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Arkansas Democrat Switches to GOP Because of Planned Parenthood

As the truth about Planned Parenthood is revealed to those who believed it was simply a women’s healthcare organization, people are turning away, disassociating themselves with a baby parts trafficking business which even harvests organs from born alive infants.

Today, Arkansas State Representative Mike Holcomb joined the list of defectors by leaving the Democratic Party and joining the Republican Party.

Holcomb, from Pine Bluff, a two-term legislator, said:

I’ve chosen to join the Republican Party because I firmly believe that the conservative values they represent best align with my own personal beliefs and convictions.

I believe in the sanctity of life. I believe in traditional marriage. I believe in helping Arkansans.


Why Hillary Clinton is Just Like Her Husband in All the Wrong Ways

at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009.  (AP Photo/Jeff Christensen)

at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009. (AP Photo/Jeff Christensen)

Hillary Clinton apparently has more in common with her husband than his last name. Before Hillary Clinton’s emails had been subpoenaed by the FBI, Clinton insisted, quite adamantly, that she had never sent or received classified information on her private server. That claim might have been true in a technical sense, but it smells like the kind of hair-splitting deception that made Slick Willy famous:

. . . The presence of classified information in e-mails Clinton wrote appears to contradict her assurances that she sent no such material.

“I have said repeatedly that I did not send nor receive classified material, and I’m very confident that when this entire process plays out that will be understood by the everyone,” she said last week during a Democratic Party meeting in Minneapolis. She said that government officials may now be making different determinations after the fact, but “it does not change the fact that I did not send, nor receive, material marked classified.”

Oh, I see. So when you said over and over again that you did not send or receive classified information, you meant that you did not send and receive information that was at the time marked classified. I see. So that doesn’t necessarily mean Hillary Clinton didn’t send and receive confidential, sensitive information. She apparently followed the letter of the law within a narrow set of parameters. She just didn’t follow the spirit of the law at all.

Is most fresh intelligence already marked classified? No. It gets marked classified after a review. So people in the State department have to be prudent about their correspondences so that sensitive or confidential information that will eventually be marked classified is treated like classified information from the outset.

Of all people, Hilary Clinton—as the Secretary of State—should have known that. In fact, I would be quite surprised if she didn’t. She just didn’t think it was that important. She didn’t care. Or she didn’t think she would be caught.

And now, just like her husband, she’s using carefully worded half-truths in order to shield herself from the consequences of her actions. “I have said repeatedly that I did not send nor receive classified material” sounds a whole lot like “I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” It’s the same formula even. Repeat a half-truth long enough, and people might just believe it’s the whole truth.

So you wonder why Hillary Clinton defended her husband through all of his scandals? She’s just like him apparently. And though we may not be hearing about any extra-marital affairs on her part any time soon (because if she hasn’t already had one, she’s probably not going to at this point because, you know … [shudders]), I guarantee this will not be the last time she willfully deceives the American public.


New Poll finds that 59% of Americans Support Trump on Deporting Illegal Immigrants!

walletWow. Could Donald Trump single handedly be turning the tide of political opinion against illegal immigration? It sure seems that way.

In recent years politicians have been terrified to even broach the subject of deporting illegal immigrants as part of immigration reform because of the likely backlash that they would have to face from voters. However, in recent days Donald Trump has seemed curiously impervious to critical reaction from left-leaning immigration activists and from moderate GOP sources who worry that he could be ‘poisoning the well’ for Republican presidential candidates. Ever major GOP candidate not named Ted Cruz has publicly commented on the “over the top” nature of Trump’s Illegal immigration comments. However, on this issue, it’s not Trump who is extreme, it’s everyone else (again not named Cruz) that doesn’t seem to understand what the American people are thinking on the subject.

The proof of Trump’s “mainstream” immigration policies are in the latest national poll from Investors Business Daily.

The latest IBD/TIPP Poll asked 913 adults coast to coast if they “support or oppose mandatory deportation of illegal immigrants in the U.S.” Not surprisingly, 87% of Trump supporters back the proposal.

What’s surprising is that 59% of the overall public does as well. Mandatory deportation gets majority support in all age groups except 18-24, every income group, among both women and men, at every level of educational achievement, and in rural, urban and suburban regions.

More interesting still is the fact that 64% of independents and 55% of moderates support deportation.

Even among Hispanics, the poll found 40% backed mandatory deportation — although the sample size is too small to make much of that number.

This is not a conservative/liberal divide; our ideas about illegal immigration are grounded in our beliefs about the law and justice. It is unjust for millions of people who broke the law to enter our nation to be given special treatment and be allowed to remain in our country when millions of other people have faithfully abided by our laws and are being kept out. It is also unjust for our government to prosecute American citizens for misdemeanor offenses while choosing to turn a blind eye toward the crimes of non-citizens who enter our country in defiance of our laws.

Corrupt politicians like Barack Obama (as well as other Democrats and Republicans) cannot have it both ways. Either we live in a nation governed by our laws… or we don’t.


DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST UTOPIA: Runs Out of Food – Just Look At Venezuela

Written by Rob Morse on September 6, 2015

communist demo
The Democrat party in the US turned to Communism. This was obvious during the Occupy movement. It was also clear that most of the Occupy protests were paid and staged media events. We in the United States now think we can get something for nothing. All we have to do is vote for the politician who promises us the most. Bernie Sanders says we have a right to free school, a much higher minimum wage, and a bigger government to suppress the inevitable dissent.

I hear what Big Government politicians promise and see what happens when their proposals are really put into practice. We don’t have to guess what will happen here. We have a giant experiment going on in the real world. The real world is where governments actually run out of the money we’ve saved. The real world is where we won’t work when government takes everything we earn. Look at the latest Communist utopia of Venezuela and at the Democrat controlled states in the US.

Venezuela was once an oil-producing giant with some of the largest known oil reserves in the world. The Chavez government seized the oil wells ten years ago. The politicians took them “for the people”. Now, Venezuela imports oil.

Venezuela once did a fairly good job of feeding its people.. until the government nationalized farms. Again, the politicians may claim this is “for the people”, but in reality, the government bureaucracy exists to produce political payoffs to government supporters.

Domestic food production crashed. In Venezuela, agricultural imports increase by 225 percent from 2006 to 2012. The Venezuelan economy became so poor that imports crashed after that. Food lines grew ever longer and shelves emptied. The Venezuelan economy tumbled and total imports increased six-fold from 2003 to 2013.

There are now food riots and looting as Venezuelans are desperately hungry.

The Venezuelan politicians tried anything to hide their failure. The politicians seized the markets until the shelves were bare. Once the stores were empty, the politicians looted the wholesale food distribution centers. Today the Venezuelan politicians say that farmers must sell to the government and that farmers can’t keep food for themselves. The politicians will blame the farmers after the politicians sell the seeds needed for the next harvest.

Electricity is only available a few hours a day.

This political pattern is familiar and you should be able to guess what happens next. Venezuelan politicians bought political support by printing money. The Bolivar is now worth a third of a cent. Soon, the political elites in Venezuela will only settle for political payoffs in hard assets.

We’ve seen the collapse of Communist countries around the world time after time. Democrats want us to follow their example here in the United States. Human character is the same everywhere. Our politicians will promise anything to get elected.

Our local politicians are already trying Communism-lite. The left-liberal Seattle City Council passed a 15 dollar minimum wage. Restaurant jobs immediately fell in Seattle and grew outside the city. The same thing happened in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Jobs left the city and so did the people who hold them.

We’ve seen the same thing happen on a state-wide scale. Millions of US citizens fled New Jersey and California over the last several years. The working class moves to business-friendly states in search of jobs. The rich move to states with lower taxes. The only growth in California is in illegal immigrants.

The expected results are obvious. California’s state-run healthcare is crumbling.

California is not the only state with a shaky economy. In Illinois, the state budget is so precarious that bureaucrats stopped paying the Illinois lottery winners.

Here in the US, these Democrat controlled states are a model that candidate Bernie Sanders wants us to duplicate on a national level. The other Democrat candidates agree with him.

I don’t. Our politicians can’t manage the vastly smaller and simpler Department of Veteran’s Affairs. They are incapable of running an economy. No one can run the US economy. No one should. The politicians are simply after power. Equality is the latest excuse to grab power.


Dems do the opposite to what they should be doing – Dems Launch Probe Into Pro-Life Group Behind Planned Parenthood Expose’ Videos

Just one day after Planned Parenthood was exposed cutting up a live baby for body parts for sale, Democrats in the House of Representative are launching their own investigation after the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Instead of looking into the abortion giant, they are probing the pro-life group behind the series of expose’ videos.

The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee is launching an investigation into the Center for Medical Progress, the pro-life organization that spent years recording the undercover videos and tracking information to expose Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry and biotech industry’s involvement in the abortion of unborn babies and the sales of their body parts to top universities for research.

While House Republicans are investigating Planned Parenthood and more than a dozen states have either taken steps to de-fund Planned Parenthood or launch their own investigations, Democrats in Congress are going after the pro-life advocates responsible for the undercover sting operation. The Hill has more:

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) sent a letter to the Center for Medical Progress on Thursday, demanding details to show whether the group broke state or federal laws when it secretly recorded videos of Planned Parenthood staff without consent.

The Center, led by the anti-abortion activist David Daleiden, established a fake company to gain entry into clinics and meetings with Planned Parenthood officials — a move that Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), have blasted as potentially illegal.

The group has also been asking for donations as a nonprofit charitable organization for the last two years, which Cummings said contrasts with its current self-identification as a group of citizen journalists.

Cummings warned that if Republican leaders of the committee decide to hold hearings on Planned Parenthood, he will ask Daleiden to testify as well.

“Any legitimate and balanced congressional investigation must also address your group’s role in these activities,” Cummings wrote.
The newest video, which follows Senate Democrats defeating a bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood, makes it appear the Planned Parenthood abortion business may be selling the “fully intact” bodies of unborn babies purposefully born alive and left to die.

Meanwhile, two committees in the House of Representatives have already launched investigations of Planned Parenthood. One committee is looking into whether or not the abortion business is breaking federal law by altering abortion procedures to better obtain aborted baby body parts for sale. Another committee, among other things, is investigating the Obama administration and whether there is any connection between it and the abortion giant.

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The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was to know if the Obama administration, via the Department of Health and Human Services, provided any federal grants to Planned Parenthood that ultimately went to pay for the sales of aborted baby body parts and if they were used by Planned Parenthood to “support transactions involving fetal tissue.”

The expose’ videos catching Planned Parenthood officials selling the body parts of aborted babies have shocked the nation.

As LifeNews reported, the first video of undercover footage shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, describing how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted unborn children and admitting she uses partial-birth abortions to supply intact body parts.

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must Investigate Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Parts

In the second video, Planned Parenthood doctor Mary Gatter discusses the pricing of aborted baby body parts — telling the biotech company officials that the prices for such things as a baby’s liver, head or heart are negotiable. She also tells the officials that she could talk with the Planned Parenthood abortion practitioners to potentially alter the abortion procedure to kill the baby in a way that would best preserve those body parts after the unborn child is killed in the abortion.

So far, 12 states have responded to the Planned Parenthood videos and launched investigations into their abortion and organ harvesting business including South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. The district attorney in Houston Texas is also investigating after the Houston-based Planned Parenthood abortion facility was caught selling aborted babies.

Congress has expanded its investigation into the Planned Parenthood abortion business and five states have revoked taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood’s abortion business, including Utah, Arkansas, Alabama, New Hampshire and Louisiana and Iowa’s governor has ordered a review of Planned Parenthood funding.

The full, unedited videos have confirmed that revelations that some aborted baby remains sold by Planned Parenthood go to biotech companies for the purpose of creating “humanized” mice. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has been exposed as having sold body parts from aborted babies for as much as 15 years.

The federal law that technically prohibits the sale of aborted babies and their body parts was written by a pro-abortion Congressman decades ago and essentially spells out a process by which sellers of aborted baby body parts can meet certain criteria that allows the sales to be legal. That’s why a Colorado congressman has introduced legislation to totally ban the sales of aborted baby body parts.

Dirty Democrats Admit to Being Lobbied by Russia, China and Europe Before Backing Iran Nuclear Deal


More than a dozen of the 34 Democratic senators who have declared their support for the Iran nuclear agreement cited arguments by America’s five negotiating partners that there would be no better deal forthcoming if the U.S. rejects this one.

On Wednesday, the number of senators to have publicly stated support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) climbed to 34 – all Democrats – thereby giving President Obama the backing he needs to sustain his veto of a Republican-led resolution disapproving it, which is expected to pass by mid-September.

As previously undecided senators one by one came out in support of the agreement over the past month, references in their statements to the views of the other P5+1 governments involved in the negotiations – Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany – were strikingly common.

Many of them attended a briefing by ambassadors from those countries in early August.

When she announced her support for the deal on August 6, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said, “In a meeting earlier this week, when I questioned the ambassadors of our P5+1 allies, it also became clear that if we reject this deal, going back to the negotiation table is not an option.”

Four days later Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) said she had asked the ambassadors of the five other countries involved in the talks “detailed questions about what their countries and others would do if Congress does not approve the agreement.”
“[N]ot one of them believed that abandoning this deal would result in a better deal,” she said. Instead, “international consensus” would splinter, sanctions would unravel and Iran’s nuclear program would be left unconstrained.

On Aug. 13, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) also referred to the ambassadors’ briefing.

“[S]ome say that, should the Senate reject this agreement, we would be in position to negotiate a ‘better’ one,” he wrote. “But I’ve spoken to representatives of the five nations that helped broker the deal, and they agree that this simply wouldn’t be the case.

Instead, these diplomats have told me that we would not be able to come back to the bargaining table at all, and that the sanctions regime would likely erode or even fall apart…”

“[A]t a recent meeting of leaders from our partner nations, I specifically asked the ambassadors to the U.S. from China, the United Kingdom, and Russia whether their countries would come back to negotiate again should the U.S. walk away from the deal,” Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said on Aug. 17.

“They unanimously said, ‘No,’ that there was already a deal – the one before Congress.”

“I have no reason to disbelieve all five governments [Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany] speaking together,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on Aug. 18. “I have heard their warnings that if we walk away from this agreement before even giving it a try, the prospect of further multilateral negotiations yielding any better result is ‘far-fetched.’”

“This agreement is not perfect, but I have personally spoken to leaders representing the P5+1 countries and the European Union who have said quite clearly that if the United States rejects this agreement, they will not join in new negotiations for a better deal,” Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) said on Aug 24.

“There are those who say that we should go back to the negotiating table and try to get a better deal,” Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) said on Aug. 25. “I respect that view, but I have heard directly from top ambassadors representing our P5+1 partners as well as members of the administration that starting over is not an option.”

“Earlier this month, several of my colleagues and I met with representatives of our five negotiating partners,” Sen. Thomas Carper (D-Dela.) said on Aug. 28.

“They told us bluntly that if Congress kills this deal, the broad coalition of countries imposing sanctions on Iran would collapse,” he said. “If Congress rejects this deal now, a better one will not take its place, they declared.”

Menendez challenges ‘take it or leave it’ argument

Other JCPOA supporters who mentioned having taken into account the views of the other P5+1 ambassadors included Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Chris Coons (D-Dela.) and Robert Casey (D-Pa.).

One of just two Democratic senators to have come out in opposition to the JCPOA, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), challenged the notion that the other P5+1 countries would simply walk away from sanctions if the U.S. rejected the JCPOA and pushed for a better deal.

In his speech announcing his intention to vote to disapprove the deal, Menendez said the attraction of doing business with the United States would far outweigh the lure of Iran’s much smaller economy.

“Despite what some of our P5+1 ambassadors have said in trying to rally support for the agreement, and echoing the administration’s admonition, that it is a take it or leave it proposition, our P5+1 partners will still be worried about Iran’s nuclear weapon desires and the capability to achieve it,” he said.

“They, and the businesses from their countries, and elsewhere, will truly care more about their ability to do business in a U.S. economy of $17 trillion than an Iranian economy of $415 billion,” Menendez said.

He was alluding to U.S. secondary sanctions, which would close the U.S. marketplace to companies and banks that do business with Iran.

Sheriff Clarke: 75% of Problems in Black Community are Self-Inflicted; Other 25% are Inflicted by Democrats

26051849-mjs_clarke12_nws_kwg_1_clarke12(2)It’s not the message Democrats want you to hear, because it doesn’t blame “racism.”

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke didn’t hold back on Tuesday night when he spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity about violence in the black community, saying most of the problems in the American ghetto are “self-inflicted,” and the rest are a result of liberalism.

“Seventy-five percent of the problems in the black community are self-inflicted,” Clarke said. “Things like father-absent homes, things like drug and alcohol abuse, school failure, failure to stay in the workforce. The other 25 percent are inflicted by the Democrat Party with their modern liberalism.”

Special Headline: Guess Who’s About To Go Bankrupt in America [Learn More]

Clarke argued that the real issues aren’t being addressed the Democrat party — and the mainstream media — would rather push a false narrative aimed at blaming someone (or anyone) else.


Planned Parenthood Kept Aborted Babies Alive to Harvest Organs, Ex-Technician says

By Cheryl Wetzstein – The Washington Times – Wednesday, August 19, 2015
In an undercover video released Wednesday, a former technician for a tissue-harvesting company details how an aborted baby was kept alive so that its heart could be harvested at a California Planned Parenthood facility, raising more legal questions about the group’s practices.

Holly O’Donnell, a former blood and tissue procurement technician for the biotech startup StemExpress, also said she was asked to harvest an intact brain from the late-term, male fetus whose heart was still beating after the abortion.
A StemExpress supervisor “gave me the scissors and told me that I had to cut down the middle of the face. And I can’t even describe what that feels like,” said Ms. O’Donnell, who has been featured in earlier videos by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group that previously had released six undercover clips involving Planned Parenthood personnel and practices.

David Daleiden, the video project leader, said the undercover footage and interviews show that fetuses are sometimes delivered “intact and alive” before their organs are harvested.

The federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002 says that when a child is born alive, including having a beating heart, he or she is a legal person and has a right to lifesaving medical care.

California law also prohibits any kind of experimentation on a fetus with a discernible heartbeat, said the Center for Medical Progress, which is calling for the federal government to cease its $500 million a year support to Planned Parenthood and for it to be investigated.

“Today’s video is especially gruesome, and it shows, once again, the barbarity of what takes place at Planned Parenthood clinics across the country,” said Rep. Joseph R. Pitts, Pennsylvania Republican and chairman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on health, one of several congressional panels investigating Planned Parenthood.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah Republican and chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said Wednesday that all the videos are “disturbing,” and his committee’s investigation will look into whether “any federal funding supported transactions involving fetal tissue.”

“Top-level employees of Planned Parenthood admit to changing their procedures to harvest intact bodies of unborn children for body-part trafficking,” said Rep. Trent Franks, Arizona Republican and chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution and civil justice.

Mr. Franks and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Virginia Republican, also said Wednesday that they have written to 58 Planned Parenthood affiliates. They are seeking 10 years of data about all abortions, late-term abortions, “born-alive” infants, fetal tissue collections and any modifications of abortion techniques to “increase the odds of preserving intact fetal tissue and organs.”

Five states — Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Utah and New Hampshire — already have defunded Planned Parenthood.

A request for comment from Planned Parenthood Federation of America about the new video was not immediately available, but the nonprofit organization has denounced earlier undercover videos as fraudulent and misleading.

“These extremists show a total lack of compassion and dignity for women’s most personal medical decisions,” Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood, said earlier this month after a video release.

Meanwhile, pro-life groups are using the videos to step up their calls for investigations and defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Horror: Baby’s Heart Beat as Brain Harvested

A newly released video in the series from the Center for Medical Progress about Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting practices is even more horrifying than previous ones.

The video features a former worker for Stem Express, the middleman organ-procurement company that has been mentioned in previous videos, talking about an organ extraction she was compelled to participate in.
Holly O’Donnell, a former blood and tissue technician for Stem Express, relates how an intact brain was harvested from a late-term male child whose heart was still beating after an abortion.
O’Donnell said she was working one day when a co-worker called her over to see something “kinda cool.”
“So, I’m over here and this is the moment I see it. I’m just flabbergasted,” O’Donnell said. “This is the most gestated fetus and the closest thing to a baby I’ve seen. … I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating — and I don’t know what to think. I knew why it was happening, because the electrical current, the nodes were still firing, and I don’t know if that constitutes it’s technically dead or if it’s alive.”
The child had a fully formed face, and what O’Donnell said happened next convinced her she could no longer work for the company.
“Since the fetus was so intact [my coworker] said, ‘This is a really good fetus, and it looks like we can procure a lot from it. We’re going to procure the brain,'” O’Donnell said. “She takes the scissors and she makes a small incision … and goes, I would say to maybe a little bit through the mouth, and she was like, ‘OK, can you go the rest of the way?'”
O’Donnell said she didn’t want to do it but felt that she had to go along.
“I’m just sitting there like, ‘What did I just do?'” she said.

Abortion is terrible enough, and it’s appalling that the U.S. government is using taxpayer money to shore up a multibillion-dollar “nonprofit” business whose central purpose is the killing of unborn children, despite claims to the contrary.
Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood as a strategy to reduce the population of blacks, Latinos and other “unfit” people, was a strong proponent of birth control, segregation of undesirables and forced sterilization.
But Sanger quailed at abortion, mentioning in several instances that it was a barbaric practice:
“But during all the long years this matter has been discussed, advocated, refuted, the people themselves—poor people especially—were blindly, desperately practicing family limitation, just as they are practicing it today. To them birth control does not mean what it does to us. To them it has meant the most barbaric methods. It has meant the killing of babies—infanticide,—abortions,—in one crude way or another.”
“It is apparent that nothing short of contraceptives can put an end to the horrors of abortion and infanticide.”
“Usually this desire [for family limitation] has been laid to economic pressure… It has asserted itself among the rich and among the poor, among the intelligent and the unintelligent. It has been manifested in such horrors as infanticide, child abandonment and abortion.”
“While there are cases where even the law recognizes an abortion as justifiable if recommended by a physician, I assert that the hundreds of thousands of abortions performed in America each year are a disgrace to civilization.”
While the principles Planned Parenthood was founded upon can be seen as inevitably leading to abortion as a practice, it seems the organization has gone beyond Sanger’s vision.
The child has surpassed the parent, so to speak.
If Planned Parenthood were merely an organization dedicated to women’s health and promoting birth control, it’s doubtful there would be much if any serious opposition to it.
But what is apparent and becoming more alarming with each new video is that Planned Parenthood has sunk to depths of evil that even the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger would have been disgusted by.


Former Attorney General says Email Scandal Disqualifies Hillary Clinton from Office

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey has been making the rounds on various news networks in recent days. On Sunday he visited Fox News and on Monday he stopped by MSNBC. Both networks asked him to come in and discuss the Hillary Clinton email scandal and the possible fallout that may come next.

To say that AG Mukasey seems to think that this is a very serious matter would be putting it lightly. Mukasey used language that would indicate he believes that, at worst, Hillary Clinton could potentially see a prison cell, but that even the best case scenario would mean she should be disqualified from holding office.

And I don’t mean that he thinks she should be personally disqualified; Mukasey believes that the law demands that she be disqualified.
Here for your edification is “Title 18 Code 2071” which Mukasey was referencing.

(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

On Fox News Mukasey also unmasked the lie the Clinton campaign has been telling about the FBI inquiry being about her server and not Clinton in particular.

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Sunday that Hillary Clinton is indeed the focus of a Justice Department probe, calling the argument that the investigation is about her private email network when she was secretary of state “ridiculous.”

“The FBI doesn’t investigate machines,” Mukasey, a Bush administration attorney general, told “Fox News Sunday.” “It investigates people.”

“It is not a political witch hunt,” he said.

Needless to say, AG Mukasey seems quite certain (and quite confident) that Hillary Clinton has committed a crime and that she is going to face serious repercussions for that crime. The deeper this hole gets the more convinced I become that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat nominee in 2016. Which makes me wonder… who will be?