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Donald Trump Just Gave A Dire Warning To Every Pot Smoker In America!

Donald Trump has a plan to make this country great once again, and part of that plan involves cleaning up some of our worst habits.

Today, during the White House Press conference, reporters asked Sean Spicer exactly what Donald Trump was planning cracking down on recreational marijuana use in the United State. His answer has stoners everywhere FREAKING OUT!

From Liberty Writers News

“I do believe that you’ll see greater enforcement of it.”

Now, just to clarify, when Spicer says “it”, he is referring to recreational marijuana. Donald Trump has been very openly in favor of medical marijuana in the past, and that is not changing anytime soon.

There are no specifics yet EXACTLY what this could mean. However, what we do know is that there has been a rise in new medical conditions in areas with recreational marijuana use.

It is VERY important to note, however, that marijuana is NOT currently anywhere near a top priority for President Trump or Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Between criminal illegals and radical Islamisation, there is a chance it may not be worth the funding and man power needed to enforce it at all.

So, if you or a family member suffer from cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, or one of the many other medical conditions that are treatable with medical marijuana, fear not. President Donald Trump has no intention of leaving you out in the cold.

If you thin Trump is making the right decision, show your support and help to share this out EVERYWHERE!!

Immigration Agents Discover New Freedom to Deport Under Trump


I.C.E. has more than 20,000 employees, spread across 400 offices in the United States and 46 countries, and the Trump administration has called for the hiring of 10,000 more. Credit Clockwise from top left: Ann Johansson for The New York Times; David Maung/Bloomberg; John Moore/Getty Images; Bryan Cox, via U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; John Moore/Getty Images; Jose Cabezas/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
In Virginia, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents waited outside a church shelter where undocumented immigrants had gone to stay warm. In Texas and in Colorado, agents went into courthouses, looking for foreigners who had arrived for hearings on other matters.

At Kennedy International Airport in New York, passengers arriving after a five-hour flight from San Francisco were asked to show their documents before they were allowed to get off the plane.

The Trump administration’s far-reaching plan to arrest and deport vast numbers of undocumented immigrants has been introduced in dramatic fashion over the past month. And much of that task has fallen to thousands of ICE officers who are newly emboldened, newly empowered and already getting to work.

Gone are the Obama-era rules that required them to focus only on serious criminals. In Southern California, in one of the first major roundups during the Trump administration, officers detained 161 people with a wide range of felony and misdemeanor convictions, and 10 who had no criminal history at all.


IT BEGINS! First Sanctuary City SURRENDERS To President Trump! And It’s A BIG ONE!

President Trump promised that during his presidency he would completely exterminate sanctuary cities, and that is exactly what he is doing. On Friday, the first sanctuary city CAVED due to threats of withholding funds.

From Liberty Writers News

Fox News:

“Miami-Dade County commissioners voted 9-3 Friday in favor of upholding Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s order to drop the county’s status as a sanctuary city.

Miami-Dade is the only U.S. county where more than half the population is foreign-born. As one of his core campaign promises, President Donald Trump vowed to eliminate federal funding to these so-called sanctuary cities.”

Judge Alex Ferrer discussed the groundbreaking vote and explained that we are likely to see a pattern of this happening.

“It’s a harbinger of what’s gonna [sic] happen across the country as cities are denied the money that they depend on for their budgets and for their special projects,” said Ferrer, a former Miami-Dade County circuit judge.

He said Trump plays a direct role in this situation since he is the one that started the change, and this is a change that was desperately needed.

Besides the overwhelming amount of crime, sanctuary cities impose billions in cost to taxpayers that has been hidden from public view and shielded from political accountability.

That annual taxpayer burden amounts to over $14 Billion nationally, over $1 billion in California and Texas and over $100 million annually in over a dozen states.

What President Trump is doing isn’t cold-hearted, it’s just the opposite. Our president is stopping wasteful spending and more importantly, he is saving American lives.

Lawmakers to Request Probe of $418M Arms Sale to Kenya on Obama’s Last Day

by Kristina Wong

A group of lawmakers is planning to request a congressional investigation of a $418 million U.S. weapons sale to Kenya approved by the Obama administration on its last day in office.
The sale, approved by the State Department and privately notified to Congress on January 19, would allow Kenya to buy 14 weaponized crop-duster-like planes — including two trainer planes and services, for missions against terrorist group al-Shabaab.

The deal was publicly announced the Monday after Trump’s inauguration.

A handful of lawmakers, led by Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC), are questioning why the contract to produce the planes was awarded to major defense firm L3 Technologies — which has never produced such a plane — while a smaller, disabled veteran-owned company in North Carolina that already make those planes at a lower cost was not considered.

The Mooresville, N.C. company, IOMAX USA Inc., costed out 14 planes at $237 million dollars, according to a Budd aide.

“It looks like politics,” Budd said in a phone interview with Breitbart News on Monday. “Why are they sending it to someone that’s produced zero, for twice the price? This is inappropriate.”

Later this week, Budd and several other GOP congressmen are planning to request the non-partisan investigation.

It is not just Republicans puzzled by the matter. Georgia Democrat Sanford Bishop will join Republicans in signing a letter being sent to the Kenyan ambassador to the U.S. on Tuesday.

The letter, obtained first by Breitbart News, says, “We believe Kenya would benefit by exploring its options in regard to this acquisition.”

“We ask that the Government of Kenya take these facts, in particular the prospect of an ongoing congressional investigation of this sale, under consideration as it decides whether or not to proceed with this arms purchase,” says the letter.

The request for an investigation comes after the lawmakers have unsuccessfully tried to figure out how the New York-based L3 received the “sole-source” primary contract, which means there is only one known source for the equipment requested, or only one single supplier that can fulfill the requirements.

IOMAX was unaware of the contract until the State Department, which approves all foreign military sales, publicly announced it on Jan. 23, the Monday after Trump was sworn in.

Typically, with a foreign military sale, an ally would notify and work with the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, a Pentagon agency, to request weapons.

DSCA would then work with the nation to specify requirements and write a Letter of Request for the weapons. The letter would be sent to an “implementing agency.” After price and other details are worked out, the Pentagon would issue a recommendation, and the State Department would approve or disapprove the sale. The DSCA would receive about a four percent cut of the total sale.

Lawmakers suspect, though have no evidence, that in this case, the implementing agency — an Air Force acquisition office, known as the “Big Safari” at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, steered the contract to L3.

The Air Force directed all inquiries to DSCA and the State Department, which is in charge of the process.

A State Department official, in emails obtained by Breitbart News, said in justifying L3’s selection that the Kenyan Ministry of Defense “conducted extensive market research.” At the same time, the official said the State Department did not possess that research. An Air Force official also said in an email that it was not provided the market research.

Lawmakers question whether Kenya did its own extensive research. The aide said Kenya initially requested MOOG, an ordnance company, to produce the planes, according an Air Force response to congressional inquiries.

That request somehow got “clarified” to L3, who will modify the requested Air Tractor planes into weaponized versions.

“We believe that the Air Force likely did something that had MOOG get replaced with L3,” the aide said.

The aide said it doesn’t make sense, especially since IOMAX first began producing the weaponized planes in 2009 and has dropped more than 2,000 bombs on al-Shabaab already.

IOMAX had used the Air Tractor airframe in its earlier versions, but switched to Thrush, based in Albany, Georgia. It currently has almost 50 of the planes in service, including in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Jordan, the aide said.

The planes were first designed after the Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment requested them for Yemen, the aide said. IOMAX’s founder, Ron Howard, is a retired Army aviator with the unit. He founded the company with his son in 2001.

Budd said he is looking out for jobs in North Carolina. IOMAX, which takes in about $1 billion a year in sales compared to L3’s $10 billion, has 115 employees in his district, with 49 percent of them veterans who make an average of $115,000 a year — many of them special operations forces veterans.

“Our first interest is to look out for jobs in the district. These are guys who are cutting sheet metal and doing rivets at the same time as those who are installing weaponized system…It’s a whole work force down there,” Budd said. “It’s infuriating that they’d be cut out of a deal like this.”

“They have to earn this deal on their own,” he added. “We can’t get the deal for them. But we want them to have a fair shot at it…They shouldn’t catch the brunt of politics.”

The L3 contract would primarily benefit its Platform Integration Division in Waco, Texas. An L3 spokesman did not respond to a phone call asking for comment.

Budd said the current deal is not a good one for the Kenyans either. He met with the Kenyan Deputy Chief of Mission last Monday, who was allegedly “flabbergasted” they were potentially paying almost $200 million more than necessary.

“We’ve had several Kenyans reach out and thank us,” he said.

Several Kenyan analysts also questioned the sale on Twitter, with the accompanying hashtag #KDFWeaponsScam. KDF is short for Kenyan Defense Force.

We could have bought 5 of these Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys at the $418 million expenditure #KDFWeaponsScam

— The Muthoka® (@MuthokaTito) February 17, 2017

Although the 30-day notification period for Congress before a foreign military sale can go forth ended Sunday, lawmakers can still halt the sale by passing a resolution of disapproval.

Budd also introduced a joint resolution in the House earlier this month to halt the sale. If the resolution is adopted, it would be the first time Congress has voted to block a foreign arms deal since 1986.

Co-sponsors of the resolution include Reps. Meadows, Jones, Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Jeff Duncan (R-SC), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Doug LaMalfa (R-CA), and Gary Palmer (R-AL).

Marine Sgt.’s Facebook Video gets 44 Million Views in a week asking a Simple Question – Steve Gern

Published on Feb 11, 2017
Sean Hannity interviews a retired U.S. Marine who works as a private security contractor took to Facebook to warn of the dangers Americans still face in Iraq. Steven Gern’s video, which was posted from Iraq and has been viewed more than 45 million times, came just a few days after President Trump’s executive order triggered massive protests at U.S. airports. Trump’s orders involved restricting access to the United States for refugees and some visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, said the aides and experts, who asked not to be identified. The restrictions on refugees are likely to include a multi-month ban on admissions from all countries until the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security can make the vetting process more rigorous.

Many Trump supporters decried former President Barack Obama’s decision to increase the number of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States over fears that those fleeing the country’s civil war would carry out attacks.

Many whiny liberals attacked our president but one brave marine gave them a perfect response!

Steven Gern, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran working in Iraq, discusses the reality of how Americans are treated there.

I work currently in Iraq, which is one of the countries that’s on the list,” begins Gern. “Obviously, in the United States, a lot is going on – and over here, this is a lot going on, as well, just a lot of things y’all don’t see.”

“The other morning, we were having a discussion on the executive order, and a lot of the Iraqis showed their displeasure in this executive order, and why they feel like they’ve been betrayed by the United States.”

So, I listened to what they had to say, and after they were done yelling and screaming about their opinion on things, I asked a simple question, and I got an answer to that simple question, and I got it without hesitation.” continues Gern. “My simple questions was, ‘As an American if I went out in town right now, would I be welcome?’”

“They answered me, and said, ‘Absolutely not, you would not be welcome.’ And I said, ‘Okay, what would happen if I went in town?’”

Watch the video to see what they said to the Sgt.

$32.7 Billion Muslim Refugee Scandal Explodes Over Entire Nation…Trump Says Hell No!

The taking in of millions of Middle Eastern refugees by countries in Europe has been nothing short of a disaster.

Germany, France, Sweden, and several others have blindly accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees. There was no vetting process in place.

No way to tell who they were or what they intended to do. It has created one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent history.

Leaders of the EU claimed taking in refugees was a good thing. They would be a boon to their nations’ economies and fill the jobs Europeans were unwilling to fill.

They claimed it would transform Europe into an industrial and economic juggernaut. And other similar, baseless claims.

Instead beautiful cities were turned into ghettos. Millions of European natives don’t recognize their own countries.

Courts and legislators increasingly favor migrants and Sharia law. White women are the frequent target of rape and murder.

And of course the meteoric rise in terrorist attacks. But there’s another way this crisis has irrevocably damaged Europe: in their wallets.

From NEE:

Sweden’s 318,000 “Syrian” refugees, or migrants, will cost the country a bare minimum of $32.7 billion USD in 2017.

That’s 33% of Sweden’s central government’s annual budget, and 5.5% of their GDP—imagine if the US spent $1 trillion on refugees, same proportions.

That’s just over $102,000 per refugee per year. For reference, the average annual income in Sweden is $41,000 a year.

Of this, $8.7 billion are the hidden costs of the migrant crime epidemic—which the government refuses to publicize.

Furthermore, migrants are not contributing to Sweden’s economy—of those refugees that came in 2015, only 500 have jobs.

Those are staggering numbers. They’re almost impossible to accept.

Sweden — perhaps the nation hit the hardest by cultural transformation due to the damages of Sharia-compliant Muslims — will spend 33% of its nation’s cash on supporting these migrants.

These people refuse to work, make ridiculous demands on their host countries, and create a climate of fear and violence against the natives.

And yet few leaders in the EU will admit this was a failure.

How many of these refugees will return home once the fighting subsides? There is already word the Syrian leaders are calling for their people to come back.

Has anybody left Europe? What about the millions of Europeans suffering from this taxing climate?

It looks like Europe won’t learn, until it’s far too late. But thank goodness our president won’t make the same mistake they did.

Trump Chooses H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser


President Trump introduces Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, left, as the next national security adviser at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., on Monday. Credit Al Drago/The New York Times
WASHINGTON — President Trump picked Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, a widely respected military strategist, as his new national security adviser on Monday, calling him “a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience.”

Mr. Trump made the announcement at his Mar-a-Lago getaway in Palm Beach, Fla., where he has been interviewing candidates to replace Michael T. Flynn, who was forced out after withholding information from Vice President Mike Pence about a call with Russia’s ambassador.
The choice continued Mr. Trump’s reliance on high-ranking military officers to advise him on national security. Mr. Flynn was a retired three-star general and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is a retired four-star general. His first choice to replace Mr. Flynn, who turned the job down, and two other finalists were current or former senior officers as well.

Shortly before announcing his appointment, Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter: “Meeting with Generals at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Very interesting!”

General McMaster is seen as one of the Army’s leading intellectuals, first making a name for himself with a searing critique of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for their performance during the Vietnam War and later criticizing the way President George W. Bush’s administration went to war in Iraq.

As a commander, he was credited with demonstrating how a different counterterrorism strategy could defeat insurgents in Iraq, providing the basis for the change in approach that Gen. David H. Petraeus adopted to shift momentum in a war that the United States was on the verge of losing.


Trump May Have Just Found White House LEAKER!

She is the primary person of interest in leaking highly confidential information to the Failing New York Times and other fake news websites, apparently.

From Liberty Writers News

The Gateway Pundit reached out to Charles Johnson, the founder of GotNews, and he is saying that his source is “100% reliable, I’m unwilling to reveal the primary White House sources, but Walsh was behind the leaks.”



Walsh is close to reporter Maggie Haberman at the New York Times and has gotten stories planted in The Washington Post and Politico.

Walsh has huge access to the President’s scheduled and there is apparently rumors that she has colluded with Reince Priebus to get rid of Trump.


Maggie Haberman, the New York Times reporter, was exposed in the Podesta email leaks as well.

Democrat Congresswoman Could Face Over 300 Years In Prison For Her Despicable Actions

In fact, she’s looking at potentially 357 years in prison and a $4.8 million fine.

If optional, I’d choose the fine.

From Washington Examiner:

She partied with Nancy Pelosi, traveled on Air Force one next to President Obama, and cast her superdelegate vote for Hillary Clinton. But today Corrine Brown is in federal court for stealing scholarship money from school children.

The disgraced congresswoman must defend against charges that she funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from a non-profit charity, One Door for Education, into her own pocket. If convicted on all 24 counts, she faces 357 years in prison and $4.8 million in fines.

With her former chief of staff expected to testify against her, the question’s no longer whether or not she’s guilty. It’s why Democrat brass would continually cozy up to a congresswoman who was so clearly corrupt?

From the beginning, Brown’s been shrouded in controversy. Shortly after she won election in 1992, the Federal Election Commission accused Brown of violating numerous campaign finance laws. Most notably, she accepted donations from foreign citizens and failed to report the use of a corporate plane. And that’s just the tip of the ethical iceberg.

It’s always the Democrats getting in big trouble, isn’t it?

Republicans aren’t innocent, of course. But, who are we kidding?

Dems are the worst. We know it. They know it.

Everyone knows it.

Today’s liberals need to research the term “classical liberalism” to see how far they’ve strayed.

Swedish Embassy Tweets Trump an Offer



(NEWSER) – The Swedish Embassy in Washington, DC, has offered to let President Trump learn something about their country from somewhere that isn’t Fox News. “We look forward to informing the US administration about Swedish immigration and integration policies,” the embassy tweeted Sunday after Trump cleared up the confusion around a reference he made to events in Sweden by explaining that he was talking about a story he saw on Fox. Trump is believed to have a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight that included Ami Horowitz, whose documentary links rising refugee numbers in Sweden to an alleged rise in crime, the Hill reports.

Swedish authorities, however, say crime rates are falling, not rising, and that contrary to the claims of Horowitz and others who say the refugee intake has been causing chaos, they are not covering anything up and want the facts to be out in the open. “We are quite keen to ensure that the debate and the story about our country is fact-based and nuanced,” Henrik Selin, deputy director of the nation-promoting Swedish Institute, tells the New York Times. “We are more than happy to talk about the challenges our country faces as well as the things that are going well.” A spokesperson for Sweden’s foreign minister declined to comment because “it’s hard to say what Trump is talking about.”