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Benghazi Whistleblower… “You should have seen what (Clinton) tried to do to us that night!”

by Tim BrownSecretary-of-State-Clinton

Benghazi whistleblower Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for operations in the State Department’s counterterrorism bureau, is expected to level the allegation that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a key aide effectively tried to cut his department out of the chain of reporting and decision-making. His testimony is set to begin on Wednesday before Chairman Darrell Issa’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

But there’s another official Fox News is reporting on.

Fox News has also learned that another official from the counterterrorism bureau — independently of Thompson — voiced the same complaint about Clinton and Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy to trusted national security colleagues back in October.

Thompson considers himself a whistle-blower whose account was suppressed by the official investigative panel that Clinton convened to review the episode, the Accountability Review Board (ARB). Thompson’s lawyer, Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. attorney, has further alleged that his client has been subjected to threats and intimidation by as-yet-unnamed superiors at State, in advance of his cooperation with Congress.

“You should have seen what (Clinton) tried to do to us that night,” the second official in State’s counterterrorism bureau told colleagues back in October. Those comments would appear to be corroborated by Thompson’s forthcoming testimony.

The State Department said these allegations are “100 percent false.”

Daniel Benjamin, who ran the department’s Counterterrorism Bureau at the time, also put out a statement Monday morning. He said, “I ran the bureau then, and I can say now with certainty, as the former Coordinator for Counterterrorism, that this charge is simply untrue. Though I was out of the country on official travel at the time of the attack, I was in frequent contact with the Department. At no time did I feel that the Bureau was in any way being left out of deliberations that it should have been part of.”

He said that his bureau was a “central participant in the interagency discussion about the longer-term response to Benghazi.” He said “at no time was the Bureau sidelined or otherwise kept from carrying out its tasks.”

Well, let’s see here. The State Department, Hillary Clinton in particular, went along with YouTube video being the reason for the Benghazi attacks, even though they would later claim they never did. In fact, she still wouldn’t rule that out when she was before the Senate earlier this year. This really brings into question anything anyone in that Department says that is in favor of the current administration’s “official story.”

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.

8 Responses to “Benghazi Whistleblower… “You should have seen what (Clinton) tried to do to us that night!””

  • She is a WAR criminal!

  • Throb:

    Hmmmm …
    Patrick Kennedy.

    Patrick Kennedy is the DoS official that found it quite easy to conveniently remove the underwear bomber’s name, 30 minutes before the flight departed Amsterdam, from the “no fly list” to accommodate so called intelligent agency lobbying efforts under guise of another spook operation to save us from the children of drone shat white phosphorous murdered parents who we are told hate us for our freedom to murder them.

    Was Benghazi manufactured?

    Could not determine if if Kennedy got shares in Chertoff Group, beings that old Mike’s restrictions on lobbying had auspiciously and perfectly expired just days before.

    In 2001, FBI Agent John Kelly was hot on the trail of boogie men in Yemen. It appears Kelly had sniffed his way into another DoS/CIA (what’s the diff?) Reichstags staging, cause DoS pulled all his body guards and personal security team.

    Kelly disappeared for a few months – like off the grid, A few months later, as expected, the body of Agent Kelly was found in the WTC rubble.

    Maybe we can protect our freedoms, and do it betterm without the expensive assist from K-Street Genocide Agencies flagged under the red white `n blue? Ya think?

  • ….why are peoople still even listening to what these war-criminals and traitors are saying? We know they lied and did 911…we know about OK City…Waco….Hilary’s dead guy in Marcy Park…I worked for US DoD all over the world for over two decades as a Federally protected Whistle-Blower…(what a joke that was.

    We need a national grand jury..we need charges and trials…and we need a new National Monument at ground zero 911…The National Gallows for American Values….a convicted Hillary should be the second person hung there…right after GWB..
    …and Dick Cheney…traitor…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  • IamOneOfMany:

    Clinton_Benghazi is HOW SHE IS TO BE REMEMBERED DONT LET THE PUBLIC FORGET Her steal framed stoic personality will sneak in and Run for PRES PLEASE NO MORE TORTURE NO MORE WAR NO TO CLINTON ever being in a political seat again

  • Defiant:

    What a joke. These evil bastards have literally hijacked the country from us. They should all be in prison. Too bad they’re all absolutely untouchable…


  • I’d prefer to uslysht slightly more on this topic

  • Not so bad. Fascinating items here

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