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In Indiana, the Deal to Stop Trump May Be Backfiring

The alliance between Cruz and Kasich looks to some Hoosiers like insider politics. And some won’t pull the lever for Cruz.
The silence in the parking lot of the Hamilton County fairgrounds is pierced only by a few songbirds, the ringing echo of a halyard slapping against a flagpole, and the gravel crunching beneath the footsteps of John Kasich’s frustrated supporters.
A stream of voters arrived at the suburban Indianapolis fairgrounds on Tuesday to see the Republican presidential candidate, unaware the event had been canceled. They hadn’t heard that Kasich scotched the appearance and ceded the state to Ted Cruz, calculating that the Texas senator had the best chance here of slowing down Donald Trump and saving his resources for other states.
Much like the men and women at the fairgrounds, the voters of Indiana don’t seem to be on board with the imperatives of the political moment. The race here is shaping up to be a last stand not just for Cruz, but also for the “stop Trump” movement, an unlikely confederation of activists and party donors. But, from members of the donor class in Indianapolis unwilling to back Cruz to blue-collar voters in Elkhart outraged by the collaboration, the movement is not coalescing, and is even backfiring. “People who were supporting Kasich have been coming into the office to pick up Trump signs,” said Laura Campbell, Republican chairwoman of Hamilton County, whose residents earn more money than anyone else in the state. “People are not happy here with that alliance.”
Cruz, trailing in the polls, has a week to change minds before Indiana’s primary on May 3. He’s been campaigning in the state for several days, and on Wednesday announced Carly Fiorina, the former chief executive officer for Hewlett Packard, as his running mate. The move was aimed at injecting some energy and interest in the race at a crucial moment. It may also help Cruz later in California, where Fiorina won the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate in 2010. She lost to Barbara Boxer, a Democrat, in the general election.
Even though Kasich is a popular two-term governor in neighboring Ohio, it’s Cruz who has won most Midwestern states. Those victories included a come-from-behind win in Wisconsin earlier this month that, at least temporarily, boosted his campaign. But that victory serves as the high-water mark for Cruz, who has trailed Trump since the second contest of the nomination race in February.
Cruz ignored questions during a campaign stop in Indianapolis on Wednesday about whether Indiana is a must-win for him. But the stakes couldn’t be higher. Trump has scored some of the biggest victories of the campaign during the past two weeks, while his standing in national polls has improved. A victory in Indiana could bolster Cruz as he heads towards California’s primary June 7, where there are enough delegates at stake to ensure the party’s first contested convention in 40 years.
“Indiana now has the chance to speak, not only for Hoosiers across the state, but for the people across this country,” Cruz told reporters outside Sisters’ Pancake House. “Indiana has a chance to make a decision that is going to impact the Republican Party, that is going to impact the country.”

In Northern Indiana, home to many of the working-class, white voters who have turned out in droves for Trump, Thomas Adkison visited the New York businessman’s campaign headquarters in Fort Wayne. The retired semi driver wanted a “Veterans For Trump” sign to put in the window of his car, and Trump yard signs.
“You understand how mad I am when I see all these factories closing?” Adkison asked in an interview outside the Trump office. “I want an outsider. I don’t want these here establishment people that are in there.”
Trump mentions—every chance he can—the loss of manufacturing jobs in Indiana, especially United Technologies Electronic Controls Inc., and its subsidiary Carrier Corp., moving heating and air conditioning assembly operations to Mexico. The move eliminated 2,100 jobs in Indianapolis and Huntington.
The loss of manufacturing jobs in Indiana’s economy mirrors the nation’s, and makes Trump’s tough talk about rewriting trade deals and promise to “make America great again” appealing, said Ball State economist Michael Hicks.
While the state added 1.4 million net jobs between 1969 and 2014, the percentage in manufacturing declined to 14 percent from 33 percent, he said. Manufacturing output has actually risen to record levels because of increased productivity, even as there are fewer workers required who are paid less than their fathers and grandfathers, Hicks said.
Northern Indiana, with a mix of Democrats backed by labor unions, Republicans, and self-described independents such as Adkison, shows that trend. While unemployment in Elkhart has fallen from almost 20 percent during the recession to less than 5 percent, there are now many fewer jobs that pay what the Studebaker factory in nearby South Bend and other old-line manufacturing jobs did, Hicks said. Older, middle-class Hoosiers with a high school diploma who once were able to raise a family, send kids to college and get a new car every three or four years now find themselves working in jobs paying $15 an hour or replaced entirely by younger, less-costly workers, Hicks said.
“Donald Trump’s likely to do very well here simply because the feeling about the economy matches his narrative, even though the data do not,” Hicks said.
Trump’s campaign said that the deal between Kasich and Cruz, with its whiff of insider politics, will only help their cause. “Don’t pass the smell test,” Rex Early, a former Indiana Republican Party chairman and Trump’s Indiana chairman, said in a telephone interview.
“This backroom double-dealing thing that they put on now, that is going to hurt Cruz,” Early said. “Hoosiers like fair.”
Even some Cruz supporters in Indiana aren’t happy about the arrangement. Tim Douglass, 30, a social worker from South Bend, said he initially supported Trump because he liked the idea of an outsider. He switched to Cruz when the billionaire failed to provide specifics, but Douglass doesn’t agree with the effort to block Trump.
“I don’t like the teaming up,” Douglass said while standing in line on Tuesday for a $1 pretzel at the opening of a Ben’s Soft Pretzels store downtown. “You should play to win, not play to stop someone else.”
Craig Dunn, the Indiana Republican Party’s 4th District chairman and a delegate who is supporting Kasich, termed the race a “jump ball” between Cruz’s appeal to religious and social conservatives and Trump’s economic and populist appeal. He called the pact between Kasich and Cruz a “political mistake” that was unnecessary.
“I just don’t know if there’ll be enough Kasich people that will say they’re going to participate in this strategy,” Dunn said. “And probably the ones who do will be somewhat cancelled out by others that say, ‘Gee whiz, Indiana’s not important enough for him to do it, so I’m going to do Trump.’”

As rain drizzled Tuesday over Indianapolis, residents competed on a temporary obstacle course that had been set up for the popular TV show American Ninja Warrior. Under green and purple stage lights, men and woman alike repeatedly fell from a swinging rope and splashed into a pool of water. Others tumbled from a rolling log, unable to keep their balance, as the crowd groaned after every collapse.
Inside a private club next to the set, Kasich spoke about his own dismay.
Some of them are surely disappointed—he was a little disappointed too, Kasich told donors about his pact with Cruz, according to two sources inside the meeting. After all, he lives in Ohio. He’s their neighbor, he told them.
The Ohio governor canceled his rally earlier in the day, but kept his fundraiser at the Columbia Club, a historic club in the heart of downtown. Kasich also spoke there with Indiana Governor Mike Pence, a Republican who has met with all three of the finalists for his party’s nomination.
When this proposition came along, Kasich told donors about the deal with Cruz, his team recommended that he do this. There’s a chance it might work, he said. Kasich’s campaign declined to comment about what was said at the meeting.
It was hardly a ringing endorsement. And his supporters left the meeting less than enthusiastic about Cruz; in interviews with 10 donors who attended the meeting, just one planned to switch his or her vote to Cruz.
“It’s what has to be done to stop Trump, who is completely reckless and unfit for public office,” said David Carr, a labor attorney and former Zionsville councilman. “Indiana could be the turning point.”
If the Cruz-Kasich plan could be pulled off anywhere in Indiana, it’s the urban center and so-called “donut counties” around Indianapolis. There are more moderate Republicans in that part of the state, and the idea of strategic voting shouldn’t be so foreign in the heart of state government and politics.
And like their counterparts in Milwaukee who helped deliver Cruz a resounding victory in Wisconsin, many Republican voters in the Indianapolis area are on their second and third choice for president.
But unlike their neighbors just north on the shores of Lake Michigan, there is little help so far for Cruz in Indiana. While Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker enthusiastically endorsed the Texas senator, Pence has remained neutral, saying only that he’ll back the party’s eventual nominee. Former Governor Mitch Daniels has eschewed the type of social policies that Cruz backs.
“I cannot bring myself to vote for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump—I just can’t do it,” said John Mutz, a former Indiana lieutenant governor. “So, even though I understand the strategy, I’m going to vote for John Kasich.”

Corruption • Crime • Politics Two House Republicans Introduce Resolution to Investigate Obama for High Crimes and Misdemeanors!

Well, that took long enough! Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah has less than a year left in office and the Republican-led House, which has been led by Republicans since their victory in 2010, is finally getting around to a resolution to establish a Select Committee on High Crimes and Misdemeanors within the Executive Branch and the Obama Administration.

HRes693 IH was introduced into the House of Representatives by Rep. Ted Yoho 
(R-FL) on Tuesday. The resolution would establish a “permanent Select Committee on Executive Oversight.”

“Every day a new claim and allegation come to light about the abuses of the Obama Administration,” said Yoho. “Blatant Executive overreach, targeting by enforcement agencies, stand down orders of enforcement on existing law—which have resulted in the deaths of Americans, and regulatory agencies that bypass Congress and write their own laws. Enough is enough. While this committee will be tasked with the oversight over future administrations—both Republican and Democrat—the abuses of the current Administration have necessitated the creation of a whole new committee to deal solely with this Administration’s transgressions.”

“We, the Representatives of the people, are tasked with holding the Executive Branch accountable by the guiding document of this nation—the Constitution,” the Florida representative added. “It is our job, our responsibility, and the right thing to do. So, if not now, when? If not us, who? We must prove to the American people we are worthy of the responsibility they have entrusted to us. All it takes for evil or tyranny to prevail or for our Constitutional Republic to fail is for good men and women to do nothing.”

According to the resolution, Rule X of the Rules of the House of Representatives would be amended by adding the following clause:

Permanent Select Committee on Oversight of the Executive Branch

`12.(a) There is hereby established the Permanent Select Committee on Oversight of the Executive Branch (hereinafter referred to as the `Select Committee’).

`(b)(1) The Speaker shall appoint 12 Members to the Select Committee, five of whom shall be appointed after consultation with the minority leader.

`(2) The Speaker shall designate one Member to serve as chair of the Select Committee, and the minority leader shall designate one Member to serve as ranking minority member of the Select Committee.

`(3) Any vacancy in the Select Committee shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.

`(4) The Select Committee shall enlist the assistance of a Special Task Force established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for the sole purpose of assisting the Select Committee in its investigations.

`(c) The Select Committee shall investigate allegations of misconduct by officials of the executive branch. The Select Committee shall not have legislative jurisdiction.

`(d)(1) Notwithstanding clause 3(m) of rule X, the Select Committee is authorized to study the sources and methods of entities described in clause 11(b)(1)(A) of rule X insofar as such study is related to the matters described in paragraph (c).

`(2) Clause 11(e) and the first sentence of clause 11(f) of rule X (relating to the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) shall apply to the Select Committee.

`(3) Rule XI applies to the Select Committee except as follows:

`(A) Clause 2(a) of rule XI shall not apply to the Select Committee.

`(B) Clause 2(g)(2)(D) of rule XI shall apply to the Select Committee in the same manner as it applies to the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

`(C) Pursuant to clause 2(h) of rule XI, two Members of the Select Committee shall constitute a quorum for taking testimony or receiving evidence and one-third of the Members of the Select Committee shall constitute a quorum for taking any action other than one for which the presence of a majority of the Select Committee is required.

`(D) The chair of the Select Committee may authorize and issue subpoenas pursuant to clause 2(m) of rule XI in the investigation and study conducted pursuant to section 3 of this resolution, including for the purpose of taking depositions, as is deemed necessary in the pursuit of truth and justice for the American people.

`(E)(i) The chair of the Select Committee, upon consultation with the ranking minority member, may order the taking of depositions, under oath and pursuant to notice or subpoena, by a Member of the Select Committee or a counsel of the Select Committee.

`(ii) Depositions taken under the authority prescribed in this subdivision shall be governed by the procedures submitted by the chair of the Committee on Rules for printing in the Congressional Record.

`(F) The chair of the Select Committee may, after consultation with the ranking minority member, recognize–

`(i) Members of the Select Committee to question a witness for periods longer than five minutes as though pursuant to clause 2(j)(2)(B) of rule XI; and

`(ii) staff of the Select Committee to question a witness as though pursuant to clause 2(j)(2)(C) of rule XI.’.

(b) Funding for One Hundred Fourteenth Congress-

(1) PAYMENT OF EXPENSES- There shall be paid out of the applicable accounts of the House of Representatives such sums as may be necessary for the expenses of the Permanent Select Committee on Oversight of the Executive Branch established under clause 12 of rule XI of the Rules of the House of Representatives (as added by subsection (a)) during the One Hundred Fourteenth Congress.

(2) VOUCHERS- Payments under this subsection shall be made on vouchers signed by the chair of the Select Committee and approved in the manner directed by the Committee on House Administration.
(3) REGULATIONS- Amounts made available under this subsection shall be expended in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Committee on House Administration.

So far, Yoho only has one co-sponsor, Rep. Randy Weber
, Sr. (R-TX). That should tell you all you need to know about the sellout of Republicans in Washington. While I question whether or not the resolution has any chance of passing, the fact that it has taken this long to even see such a document is quite telling. After all, the Republicans don’t care about the Obama administration’s crimes because they have been involved in aiding him in them.

Climate forecasts may be flawed, says study

Predictions of unprecedented rainfall extremes in the 20th century driven by global warming turned out wrong, a study said Wednesday, casting doubt on methods used to project future trends.

A massive trawl of Northern Hemisphere rainfall data for the last 1,200 years revealed there had been more dramatic wet-dry weather extremes in earlier, cooler centuries before humans set off fossil fuel-driven global warming.

This is problematic, said a study in the journal Nature, as the same data models used to anticipate that global warming would cause record rainfall extremes in the 1900s, are the basis for projections of things to come.

“It might be more difficult than often assumed to project into the future,” the study’s lead author Fredrik Ljungqvist of Stockholm University told AFP of the findings.

“The truth can be much, much more complicated.”

The UN’s climate science panel, the consensus authority, contends that dry areas will become ever drier and wet ones wetter as the global temperature rises in response to greenhouse gas emissions.

But the new work said sky-high temperatures in the 20th century did not directly translate into record extremes between wet and dry weather, as many had expected.

This meant that “much of the change is not only driven by temperature, but some internal, more random variability,” explained Ljungqvist.

“It’s therefore very, very hard also to predict (precipitation extremes) with models.”

Over the study period, drought was most severe during the 12th century, which was a warm one, and the 15th which was cold, said the scientist.

– Watch this space –

For the study, a team of experts in history, climate, geology and mathematics, compiled drought and rainfall data for Europe, North Asia and North America, and reconstructed 12 centuries worth of “water history”.

They considered geologically preserved evidence of stream flow, lake levels, marine and lake sediments, tree rings and historical records.

The team’s reconstruction for the 20th century differed vastly from climate models which had suggested wet areas should have been wetter, and dry ones drier, than ever before.

“In the past, on a longer timescale, there have been even larger variabilities,” said Ljungqvist.

This divergence “certainly adds fuel to the fiery debate” on the link between warming and rainfall extremes, Matthew Kirby of California State University’s Department of Geological Sciences wrote in a comment published by Nature.

“Do their results invalidate current predictive models? Certainly not. But they do highlight a big challenge for climate modellers, and present major research opportunities both for modellers and climate scientists…”

James Renwick of the Victoria University of Wellington said the predicted wet and dry extremes are “very likely” to materialise in the 21st, century.

Extreme drought and downpours are among many risks that scientists warn about in a warmer world. Others include land-gobbling sea level rise, crop and water shortages, disease spread and wars over dwindling resources.

In December, the nations of the world signed a pact to limit average global warming to no more than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over pre-Industrial Revolution levels, when the fossil fuel burning began.

Research suggests we may already have reached 1 C.


It’s something climate skeptics have long suspected: Government involvement in science has skewed data to reflect the government’s agenda.

“Many have suspected that U.S. political intervention in climate science has corrupted the outcome,” notes Ron Arnold in an essay posted on “The new emergence of an old 1995 document from the U.S. State Department to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirms those suspicions, or at least gives the allegation credence enough to ask questions.”

Though a FOIA request for the 1995 document came up empty (“No such correspondence in our files”), the pdf is available online. The 30-page document, entitled “U.S. Government Specific Comments on the Draft IPCC WG I Summary for Policymakers,” gives detailed instructions on “how to change the IPCC’s science document and the summary for policymakers.”

“The document itself consists of a three-page cover letter to Sir John Houghton, head of IPCC Working Group I (Science), from Day Mount, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Acting, Environment and Development, United States Department of State, along with the thirty-page instruction set with line-by-line ‘suggestions,’ written by scientist Robert Watson and others,” writes Arnold.

“Climategate” exposes the global warming scam. Get it now at the WND Superstore.

He also notes, “Among the more revealing tidbits is a remark scolding a scientist for being honest about the weakness of aerosol forcing data: ‘We clearly cannot use aerosol forcing as the trigger of our smoking gun, and then make a generalized appeal to uncertainty to exclude these effects from the forward-looking modeling analysis.’ One instruction was to change a correct statement about warming rates into a flat lie: ‘Change “continue to rise” to “rise by even greater amounts” to provide a sense of magnitude of the extended change.’”

This verbal manipulation as far back as 1995 illustrates how government involvement in climate science is skewing the outcome to reflect an agenda.

In an article entitled “Climate Policy’s Advocates Take Page From Same-Sex Marriage Playbook,” Coral Davenport notes, “Two months ahead of a federal court hearing on President Obama’s signature climate change rule, a coordinated public relations offensive has begun – modeled after the same-sex marriage campaign – to influence the outcome of the case. … While developing the campaign, the environmental advocates closely examined the messaging tactics of the same-sex marriage efforts – particularly the message that the issue affects individual lives beyond the gay community.

“‘On gay marriage, it was that everyone has a friend, a neighbor, a sibling who could be impacted,’ said Joshua Dorner, a strategist at the Washington political communications firm SKDKnickerbocker, who worked on the same-sex marriage public relations campaigns ahead of the Supreme Court argument. The same message could be applied to a campaign on climate change, ‘showing how it directly impacts people’s lives,’ he said.”

NASA is noted to have altered its own temperature data by 0.5C since 2001. “NASA temperature data doesn’t even agree with NASA temperature data from 15 years ago,” notes the article “Global temperature record is a smoking gun of collusion and fraud.”

NASA global surface temperature, 2001 vs. 2016; source Real Science
The article also chronicles similar manipulation by the Japan Meteorological Agency; and that much of the Southern Hemisphere data is “mostly made up.”

“The claimed agreement in temperature data is simply not legitimate,” it notes. “The people involved know that their data is inadequate, tampered and largely made up. They all use basically the same GHCN data set from NOAA (which has lost more than 80 percent of their stations over the past few decades) and E-mails show that they discussed with each other ways to alter the data to make it agree with their theory.”

WND has reported extensively on global warming, including a few months back when, despite no rise in average global temperature for nearly two decades, some two-dozen scientists with major U.S. universities urged President Obama to use RICO laws to prosecute opponents who deny mankind is causing catastrophic changes in the climate.

That’s the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which can put people in jail.

The scientists said their critics’ methods “are quite similar to those used earlier by the tobacco industry,” which was the target of a RICO investigation that “played an important role in stopping the tobacco industry from continuing to deceive the American people about the dangers of smoking.”

“Climategate” exposes the global warming scam. Get it now at the WND Superstore.

Tim Ball, a former University of Winnipeg climatology professor, said global temperatures have been dropping since the turn of the century, prompting the change in terminology from “global warming” to “climate change.”

Activists are also spending less time discussing temperatures and more time pointing to more extreme events such as tornadoes, droughts, cold snaps and heat waves. Ball said there’s a shred of truth there, but it’s being badly distorted.

Marc Morano is executive editor and chief correspondent for ClimateDepot, as well as host and producer of the upcoming film “Climate Hustle.” In an interview with WND, he said, “These documents further reveal how the grand narrative of man-made global warming has been crafted and forged into a partisan like campaign cause. The U.N. reports were altered as needed to promote the ideological and political goals of the establishment pushing climate fears.

“Any talking points that did not fit their narrative were cast aside and any expression of uncertainty quashed,” he added. “The ‘global warming’ movement is a pure lobbying movement on some levels. These old documents echo the 2009 Climategate scandal where the upper echelon of the U.N. scientists were exposed colluding on how to craft a narrative and mold the science to persuade the public, media and policy makers of the urgency of ‘acting’ on ‘global warming.’”

Manipulation of public emotion through various strategies influences public policy in massive ways, which makes the 1995 document noteworthy for how far back this goes.

“The 1995 document raises 2016 questions about the State Department’s actions in the subsequent United National IPCC Assessment Reports,” notes Arnold. “What did they do? Where are the correspondence and instructions to change the science in all the IPCC Assessments? What is the Obama State Department doing to corrupt climate science to its forward its radical social and political agenda? Some of that is obvious. It’s the clandestine part we need to know.”


Bart Simpson For President

That ultimate symbol of mischievous scamp Bart Simpson in Season One of the longest running show in TV history when caught red-handed offered up one of his signature phrases, “I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, there’s no way you can prove anything.”

This came to mind when I was thinking about Hillary “They’ll Never Indict Me” Clinton and her morally challenged obviously corrupt character.   Donald Trump has said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”  Hillary could say, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t get indicted.”

Everyone in the country knows that if any of us common people did one hundredth of what she has done in the email scandal alone we would have already been indicted along with the ten year Navy Vet indicted for taking a selfie on a submarine.  The Obama Justice Department is not going to indict Mrs. Clinton no matter what the FBI recommends.  She is above the law and she knows it or as she infamously said in the Benghazi hearing with regard to our four dead heroes, “What does it matter now?”

As a person who has been involved with and has closely followed the American political scene for more than fifty years this is the first time in my personal memory or Historical knowledge that a potential candidate for one party has promised to prosecute a potential candidate of the other party if elected.

As Secretary of State, Hillary’s accomplishments include the failed reset with Russia and of course her debacle in Libya.  As a United State Senator what did she accomplish?  In eight years she only sponsored three inconsequential laws:

S.3145, which designated a portion of U.S. Route 20A, located in Orchard Park, N.Y., as the “Timothy J. Russert Highway,” after the former “Meet the Press” host.

  1. 3613, which renamed the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 2951 New York Highway 43 in Averill Park, New York, as the “Major George Quamo Post Office Building.”
  2. 1241 which made the brick house of 19th century female union leader Kate Mullany a national historic site.

Her major accomplishment is that she married a man who became the most ethically challenged president in American History.  As the wife of Bill Clnton she was deeply involved in smothering the serial bimbo eruptions which grew out of his long history of having affairs, sexually harassing women who worked for him, and assaulting others.   This is the person who portrays herself as an advocate of women’s rights.

To highlight just one of her hypocritical faux stances for women’s rights look at her advocacy for equal pay.  The Clinton Foundation pays women executives 38% less than their male counterparts.  During her time in the Senate she paid women 72 cents for every dollar she paid men.  According to public records her current campaign pays women staffers less than she pays men. So much for putting your money where your mouth is!

Looking back once more to the email scandal that Hillary so nonchalantly dismisses if as she maintains she never received nor sent any classified material during her entire term as our Secretary of State my question is, what was she doing besides traveling the world at our expense?  Was she out of the loop and merely Secretary of State in name only?   It is inconceivable that anyone could be the Secretary of State and not send or receive any classified material.  That is beyond belief and a lie so transparent it shows total contempt for those it is meant to fool.

In the current election the Great Impresario likes to label people.  In many ways it is an effective form of political shorthand.  It sums up the thoughts, accusations, and beliefs about a person and brings them crashing in whenever they hear the catcall.  Lyin Ted and Little Marco have taken their toll picked up and repeated by the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media and their pet FOX.  Now we have Crooked Hillary.  The others were just effective.  This one seems appropriate.

If Hillary wins the presidency it will be a watershed just as the election and then re-election of her husband was.  As his marked the end of public morality hers will mean the end of the rule of law.  It will become evident to anyone observant enough to note the sunrise that enforcement of the bewildering lattice of laws and regulations are only aimed at the common folk not at our masters.

If such a legally challenged individual can fool enough of the people all the time to sit in the oval office it reminds me of what Bart said to Homer after it was revealed he had cheated on an important test, “I cheated on the intelligence test. I’m sorry. But I just want to say that the past few weeks have been great. Me and you have done stuff together. You’ve helped me out with things and we’re closer than we’ve ever been. I love you, Dad. And I think if something can bring us that close it can’t possibly be bad.”

Doing bad things for good purposes is the operational rational of Progressive Liberalism.  The ends justify the means was the operational rational of all the megalomaniac dictators of world History.  Please explain the difference.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2016 Contact Dr. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens



Get politics out of climate debate

Get politics out of climate debate: Opposing view
John Coleman 4:29 p.m. EDT April 21, 2016
Science has taken a back seat at the United Nations.

On this Earth Day 2016, there is a great deal of frenzy about how our Earth is going to become uninhabitable, as the civilized activities of man allegedly trigger unstoppable global warming and climate change.

With the Obama administration set to commit the U.S. to the Paris climate agreement by signing our nation onto the document Friday, it is obvious that science has taken a back seat at the United Nations.

The environmentalists, bureaucrats and politicians who make up the U.N.’s climate panel recruit scientists to research the climate issue. And they place only those who will produce the desired results. Money, politics and ideology have replaced science.

U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres has called for a “centralized transformation” that is “going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different” to combat the alleged global warming threat. How many Americans are looking forward to the U.N. transforming their lives?

Another U.N. official has admitted that the U.N. seeks to “redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.” The former head of the U.N. climate panel also recently declared that global warming “is my religion.”

The heat is on: Our view

When all the scare talk is pushed aside, it is the science that should be the basis for the debate. And the hard cold truth is that the basic theory has failed. Many notable scientists reject man-made global warming fears. And several of them, including a Nobel Prize winner, are in the new Climate Hustle movie. The film is an informative and even humorous new feature length movie that is the ultimate answer to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. It will be shown one day only in theaters nationwide on May 2.

As a skeptic of man-made global warming, I love our environment as much as anyone. I share the deepest commitment to protecting our planet for our children and grandchildren. However, I desperately want to get politics out of the climate debate. The Paris climate agreement is all about empowering the U.N. and has nothing to do with the climate.

Weather Channel founder John Coleman has spent more than 60 years as a meteorologist, including seven years as the original weathercaster on ABC’s Good Morning America.


by: the Common Constitutionalist

When Chris Christie first exited the Republican presidential primary, I figured he would then throw his endorsement to one the establishment candidates left in the race. But then he threw his weight (pun intended) behind Donald Trump.

Other than both portraying themselves as tough talking, gravy-stained champions of the blue collar set, they didn’t appear to have a lot in common. Well, I found one thing both Chrispie Creme and The Donald share a desire for – and that is protectionism.

Protectionism is one of Trump’s major platform items. He of course will never describe it as such, but he’s been telling us for months how he will make great trade deals with China, Vietnam, Japan and Mexico. A large component of these “great deals” is tariffs slapped on these countries in an effort to drive up import prices thereby making American made products more competitive.

That my friends (hat tip – John McCain) is protectionism. It’s the government manipulating the free market (as if there is such a thing) in order to artificially pick winners and losers.

What actually happens is that companies which are then “protected” from less costly competition are free to raise prices. In effect the government just creates a monopolistic economy where the end user, the consumer, always loses in the end.

Yet this protectionism platform sounds good and sells well with those who feel they’ve been short-changed by foreign competitors and those who know little about free market economics. And frankly, why should they. It’s not taught in school, nor do we see it action, when all around is nothing but crony corporatism.

So what does this have to do with Chris Christie? It turns out he’s all for protectionism too, as he signed a bill protecting, of allprotectionism things, the Monument Builders Association (MBA) of New Jersey – the companies that produce and market gravestones in the Garden State.

In 2013 the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark “began selling grave markers for burial plots within the archdiocese’s cemeteries.” In that first year the Archdiocese made $500,000. The MBA was not happy. They claimed that their “members lost more than one-third of their business.” But how can this be? After all, the Church doesn’t produce gravestones. Therefore they must purchase them from someone to then resell to their flock. Could it be that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark found a less expensive source than that of the MBA of New Jersey, thus threatening their monopoly? Sounds like it.

So the MBA took the Catholic Church to court over it, but the suit was tossed out – the court saying that it is not illegal for the Church to sell grave markers.

Read More:



Imam calls for ‘killing and destruction of Jews’

Waleed Idrus al-Maneesey is a radical imam who heads up the Al-Farooq mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota, attended by at least six known terrorists and terrorist supporters.
Waleed Idris al-Maneesey is a radical imam who heads up the Al-Farooq mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota, attended by at least six known terrorists and terrorist supporters.
A Minnesota man who pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State attended a radical mosque in Bloomington known for producing jihadists.

Adnan Abdihamid Farah, 20, faces up to 15 years in prison but avoided a possible life sentence when three other counts were dropped.

Farah is one of five men in a group of Somali Americans – all either refugees or sons of refugees – who the government charged in the case.

Farah was the only one of the five who was not accused of trying to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State, also called ISIS, but admitted he was communicating with an ISIS operative in Syria and intended to do so.

Adnan Farah’s older brother, Mohamed Abdihamid Farah, 22, is among the other four defendants who are scheduled to go on trial May 9.

Mohamed Farah, 22, is the older brother of Adnan Farah. He is also charged with providing material support to an overseas terrorist organization.
Mohamed Farah, 22, is the older brother of Adnan Farah. He is also charged with providing material support to an overseas terrorist organization.
A total of 10 Somalis from Minnesota have been charged with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS. Five have now pleaded guilty, one has fled and his whereabouts unknown. Another dozen or so Minnesota Muslims, almost all of them of Somali origin, have traveled to Syria to join Sunni rebel groups since 2012.

Adnan Farah said his parents confiscated his passport when it came in the mail. He then put a $100 down payment on a fake passport and also tried to help a co-defendant get one.

Another 22 young Somali men have left Minnesota since 2007 to join al-Shabab, an al-Qaida-linked terrorist group seeking to take over Somalia.

Adnan Farah, who was born in the U.S. to Somali refugee parents, told the court he took no interest in al-Shabab but had watched “at least 100” ISIS propaganda videos on Youtube. Some of the videos allegedly acts of brutality by Syria’s Shiite government against Sunni Muslims.

“Taking it in with an open heart. That’s how, I guess, I formed my conclusions,” he told the court, according to an Associated Press report. He said his faith led him to believe he was obligated to help other Sunni Muslims in need.

Mosque sows seeds of violence

And where did Adnan Farah and his brother get their views about Islam?

Both attended the al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, a mosque headed by radical Imam Waleed Idris al-Meneesey.

John Guandolo, a former FBI counter-terrorism specialist who founded Understanding the Threat in an effort to train U.S. law enforcement officers, said he is very familiar with the Bloomington mosque.

Guandolo said al-Maneesey teaches straight from the Quran and the life of Muhammad, Islam’s founder, as laid out in the hadiths.

“When Imam al-Meneesey calls for the killing and destruction of Jews and references a story from the Islamic prophet Mohammad, he is referring to the hadith (report) from Bukhari, who is the most authoritative hadith scholar in all of Islam,” Guandolo told WND. “To be clear, Islamic scholars consider the hadith of Bukhari to rise to a level just below the Quran.”

In that hadith, Bukhari quotes Mohammad as stating:

“The hour of judgment will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. It will not come until the Jew hides behind rocks and trees. It will not come until the rocks or the trees say, ‘O Muslim! O servant of God! There is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.”

This hadith is among the most authoritative Islamic texts, Guandolo said, which is why it can be found in the Hamas Covenant as well as in first grade text books in Islamic schools.

“The reason the al-Farooq mosque is producing jihadis who want to fight and kill Jews in the name of Allah is because that is what the mosque teaches,” said Guandolo, author of “Raising a Jihadi Generation.”

And it’s not just the Bloomington mosque that is teaching this doctrine.

80 percent of U.S. mosques preaching radical theology

Of the nearly 3,000 mosques now operating inside the United States, at least 80 percent have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical jihadist organization whose stated mission is to spread Shariah throughout the Western world.

“Since we know most of the mosques in America teach this same material as well, we should be aware that someday soon, many thousands of Muslims will wage war against the United States and its people just like they teach they should,” Guandolo said.

Read WND’s recent in-depth article on the rapid growth of U.S. mosques, “2,000 ticking time bombs in U.S.”

“To believe otherwise would be foolish,” he added. “Yet, many people appear to have learned nothing from the attacks in Brussels, Paris, Boston, San Bernadino, Chattanooga, New York, Las Vegas, Ohio, Fort Hood….

“I guess they don’t believe they have enough ‘evidence’ yet to render an understanding of what they are witnessing.

“Al-Farooq is one dangerous place. Unfortunately, there are thousands of other mosques, Islamic Centers and Islamic organizations across North America, Europe and elsewhere teaching the same thing.”

According to court documents, Adnan Farah intended to plead guilty after his arrest last year, and urged two co-defendants to do the same, but he changed his mind after his imam persuaded his family that the defendants should stick together and go on trial, AP reported.

In the end, he took the original plea deal offered by the government. “This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make,” he said in court.

Yusra Ismail, another Somali who attended al-Farooq mosque, shown here at her high school graduation in 2013. She later left Minnesota to join ISIS.
Besides the Farah brothers, at least three others charged with terrorist-related activity have also come out of the al-Farooq mosque in Bloomington.

Shy girl goes gangbusters for jihad

One of the al-Farooq adherents was a Somali girl named Yusra Ismail.

Ismail was described in a 2015 Minneapolis Public Radio story as a quiet and soft-spoken teen who regularly donned the niqab, covering all of her face except for her eyes. She tended a community garden and volunteered at her family’s mosque in St. Paul before she “switched to a new mosque in Bloomington.”

Her teachers at Lighthouse Academy of Nations, a Minneapolis charter school, remember a shy, kind student who never got in trouble.

But about two years before she left the country to join ISIS, Ismail joined al-Farooq mosque.

She studied Arabic and the Quran at the Islamic school inside the mosque.

“She gradually became fixated on memorizing the Quran,” MPR News reported. Ismail’s sister told MPR her family feared she was taking her religious studies “too far, saying there was a lack of balance in her life.”

Ismail left the Twin Cities on Aug. 21, 2014.

Federal prosecutors said she boarded a plane to Norway using a passport she had stolen from a Minneapolis woman.

Ismail, then 19, called her family to say she was in Syria.

Imam teaches Shariah law above U.S. law

Al-Meneesey, the imam at al-Farooq mosque, has written that Muslims should place Shariah above “man-made” law.

During a November sermon al-Meneesy referred to a hadith describing how Jews had been punished by God repeatedly for “corruption.”

“When the Children of Israel returned to cause corruption in the time of our Prophet Muhammad,” al-Meneesy said in a translation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, “and they disbelieved him, God destroyed him at his hand.”

History will repeat itself, he said.

Jerusalem “remained in the hands of the Muslims until it fell into the hands of the Jews in 1387 AH [1967 AD], and has been a prisoner in their hands for 34 years [sic], but the victory of God is coming inevitably.”

Al-Meneesy is also president and chancellor of the Islamic University of Minnesota. At least five young men and one young woman who attended his mosque have left the United States to fight with terrorist groups al-Shabaab and ISIS.

The university’s website boasts of recognition by Holy Quran University in the Sudan, which was founded in 1990 by the regime of Sudanese war criminal and President Omar al-Bashir.

The Islamic University of Minnesota also professes to serve as the official representative of Sunni Islam’s most important institution, Al-Azhar University, in the U.S. and Canada. Al-Azhar officials have refused to condemn the Islamic State as apostates and heretics.


You Will FLIP OUT When You See How Much Money You Are Spending PER DAY To DEPORT ILLEGALS On PRIVATE JETS!


I remember hearing a story once where a professional wrestler was needed on an emergency for the promoter that he worked for. The problem was, he was needed across the country in about eight or nine hours. The promoter, not wanting to put this into the hands of commercial air travel hired a charter jet to make sure that this particular talent was in the building on time. The wrestler asked the pilot during the flight how much all of this cost and he was told that it was about 17,000 dollars. In 1985. For one man, paid for by a private citizen conducting private business at his own expense.

Illegal aliens, right after they get kicked out – which seems suspicious from the start since this administration loves keeping them here for future votes – some illegal aliens are flown back on private jets to their home countries.
You Will FLIP OUT When You See How Much Money You Are Spending PER DAY To DEPORT ILLEGALS On PRIVATE JETS!

I remember hearing a story once where a professional wrestler was needed on an emergency for the promoter that he worked for. The problem was, he was needed across the country in about eight or nine hours. The promoter, not wanting to put this into the hands of commercial air travel hired a charter jet to make sure that this particular talent was in the building on time. The wrestler asked the pilot during the flight how much all of this cost and he was told that it was about 17,000 dollars. In 1985. For one man, paid for by a private citizen conducting private business at his own expense.

Illegal aliens, right after they get kicked out – which seems suspicious from the start since this administration loves keeping them here for future votes – some illegal aliens are flown back on private jets to their home countries.

Slow hand clap, big government.

Many (if not most) Americans will never board a private jet in their lifetimes, but illegals are allowed the privilege – on our dime no less!

From DailyMail via WZ:

American taxpayers are forking out more than $300,000 every day to deport illegal immigrants on commercial flights and even on private jets, Daily Mail Online can exclusively reveal.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spent $116m in 2015 to transport 235,413 people in the United States illegally back to their home countries.

More than 40 per cent of those who had violated visa restrictions were convicted criminals while more than 1,000 were identified as gang members.

A group campaigning for taxpayers’ rights have said the figures obtained by the Daily Mail Online are ‘insane’ and an ‘outrageous waste of tax dollars’.

The ICE revealed to Daily Mail Online that the average cost of every immigrant in 2015 was $12,213.

The cost includes identifying the immigrant, apprehending them, placing them in a detention center, their process through immigration court and their subsequent removal.

Special privilege for those who break the law.

Well, Obama was right about one thing. He aimed to fundamentally transform the country from the inside out, and he’s accomplished that goal.

Badly Injured Iraqi War Hero Leaves Trump Campaign Speechless With STUNNING Message


Badly injured Iraqi war hero Staff Sgt. Bobby Henline, who suffered devastating burns and nearly lost his life while on a mission north of Baghdad in 2007, shocked GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign this week when he not only endorsed the front-runner but also offered be a foreign policy adviser to him.

“I would definitely advise Mr Trump,” said the veteran, who after the attack in 2007 left the military to attempt a career in stand-up comedy,.

“A good leader doesn’t have to know everything,” he told the U.K. Daily Mail. “Nobody knows everything. That’s why you surround yourself with people who are experts in different areas. That’s what makes a good leader. Someone who can motivate the people like that.”Henline, 44, also expressed support for Trump’s stance on waterboarding, saying, “In war, you have to do things you wouldn’t normally do in life.”
And this guy would know, given all that he has endured. Nine years ago, he made barely it out alive when a roadside bomb exploded under his Humvee, killing his four comrades and leaving 38 percent of his body covered in gruesome burns. The devastating attack also immobilized his hand so badly that he later opted to have it removed.
Yet he now tours the country performing stand-up comedy routines to raise money for veterans in need and increase awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder. Talk about a majestic comeback.

But what he wants now is to see a strong-minded leader retake the White House and send the Islamic State group militants in the Middle East scurrying away in defeat.