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President Trump Just SHOCKED The Congressional Black Caucus!

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are known for being race baiting-trouble starters in Washington. No matter what the issue, they will find a way to connect it to race. They have had nothing but negative things to say about our president, including calling his presidency “illegitimate”.

Last week, Trump was asked during his press conference why he hasn’t met with the CBC yet. He responded by saying that he would love to meet with them. In fact, President Trump DID try to reach out to meet with a prominent member of the CBC, Rep. Elijah Cummings, weeks ago.

From Liberty Writers News

Cummings canceled because such a meeting would be bad for him politically. He blamed the cancellation on his staff for not giving him the message.

Well, now Cummings has no excuse.

“President Trump has formally invited the entire Congressional Black Caucus to have a meeting with him personally.”

Let’s be honest, the CBC HATES that he did this. They are looking for any reason they can find to paint Trump as a racist, but he hasn’t given them one. On the contrary, Trump has already done more for the black community than Obama ever did.

President Trump even announced a new Executive Order specifically designed to help inner city minorities. The order eases the regulatory burden on historically black colleges and funnels more money to them for their academic needs.

The President has two Howard University grads working on his executive order, a Historically black college.

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Trump Chooses H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser


President Trump introduces Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, left, as the next national security adviser at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., on Monday. Credit Al Drago/The New York Times
WASHINGTON — President Trump picked Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, a widely respected military strategist, as his new national security adviser on Monday, calling him “a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience.”

Mr. Trump made the announcement at his Mar-a-Lago getaway in Palm Beach, Fla., where he has been interviewing candidates to replace Michael T. Flynn, who was forced out after withholding information from Vice President Mike Pence about a call with Russia’s ambassador.
The choice continued Mr. Trump’s reliance on high-ranking military officers to advise him on national security. Mr. Flynn was a retired three-star general and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is a retired four-star general. His first choice to replace Mr. Flynn, who turned the job down, and two other finalists were current or former senior officers as well.

Shortly before announcing his appointment, Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter: “Meeting with Generals at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Very interesting!”

General McMaster is seen as one of the Army’s leading intellectuals, first making a name for himself with a searing critique of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for their performance during the Vietnam War and later criticizing the way President George W. Bush’s administration went to war in Iraq.

As a commander, he was credited with demonstrating how a different counterterrorism strategy could defeat insurgents in Iraq, providing the basis for the change in approach that Gen. David H. Petraeus adopted to shift momentum in a war that the United States was on the verge of losing.


Trump Just SCORES Another Major WIN!

One of President Trump’s primary goals for America is improving the economy and our trade relationships around the world — something desperately needed after the mess made by the White House’s former occupant.

One of President Trump’s primary goals for America is improving the economy and our trade relationships around the world — something desperately needed after the mess made by the White House’s former occupant.
Trump has already done wonders for the state of our economy simply by encouraging many big businesses to invest millions of dollars here, and open factories, thus creating jobs.

From Allen B. West

Perhaps one of the biggest contributions to securing our economic success was an executive order requiring the repeal of two regulations for every new one the government attempts to put in place.

Well, the president recently stated that he would be going to work on the current trade agreement we have with Canada, stating he’s going to be “tweaking” it.

According to Reuters:

President Donald Trump said on Monday the United States will be “tweaking” its trade relationship with Canada, unlike its trade ties with Mexico where it faces a more severe situation.

“We have a very outstanding trade relationship with Canada. We’ll be tweaking it,” Trump said at a joint news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House.
“It’s a much less severe situation than what’s taking place on the southern border. On the southern border, for many, many years the transaction was not fair to the United States.”

There will be changes to make a good deal better, which means more winning for everyone — something President Trump promised the American people they’d be sick of by the end of his term.

What kind of changes could Trump have in mind? At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

One has to wonder what benefit these “tweaks” will have for Canada. Trump is a smart businessman, so no doubt he’ll know where to make some concessions to help bolster our neighbors to the north.

Trump was right about the situation with Mexico being much more dire, as we have a strained relationship with them at the moment. The president is calling for taxing imports to pay for a wall to secure the border.

For now, baby steps: working to better our relations with Canada can only be a good thing.

Trump Puts American Miners Back To Work While Others Protest ‘day without immigrants,’

The difference between Trump’s America and the Anti-Trumpers is STARK.

February 16 marked an interesting juxtaposition of two competing worldviews in the country these days. On the one hand, illegal immigrants and their supporters eschewed work to stage a “day without immigrants” in an effort to show how the country would apparently grind to a halt if they were deported.



On the other, President Trump signed a key, much-needed piece of legislation designed to put thousands of coal miners back to work.

Shockingly enough, it seems like America would in fact survive without illegal immigrants. Even the New York Times admits that “cities did not grind to a halt, and for most people, the action registered as an inconvenience — a longer wait for lunch, a favorite restaurant closed, a bus driver who wasn’t there.”

Bizpac Review reports,

But with the crippling regulations imposed by the Obama Administration in December that had been years in the making, upwards of 70,000 American workers would have been without jobs and 80 percent of our coal reserves would have been virtually out of reach.

Flanked by coal miners, corporate officials, and key legislators like Senators Joe Manchin, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, Trump signed HG Resolution 38, a bill to end an Obama administration coal mining regulation, called the Office of Surface Mining’s Stream Protection Rule, which was supposedly designed to protect streams and rivers from mining waste but would have virtually ended coal mining as an industry in states like Kentucky and West Virginia.

Much sooner than anticipated but just in the nick of time for many, Trump kept his long-standing promise to coal miners by ending what the president called “another terrible job killing rule.”

“This is a major threat to your jobs and we’re going to get rid of this threat,” Trump said. “We’re going to fight for you.”

Trump jokingly asked if the miners had ever been invited to the White House before, then insisted they take a tour after the signing.

Trump to Reign in “Obamaphone” Program


“A budget induces careful spending.” Wise advice, especially for government. Who said that? Benjamin Franklin?

Nope. It’s Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and he currently has the wasteful, fraud-riddled Lifeline program (better known as the “Obamaphone program”) clearly in his sights.

Pai is taking steps on his own, and supporting measures in Congress, to cut out waste, fraud and abuse in a program that mushroomed during the Obama presidency, according to Breitbart.

Created by the Reagan administration in 1985, Lifeline provides subsidized landline phone service to low-income families. It was expanded under the George W. Bush administration to add wireless service and popularized by massive outreach campaigns during President Barack Obama’s administration.

Program advocates now want to see it expanded to provide internet service. Because everyone deserves free internet, right? Right?

Pai agrees with expansion of the program, but not at the expense of responsible spending. While still a commission member, prior to being named chairman by President Donald Trump in January, he disagreed with expansion because a spending cap was not in place.hgb

The current annual budget is $2.25 billion. A bill now in Congress would cut that by almost half, setting the program spending cap at $1.5 billion, according to Axios.

Fraud is reportedly rampant in the program, and expansion requires that it be stopped.

A 2016 report of a $51 million fraud investigation of the program was not released until April 1, 2016, conveniently one day after the Democrat-heavy FCC was scheduled to vote on the expansion. Pai was sharply critical of the timing of the report at the time, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Now, he is in a position to keep the agency on budget.

The primary fraudster was Total Call Mobile, which enrolled fake Lifeline users by the tens of thousands, pocketing $9.7 million in federal subsidies. In true Democrat fashion, the Obama-led FCC pursued only a fraction of the identified cases, according to Breitbart.


In real money terms, the settlement should have been $84.2 million, not the $51 million in damages the FCC sought. But why should Democrats be concerned? After all, it’s only money. Your money.

Speaking of that, remember the “Obamaphone Lady?” Michelle Dowery of Cleveland, Ohio, became an internet sensation in 2012 when she worked for the Obama campaign, yelling at a reporter that Obama was giving “every minority a phone,” as long as you were on “food stamps, Social Security, got no income, disability.”

By 2013, Dowery, though, appeared on the Infowars founder Alex Jones’ YouTube channel to discuss her change of heart about Obama. The reason? She’d gotten a job as a maid, “and my first check is eaten up by taxes.”

Apparently, it finally occurred to her who pays for those subsidized phones.

Please post to Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think about Trump’s new FCC head. Looks like he’s about to “clean house!”


Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser

Michael T. Flynn, the national security adviser, resigned on Monday night after it was revealed that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other top White House officials about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

Mr. Flynn, who served in the job for less than a month, said he had given “incomplete information” regarding a telephone call he had with the ambassador in late December about American sanctions against Russia, weeks before President Trump’s inauguration. Mr. Flynn previously had denied that he had any substantive conversations with Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak, and Mr. Pence repeated that claim in television interviews as recently as this month.

But on Monday, a former administration official said the Justice Department warned the White House last month that Mr. Flynn had not been fully forthright about his conversations with the ambassador. As a result, the Justice Department feared that Mr. Flynn could be vulnerable to blackmail by Moscow.

In his resignation letter, which the White House emailed to reporters, Mr. Flynn said he had held numerous calls with foreign officials during the transition. “Unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events, I inadvertently briefed the vice president-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian ambassador,” he wrote. “I have sincerely apologized to the president and the vice president, and they have accepted my apology.”


By John F. Di Leo –

With a new administration comes, for once, a new clarity.

President Trump is attempting to bring some sanity to our immigration programs – requiring vetting before admission of refugees, for example, so that we don’t suffer the horrific outbreaks of criminality – car fires, riots, gang rapes, honor killings, and the like – that Europe has suffered for years, at the hands of these very same so-called “refugees.”

And before the ink was dry on his Executive Order (almost word for word an executive order issued by his predecessors, with nothing radical about it at all), the George Soros –funded rent-a-thugs descended upon federal buildings, town centers, and college campuses to wreak the havoc that only lawless goons can wreak.

The Left screams that rational limitations on the endless hordes of non-Americans who want to come here are not “Who We Are”… as if George Soros had any say in our identity… as if the un-American Left were, in any way whatsoever, representative of who real Americans are.

So perhaps we need to explain what the events of November 2016 really meant… and how, after eight years of treasonous behavior by a corrupt Democratic president and his acolytes, the American people have reclaimed the right to speak for ourselves in declaring Who We Are.

We are not the Left – a party and movement that twists the unemployment statistics to claim that unemployment is only at 5%, so they can pretend there’s no problem.

We are the Right, the middle, the populists, the real Americans. We are the movement that recognizes the fact that when 95 million people are outside the workforce, that’s NOT a five percent unemployment rate, no matter WHAT the book-cookers may say. We proclaim the truth, and demand a solution, by returning the nation to the free market growth engine that America was intended to be.

We are not the Left – a party and movement that looks at a factory and sees only smoke and hard labor, and immediately tries to shut it down, or drive it across the seas, out of some fear that the smoke will hurt a fragile planet or that the labor will be too hard for a fragile populace.

No, we are the Right, a party and movement that looks at a factory and sees vigor… and jobs… and careers… and opportunities. When we see a factory, we see dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of people getting a start, then building careers, even building wealth, even gaining the experience to branch out on their own and start their own companies, creating that many more opportunities for still more thousands.

We recognize the value of that factory, and we try to ease its government burdens so that it can grow and flourish. We appreciate those factories, and we want to see many more!

We are not the Left – a party and movement that sees criminals under arrest and pities the criminals, that sees muggers being jailed and feels sorry for the muggers, that sees girls being raped and pities the rapist.

No, we are the Right, a party and movement that looks at crime and rightly aims our compassion toward the victim. We side with the victims, both past and potential, and demand that the streets be cleared of the muggers, drug dealers, gang recruiters and killers whom the Democrats would set free in pursuit of their votes.

We side with the victims, and call for more stringent sentencing, and for the death penalty when appropriate, because the Chicagoan walking home from work IS more important to society, more valuable in the eyes of his or her fellow man, than the mugger, rapist, gang member or addict who would attack him or her if given the chance. We demand a crackdown on the crime that’s destroying our cities. We side with the victims.

We are not the Left – a party and movement that sees the violence in the Middle East and imagines some moral equivalence… that sides with the terrorist truck driver against the American army base… that sides with the terrorist bomber against the innocent tourists in the café or pizzeria… that sides with the monstrous jihadists against the peaceful and free state of Israel.

No, we are the Right, a party and movement that can tell the difference between good and evil, and therefore sides with our troops, our friends, and our allies. We take the side of the innocent tourists, the innocent schoolchildren, the innocent shopkeepers. We call for the eradication of the islamofascist terrorists, whatever it takes.

We are not the Left – a party and movement that sees hospitals and communities bankrupted by the influx of illegal aliens and their drug addiction, stabbings and shootings, maternities, and other costly healthcare needs… and just passes a bill – call it Obamacare – to make everyone else pay for it, no matter the cost.

No, we are the Right, a party and movement that knows how to deal with this problem, as with all problems: with law enforcement, and border enforcement, and the free market. We are the movement that will free this country from the chains of Obamacare, a program that caused millions to be unemployed, that bankrupted millions and destroyed thousands of businesses, just to pay for healthcare for the indigent and criminal. We are the movement that understands capitalism, and will therefore return the nation to the wisdom of the Invisible Hand.

We are not the Left – a party and movement that sees people weak or poor or unwanted in foreign countries, and invites them all here, in unbearable numbers, to dilute our heritage and change our culture until we are no different from the third-world hellholes they flee, all in pursuit of their votes.

No, we are the Right, a party and movement that wishes the best for all good people, but which recognizes that we owe our first duty to American citizens. We recognize that sacrificing our economy for the sake of foreign indigents is no real help to either group, for the United States is the growth engine of the world, and if we allow that engine to die, the whole world suffers anyway.

We therefore call for a return to rational immigration policy, and a halt to the unrestricted open door of years past. We call for Borders, and the Rule of Law, after much too long without respect for either. We must put our own house in order before we can again welcome guests.

We are not the Left – a party and movement that has spent decades attacking churches, chapels, and synagogues, by trying to deny people of faith the freedom to participate in American politics and to educate our children in the Lord’s path… even to the point of literally booing God’s name at their national conventions!

No, we are the Right, a party and movement that knows and respects the Lord, and understands that the Constitutional freedom of religion was written in the assumption that of course America is – and must be – a Judeo-Christian nation, but one in which the government can never choose your denomination for you.

We are therefore the side that knows our history, and refuses to deny or twist it. We remember President John Adams’ famous words on this subject: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” We are the side that will find a way to properly restore the balance in America, so that this nation can again aspire to be One Nation, Under God, as we were meant to be.

On issue after issue, policy after policy, the un-American Left has spent a century undermining this nation, turning away from the great design of our Founding Fathers. The Left took a nation that was designed to respect and protect the individual, and gradually twisted our very institutions – from the far-off central bureaucracy to our local schools – to attack the individual and to collectivize everything they could.

In November, 2016, by a razor thin margin, perhaps, but still a margin in state after state, from sea to shining sea, this country finally took a few steps in the right direction: toward a future of liberty, in full respect for the heritage of a distant and noble past, when 55 delegates in Philadelphia defined this nation as one in which its national government would be severely limited, and its people would be truly free.

So, in case you ever wondered… That is who we are.

Copyright 2017 John F. Di Leo

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based international trade lecturer, writer, actor and family man… he has been a Chicagoland precinct captain and Milwaukee County Republican party chairman, but has now been a recovering politician for nearly twenty years. His columns are found weekly in Illinois Review.