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Fox News reports Maritha Nelson’s $240 in food stamps has run out, leaving her $9 in cash and seven people to feed.  The 50-year-old single mother, who entered the U.S. by swimming across the Rio Grande, has government funded housing, medication, and $700 a month in Social Security. She’s been on assistance for 20 years, and wants others to know that help is available.  Florida is teeming with food stamp recruiters…who have a goal: increase federal aid to Florida by $1 billion a year.

2.1 Million Illegals Panic as Trump DHS Sec Issues Shock Announcement

When then-candidate Donald Trump was running for office, he promised to overturn former President Barack Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals “amnesty” program, but post-election, President Trump seemed to be backing off from that promise, suggesting that DACA enrollees had nothing to fear.

From Conservative Tribune

However, some of the estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants — USA Today suggests potentially as many as 2.1 million — who were brought into the country as children and were enrolled in Obama’s program may be on the verge of panic now. Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly just informed members of Congress that the administration may not defend the controversial program from future legal challenges, according to The Washington Post.

Speaking in a closed-door meeting with members of the predominately Democrat Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Kelly informed them that if they wanted to ensure the amnesty program survived, they’d have to engage with Republicans in a bipartisan compromise immigration bill to protect the illegals legislatively.

“This is what he’s being told by different attorneys, that if it goes to court it might not survive,” DHS spokesman David Lapan said regarding Kelly’s remarks. Should Congress not pass a bill protecting the program, “they’re leaving it in the hands of the courts to make a decision.”

That was simply too much for a “visibly shaken” Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who dramatically proclaimed in both English and Spanish of the attorney general, “Jeff Sessions is going to say, ‘Deport them.’ If you’re going to count on Jeff Sessions to save DACA, then DACA is ended.”

“It’s not a pretty picture,” New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez told reporters, according to Politico. “The legal authorities that he’s spoken to suggest that DACA cannot be sustained legally. We have a different view.”

Kelly told the congressional members that, despite his own personal support for the program and Trump’s prior statements placing DACA enrollees at ease, an impending legal challenge by Texas and nine other Republican-led states would likely prevail in court and bring an end to the amnesty program, leaving it up to Congress to save the program.

While there are no doubt plenty of innocent people enrolled in the program who were brought to the country illegally as a child through no choice of their own — people Congress should figure out how to deal with humanely — some illegals have abused the program and many criminals and gang members have been protected by their “DREAMer” status.

In fact, Breitbart reported that since DACA was first rolled out, more than 1,500 of those enrolled have seen their status revoked due to gang affiliations or other criminal activities. Furthermore, several gang members caught in a recent roundup were found to have illegally entered the country as minors, and were potentially eligible for enrolling in the program.

Common sense and past experience suggests that the real number of illegals enrolled in DACA and involved in criminal or gang activity is much, much higher than just those who have been caught.

Obama never should have implemented DACA via executive action, and only did so because Congress had reached an impasse on a compromise. If Congress wants Obama’s amnesty program to remain intact and in effect, they better get to work crafting legislation that says as much, because as it stands right now, the program won’t hold up under legal challenge and the Trump administration won’t be wasting time defending it.

Sweden On Brink Of Civil War: 61 Muslim No-Go Zones, Police Helpless

Dan Eliasson, a Swedish lawyer and long-time civil servant, has been Sweden’s National Police Commissioner since January 1, 2015.

Michael Töpffer reports for the Swedish daily newspaper Expressen that more than a year ago, on February 10, 2016, during a panel discussion on terrorist threats at the Swedish Jurist Assembly in Stockholm, National Police Chief Dan Eliasson admitted that crime has become so severe that police could no longer guarantee safety in parts of Sweden, including in the capital Stockholm:

“I have been surprised after I became national police chief how bad it is in certain areas during the evenings. If we do not contain this development, I am completely convinced that not only traditional crime but also radicalization and terror will increase in our society…. No, I cannot guarantee the security is there. We have resources, we act, but I cannot guarantee security in these areas. It is difficult.”

Eliasson identified 14 radicalized areas where conditions are so bad that police have to deploy two patrol cars “when we enter” those areas “because otherwise the car is vandalized and it’s impossible to do the job and it is obviously incredibly worrying.”

A year later, the situation has worsened.

In June 2017 at a press conference, National Police Commissioner Eliasson pleaded for help:

“Help us, help us! We need the local councils with us. We must do more together to turn this crisis around. The number of at-risk areas has increased. In some areas, it has gotten worse.”

That same month, on June 21, 2017, Anders Holm Nielsen reports for Nyheder that the Swedish police, in a new report Exposed Areas 2017, said that 61 areas in Sweden are deemed “vulnerable” because they have major problems with crime, unemployment and distrust of authorities:

  • In those areas, there are about 5,000 criminals spread over 200 criminal networks.
  • In the worst areas, 15-25 year olds account for the majority of crimes, and children as young as 10 are trained to bring weapons and drugs to older criminals.
  • Government workers in several places can not work without police protection. “Even with police protection, work can be a challenge as the police officers are also attacked.
  • In some areas, due to violence, vandalism, threats and extortion, insurance companies refuse to insure local businesses, which are forced to close.

Repeating police chief Eliasson’s plea, Swedish police ask for help from other actors in local areas, saying that the deteriorating public security situation can not be improved without the help from parents, religious communities and voluntary organizations.

Reporting for Breitbart London on June 29, 2017, Chris Tomlinson writes that there are now 61 no-go zones in Sweden, many of which are heavily migrant-populated. Tynnered, a suburb in Gothenburg, is a new addition to the list after cases of car burningsand shootings. Eliasson warned if the trend persists and crime continues to increase, then the social contract could break down in Sweden.

To make matters even worse, although the Swedish interior ministry has promised to hire more police officers, many Swedish police departments are facing an exodus of officers, especially in no-go areas:

  • According to one report published last year, 80% of Swedish police are considering leaving the force due to issues ranging from violence against them in no-go areas to lack of holiday time and poor funding.
  • The lack of staff has forced the last remaining police station in Kista, a suburb of Stockholm, to close.
  • In Rinkeby, one of the most infamous no-go areas in Stockholm, authorities have tried to build a new, fortress-like police station, but the government has been unable to secure a building contractor to complete the station as many fear being attacked.

ICE Director on Illegals Being Afraid of Deportation: GOOD!

Damn, it is refreshing to see our government officials talking sense when it comes to illegal immigration. The media, the Democrats, and the Obama administration were – and are – so far outside the realm of sanity on this issue that it’s almost shocking when you hear the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement telling Congress that if illegal immigrants are afraid of being deported…that’s a GOOD thing. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be.

Of course, it will probably be only a matter of time before La Raza and Univision are calling for Thomas Homan to resign in disgrace. After all, the man in charge of deporting illegal immigrants should be ashamed of himself for even holding such a job, not taking pride in it.

“If you’re in this country illegally and you committed a crime by being in this country, you should be uncomfortable, you should look over your shoulder. You need to be worried,” Homan told the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday. “No population is off the table.”

Homan praised the direction of President Trump’s policies, which have removed the ham-fisted restrictions his predecessor placed on ICE agents. Under Obama’s rules, agents were specifically forbidden from arresting and deporting illegal immigrants who had not committed serious crimes. Under Trump, the handcuffs have been taken off the agents and put on the illegals where they belong. And it’s already having a significant impact, said Homan.

The acting director told the House committee that ICE needed more deportation beds to house illegals waiting for a first-class ticket back to their home countries. He said that those countries were now quite a bit more willing to take their citizens back than they were under the Obama regime, which is an interesting tidbit in its own right. Could it be that Obama didn’t really try very hard to get those countries on board? Nah, that couldn’t be the case…

Of course, Democrats are still fighting the deportations tooth and nail. Rep. Nita Lowey, the top Democrat on the committee, assured Homan that her party would block any attempt to secure the border.

“Democrats will not accept a penny of funding for a new deportation force or a border wall,” Lowey said.

And in a question to Homan, Maryland Democrat C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (if that is his real name) said ICE should not be deporting illegal immigrants convicted of drunk driving.

“DWI or traffic is not really considered to be the type of people that are hurting our country,” Ruppersberger said.

Not hurting our country? Interesting that Ruppersberger, who was one of the Democrats who made a scene last year with their “sit-in” over gun control, thinks that. Roughly 10,000 Americans are killed every year in drunk driving accidents. Strangely enough, that’s approximately the same number of Americans who are killed in shootings, when you remove suicides from the stats.

Homan rejected the argument, saying, “They should be removed.”

YES! Trump Just Closed 1 GIGANTIC Immigration Loophole – Illegals Get SHUT

President Donald Trump has been working tirelessly to protect America from the ceaseless onslaught of illegal immigrants.

Just recently, he reversed another of former President Barack Obama’s immigration policies that ticked off plenty of liberals.

But we have to do something. This problem has been out of control for far too long.

Increased and “more rigorous” vetting is near the top of the list and now, the Trump administration has done something ingenious that should help us keep our borders safe.

President Donald Trump has been working tirelessly to protect America from the ceaseless onslaught of illegal immigrants.

Just recently, he reversed another of former President Barack Obama’s immigration policies that ticked off plenty of liberals.

But we have to do something. This problem has been out of control for far too long.

Increased and “more rigorous” vetting is near the top of the list and now, the Trump administration has done something ingenious that should help us keep our borders safe.

 In this day and age, the internet and social media have immense power, and illegal aliens have long since used this power to gain access to our country.

But according to a new Fox News report, U.S. visa applicants are going to have to cough up their social media information.

The Trump administration has approved a new questionnaire for U.S. visa applicants that asks for social media handles and accounts used during the last five years and travel history, including the source of funding for trips, over the last 15 years…

The State Department requested expedited consideration and ’emergency review’ from the Office of Management and Budget on May 5 for the new visa application protocol.

Fox News can confirm that OMB has approved the new measures.

The State Department proposed new measures for U.S. visa applicants worldwide in order to ‘more rigorously’ evaluate applicants for terrorism or other national security-related visa ineligibilities.


DHS: More than 700,000 foreigners overstayed US visas last year

Nearly 740,000 foreigners who legally entered the U.S.  overstayed their visas and remained in the country at the end of 2016, the Department of Homeland Security reported Monday.

Those visa overstays — a total of 739,478 — represented only 1.47 percent of the more than 50 million visitors who arrived in the U.S. through the country’s airports and seaports, and were expected to leave last year, the DHS reported. The government’s analysis does not account for those who arrived in the U.S. through a ground or vehicular point of entry.

According to government estimates, foreigners remaining in the country after their visa expired make up close to half — 40 percent — of the United States’ illegal population, which is estimated to be somewhere near 11 million people.

During his campaign for president, Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio highlighted the issue of visa overstays, telling Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” in 2015: “We have a porous border, meaning not just the border with Mexico, but 40 percent of people in this country, illegally, are overstaying visas.”

Homeland Security started collecting data on visa overstays in 2015, making this latest report the agency’s second analysis of the issue. In the report released Monday, the department said it maintains a database of arrival and departure information for all foreign nationals and sends a daily updated list of people who overstay their visas to Customs and Border Protection, which is tasked with enforcing the nation’s immigration laws.

“Identifying overstays is important for national security, public safety, immigration enforcement, and processing applications for immigration benefits,” the new report said. “[D]HS will continue to annually and publicly release this overstay data, and looks forward to providing updates to congressional members and their staff on its ongoing progress.”

Of the approximately 45 million foreigners in the U.S. whose visas expired in 2015, roughly 416,500 remained in the country illegally. However, between the two reports, the DHS changed the visa categories it used to calculate the number of overstayed visas, so the total number of overstays cannot be compared.

Arizona Finds Simple Way To Get Rid Of Entitled Muslim Refugees: 1,000s LEAVING!

                                                                                                                     “Something For Nothing?”

Thousands of Muslim refugees have already left Arizona on their own accord and many more will follow because of one VERY simple thing the Arizona residents are doing. This comes after hordes of Muslim refugees invaded the US and Arizona became a top destination for the immigrants.

At least 7,500 Somali refugees resettled in Arizona have moved out of the state because there are not enough welfare and government benefits to meet their demands. The state also requires them to learn English and find jobs in order to get food stamps. Apparently, this move doesn’t please many of them so they are moving out.

From USA News Flash

Here’s more… Each immigrant in Arizona receives $925 from the US Department of Health and Human Service every month. After this payment, each migrant is expected to foot the rest of their bills. The state of Arizona doesn’t offer additional funding unless these welfare recipients earn them. For many of them that is too much to ask.

All the refugees are required to complete a monthly report proving that they are learning English, and looking for jobs. If some of them skip language courses or refuse to apply for job, their food stamps are cut off and they are denied all other state benefits.

Here’s what one Somali refugee said about Arizona’s system:

“The one thing that Arizona does very well is making sure that at least these families will not go hungry,” Somali asylum seeker Mukhtar Sheikh says. “But sometimes these families don’t get enough help — they come in saying, “Oh, my food stamps have stopped,’ so we have to call DES and ask them why.”

He then admitted that he and his family were leaving Arizona for better benefits.

“If that money runs out and they don’t have a job, then there starts to be pressure for them to find a way to survive,” Sheikh says. “There’s not a lot of programs to help them with employment here.”

New Legislation Introduced That Would Make Illegal Immigrants Pay for Trump’s Wall

One of the foundational promises that President Donald Trump has made was that he would build a wall and that Mexico would pay for it.

Now Rep. Mike Rogers has introduced a bill that could make that come true in an interesting way.

From Daily Caller:

Alabama Republican Rep. Mike Rogers introduced legislation this week that would require illegal immigrants to pay for the southern border wall.

According to, the bill would charge a 2 percent fee on all wire transfers to the home country of illegal immigrants.

“This bill is simple — anyone who sends their money to countries that benefit from our porous borders and illegal immigration should be responsible for providing some of the funds needed to complete the wall,” Rogers said in a statement.
YoungCons reports,

So illegal aliens, many of whom are Mexican, would effectively pay for the wall.

As Rogers notes, it would also create a continuing funding stream to maintain the wall.

Rep. Mo Brooks, who is also from Alabama, co-sponsored the bill. Brooks was the one who came up with the one sentence Obamacare repeal bill. Sounds like he has great clarity of purpose and mind.


In his campaign for president, Donald Trump was very clear in his thoughts about the U.S. cities where local officials refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. He bashed these sanctuary cities relentlessly, and he vowed to do everything in his power to force them into compliance with the law.

Upon taking office, President Trump issued an executive order instructing the Justice Department to look at funding the White House could strip from those cities that continue to defy federal law. Presumably, that review is still taking place.

In the meantime, however, the Trump administration is beginning to apply public pressure on those cities in the form of weekly reports that name and shame jurisdictions where local police have ignored detainer requests sent to them by immigration officials.

The Department of Homeland Security published the first of these reports on Monday, identifying 118 police departments that refuse to honor detention requests. The report also listed 206 cases from a one-week period in which various cities refused to detain illegal immigrants who had been charged with a crime.

Thomas Homan, the acting director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said in a statement that sanctuary cities were a threat to America’s security.

“When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release serious criminal offenders, it undermines ICE’s ability to protect the public safety and carry out its mission,” he said. “Our goal is to build cooperative, respectful relationships with our law enforcement partners. We will continue collaborating with them to help ensure that illegal aliens who may pose a threat to our communities are not released onto the streets to potentially harm individuals living within our communities.”

Ultimately, this “name and shame” method may actually work better than anything Trump can do to force these sanctuary cities into compliance. The courts have ruled that these cities have the right to reject ICE detainer requests, and they may also find that Trump cannot strip them of federal funding. But we doubt there’s a judge in America who can stop the president from exposing these cities to the public.

Some of these cities will never budge. They’re so liberal that they’re barely American anymore. They’ll fight to the last dollar to make sure illegal immigrants have a safe place in their communities, and that’s fine. There won’t be many. The rest will find the political pressure too much to bear. Your average Democrat voter is not that enthusiastic about shielding criminal Mexicans from deportation, and your average Democrat politician is going to realize that before too long.

And when the nation’s illegal immigrants start flowing into the 20 or 30 sanctuary cities that are left…well, it won’t be long before this whole house of cards comes tumbling down.


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