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Obama Blames Conservative Media, Limbaugh and Fox News For Failures…Again

Earlier this week in the New Yorker, President Obama suggested his approval ratings are down because America is full of racists (the same racists who elected him, twice). Now, bonus excerpts from the same article by David Remnick show President Obama blaming his failures on Fox News while accusing the network, conservative media and Rush Limbaugh of turning him into a “caricature.”

The president also complained that conservative media had created a “caricature” of him divorced from “reality” that made rallying voters from those areas particularly difficult.

“The issue has been the inability of my message to penetrate the Republican base so that they feel persuaded that I’m not the caricature that you see on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, but I’m somebody who is interested in solving problems and is pretty practical, and that, actually, a lot of the things that we’ve put in place worked better than people might think,” Obama said.

Barack Obama is a practical person interested in solving problems? Is that why he told Congress last week that he’s “got a pen” and executive power he isn’t afraid to use it if they don’t do what he wants? A reminder:

With his newly announced overhaul of National Security Agency surveillance activities, President Obama has once again hit a nerve with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

The president, as he often does when facing a nettlesome problem, used his executive powers to implement changes.

Obama signaled at a recent Cabinet meeting, though, that more executive actions are likely ahead.

“I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone — and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward,” Obama said. He suggested he could use his phone to try and bring people together.

New poll numbers released this week by Quinnipiac show the majority of the country views Obama as untrustworthy and dishonest. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and conservative media didn’t lie to millions of Americans by telling them they could keep their health insurance plans under Obamacare. In fact, all of these media outlets warned of the opposite years before the Obamacare exchanges were launched on October 1, 2013. Over to you, Neil Cavuto:

Single Mom Thanked Obama for Her $169/mo Insurance, Then Discovered it Would Actually Cost her $621/mo

A few weeks ago, I noted that nearly all of the early Obamacare applicants on the Washington State Health Benefit exchange had been given bad information. They were told they qualified for large subsidies to pay their insurance premiums, but it was all the result of a computer error that was massively underreporting the applicants’ income. The error may even partially explain the state’s unusually high sign-up rate for Obamacare at the outset.

Anyway, after discovering their error, state officials promised to contact all of those affected (about 8,000 people), give them the bad news, and give them another opportunity to decide whether to enroll.

Well, Washington State Wire reports that one of these folks has turned up — Jessica Sanford of Federal Way, Wash., a freelance court reporter. She isn’t just any enrollee. As it happens, President Obama once mentioned her by name. She was so thrilled at getting a “gold” level insurance plan for herself and her son for just $169 per month that she had written Obama to thank him. And then he read from her letter and gave her a name-check in his October 21 Rose Garden speech. He told her story — one of the few positive ones out there — as part of his sales pitch:

“I recently received a letter from a woman named Jessica Sanford in Washington State, and here’s what she wrote: ‘I am a single mom, no child support, self-employed, and I haven’t had health insurance for 15 years because it is too expensive. My son has ADHD and requires regular doctor visits, and his meds alone cost $250 a month. I have had an ongoing tendinitis problem due to my line of work that I have to have treated. Now, finally, we get to have coverage because of the ACA for $169 a month. I was crying the other day when I signed up. So much stress lifted.’

“Now, that is not untypical for a lot of folks like Jessica who have been struggling without health insurance. That is what the Affordable Care Act is all about.”
Unfortunately, Washington State did finally got back to Sanford about her application. That $452 subsidy we said you’d get? That was a mistake. You actually get zero. So for that gold plan, instead of paying $169 per month, you’d pay $621 per month.
Sorry about that.
Now she says her dream of affordable health insurance has gone poof. She can’t afford it. She’ll have to go without. “I’m really terribly embarrassed,” she says. “It has completely turned around on me. I mean, completely.”
At least she was able to enroll her son in Medicaid for $30 per month — but that might be another mistake. As the piece notes, her income is actually slightly too high for that. The state may or may not get around to fixing that error. If it does, she might become eligible for some kind of subsidy for her insurance (because suddenly they’d count again as a family of two), but it’s not going to be anywhere near what she was originally expecting. She says the deductibles for the cheapest plans — the Bronze plans — are simply too high and she wouldn’t be able to cover them anyway.
For middle-class people like Sanford — a single mom who makes just under $50,000 per year — “that is what the Affordable Care Act is all about.” This law was not created to benefit people like her, it was created to benefit someone else, probably at her expense.
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Obama's EPA Closes More Coal Plants - 8 More Coal-Fired Power Plants Set to Close

Coal PlantThe Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) announced earlier today that it will be closing 8 coal-fired power plants. The TVA is one the country’s 5 biggest users of coal for electricity, these 8 plants creating 3,300 megawatts of electricity.

This move is a decision made by executives to try and reduce coal to 20% of its total generating capacity. Two plants in Kentucky will be closed even though Senator Mitch McConnell tried to convince them not to do so in order to save jobs.

Of course the Sierra Club was at the forefront of the battle to get these plants closed. They had a lawyer involved in the negotiations with TVA from the beginning. Obviously it doesn’t help anything that the EPA keeps putting stricter rules and regulations on coal powered plants.
Deciding to close these plants not only puts many people out of work, but now this source of electricity is gone for many people in the areas around the plants. The plants set for closure include 6 in Alabama and 2 in Kentucky. It will be interesting to see the repercussions of their decision to close all of these plants in favor of gas-fired plants.

The energy war will continue on with the EPA in President Obama’s hands.

THE CHICAGO/OBAMA WAY: White House Aide Sparks Outrage by ‘Smearing’ Terminal Cancer Patient Who Spoke Out Against ObamaCare

Dan Pfeiffer, the top White House communications strategist, tweeted out a liberal organization’s hit piece on Edie Sundby’s insurance company
Pfeiffer has one of the few ‘official’ White House Twitter accounts
The story ran on the Think Progress blog, a project of the Center for American Progress – run by a former Clinton White House chief of staff
It alleged Sundby’s now-famous health insurance limbo is United Healthcare’s fault, not Obamacare’s
Sundby, who has battled gallbladder cancer for nearly seven years, wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed about how Obamacare will affect her health
Her insurance plan will be canceled next month, leaving her to choose between one government plan that won’t cover her primary care doctor and another that won’t cover her oncologist
Obama had claimed Americans could keep their doctors after Obamacare became law: ‘What happened to the president’s promises?’ she asked
President Obama’s top communications strategist sparked outrage on Monday after tweeting a blog entry that belittled a cancer sufferer’s concerns about losing her doctor and insurance because of Obamacare.
Edie Littlefield Sundby, a California woman with stage-4 gallbladder cancer, wrote a powerful Wall Street Journal op-ed that she will soon lose her medical insurance – and access to her life-saving oncologists – as a direct result of the Affordable Care Act.
But Think Progress, a far-left blog, countered with an article claiming that her insurance company, United Healthcare, left her in the lurch because it chose to abandon the individual insurance market for financial reasons.
Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director, tweeted a link to that story, titled ‘The Real Reason That The Cancer Patient Writing In Today’s Wall Street Journal Lost Her Insurance.’
The impact on Twitter was both fast and furious, since Pfeiffer’s Twitter feed is an ‘official’ White House account, meaning that it speaks for the administration.
Sundby, who has battled her cancer since 2007, had explained that she is ‘one of the losers’ in the president’s signature health insurance overhaul.
Cancer specialists at Stanford have ‘kept me alive,’ she wrote, ‘but UCSD has provided emergency and local treatment support during wretched periods of this disease, and it is where my primary-care doctors are.’
Both hospitals, and the doctors who practice in them, are covered by her current PPO but Covered California, the state’s Obamacare insurance exchange, doesn’t offer a single plan that both Stanford and UCSD’s medical centers will accept.
And, citing unfair tax breaks its competitors enjoy, United Healthcare has said it plans to pull out of California’s individual insurance market entirely, leaving Sundy with few options.

Battle: Cancer sufferer Edie Sundby (pictured with her husband Dale) says she is ‘one of the losers’ from Obamacare as she has lost her healthcare plan and now faces losing her doctors too
‘I am a determined fighter and extremely lucky,’ she writes. ‘But this luck may have just run out: My affordable, lifesaving medical insurance policy has been canceled effective December 31.’

‘I’m a fighter but my luck may have just run out’: Stage 4 cancer sufferer reveals how Obamacare has cost her life-saving healthcare plan AND her doctors
Romney accuses President of ‘fundamental dishonesty’ over failure for people to be able to keep existing health plans under Obamacare
‘I’m really good at killing people’: New book claims President Obama joked to aides about using drone strikes
Even SNL takes a dig at the President as his approval rating falls in the wake of Obamacare and revelations that NSA tapped world leaders
The great Obamacare con: Applicants are being told to fill out paper applications just to make them ‘feel like they are moving forward but are still stuck in same queue as bust website’
Think Progress argued that United selfishly ‘packed its bags and dumped its beneficiaries because it wants its competitors to swallow the first wave of sicker enrollees’ on the government-run exchange.
Pfeiffer’s tweet may have been a small gesture, but it set off a firestorm of responses to the unusual step of a White House communications czar using a partisan blog to fire a rhetorical fusillade against a terminally ill taxpayer.
‘Attacking cancer patients. So this is what a complete lack of self-awareness and moral judgement looks like,’ tweeted Republican strategist Rick Wilson.

Fabian Socialism the Cancer in our Society Today

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Destructive path chosen by Obama, Dems

angers-destructive-path_01The thing about the shutdown that angers me the most is the truth. The truth is that this debt-cpiling method of negoti­ating a budget and spending limits is the process preferred by the president and his party. It was selected by the president and his party very early on in his first administration.

The time-tested and legal way to negotiate a budget is for the Senate and the House to each pass a budget, then nego­tiate to produce one budget from the two offered, and then send that to the president. The Senate, run by Harry Reid and dominated by Democrats, has refused to do this, and un­til this year refused to produce a budget for more than four years. This leaves the House only one remedy, and that is to use its constitutional power of the purse to withhold funds and try to force negotiation.

Each time the House tries this, the president and the Dem­ocrats, reinforced by the media, call them unreasonable and complain that threatening to shut down the government is irresponsible. But we must remember, the House is acting at the behest of constituents who see the danger in continuing to print money and spend more than we take in, with disas­trous long-term consequences for our country and every American — indeed, for the world.
Many congressmen were specifically elected in 2012 to work as hard as they could to reduce spending and get our budget balanced. Each time, however, the press spouts the party line of the president and points fingers at the Republi­cans. They completely ignore the facts that Reid and the pres­ident have chosen this path by their refusal to follow the law and reach a budget agreement the way presidents and gov­ernments did for decades before them.

If the president and the Democratic leadership really want­ed to negotiate — if they were really interested in working to­gether and reaching compromise that involves all the people — they would use the legislative process designed to do that. But they force us all to live with their choice so they can have everything they want — without having to compromise.

by Ken Roberts Apollo Beach



President Obama will again pivot toward Asia next month with a week-long trip to Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines, the White House announced Friday.

Obama will be away Oct. 6-12 for a trip that the White House describes as “part of his ongoing commitment to increase U.S. political, economic and security engagement with the Asia Pacific.”

He’ll start the trip in Bali, to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders meeting. He missed last year’s summit in Russia, which came weeks before the presidential election. Depending on the status of Syria talks, the summit could include a showdown between Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who’s also expected to attend. Obama will also hold a bilateral meeting with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Obama will then travel to Brunei for the U.S.-ASEAN Summit, the East Asia Summit (EAS) and a meeting with the Sultan of Brunei, who he hosted at the White House earlier this year. In Malaysia, Obama plans to meet with Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia and to deliver the keynote address to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, an effort Obama launched in 2009 to help promote job creation through entrepreneurship. In the Phillippines, he’ll meet with President Benigno Aquino III “to reaffirm the strong economic, people-to-people, and security links between our two countries,” the White House said.


Barack Obama is fleeing the country for a ten-day “please stop taking our jobs?” tour of India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. And there have been many accurate news reports suggesting that Obama is spending two hundred million dollars a day on this Gluttonous Asian Vacation: Our president does not pack lightly! According to Matt Drudge, the White House has been lifted from its foundation and placed on a flatbed truck made entirely out of diamonds, and this diamond-encrusted flatbed truck was placed on the most expensive aircraft carrier — and then this aircraft carrier was put in the cargo hold of a different and way more expensive aircraft carrier. And this aircraft carrier is just one of the thirty-four warships that Obama is taking with him. (The rest of these ships are carrying delicious snacks, like popcorn shrimp.) Talk about splurging! Michele Bachmann is just so goddamned angry about this reckless spending, and her soon-to-be formed Constitutional Conservative Caucus Party (CCCP — what a filthy Pinko!) is going to hold hearings, on Fox News. Too bad all of this is just phony baloney nonsense made up by some Indian tabloid. Uh, but it is true that Obama will attend the G-20 and APEC summits while he’s over there. Shame on him!



Putin offers Obama face-saving lifeline in push for Syria to surrender chemical weapons

russia-g20-summit_bish_s160x103MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian foreign minister says Moscow will push Syria to place its chemical weapons under international control.
Sergey Lavrov said Monday that if such a move would help avert a possible U.S. strike on Syria, Russia will start work “immediately” to persuade Syria to relinquish control over its chemical arsenals.
Lavrov told reporters that Russia would urge Syria to concentrate its chemical weapons in certain areas under international oversight and then dismantle them.
THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

Russian and Syrian foreign ministers on Monday strongly pushed for the return of United Nations inspectors toSyria to continue their probe into the use of chemical weapons and again warned Washington against launching an attack.
The statement comes as President Barack Obama, who blames President Bashar Assad for killing hundreds of his own people in a chemical attack last month, is pressing for a limited strike against the Syrian government. It has denied launching the attack, insisting along with its ally Russia that the attack was launched by the rebels to drag the U.S. into war.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after Monday’s talks with his Syrian counterpart Walid al-Moallem that U.N. chemical weapons experts should complete their probe and present their findings to the U.N. Security Council.
“We have agreed to push for the soonest return of inspectors,” Lavrov said.

Al-Moallem said his government was ready to host the U.N. team, and insisted that Syria is ready to use all channels to convince the Americans that it wasn’t behind the attack.
He added that Syria was ready for “full cooperation with Russia to remove any pretext for aggression.”
Neither minister, however, offered any evidence to back their claim of rebel involvement in the chemical attack.
Lavrov said that Russia will continue to promote a peaceful settlement and may try to convene a gathering of all Syrian opposition figures to join in negotiations. He added that a U.S. attack on Syria would deal a fatal blow to peace efforts.
Lavrov wouldn’t say how Russia could respond to a possible U.S. attack on Syria, saying that “we wouldn’t like to proceed from a negative scenario and would primarily take efforts to prevent a military intervention.”
President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow would keep providing assistance to Syria in case of U.S. attack, but he and other Russian officials have made clear that Russia has no intention to engage in hostilities.
Lavrov also denied allegations that Russia may have sponsored a deal between the U.S. and Syria during the Group of 20 summit in St.Petersburg last week, where Putin discussed the Syrian crisis with Obama.
“There won’t be and there can’t be any deal behind the back of the Syrian people,” Lavrov said.

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