The Nature of Godless Democratic Lies.

by William Green

By now you’ve likely heard (or read) one or more speeches given by Dr. Jonathan Gruber, Ph.D., Economics, MIT, describing the American electorate as stupid, and that upon the basis of our stupidity, with hep from Obama’s complete lack of transparency aided and abetted by outright lies, Obamacare was torturously written and passed.

First, I partially agree with Dr. Gruber. I don’t have a Ph.D. in Economics but I did teach it at the undergraduate and graduate levels for several years with a couple Masters degrees and lots of self-study. There is no question that the electorate just prior to and after Obama’s election was and is more stupid than the electorate of 30 or 40 years ago. The International tests administered to young adults annually within several dozen nations, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the European nations, Scandinavia, Russia, Australia, India, etc., have revealed a severe, multi-decade decline in the average Science, Math and Reading Scores of Americans vis-a-vis the rest of the developed and developing word. We used to be Number 1 in virtually every category, now we languish near the bottom. See the attached graphic for our relative basement position vis-a-vis those we compete against globally.

When I first heard Dr. Gruber speak about the need to lie to the electorate in order to pass Obamacare I did not catch the nuance of what he was saying: I just heard he thought we were dumb and thus Obamacare had to be written in a convoluted and tortured manner to fool us and garner our support.

But when I re-listened and listened again I had one of those rare “ah-ha” moments when you realize that what a Progressive is saying is not only true, but also revelatory and probative.

Dr. Gruber not only revealed what he and the entire Obama regime thinks about the electorate, or at least that slight majority of the electorate that was stupid enough to vote for and elect Obama twice, but offered proof probative of one of the allegations the smarter, more savvy, slightly less-than-the-majority electorate (aka Conservatives) has known for some time, and has been screaming at Godless Progressives to take note of in order to refudiate the Democratic Party: Godless Progressives purport to know what’s BEST for U.S., even when we — if told truthfully the nature, cost and ramifications of what they deem best for us — protest otherwise.

In other words, BIG Brother in BIG Government believes we’re too dumb, stupid and ignorant to know what’s best for U.S., but we shouldn’t worry because they do; and so, by virtue of their acquired degrees from the Ivy League, especially Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale which procure for them a type of special gnosis and seat them among the highest ranks of the global intelligentsia, they will pan what the electorate says it wants, will accept and pay for, and instead create what they know from their Marxist-indoctrination to be best for U.S., sugar-coat it — perform like Mary Poppins over her young charges, singing “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down” — lie about what it really is, truly costs, and how it will actually work, obfuscate, ice it in opacity, and then ram it down our throats, causing us to choke and vomit. And call it Obamacare.

Obama and his enlightened acolytes employed fighter jet stealth technology in the legislative process, and then unleashed semi-senile gavel-wielder Nancy “Nanny” Pelosi to assure an uneasy electorate that we all would just have to pass the bill so afterward, we could finally learn what’s in it; damned if any of our elected members of Congress should read, re-read, and read it again before voting for it.

Specifically, Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid gutted like a Thanksgiving turkey a bi-partisan, House-passed veterans’ housing benefits bill (read, re-read and read THAT again), stuffed its gut with the tortured text of glitchy Obamacare — as bad or worse than the website when it was first launched — using an arcane Senate rule known as Reconciliation (whose rules state it may only be employed for House-originated revenue-raising budget legislation which Obamacare was not except as a TAX; in fact it was going to increase the national debt, not reduce it), essentially a parliamentary maneuver to get Obama’s eponymous law passed in the Senate with only 59 Democratic votes after the normally-needed 60th vote had been lost to newly installed Republican Senator Scott Brown, which forced the Democratically-controlled House to vote on it “as is” with all the errors, typos, and the BIG individual mandate that was a tax disguised as an unConstitutional Liberty-quashing compulsion under threat of retribution — with no opportunity for joint-chamber committee work to remove the errors, typos, Obamanations, and the onerous mandate to make it palatable to at least a few Republicans; and then passed it without a single vote in either chamber from the Grand Old Party of Know. The Democrats in both chambers of Congress with Obama as their cheerleader altered one-sixth of the entire U.S. Economy, about $2,700,000,000,000 annually, without a single vote from a duly elected Republican in either the People’s House of Representatives or the deliberative, compromise-finding, Senate.

Is it any wonder that a majority of the stupid electorate thinks this atrocious monstrosity deserves to be struck down for the legislative, abominable abortion it is.

The only more frightening thing about this historical truth is that a slight majority of the electorate may be so stupid, so naive, so self-loathing, and so dependent upon and addicted to BIG government that they will abdicate their own freedom and liberty, their own self-determination, and their own best interests together with their votes to BIG Obama in exchange for lots and lots more Welfare, Food Stamps, unemployment checks, ObamaBucks, ObamaFones and free healthcare at taxpayers’ expense.

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