to these people….. I guess they assume that we, the taxpayers, will always be there to pay for their wasteful spending.

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Please donate any amount you can to help us try to recover legal costs in defending liberty and the right of free speech !