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At Least 858 Immigrants “Mistakenly” Granted Citizenship – 1 Became a Law Enforcement Officer

At Least 858 Immigrants “Mistakenly” Granted Citizenship – 1 Became a Law Enforcement Officer

According to Homeland Security’s Inspector General, at least 858 immigrants from foreign countries that pose national security risks, as well as those from countries with high immigration fraud who had orders to have them deported were “mistakenly” granted citizenship.

An internal Homeland Security audit was released Monday, which documented the “mistake.”

The Associated Press reports:

The report does not identify any of the immigrants by name, but Inspector General John Roth’s auditors said they were all from “special interest countries” — those that present a national security concern for the United States — or neighboring countries with high rates of immigration fraud. The report did not identify those countries.
DHS said the findings reflect what has long been a problem for immigration officials — old paper-based records containing fingerprint information that can’t be searched electronically. DHS says immigration officials are in the process of uploading these files and that officials will review “every file” identified as a case of possible fraud.

Roth’s report said fingerprints are missing from federal databases for as many as 315,000 immigrants with final deportation orders or who are fugitive criminals. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has not reviewed about 148,000 of those immigrants’ files to add fingerprints to the digital record.

The gap was created because older, paper records were never added to fingerprint databases created by both the now-defunct Immigration and Naturalization Service and the FBI in the 1990s. ICE, the DHS agency responsible for finding and deporting immigrants living in the country illegally, didn’t consistently add digital fingerprint records of immigrants whom agents encountered until 2010.

And this is what happens when government puts its nose in things like healthcare and other unconstitutional things it usurps its authority to meddle in. If the central government had been focused only on the things it is authorized to deal with, this matter would more than likely never have occurred. Not only that, but you can rest assured that no one will be held accountable in the matter.

While DHS is blaming paper issues and fingerprints, there were some of those who were awarded citizenship that were set to be deported.

While Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Michael McCaul called on ICE to have all immigration fingerprints digitized, but the threat to national security is great since citizens can apply and obtain security clearances or take jobs which are security sensitive.
According to Roth, at least three of these new citizens acquired aviation or transportation worker credentials, granting them access to secure areas in airports or maritime facilities and vessels. He went on to state that their credentials were revoked once it was discovered that they had been given citizenship mistakenly.

He also said that another individual had been given the role of a law enforcement officer.

While changes were recommended and DHS agreed with them and said they would work to implement them, this problem has been going on for years.

According to the AP report, “The government has known about the information gap and its impact on naturalization decisions since at least 2008 when a Customs and Border Protection official identified 206 immigrants who used a different name or other biographical information to gain citizenship or other immigration benefits, though few cases have been investigated.”

What has really been done about it? Nothing. Are we really to expect something new?


Isn’t this precious! A Muslim in charge of US Citizenship papers.

This is not a joke! Most Americans have NO IDE A. Please forward this to as many people as you can.

Meet Our New Assistant Director for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration


Isn’t this precious! A Muslim in charge of US Citizenship papers.

This is not a joke! Most Americans have NO IDE A. Please forward this to as many people as you can.

Meet Our New Assistant Director for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration

Fatima Noor

Meet Fatima Noor, President Obama’s latest appointment to a high level position in the Department of Homeland Security,

the post of Assistant Director for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration.

Ms. Noor has little if any experience in the compliance or enforcement fields. Her total experience in government related work is limited tovolunteer work with World Relief Memphis and as activities coordinator the Tennessee Immigrant and

Refugee Rights Coalition.

(You probably didn’t know that Refugees now have rights in America)

She majored in psychology with minors in Spanish and Arabic international relations. She recently completed a month-long research fellowship in Muslim psychology hosted by Carnegie-Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh ; her research will be ongoing as part of her work at the DHS.

No….this is not a joke!

Nearly all of Obama’s appointments are Muslim.

HOW DID 858 ILLEGALS From TERROR “HOTBEDS” Get Full Citizenship When They Were Supposed To Be Deported?

The reason 858 were given full citizenship is because our director of the Department of Homeland Security is a treasonous radical left-wing open borders advocate who doesn’t give a damn about America’s homeland security.

Think about it…Jeh Johnson is responsible for this negligence and enabling of any and all “mistakes” big and small. He is the director of the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY yet he’s a snake who continuously looks the other way while illegals from all over the globe cross our borders. Johnson famously said he felt that illegals were already American citizens:

The nation’s top immigration officer said that the “11 million” undocumented aliens in the United States are “not going away,” are “in effect” citizens, and added that deporting the few the administration wants out is unpleasant:


Well, he just made 858 illegals from “hotbed” terror countries American citizens!

Hundreds of illegal immigrants from terrorist hotbeds who were supposed to have been deported were instead granted citizenship because Homeland Security didn’t have fingerprints on file to check their identity, the department’s inspector general said in a stunning new report Monday.

At least two of those approved are now being investigated by the FBI for links to terrorism, investigators said.
But in most cases, Homeland Security and federal prosecutors have let the illegal immigrants-turned-citizens get away with their potential fraud. Charges were brought in just two of the more than 800 cases identified.
One of the persons granted citizenship through the error-riddled process is now a law enforcement officer, and three others worked in security-sensitive fields — including two who worked in sensitive areas at airports.
“USCIS granted U.S. citizenship to at least 858 individuals ordered deported or removed under another identity when, during the naturalization process, their digital fingerprint records were not in the DHS digital fingerprint repository,” the inspector general said.

The 858 cases involved people from so-called “special interest” countries, or from neighboring countries with major immigration fraud problems. Special interest countries are those places the government has identified as posing national security problems to the U.S.


Investigators late last year identified another 953 cases that also seemed suspicious.
The problem, according to the audit, is tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and criminal aliens whose files are so old that their fingerprints are still on paper cards.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that approves applications, wasn’t checking those paper-based files, so it didn’t know the aliens were ineligible or had been ordered kicked out of the country already.
The inspector general said some fingerprints have been digitized, but it identified 148,000 aliens who have been ordered deported but whose fingerprints are not in the IDENT system the department uses for its fingerprint checks.

POLITICS Japan Admits 27 Muslim Refugees, Now Look What Happened Next… Trump Is Right

Just a few months after Japan allowed refugees to come into their country, two of them have already been arrested for gang rape.

The Tokyo Reporter reported that Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested two Turkish nationals currently applying for refugee status for allegedly raping a woman in Kita Ward.

On Dec. 27, Onder Pinarbasi, 22, and a 16-year-old boy allegedly took a 30-year-old woman to a public bathrooom near JR Akabane Station and sexually assaulted her. The woman had been visibly intoxicated and was finding her way home.
After violating the woman, they also allegedly stole about $80 in cash from her.

Pinarbasi has been charged with rape and robbery, but claimed the boy committed both crimes. However, the boy refused to accept full blame and only admitted to the robbery charge.

“I did not force myself upon her,” the boy told officials in a Feb. 22 statement .
The incident occurred only a few weeks after the men had received refugee status. They applied for the status back in August and October, telling the Immigration Bureau of Japan that they did not want to return to Turkey due to “problems that exist between relatives.”

The two had been given “special permission to stay in Japan.”

Pinarbasi and the boy are only two of 27 refugees recently admitted into the country. Their religion was not listed specifically, but 98 percent of the residents of Turkey identify themselves as Muslims.

This incident is not the first refugee-related crime.
Germany has reported a rise in violent crimes due to the refugee infiltration, most especially sex-related offenses. And other countries, such as Sweden and Australia, have reported the same results as well.

Refugees in both the United States and Europe have also been linked to international terror cells and the Islamic State terror group.

Obama Caught REGISTERING Illegals To Vote Against Trump

We already knew that Barack Hussein Obama was desperate to make sure that Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election over Donald Trump, but even we didn’t think he’d stoop this low.

According to The Political Insider, a movement has started to have illegal immigrants join “citizenship clinics,” which would allow them a pathway to become registered voters. The Washington Post reported that these clinics were an unprecedented effort” that would allow illegals to “presumably (vote) against Donald Trump.”

The Obama administration has always denied playing any role in these clinics. However, new evidenced has just surfaced that proves once and for all that Obama is behind the clinics and has been literally working overtime to fast track swearing-in ceremonies for immigrants prior to the election.

This was revealed in an internal Obama administration email that shows immigration officials are literally working more hours to swear in as many new “citizen voters” as possible before the Nov. 8 presidential election.

The email, which was from a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services field office chief and part of a chain of correspondence within the agency, urged the unnamed recipient to swear in as many people as possible “due to the election year.”

“The Field Office due to the election year needs to process as many of their N-400 cases as possible between now and FY 2016,” reads the email, which was disclosed to Fox News by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., chair of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

“If you have cases in this category or other pending, you are encouraged to take advantage of the OT if you can,” the email continued. “This will be an opportunity to move your pending naturalization cases. If you have not volunteered for OT, please consider and let me know if you are interested.”

This comes just after it was reported that hundreds of illegal immigrants set to be deported were actually granted citizenship by the Obama regime.

Obama is desperate to keep Trump out of the White House because he knows the business mogul will immediately destroy all of his ridiculous policies. It’s sad that the president is willing to go to such great lengths to try and rig this election for Hillary…

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts int he comments section.

Trump’s Magic Turns Liberals Into Conservatives

Donald Trump is a miracle worker.

If you find that blasphemous, feel free to use another term. Call him a magician, if you like, or an alchemist. Whatever you call it, Trump has tapped into some kind of wizardry, and Jose DelReal’s article in Tuesday’s Washington Post is a fine place to see that magic in action.

“For Donald Trump,” DelReal writes, “appealing to minority groups and women often amounts to an ‘us vs. them’ proposition – warning one group that it is being threatened or victimized by another, using exaggerated contrasts and a very broad brush.”

To prove that this strategy is doomed, DelReal quotes Crystal Woods-Brookes, whose authority is apparently either derived from her skin color (black), her activity at the time she was interviewed (folding laundry), or her location (a “few miles south of Trump’s Akron rally”), since this is the only information provided about her.

“Look, I just think a lot of his views are very ignorant,” Woods-Brookes said. “This is not our country, in his words. I believe that’s his whole purpose, to divide, to put us against each other, make one believe the other side is better.”

Now, maybe this doesn’t compare to raising Lazarus from the dead, but it’s still a sight to behold. After only a week of minority outreach, Donald Trump has successfully gotten America’s liberals to denounce the only strategy modern Democrats have ever used! All of a sudden, the Washington Post tells us, it is wrong to warn “one group that it is being threatened or victimized by another.” This is an astounding thing to read in a newspaper that has never breathed a word of criticism towards Black Lives Matter, the “war on women” campaign, or any other divisive social crusade. Truly, the end times must be drawing near.

Before the joy of holy witness drives you to sell all of your possessions, leave your family, and move into a small tent outside Trump Tower, we have to make sure this is really what it appears to be. You don’t want to be one of those fools running up and down the street, trying to convince your startled neighbors that Elvis materialized in your grilled cheese sandwich. We have to ask questions:

What is there’s a more mundane explanation?

What if this miracle is really just a clever illusion?

What if the magician isn’t Trump?

Sadly, these questions reveal the truth. No miracle has occurred. We’re just getting a somewhat shocking look at how liberals see the world, and it’s so detached from reality that our minds can’t immediately comprehend it. DelReal comes as close as any mainstream liberal has ever gotten to saying it outright:

“Broad brush” stereotypes can only be used by Democrats, and the only demographic fit for demonization is straight, white, Christian men.

And you, being of sound mind, think, No, that can’t possibly be what they mean, so you start looking for a less outrageous explanation.

But since the only other explanation requires invoking the supernatural, you have to face a depressing fact: You had it right the first time.

Marine Spends 214 Days In Mexican Prison… Then Gets Paper With Donald Trump’s Signature On It

Remember Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the former Mexican prison inmate who spent 214 days in custody after accidentally crossing the border into Mexico with several legal firearms in his possession?

Though President Barack Obama made zero efforts to aid Tahmooressi, who eventually earned his release due in large part to the work of several noted congressional members, the same cannot be said about current GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

According to Fox News, only days after Tahmooressi finally made it back home in November of 2014, billionaire candidate Donald Trump decided to bless the beleaguered Marine with a $25,000 check.
“I really want this money to go to him, not his lawyers,” he said at the time.
The front-runner reportedly felt inspired to take action after he observed Tahmooressi speaking with Fox News host Greta Van Susteren about all that he had endured as a captive of the Mexican government — and about how hopeless he had sometimes felt.
“I kept on thinking it’s going to be this month,” he said. “It’s going to be really soon. It’s going to come really soon. I kept on getting my hopes up, you know, and it just kept on dragging on and dragging on.”

That Trump forked over some of his own money to help Tahmooressi rebuild his life spoke volumes about his kind heart and charitable spirit.

It also inadvertently highlighted one of the fundamental differences between him and our current president: Unlike Obama, Trump actually cares about our military. Instead of just giving lip service to his support, he put his money where his mouth is and demonstrated via his actions that the concern he feels is real.
A lot of people talk a big game, but Trump did an awful lot more than that for Sgt. Tahmooressi.

Burlington Shooter ID’d as Arcan Cetin, Muslim Immigrant from Turkey

Police have identified the alleged shooter in the Burlington mall attack as Arcan Cetin, 20, of Oak Harbor, Washington. Multiple reports indicate that Cetin was an immigrant from Turkey — not a citizen, but a legal permanent resident of the United States.
Cetin allegedly killed four women and one man at the Cascade Mall on Friday evening. Local NBC News affiliate KING-5 reports that he used three guns in the attack, all of which had been legally purchased by Cetin’s father, and which he stole.
Police arrested Cetin on Saturday evening as he walked down the street in Oak Harbor. He was reportedly unarmed at the time of his arrest. Law enforcement sources speculated that he may have acted from personal motives, given that his ex-girlfriend had once worked at the Macy’s store where the shooting took place. The investigation is still ongoing, however.

The Seattle Times reported that despite initial descriptions of a “Hispanic” suspect, Cetin is of Turkish origin:

Police said the suspect appeared to be a Hispanic male in his late teens to mid-20s with a close-shaved haircut. He used a long gun similar to a hunting rifle, Francis said.

However, according to the Cetin’s father’s Facebook page, Cetin was born in Turkey. His father met and married Cetin’s mother in Turkey and the family settled in Oak Harbor, according to the Facebook page.

Local CBS News affiliate KIRO-7 reports that Cetin had a previous brush with the law for misdemeanor assault:

In 2015, Cetin was involved in a fourth-degree assault case — a misdemeanor — in Island County. He was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation in August 2015, and that was completed as of March 2016.

There were also questions in the court file about cannabis use, but last April a judge has questions about how that related to his mental health evaluation, saying it was not a mental health issue.

In May, a judge approved deferred prosecution in that assault case — meaning Cetin was not convicted — and he was ordered not to have alcohol or drugs.

As of Aug. 25, 2016, Cetin was in compliance with weekly sessions for mental health counseling. He complied with the alcohol assessment, according to court records, and he had a deferred prosecution review for the case scheduled for 2018.

Cetin’s social media profile leaves few clues as to his motivations. A Facebook page widely identified as belonging to him reveals no particular political motivations or sentiments; in one image, he is seen posing next to a Buddha statue.

On Twitter, Cetin makes a few political comments, in one case mentioning that he intends to vote for Hillary Clinton, However, since Cetin is not a U.S. citizen, he would appear to have been making the comment in jest.

If Not Trump, Who Will Cure the Rot?

A Chicago murder wave and New York graft scandal are manifestations of political decay.

Wall Street Journal

One of the brothers charged in the August shooting death of mother-of-four Nykea Aldridge in Chicago, which prompted a controversial tweet from Donald Trump appealing for black support (“VOTE TRUMP!”), was released only two weeks earlier on a firearms violation.

Ditto the murderer of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, whose 2013 killing was adopted as a symbol by the Obama administration. Her killer had also recently been released on a weapons charge.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson last month explained reality to the Chicago Tribune: Of the 1,400 people on the city’s “Strategic Subject List” of those believed responsible for its gun violence, most have been arrested and released multiple times on gun charges. By one count (that of the Chicago Sun-Times) 75% of those booked on gun violations in the first three months of 2016 were back on the streets by June.

Business World Columnist Holman Jenkins Jr. on the indictment of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s aides.
“Clearly, [gun felons] don’t think there’s a consequence to their actions,” Supt. Johnson said in a public news conference. “And to be quite honest, we’re showing them that there’s not. If we’re not going to keep you in jail because you choose to use a gun, then what are we doing?”

In New York in the heyday of stop-and-frisk, these killers would not have been released—something noticeable even to a real-estate developer not otherwise known for the depth of his public-policy acumen.

Those convicted on firearms violations were hit with serious jail time. Even when aggressive stop-and-frisk didn’t result in a conviction, an illegal gun was confiscated, and word went out that packing an unlicensed weapon was likely to be unavailing given the city’s unrelenting focus on gun violators.

All this was part of a deliberate strategy in the 1990s to reduce New York’s then-towering murder rate. Chicago’s murder rate today is a bit of an anomaly in an America where crime has been dropping until recently, but it’s not a product of the city not knowing what to do.

To many liberal and African-American activists not living under immediate threat of gun violence, however, stop-and-frisk has become unacceptable. They reject the tactic because police, some of whom are white, would inevitably be stopping mostly black and Hispanic citizens on the street in search of illegal weapons.

Thus Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who sees his political career going down the drain due to the killings, has every reason to believe his career would only go down the drain faster if he took steps that he knows would save Chicagoans’ lives. If he has any doubt, he need only look at the New York Times’s home page on Friday. Its headline on Mr. Trump’s endorsement of stop-and-frisk judged the most urgent lesson for the public to be: “Trump Crime Plan Seen as Hitting Minorities Harder.”

At bottom, it’s this rottenness of American political culture that allows Mr. Trump, for all his flaws as a candidate and human being, to find traction with so many voters. Not because he’s a uniquely attractive individual, but because he’s uniquely willing to violate the political taboos and challenge the status quo. Indeed, his most insidious offense may be his suggestion that some problems aren’t intractable.

Take another example of rottenness. On Thursday, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara indicted nine associates of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for bribes in connection with development grants for upstate. The region’s economic problems for the past half century are not due to a lack of government-backed capitalism, such as Gov. Cuomo’s adopted fetish for nanotechnology. Upstate’s problems stem from tax, regulatory and land-use policies designed to flatter the priorities and prejudices of wealthy New York City liberals.

The immediately relevant example is Gov. Cuomo’s ban on fracking, undoubtedly undertaken with an eye on burnishing his presidential bona fides with his party’s liberal greens. His subsequent blather about nanotechnology, his unlimbering of state development funds, were never seriously meant to compensate residents on the jobs and wealth they’d be forgoing. These gestures (with taxpayer money) merely give the governor something to say when the subject comes up. Everyone’s entitled to the presumption of innocence, and much of what is corrupt and rotten in politics is not illegal. Still, no one should be surprised when such offerings produce mainly a scramble among his donors and aides to allocate the benefits to themselves.

Not every problem can be solved with a modest policy tweak. Sometimes a wrecking ball is needed. Pollsters, in a moment of insight, have lately taken to describing the Trump voter as a compos mentis risktaker open to a high-risk, high-reward gamble.

This seems to get it about right. What kind of president would Mr. Trump make? We have no idea and there may be only one way to find out. But, whatever the case, America has deep problems of bureaucratic corruption, sterility and incompetence that increasingly argue for a wrecking ball.