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Canada Diverts The Oil and American Jobs

Texas Sheriffs Speak Out On Damage From Illegal Immigration

The influx of illegal immigrants into southern Texas is depleting law enforcement resources and causing heavy amounts of damage in the area, said several sheriffs gathered for the annual Sheriff’s Association of Texas convention.

“The damage is constant,” Brooks County chief deputy Benny Martinez told News 4 San Antonio at the conference, held in San Antonio on Monday and Tuesday.

Martinez estimated that 85 percent of cases he handles are related to immigration issues and that his rural county is not equipped to handle the workload. (RELATED: Border Meltdown: Obama Delivering 290,000 Illegals To U.S. Homes)

According to News 4, ranches just north of the border are facing ripped fences, broken water pipes and a spate of stolen, wrecked and abandoned vehicles.

“When you have to focus on the rush of undocumented immigrants coming through your county, what does that do to your staffing? Of course it kinda takes some of our staffing from being out on patrol,” Karnes County sheriff Dwayne Villaneuva told Time Warner News.

Reports of the heavy influx of illegal immigrants have so far mostly focused on the humanitarian aspect of the issue, ignoring the physical and financial impact on southern Texas counties.

The Obama administration estimates that 90,000 unaccompanied children, mostly from Central America, will be apprehended in fiscal year 2014. And another 39,000 mothers with children had been apprehended as of last month. (RELATED: Obama Officials Refuse To Provide Data About Flood of Illegals)

Because Texas is the nearest entry point for Central Americans, the state is experiencing the brunt of the unprecedented surge. Many of the women and children merely turn themselves over to the care of U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents charged with watching the border.

But as the Washington Post reported last month, dealing with that surge can provide ample opportunity for drug smugglers and other adult illegal immigrants to sneak into the U.S.

To handle that, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott asked the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for $30 million last month because of “grave concerns that dangerous cartel activity, including narcotics smuggling and human trafficking, will go unchecked because Border Patrol resources are stretched too thin.”

At the Sheriff’s Association convention, sheriffs in more northern counties said they are worried about that aspect of the influx as well.

“The concern that I have as the Bexar County Sheriff is what comes across the border – if it’s not stopped at the border, it comes to San Antonio,” Sheriff Susan Pamerleau told News 4.

Gov. Rick Perry has attempted to deal with criminals at the border by calling on 1,000 National Guard troops. (RELATED: Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Send 1,000 Troops To Border)

But some sheriffs have said that the move will be ineffective in their counties.

“My county’s all private property,” Sheriff Tom Schmerber said. “The only way National Guard can go in to those properties would be with permission from landowners.”

Martinez, the Brooks County chief deputy sheriff, told Time Warner News that he has yet to see progress from any of the proposals asking for more money and more manpower. (RELATED: Obama Blames The GOP For The Border Breakdown)

“But what I would consider [progress] is, those fences being rebuilt and staying up for longer than a week.”

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More than 5,000 chant ‘Impeach, impeach’ in Boston

The protests against illegal immigration flared up in an unusual place this weekend when more than 5,000 people rallied in Boston, Massachusetts, an area that has historically voted for Democrats.

Organizers hope the surprisingly large turnout will set the stage for a new wave of protests planned for Saturday in Tennessee and two other states.

It was not only the size of the Boston crowd and its enthusiasm for the issue but it’s location in a “blue state” that has organizers of this Saturday’s protests excited.

“I think it’s a sign of the times, a symptom of the problem we’ve got going on here. I think it shows this illegal immigration issue goes beyond party politics,” said James Neighbors, founder of Overpasses for America and one of the groups organizing the protests.

“This has nothing to do with party politics whatsoever,” he said. “This is about the future of America for all Americans regardless of whether liberal or conservative, libertarian, whatever. This is about America, and we’re going to be undermined by our own federal government if we don’t stop it.”

Neighbors said the crowd in Boston reflected a national mood of having lost patience with Washington establishment politicians.

“These people that showed up in Boston, I think like a lot of Americans they’re getting near their breaking point where they’re going to say ‘we’ve had enough,’ and when Americans reach that point we tend to do it in not a very pretty manner,” he said. “It was fantastic. I was shocked to see that many people gathered, you just don’t see that, and they are very, very rightly upset.”

Neighbors said he will be in Memphis Saturday to lead a protest.

One of the issues fueling anger in many states is that the federal government is concealing from governors the locations where illegals are being transported, possibly in an effort to head off protests. Republican governors from Nebraska to South Carolina have complained about being kept in the dark by the feds.

At the Boston protest, historian and radio talk-show host Jeff Kuhner stood on a platform across from the state House atop Beacon Hill and gave a fiery speech in which he lambasted President Obama’s threats to use executive action to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

“He now plans to bring in 5 million,” Kuhner said, as a woman could be heard yelling “he needs to go to jail” and another shouted “arrest him!”

Kuhner then started ticking off the names of cities in Massachusetts that will “go broke” if they are forced to absorb more illegal aliens.

“As Shakespeare would put it, it is the national question, ‘Shall we be, or not be?’ Shall we exist as a nation, jealous of its sovereignty, faithful to its laws and its Constitution, protecting of its citizens?” Kuhner asked the crowd. “Or, are we going to be transformed, into a socialist Third World banana republic. Because what (Obama) wants to do, what he is in the process of doing, if we don’t stop him now, is turn Massachusetts into Mexichusetts. And my answer to him is loud and clear: No mas, no more!” The crowd responded, breaking into a chant of “No mas, no more!”

Kuhner said the “elites, the ruling class that has run this country now dangerously into the ground, that is now badly disconnected they are from the overwhelming majority of the American people, us, the silent majority, the peasants, the workers, who get up every day, work, pay our taxes, fight in our wars and defend this country.”

“We’re getting hammered and we’re not gonna take it anymore,” Kuhner continued. “The American people, I believe, have now finally risen.”

The crowd was fully engaged, yelling out comments and joining in chants like they were at a religious revival or a rivalry European soccer match.

“I never thought I’d see anything like that in my lifetime,” said William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. “What happened with Boston took us by surprise. To see that picture of thousands of people in a liberal hotbed gathered against illegal immigration. … That was a beautiful sight.”

Now, ALIPAC, Overpasses for America and a coalition of 50 groups hopes to duplicate that sight in Tennessee this weekend.

Tennessee is the next big battleground in which an upcoming primary, Aug. 7, pits a pro-amnesty incumbent, Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., against a tea-party challenger, Joe Carr.

Gheen said the Boston rally was the largest protest specifically targeting illegal immigration in modern U.S. history, possibly the largest of all time. One of the reasons it was so successful is because it had a bully pulpit leader in Kuhner. He is a former history professor specializing in 20th century U.S. history and president of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal, a Washington, D.C., think tank devoted to integrating minorities into the conservative movement.

Gheen said Kuhner did something no one’s ever done before.

“As long as I’ve done this, the largest protest specifically against illegal immigration was in Washington, D.C., in the spring of 2007, with a little over 1,000 people at the ‘Hold Their Feet to the Fire’ rally. So this was the largest protest against illegal immigration in modern history, perhaps ever, in America.”

That will be hard to duplicate in Tennessee, Washington and Michigan this Saturday, but that’s what Gheen says needs to happen if the movement is to sustain the momentum provided by Boston.

Gheen said he will be personally leading a protest in Tennessee, as will Neighbors. They want to see Alexander, who voted for amnesty bill S. 744, out.

“He is the last Eric Cantor-type battle of 2014 in which we have a chance to remove a pro-amnesty incumbent and replace him with someone who is not,” Gheen said. “Lamar actually voted for Amnesty Bill 744, and groups like ALIPAC and NumbersUSA have been fighting tooth and nail to stop that bill from reaching Obama’s desk, and we barely have stopped it.”

Gheen said it will take a national movement to elect Carr, because Alexander not only has the advantage of incumbency, he has outspent his opponent 10 to one and has a vote splitter on the ballot – one of Alexander’s donors, who is polling 6 percent.

“These underhanded techniques can be overcome, but it will take a national movement to overcome them,” Gheen said.

Chants in Boston of “Send them home!” and “Impeach, impeach, impeach!” were music to the ears of opponents of illegal immigration who have battled for years without seeing a groundswell of grassroots opposition.

“We could have too few people in Tennessee. The bar’s been raised by Boston,” Gheen said. “We haven’t connected the voltage yet, we’re asking people to target these protests, to descend on Tennessee. We’re not just going to overpasses this Saturday, they’re going to be in front of congressional offices in Tennessee, Washington and Michigan. If we flop in Tennessee in five days, it may break our chances for a historic win in November. This is a teetering moment and we either overcome this or we fail this time, and we’ll continue to have this conversation and the message will be, ‘I’m sorry it’s too late.’”

Gheen said he will lead a protest Saturday in Blountville, Tennessee, just north of Johnson City.

“Everyone needs to understand how important Boston was, and it ended up being the high-water mark of the more than 300 that took place on July 18 and 19. And the real reason the liberal bashers are flipping out is this happened in a liberal bastion of Boston,” he said. “We have a real chance here for a growing movement.”


Why Is Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration When We Can’t Take Care Of Millions Of Our Own Citizens?

BLACKS ON BARACK: ‘Worst President Ever, He Chose Illegals Over Americans’

ILLEGAL ALIENS A BOOMING INDUSTRY FOR MEXICO/SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRIES Latin Americans residing in the United States send $30 billion dollars to their native countries.

All you hard working and unemployed legal Americans, here are a few facts that I’m sure will make your day!

Last year Mexico received more than $17 billion in remittances.


The amount of remittances in Mexico exceeds the amount of foreign direct investment in the country. This is not surprising given that a significant portion of Hispanics in the United States are of Mexican descent.

Other Latin American countries like El Salvador are popular destinations for remittances. In 2005 approximately $2.5 billion was sent to El Salvador. The amount represented more than 13% of El Salvador’s GDP, or gross domestic product.

It is estimated that Latin Americans residing in the United States send $30 billion dollars to their native countries.

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) cited several interesting statistics based on census data. Some of these facts may be familiar to long-time readers… but I wanted each of you to know the enormous costs placed on the United States…

Our government continues to claim that the war on terror is bankrupting us. But what about these numbers? You do the math…

$11 billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
Illegal households only pay about one-third the amount of federal taxes that non-illegal households pay.

Illegal households create a net fiscal deficit at the federal level of more than $10 billion a year. If given amnesty, this number could grow to more than $29 billion.

$1.9 billion dollars a year is spent on food-assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

$1.6 billion is spent on the federal prison and court system for illegal aliens.

$2.5 billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

About 21 percent of the population of U.S. prisons is classified as “non citizens” from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. About 5 percent is listed as “unknown.”

Immigration costs like all “costs” come out of the “TAXPAYER” hide. These costs represent additional money creation that dilutes all the savings and assets in America.

Now the usurper and chief has signed into law via executive order-backdoor amnesty for illegals who will continue to send billions of American dollars back to the homeland and that money eventually ends up in the coffers of the Mexican government and other South American governments.

Ladies and Gentlemen of America are you tired of being used, tired of being told lies, tired of being misrepresented or not represented at all? Are you fed up with congress, with the illegal president that now occupies the White House. Question is what are we GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!!


“The High Cost of Cheap Labor: Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget.” Steven A. Camarota. Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).


Obama's Job Program


BY Luis Carlos LopezPlanema sponsored

Two planes carrying undocumented families apprehended in South Texas arrived in El Paso Saturday, officials said.

Ramiro Cordero, spokesman for the Border Patrol El Paso sector, said two flights carrying 130 people landed in El Paso.

He said the immigrants would be processed at different locations in the El Paso sector.

Monsignor Arturo Bañuelas, pastor of St. Pius X Parish in El Paso, said the immigrants arrived in the morning.

One immigrant passed through El Paso on a bus from Phoenix.

“Ruben Garcia is trying to bring together people from the community to respond to this urgent need,” Bañuelas said.

Garcia is the executive director of Annunciation House, which helps undocumented immigrants in El Paso.

Luis Carlos Lopez

Annunciation House is planning a news conference Monday to discuss how it plans to help the undocumented families who will be released from immigration processing centers and transferred to El Paso.

Garcia refused to provide any details about numbers and the scale of their efforts and said he needed time to organize a prompt and effective response.

Garcia added that the information that immigration officials would be dropping off undocumented families at the Downtown Greyhound station was incorrect. “Immigration is looking at sending some people to El Paso. … In other words, I can’t tell you what immigration is planning to do or not to do. We know that we are going to respond,” he said.

Bañuelas said they would collect cots, food and money for the immigrant families who will arrive in El Paso and then travel elsewhere.

The immigrants released in the U.S., including those in El Paso, will have to report to immigration officials within 15 days as directed by federal authorities, the Associated Press reported.

“Immigrants apprehended crossing the border in South Texas will be flown to El Paso so Border Patrol can assist with processing. The vast majority of individuals transferred were family units from Central America and Mexico with children,” an El Paso official said.

On Saturday, Maria, who preferred not to give her last name and the names of her two daughters, stopped at the El Paso Greyhound station Downtown.

Maria is a Guatemalan undocumented immigrant. She said she was too nervous to remember dates and details of how and where she was detained.

She added that she was on her way to Tennessee to reunite with her sister.

Maria said that before being released from immigration custody, immigration officials communicated with her sister to arrange travel plans to Tennessee.

“Immigration told me, ‘You are free, you can leave,’ ” Maria said.

She added that she left Guatemala on May 25 and that she was arrested on Thursday. Maria, who said she did not have any money for food for family, said she was found in the desert and that she was still nervous about traveling.

“I’m a little scared,” Maria said in Spanish. “Now, we are here without money,” she said.

Maria said she is supposed to meet with immigration officials July 8.

Luis Carlos Lopez may be reached at 546-6381.


by Wendy KochCoal12
The Environmental Protection Agency will unveil a sweeping proposal Monday that will require deep cuts in carbon emissions from existing power plants, including a 30% national target by 2030, according to two people briefed on the plan.

The EPA draft rule, a major plank of President Obama’s initiative to fight climate change, will require states to develop and implement plans to cut power plant emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide. It will give states different reduction targets but will seek a national average — from 2005 levels — of 25% by 2020 and 30% by 2030, say those familiar with the plan.

Thwarted by Congress’ inability to pass a bill to lower U.S. carbon emissions, Obama is pushing his own approach. Last June, he asked the EPA to use its authority under the Clean Air Act to limit power plants emissions, which account for the largest share — nearly 40% — of total U.S. emissions. Coal-fired facilities will be hardest hit, because they emit more carbon than other power plants.

The rule, expected to trigger legal challenges, will not take effect for at least two more years. Obama has asked the EPA to finalize it in June 2015, after which the states will have at least a year to craft their plans. If states balk at submitting them, the EPA could step in with its own version.

The proposal is expected to give states a range of emission-reduction targets with varying deadlines and options to meet them. So, states could comply by requiring plants to install pollution-control technology; setting up energy efficiency programs to reduce energy demand; or using more carbon-free energy such as solar and nuclear or cleaner-burning fuels like natural gas.

Obama pledged in 2009 to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 17% from 2005 levels by 2020, and 83% by 2050. The nation’s carbon emissions dipped between 2008 and 2015 but rose slightly last year.

In his Saturday radio address, Obama said cutting carbon emissions will reduce air pollution, improve health and spur a clean energy economy that can be “an engine of growth.” He spoke from the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., after visiting with kids being treated for asthma and other breathing problems that he said are aggravated by dirty air.

On Sunday, Obama called a group of Senate and House Democrats to thank them for their support in advance of the EPA’s announcement, according to the White House. He plans Monday to discuss the details with national health groups including the American Lung Association.

Opponents are already lining up against the proposal. Last week, the Chamber of Commerce released a report saying such regulation could raise consumer prices for electricity, kill jobs and slow economic growth.

In the GOP Saturday radio address, Wyoming’s Sen. Mike Enzi said the Obama administration has “set out to kill coal and its 800,000 jobs.” If it succeeds, he warned, “we’ll all be paying a lot more money for electricity — if we can get it.”

Obama said Saturday that the critics are wrong. “They warned that doing something about the smog choking our cities, and acid rain poisoning our lakes, would kill business. It didn’t,” he said in his weekly radio speech. “Our air got cleaner, acid rain was cut dramatically and our economy kept growing.”

Prior to the rule’s official announcement Monday morning, the EPA declined to discuss its details, some of which the Wall Street Journal first reported Sunday afternoon. “Until then the agency will not comment on any information that may or may not be in the proposal,” said agency spokeswoman Liz Purchia.

The draft rule will go far beyond an EPA proposal last year to limit emissions from new power plants, and its impact will also exceed the administration’s requirement that new cars and light trucks double fuel efficiency by 2025.

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