I can never remember a time in my life .........

…….I can never remember a time in my life where I felt that we Americans and for that matter other citizens of the world have been so imposed upon by evil, greed, corruption, and an out right attack on religion especially Christianity. I am appalled by the fear and hatred of others towards those of us who have beliefs in a spiritual power greater than our selves. This is a time when those in power feel that our constitution is only valid when it is in agreement with their own beliefs.

I’ve never seen a time when these same politicians when offered any opposition to their beliefs or means of gaining or maintaining their power get angry and as we see lie with no remorse and refuse to educate themselves on matters of great importance (“Obama Care”) to better make decisions and really try to do what’s best for the country. Rather than put into the time and getting a tutor if necessary to understand a subject they just become defensive and angry and proclaim that they know the subject matter/history and use whatever means necessary to try to verbally over power and quiet the opposition..

I am reminded of several instance’s where the subject of our two prominent political parties and their role before, during, and after the civil war came up and what these two parties goals were then and possibly even now. When I have offered the facts that the democratic party was formed in the south to maintain the culture of slavery and the have/have not mentality as a major part of their beliefs system even offering a mountain of proof the curtain comes down and the lights grow dim.its obvious that there will be a huge argument or no discussion at all. For so many there is absolutely no room for discussion. They let me know that my information is completely wrong no matter what source of proof I offer.

Their whole life they have been listening to those important influences argue the exact opposite often demonizing the other party. My point is that we need to start taking back our government and not only let them know but demand that those who are supposed to serve us either do so or their out on their butts. Hopefully then once we get some of these intimidating officials out of the way we can all begin to participate the workings of our government even if its just a one paragraph note to a politician we think can help us get some thing done.

Please by no means am I trying to say that the republican party is that much better. With the exception of a brave few the majority are or at least appear spineless and unwilling to fight against what they claim to be wrong.

All I really know is that the country is stinking mess right now with leaders who are not taking care of the most basic responsibilities of their office. If we don’t wake up and start making some noise were going to wake up and find our dear country gone and a side note in history!

Thank you, L. Michael Blakeslee

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