19 Reasons Why Trump Will Be The Greatest American President Ever

#1: He Can (and Will) Beat Hillary

Many Democrats are shaking in their boots, because they know that Hillary has no chance against The Donald. So much so, that many Democratic supporters have decided to go full socialist (Bernie Sanders). The Dems know something about their front runner they don’t want to admit; Nobody really wants Hillary to be president, at best, she is unlikable, at worst, evil incarnate. Trump will wipe the floor with her.

What’s even more scary, is Trump may face Bernie Sanders (a self proclaimed socialist) in the polls. If this happens, the nation may be voting according to who is going to give them the biggest handouts.

#2: He’s Got It Right On Taxes.


Best to let him speak for himself on this one. According to Trump:

The more government takes in taxes, the less incentive people have to work. What coal miner or assembly-line worker jumps at the offer of overtime when he knows Uncle Sam is going to take sixty percent or more of his extra pay? . . . Any system that penalizes success and accomplishment is wrong. Any system that discourages work, discourages productivity, discourages economic progress, is wrong.

If, on the other hand, you reduce tax rates and allow people to spend or save more of what they earn, they’ll be more industrious; they’ll have more incentive to work hard, and money they earn will add fuel to the great economic machine that energizes our national progress. The result: more prosperity for all—and more revenue for government.

Most people do not realize that since World War II federal tax revenues have been a very consistent 18% – 20% of GDP. The tax rate has been as high as 90% and as low as 10%. High taxes do not increase federal revenue because they destroy the incentive to work.

#3: He Understands the Debt Problem, and Can Help make America Great Again.

Trump understands that the US Dollar is in trouble. And if we keep printing it into oblivion, and engaging in unfair trade deals with countries like China, the US Dollar’s days are limited. This has to do with the incredible amount of debt we have racked up in the last 8 years, and Trump understands that for America to be great again, this MUST STOP.

And he has a tax plan on how to do it

#4: He Will Stop America from Becoming (More of) a Socialist State
At the end of 2012, over 35% of ALL AMERICANS were receiving welfare benefits. As Obamacare has continued unchecked, and candidates like Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist, is gaining ground on Hilz, its looking more and more like America is going to turn Red…unless Trump is elected president.

Trump understands the real economic issues that need to change to make America Great… like solving our debt problem

#5: He Will Secure our Borders.

Yes, Trump has famously made the promise to “Build a Wall, and have Mexico pay for it.” And the immigration issues in this country are real. We have Americans starving at home, and candidates like Jeb Bush who refuse to acknowledge the problem.

Trump refuses to apologize for putting America, and Americans, first. He will secure our borders, return jobs to our men and women, and stop the outpouring of socialist programs to illegal immigrants that should not even be in our country in the first place.

#6: He Thinks Outside of the Box


Trump is not your run-of-the-mill Republican candidate. It is estimated that his IQ is well over 150 points. He can think for himself and is very good at it. He knows the best way to win, and has said truly profound things like :

Sometimes by losing the battle, you find a new way to win the war.


You have to think anyways, so why not think big?

This is outside-the-box, especially for a political candidate. And its not the last reason he’d make a GREAT US President.

#7: He Will Support Our Troops When They Return Home From War.


Trump has put his money where his mouth is on this front. He is an avid supporter of Veterans. And after the feud with Fox News, that left him sitting out the Republican debate, he did something constructive with his time: He took that star power and raised over $6 million in less than an hour. And as President, he has committed to making sure that our Men and Woman are respected and cared for after their Great Service to our nation.

#8: He Will Keep America Safe From Threats Like ISIS.


Trumps words speak for themselves here:

I believe that any credible American foreign policy doctrine should be defined by at least seven core principles:
1. American interests come first. Always. No apologies.
2. Maximum firepower and military preparedness.
3. Only go to war to win.
4. Stay loyal to your friends and suspicious of your enemies.
5. Keep the technological sword razor sharp.
6. See the unseen. Prepare for threats before they materialize.
7. Respect and support our present and past warriors….

Which brings us to the next reason Trump will make the Greatest American President

#9: He Has the Right Connections to Get Things Done: FASTER and CHEAPER.


Trump is well connected, without being anyone’s errand boy. And it is these connections which will help him actually get things done effectively in Washington when he is president. In one of his campaign speeches, he told the story about an ice rink in New York’s Central Park. Here is the story from Wikipdedia:

The rink was closed in 1980 for an announced 2 1/2 years of renovations. When the problem-plagued work was not completed by the city by 1986 after six years and $13 million, Donald Trump persuaded Mayor Ed Koch to let him complete the work in three months in order to have it open by the end of the year.

Koch initially objected to Trump’s proposal when Trump offered to pay for the renovations himself with the stipulation that he be allowed to run the venue and an adjacent restaurant and use the profits to recoup his costs. Public pressure prompted Mayor Koch to reverse his position. The rink reopened to the public on November 13, 1986, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and press conference attended by Koch and Trump, covered by national evening broadcast television news. Total cost of renovations by Trump was $2.25 million.

Connections…Faster, and Cheaper than Government.

#10: He Knows When To Keep His Mouth Shut.


While most candidates are on stage saying exactly what they will do to combat ISIS, Trump knows one of the golden rules of negotiation: information is power. He has said that he will get new generals who do not run their mouths about how we are defending our nation, and his plans to defeat ISIS will remain secret.

#11: He Knows How to Negotiate

Trump knows how to negotiate and win. This is supported by the fact that Trump has successful ventures across the globe, and literally wrote the book on negotiation: The Art of the Deal.

Just think of how many deals have to be negotiated to build one skyscraper. Think of the purchase of the land, getting a bureaucrat to grant a permit, agreeing on a deal with a builder, the thousands of employees needed to build it, negotiating with the tenants, etc. Now multiply that by the hundreds of gigantic real estate deals Trump has executed.

And if he doesn’t like the terms of the deal, he has the guts to back up his threats, as we discussed earlier. Trump is all about winning. And he knows how to do it.

#12: His International Business Acumen is Proven by His Overseas Business Ventures

A criticism often thrown at Trump is that he lacks diplomacy. Anyone who questions Trump’s ability to get along with other world dignitaries need only look to his business ventures. It is no secret that Trump has hotels, buildings, and multi-million dollar businesses across the world (including the Middle East).

Growing these successful businesses takes the utmost savvy in operating with local, state, and federal authorities in whichever country the business operates.

The list of countries is too exhaustive to include here, but some countries where he successfully operates include: Mexico, Canada, Mumbai, Philippines, Dubai, Turkey, Panama… the list goes on and on. In this “real world” international arena, Trump has proven his success, and will continue to do so as President of the United States.

He also wrote the best selling book “The Art of the Deal.”

#13: Trump is another Ronald Reagan


Like Reagan, Americans know Him from TV, and they are interested in what he can do for America. In his hit TV series The Apprentice, Americans got to know Trump as the powerful and decisive business man who was synonymous with success.

When the press lie about Trump’s positions the lies do not stick because the public know him so well. This is the main reason why a political outsider has been permitted to get so far in this campaign. The propaganda machine that is supposed to limit your choices to obedient hacks beholden to the big banks and the military industrial complex is failing spectacularly.

This view of Trump that was established before he began his campaign will help him take the White House, and is the reason many Americans will back him. Like Reagan, Trump is a DC outsider, was (at first) dismissed as a serious candidate and attacked by the establishment. Perhaps, also like Reagan, Trump will Make America Great Again.

#14: He Will Take On the Mainstream Media, and Maybe Even Bring Back Some Honest Journalism.


Trump stands to take down the current corporate Mainstream Media (“MSM”) by beating them at their own game. Every single time the MSM thinks that Donald Trump has finally gone and said something that will make everyone hate him, they fall right into his trap, by blowing it up!

Here’s how it goes down: Trump (being as brilliant as he is) concocts the perfectly outrageous, but defensible, statement. And when the MSM gets a hold of it, and blasts it across every “news source” they have available, it just gets more people talking about “What Trump said.” And then he is able to defend it.

The two most notable instances were with respect to illegal immigrants from Mexico and Muslim immigrants who have yet to migrate.

He only stated something that seems pretty common sense – but is not “allowed” because of our overly-political-correct-victim mentality we talked about earlier. Nonetheless, the MSM tried to twist what he said and create a problem for Trump. Maybe if they went back to real journalism, and reported “the facts, and only the facts” and stopped playing politics, we could all benefit from an open and frank discussion.

To finally get some real journalism? That is something this country desperately needs.

And about his reality TV stint, it may be just what he needs to get him in the White House

#15: One in Four Federal Employees Would Consider Quitting if Trump is Elected President


According to, 1 in 4 Federal Employees would quit their jobs if Trump is elected President of the United States. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish. The Federal Government is far too large, and a self-imposed decrease of 25% is EXACTLY what this country needs.

It would be even better if over half of all Federal Employees quit. We won’t beholding our breaths though. These losers would not last five minutes in the free market and the chances of them giving up cushy bureaucratic roles or following through on their threats seem unlikely.

#16: He Has Guts and Doesn’t Back Down.


A President needs to make sure that he can back up any threats he makes. His adversaries need to know that his promises have teeth, and if they mess with him, they will lose. America especially needs this after years of Obama’s weak stances against Putin, ISIS, and Iran.

Trump has demonstrated this on more than one occasion, but most recently, in the feud with Fox News’ that if you cross him, he will make good on this threats, and he will win.

In case you missed it, Trump was not pleased with a taunting statement made by Fox News prior to a debate so he did not attend. Trumps strategy was successful. The night marked the second lowest rated GOP debate of the season. Trump was the most-talked-about candidate without even being there. And he held a rival event where he raised $6 million for charity.

He made a threat. He followed through. And he won. Everyone else would have backed down. Trump didn’t. That is presidential.

#17: He Offends People.
The world has gotten so Politically Correct that the truth, and the freedom to speak that truth is subservient to the most sensitive feelings of every “victim” in society. The result is people often compete to be the biggest victim and blame someone else for their situation.

These so-called oppressors are sick of having to treat the self-made “victims” with kit gloves. Trump gives them permission to remove the gloves, and hold people personally responsible for their life choices.

Today we are living the consequences of creating a world where children were never criticized or corrected. Instead, every child received a trophy for simply participating in any event.

Trump reminds us that someone is first to get picked for dodgeball, and someone is last. And to thwart that reality is to cripple our best and brightest and deny everybody the chance to receive much needed feedback. If that feedback offends some people, then so be it.

#18: He is Not Your Typical Politician. (And That’s a Good Thing).


Yes, he has a comb-over. Yes, he doesn’t act like the career politician, and its true that he hasn’t spent years Washington. But that is actually a good thing. Its more clear than ever that America is done with the career politician, and the two party system.

That is exactly why Bernie Sanders is seeing so much success in his campaign and why Ron Paul, a Libertarian was able to make waves in the 2012 Republican Primaries.

With good reason, people do not trust government and that is a trend that has been growing over the last 50 years.

The next reason Trump will make America’s greatest President is a little counter intuitive at first

Whether you love him or hate him there is no doubt Trump has changed American politics. He is the candidate of choice for everyone who is sick and tired of establishment pundits. Some say his lack of political experience is his best feature and others think he is unproven. Click Start Slideshow below to see the top reasons Trump supporters think he will be the best American President Ever.

#19: He is not “Bought and Paid For.”

Trump is not owned by Big Banks, Wall Street, Mega Corporations or other super PACs. In fact, he told a few Super PACs that had already raised money for him (without his consent) to send it back where it came from.

It’s time for a President that is not beholden to anyone for support and can on the basis of their judgement, experience, and skill set do what is best for the country. But that’s not the only reason Trump will make the Greatest American President

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