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McDonald’s Sales in Decline So Let's Raise Minimum Wage!

by Mark Home
As you may know, unions are scheming for ways to force fast food franchises to raise their minimum wage. Usually, McDonald’s is treated as the wealthiest of these franchises. Everyone seems to assume they have plenty of money and are only refusing to pay employees more out of spite.

I’ve mentioned before that McDonald’s is not that well off. And the bad news keeps coming. According to CNN: “McDonald’s July sales fell more than expected.”

McDonald’s on Friday reported July sales results that were much worse than analysts had expected.

Following the report, the company’s shares traded lower.

The dismal results prompted Janney Capital Markets to lower its estimates for the fast-food giant. Its analysts said the results “were the worst worldwide month in the last 10 years, once trading-day adjustments are taken into account.”

Same-store sales in the U.S. sank 3.2 percent, weaker than the 2.6 percent expected.

So what happens if McDonald’s goes bankrupt and closes?

Yes, I know that total liquidation is quite unlikely. But I think it is worth considering. As far as I can tell from the rhetoric for a higher minimum wage law, McDonald’s is an exploiter of poor people. The restaurant chain is guilty of paying wages that leave employees in squalor.

Well, if they are such an evil company, then obviously all their employees will be immensely better off if the restaurants are all closed down. Right?


Wait a minute! Are you saying that the sudden disappearance of McDonald’s would be a really bad thing for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of employees? Are you saying that, if there were no McDonald’s chain, these people would not be able to earn money?

So which is it? Is McDonald’s a blessing to its many employees or is it a curse? Are you willing to admit that they make the lives of many, many people much better off? Or are you going to claim that they should disappear and that everyone would be better off without them?

Something to think about.


Says it all.........

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We Will Always Remember....

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How many of these George Soros Commandments for Obama in 2011 are now true

George Soros – 15 Commandments for his puppet Barak Obama

Soros’s answer to America’s transformation involve more regulation and more government intervention in the marketplace. Soros pours billions of dollars into the following and commands Obama to perform.

1.) Promoting the view that America is institutionally an oppressive nation

2.) Promoting the election of leftist political candidates throughout the United States

3.) Opposing virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government, particularly the Patriot Act

4.) Depicting American military actions as unjust, unwarranted, and immoral

5.) Promoting open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws

6.) Promoting a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs funded by ever-escalating taxes

7.) Promoting social welfare benefits and amnesty for illegal aliens

8.) Defending suspected anti-American terrorists and their abettors

9.) Financing the recruitment and training of future activist leaders of the political Left

10.) Advocating America’s unilateral disarmament and/or a steep reduction in its military spending

11.) Opposing the death penalty in all circumstances

12.) Promoting socialized medicine in the United States

13.) Promoting the tenets of radical environmentalism, whose ultimate goal, as writer Michael Berliner has explained, is “not clean air and clean water, [but] rather … the demolition of technological/industrial civilization”

14.) Bringing American foreign policy under the control of the United Nations

15.) Promoting racial and ethnic preferences in academia and the business world alike
Financial Crisis

While the rest of the world financial markets were losing billions of dollars, Soros made billions of dollars for which he said, [he’s] “having a very good crisis.” Some people speculate that Soros was responsible for the crisis by removing his large sums of money from institutions and betting against currency valuations.

George Soros Goal for the United States;
Creating a monetary crisis by uncontrolled spending by the Government to devalue the dollar thereby creating an opportunity for Soros to buy cheap dollars and when recovery comes – cashing out with multiple trillions. Leaving the rest of us to pay for the loss.

Republicans Introduce ‘Repeal of ObamaCare Act’

Christopher Santarelli

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has introduced aBill to Repealthe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare, and health care-related provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. The GOP proposal argues that Americans would like to keep their current health care coverage if they like it, and that under ObamaCare; Medicare is cut by more than one-half trillion dollars over 10 years and taxes increase by over $800 billion dollars, health care costs do not go down, the legislation creates a new entitlement program, as well as several other concerns.

“The path to patient-centered care and lower costs for all Americans must begin with a full repeal of the law,” the bill reads.

The Hill notes that the House is expected to vote on the bill Wednesday, July 11, and the House Rules Committee has set a Monday evening meeting to approve a rule for the bill. The bill is expected to pass in the GOP-controlled House, but die in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The Supreme Court ruled last week that ObamaCare and it’s controversial “individual mandate” is constitutional under the taxing power


Becket Adams
During an interview on CNN’s “Starting Point With Soledad O’Brien,” Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt claimed that the Obama administration never referred to the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate as a “tax” when it argued the bill’s constitutionality before the Supreme Court.

“His spokesman … said it’s a penalty. The Supreme Court has said it’s a tax. What does he believe?” O’Brien asked LaBolt.

“That it’s a penalty,” LaBolt responded. “You saw our arguments before the Supreme Court –”

“So then he disagrees with the Supreme Court decision that says it’s now a tax?” O’Brien pressed.

“That’s right,” said LaBolt. “He said that it’s a penalty. You saw our arguments before the Court.”

Yes, we did see the Obama administration’s arguments before the Court. Actually, we’re glad LaBolt brings this up because, if we remember correctly, Solicitor General Don Verrilli argued that they could treat the mandate as a tax, therefore making it constitutional.

“It never referred to it as a — it never referred to it as a tax,” LaBolt said. “It said that it was a penalty. And that’s under the section of the law that is the tax code, but it said very specifically that it’s a penalty.”

Wait — is he serious? Does he not remember any of this:

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: General, could you turn to the tax clause?
GENERAL VERRILLI: … Can this be characterized as a tax; and … is it a constitutional exercise of the power?

With respect to the question of characterization, the — this is — in the Internal Revenue Code, it is administered by the IRS, it is paid on your Form 1040 on April 15th, I think –
JUSTICE GINSBURG: But yesterday you told me — you listed a number of penalties that are enforced through the tax code that are not taxes and they are not penalties related to taxes.
GENERAL VERRILLI: They may still be exercise of the tax — exercises of the taxing power, Justice Ginsburg, as — as this is, and I think there isn’t a case in which the Court has, to my mind, suggested anything that bears this many indicia of a tax can’t be considered as an exercise of the taxing power. In fact, it seems to me the License Tax Cases point you in the opposite direction. And beyond that your -­the — it seems to me the right way to think about this question is whether it is capable of being understood as an exercise of the tax.
JUSTICE SCALIA: The President said it wasn’t a tax, didn’t he?
GENERAL VERRILLI: Well, Justice Scalia, what the — two things about that, first, as it seems to me, what matters is what power Congress was exercising. And they were — and I think it’s clear that — that the — the — they were exercising the tax power as well as –
JUSTICE SCALIA: You’re making two arguments. Number one, it’s a tax; and number two, even if it isn’t a tax, it’s within the taxing power. I’m just addressing the first.
GENERAL VERRILLI: If the President said –
JUSTICE SCALIA: Is it a tax or not a tax? The President didn’t think it was.
GENERAL VERRILLI: The President said it wasn’t a tax increase because it ought to be understood as an incentive to get people to have insurance.
Does LaBolt remember this?

Did he forget about this?

JUSTICE ALITO: Can the — can the mandate be viewed as tax if it does impose a requirement on people who are not subject to the penalty or the tax?
GENERAL VERRILLI: I think it could, for the reasons I — I discussed yesterday. I don’t think it can or should be read that way.
JUSTICE SCALIA: You’re saying that all the discussion we had earlier about how this is one big uniform scheme and the Commerce Clause blah, blah, blah, it really doesn’t matter. This is a tax and the Federal Government could simply have said, without all of the rest of this legislation, could simply have said everybody who doesn’t buy health insurance at a certain age will be taxed so much money, right?
GENERAL VERRILLI: It — it used its powers together to solve the problem of the market not –
JUSTICE SCALIA: Yes, but you didn’t need that.
GENERAL VERRILLI: — providing for the –
JUSTICE SCALIA: You didn’t need that. If it’s a tax, it’s only — raising money is enough.
GENERAL VERRILLI: It’s justifiable under its tax power.
JUSTICE SCALIA: Extraordinary.
And does he not remember this?

Needless to say, it doesn’t look like anyone is about to let LaBolt off the hook for his, um, “selective memory”:



Elizabeth Klimas
WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP) — For months now, the FBI has been warning people that a blackout of their access to the Internet could be coming. The warnings about the Internet problem have been splashed across Facebook and Google, and Internet service providers have sent notices as well.

But tens of thousands of Americans may still lose their Internet service Monday unless they do a quick check of their computers for malware that could have taken over their machines more than a year ago.

The Blaze has covered the story a couple times, first stating the FBI would shut off Internet access to computers still infected as of March and later reported the extension the clean-up period until July 9.

Despite repeated alerts, the number of computers that probably are infected is more than 277,000 worldwide, down from about 360,000 in April. Of those still infected, the FBI believes that about 64,000 are in the United States.

Users whose computers are still infected Monday will lose their ability to go online, and they will have to call their service providers for help deleting the malware and reconnecting to the Internet.

To check whether a computer is infected, users can visit a website run by the group brought in by the FBI: This link also provides resources for how to “disinfect” your computer should the malware be found on it. As the Blaze has reported before, the FBI has said fixing the problem will be much harder once your access to the Internet is cut off.

The problem began when international hackers ran an online advertising scam to take control of more than 570,000 infected computers around the world. When the FBI went in to take down the hackers late last year, agents realized that if they turned off the malicious servers being used to control the computers, all the victims would lose their Internet service.

In a highly unusual move, the FBI set up a safety net. They brought in a private company to install two clean Internet servers to take over for the malicious servers so that people would not suddenly lose their Internet.

But that temporary system will be shut down at 12:01 a.m. EDT Monday, July 9.

Most victims don’t even know their computers have been infected, although the malicious software probably has slowed their Web surfing and disabled their antivirus software, making their machines more vulnerable to other problems.

But popular social networking sites and Internet providers have gotten more involved, reaching out to computer users to warn of the problem.

Check out this animation to see the number of infections spread per hour during a given time-frame:

According to Tom Grasso, an FBI supervisory special agent, many Internet providers are ready for the problem and have plans to try to help their customers. Some, such as Comcast, already have reached out.

The company sent out notices and posted information on its website. Because the company can tell whether there is a problem with a customer’s Internet server, Comcast sent an email, letter or Internet notice to customers whose computers appeared to be affected.

Grasso said other Internet providers may come up with technical solutions that they will put in place Monday that will either correct the problem or provide information to customers when they call to say their Internet isn’t working. If the Internet providers correct the server problem, the Internet will work, but the malware will remain on victims’ computers and could pose future problems.

In addition to individual computer owners, about 50 Fortune 500 companies are still infected, Grasso said.

Both Facebook and Google created their own warning messages that showed up if someone using either site appeared to have an infected computer. Facebook users would get a message that says, “Your computer or network might be infected,” along with a link that users can click for more information.

Google users got a similar message, displayed at the top of a Google search results page. It also provides information on correcting the problem.

The site includes links to respected commercial sites that will run a quick check on the computer, and it also lays out detailed instructions if users want to actually check the computer themselves.


This Independence Day were are more dependent on government than ever before

As we watch fireworks, eat barbeque and reflect on our history, our independent spirit is threatened by increased government dependence. The Heritage Foundation reports that today more than one in five Americans, or about 67 million, depend on the federal government for assistance, more than ever before. Thanks to Obamacare, we are set to become even more dependent on federal programs.

There are federal programs covering many parts of life. Mike Brownfield reports that “a full 70 percent of the federal government’s budget goes to pay for housing, food, income, student aid, or other assistance, with recipients ranging from college students to retirees to welfare beneficiaries.” To implement these programs, Congress has exercised powers not authorized by Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers would be surprised by the growth of the federal government and Americans’ dependency on it. Patrick Henry said, “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” When one in five Americans depend on government and fewer than half pay income taxes, people are not restraining the government.

Congressman Allen West doesn’t see the dependency trend reversing any time soon. As he wrote in a February blog post, “With the impending retirement of 77 million baby boomers and the continued liberal march toward government involvement in all parts of life, the trend in the number of Americans dependent on Washington seems to have only one direction: up.”

However, he does have confidence that “the essence of the American spirit does not want to be obliged to government for our daily routine. Americans want to fight for their independence and be successful providers for themselves and their families.” This is the independent American spirit that we celebrate on the Fourth of July.

Ronald Reagan said the government is the problem, not the solution. This Independence Day, let’s celebrate our nation’s independent spirit and keep an eye on increasing government dependence.

Roger Custer is the executive director of America’s Future Foundation.


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