THIS MAN IS SICK -Obama In Virginia Speech: “We Don’t Believe that Anybody’s Entitled to Success in this Country”

Really, Mr. President?

So, when Obama says, “we don’t believe that anybody” (meaning “not just anybody”) is entitled to success, does he then believe that only a few specific individuals are entitled to success?

It would naturally follow to then ask, “and who might that be?”

When balanced on the fact that Obama does seem to think that certain individuals are entitled to redistribution, which is taking property from one in order to give to another, then Obama’s meaning becomes just a bit clearer, ergo, “you don’t have an entitlement to success, but you do have an entitlement to the fruits of other people’s success, and the government is going to facilitate that.”
But what, then, does entitle specifically mean, just to make sure?

According to Merriam Webster “entitled,” Obama’s specific usage in this case, would be definition #2, which means the following:

To furnish with proper grounds for seeking or claiming something

So, in the clear meaning of “entitle,” Obama is stating that he doesn’t believe that anybody should be furnished with proper grounds for seeking or claiming success. But isn’t that what being an America and living in America’s free market system means? Are we not naturally entitled to success, by our own creator under Natural Law, if we desire to seek it? Or is it that Obama is saying that Government will not entitle” just anybody” to success?

Don’t laugh.

At first glance, Obama’s words on this subject seem odd, on second glance they could be construed as stating the obvious, but when measured on the scales of Obama’s goals and his past performance, his words take on what could be an insidious Freudian slip–telling us what he actually believes without meaning to.

Here is the rest of what Obama said, which lends a bit of clarity:

We believe in a country where hard work pays off and responsibilities are rewarded and everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody’s doing their fair share. And everybody’s paying by the same rules.

The key words here are “responsibilities rewarded”–and what in the hell does that mean, by the way?

“Getting a fair shot”–it’s what our system is all about, but what Obama means here is, “Getting a fair shot with the government’s help,” which also means aiding some while forgetting about the ones who are deemed unworthy of aid.

“Everybody’s doing their fair share?” Now, who determines that?

“Everybody’s playing by the same rules” –rules according to who? We already have laws in place and regulations, so who comes up with even more rules governing an individual’s right to success?

Okay, Mainstream Media, we know what you’re going to say, and maybe it was just another silly off the teleprompter gaffe, but then again, maybe it wasn’t.

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