October 8, 2012 by Bob Livingston

Government statistics never hint at the cost to the American people of constant devaluation of the currency. It’s a deep, dark secret that operates above the awareness threshold. What thief would announce his devices?
Currency depreciation is a ploy governments have used for millennia. Why do evil men steal through currency depreciation? Because of its huge, ongoing income flow that goes to government over and above all taxes. Taxes have the implied legality of law and consent of the people. Currency depreciation is not allotted the parameters of legality or illegality. It is above the law and is almost never debated in the monetary realm.
Currency depreciation is seductively covert when a regime is relatively stable. But when a government becomes unstable, depreciation of the currency becomes more overt until collapse.
The modern-day currency-collapsing event was Zimbabwe. But a much bigger classic currency collapse was the German Weimar Republic collapse of 1923.
Currency depreciation, especially in its latter days, impoverishes the middle class and, indeed, most of the population. The effects of currency depreciation have become destructive long before the general public becomes aware. Then, for most people, it is only a matter of survival and a constant search for basic food and clothing.
Of course, there are always a very few people who are alert to these unannounced shenanigans of government and politicians. They are able to conserve their monetary resources by diversifying into foreign currencies, gold, silver and the necessary tangibles of survival. They become far more independent of the system, mainly by putting most of their resources out of the reach of government. Being out of reach of government can mean leaving the country. For most, it simply means hiding personal wealth.
For those who are restrained by the Christian ethic, I would only say that is your choice. Once, my sister said when filing her income taxes that she didn’t want to lie about her income sources. To that I remarked, “After all, you are lying to Satan, ‘the father of lies.’”
Collapsing confidence is a syndrome of fiat paper money. We are now in the latter stage of collapsing confidence. When paper money, i.e., the U.S. dollar, reaches a certain stage of depreciation, the economy simply can’t keep up because money can’t be created by the money creators fast enough. In other words, as fiat paper money becomes worthless, it becomes scarce. Visible bankruptcies begin to appear at every level. Counties, cities, States and the Federal government are short of money. But, of course, the Federal government keeps the money presses rolling.
Governments do many things to hide the constant depreciation of paper or fiat currencies. The U.S. government is particularly adept at currency depreciation cover-up. One of the ways is with a food stamp program for more than 47 million people. People at this level are pacified with free food, so depreciation (inflation) is not an issue with this segment of the population. Also, the food stamp programs effectively buy off revolution in the streets. Full bellies don’t riot. They watch sports on TV.
All avenues of debate are limited and controlled. There is no forum in the United States to carry on debate for a sound currency.
Normally, gold and silver escalate higher with paper money depreciation. But the U.S. government cooperates with the big banks to suppress the normal and natural price of gold and silver. The government implies that it is legal to own gold and silver but it keeps the market price suppressed to discourage ownership and competition with its paper money. The suppression will end and gold and silver will skyrocket as confidence collapses further.
The collapse of paper money is at this time the biggest event in our lives, but so few are aware.
There are many police state controls ready to be formalized. Exchange controls with huge penalties will be installed.
Governments devalue in two ways. They devalue all the time by printing money. On top of this I expect a big devaluation of 30 percent to 50 percent to come suddenly, unannounced, on a weekend.
It will be a case of today you have a “dollar.” Tomorrow you have 50 cents. So everything requires double money all at once.
Plan diversification as soon as possible!
Seniors, You Are Eating Your Seed Corn?
It used to be that “taxes and death” were sure things. Now we can confidently add that the U.S. monetary authorities will print (create) money until this system collapses. Have you bought gold and, especially, silver?
How does it feel to eat your seed corn? You have worked hard and saved. Now you are paying for your frugality. You are now giving the system your savings.
There is an undeclared war going on. It’s the government taking your savings by suppressing interest rates and currency devaluation (printing money).
Do you feel good about this? Has your Representative or Senator warned you about this? Do you still trust him?
There is still time for you to protect your savings, or what’s left. But believe me, there is not much time.
I have recommended for years that you buy gold coins and silver coins, especially pre-1965 90 percent silver U.S. coins. Buy in bags of $1,000 face amount or, if you can’t do that, buy half bags or $500 face amount.
Please don’t quibble over price, causing critical delay. A few pennies here and there won’t matter soon. This is first and urgent priority!
I don’t want you to get sick at your stomach in the coming days. I beg you! Shop for a coin dealer. They are everywhere.
Then if you have any money left, buy and store food. Inflated U.S. dollars will bring very high food prices and famine in the land.
Buy a small farm in the country. Growing your food will be important.

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