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Zurich police used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse a violent youth riot late Saturday night in a scene that called to mind the U.K. unrest last month.

The Zurich police made 91 arrests, and about half remained in detention as of yesterday, according to Swiss Info.  Many of those currently in custody threw stones at police, shattered shop windows, destroyed cars and set trash cans on fire.

According to Swiss police, the riot started as an unlicensed open-air rave near the central railway station in Zurich that brought in youth mostly from outside the city. Only a handful of rioters were over the age of 25.

Daniel Leupi, the Police Chief of Zurich, described the youths as “riot tourists.”

You can watch the disturbing video of the youth riots in Zurich courtesy of Euronews here:


Zurich has seen several events of unrest involving violent youth mobs recently, including an attempt earlier in the day by about 200 protestors to disrupt an anti-abortion rally. The counter-protest group ended up skirmishing with police. The week before, 1,000 gathered for an illegal party and clashes erupted when police asked youths to get down from on top of a tram.

Other Swiss authorities have already reached out for help to stem the rising tide of crime and unrest in a country known for almost 200 years of neutrality in wars. The deteriorating security situation in the Geneva canton (state) forced officials to seek training from the NYPD last week. The NYPD is world renowned for crime reduction and crowd control and will help train Swiss police, who have been blamed recently for ineffective policies.

With Greece on the edge of a Euro default, and the rest of the EU scrambling for solutions to avert economic catastrophe, police forces across the continent could face pitched street battles with violent youth mobs from Madrid to Munich in the weeks ahead.


BEDFORD Comments

Posted on September 20, 2011 at 11:50am

Strange it is that the coming of these riots around the EU, flash mobs of thieves here at home, the sudden emergence of SEIU advocating anarchy, Hoffa calling for murder on behalf of the Union goons…This attempted (and doing pretty well so far) campaign to destroy legitimate societies; Doesn’t seem to have its public kick off with the coming of Soreto????…Something gave these barbarians the signal that it’s time to publically march on Rome….And our ‘leaders’ cower before them……I have always believed that the warnings of these events were right wing hysterics….But, as it is said, ‘Those who do not learn from history…First the chaos..Then the need for a strong leader for law & order…The comes the resurrections of Stalin and/or Hitler….Those who do/will not learn from historyw will be sold into slavery by their venal masters…….

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Please donate any amount you can to help us try to recover legal costs in defending liberty and the right of free speech !