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Names Of 173 ISIS Terrorists Among Us Just Released And You’ll Be Shocked To See Who Is Among Them

It goes without saying that ISIS is a threat that needs to be eradicated sooner than later. Ever since their inception, these radical Islamists have gone on a killing spree that has stunned the world. These Muslim terrorists have only one goal and that is to kill those who are against Islam. The efforts to stop ISIS have been somewhat successful, but of course, there is so much more work to do. And, that was made abundantly clear after a list of 173 ISIS terrorists was found in the rubble of the terror groups former safe house. Though the names and where they were located was in itself shocking, one name stood out to everyone.

A new sinister list of 173 ISIS terrorists was recently discovered and the information on it was truly terrifying. The list contained the names, photos, and country of origin of these radical Muslims. While the list was shocking where the terrorists hailed from is even more troubling. Of course, 132 of these terrorists are from the Middle East, but the rest hailed from areas that many would be taken aback by. For instance, 6 of these ISIS terrorists are from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Germany.

The documents were found in a bombed out ISIS safe house by Iraqi special forces inside. Immediately after finding these chilling papers Iraqi officials had were sent out and evaluated to the global police authority Interpol. So far, Interpol has not released the whole list of names, but a couple has come to light.

The list from Interpol contains all the names of the suspects, their mother’s maiden names, their last known address, the date they were recruited by ISIS, and what mosque they may have attended. This well-detailed list was quickly distributed to various European security agencies including officials in the U.K. Officials throughout Europe feel that they are planning a massive attack in the West since their caliphate is rapidly deteriorating in the Middle East.

That was confirmed by The Guardian:

Interpol has circulated a list of 173 Islamic State fighters it believes could have been trained to mount suicide attacks in Europe in revenge for the group’s military defeats in the Middle East.

The global crime fighting agency’s list was drawn up by US intelligence from information captured during the assault on Isis territories in Syria and Iraq.

European counter-terror networks are concerned that as the Isis “caliphate” collapses, there is an increased risk of determined suicide bombers seeking to come to Europe, probably operating alone.

Though what is incredibly worrisome is the number of minors on the list that have pledged to fight for ISIS.These minors can easily slip through the cracks and enter America or Canada and pull off a terrorist attack that could kill thousands. “In the Interpol document, there are certainly three names of teenagers who received such training and have already left the ISIS area,” says a reliable source in Mosul. “They are currently in Turkey if they have not already traveled further to Europe.”

On the list is the only one German who goes by Sami J. The 27-years-old is from the city of Solingen and was the leader of the Islamist group Fillatu Ibrahim.

The one German on the list goes by Sami J. and fled to fight with ISIS in 2012.

Back in 2012, Sami J. left his home in Germany with fled his wife and child and fled to Egypt, then to Libya and to Syria to join ISIS.

The Sun reports:

In mid-July ISIS broadcast a report about his death via its propaganda service in Raqqa but without mentioning how he died.

This is considered unusual and intelligence agencies believe may be false in order for him to be secreted back into Europe for a suicide mission.

Die Welt says it has seen the list, adding: “Each photo on the list is marked with a name and a date of birth, with an often martial-sounding battle name and information about the country of origin.

“Some smile joyfully, others seem shy, much serious and expressive.

“A few of the shots look like passport photos.”

In the document next to Sami J’s. name notes that his special skills are “suicide bomber.”

On the list, it also contained the name of the terrorist that helped orchestrate the Paris attacks.

According to PJ Media:

That Abu Omar Al-Belgiki is using the same alias as the ISIS emir who coordinated the November 2015 suicide attacks in Paris that killed 130 people and injured 368 is an ominous sign. Abdelhamid Abaaoud had been a senior member of ISIS operating in eastern Syria, but he was able to travel with refugees through Greece to return to Europe and plan the Paris attacks.

Now, this all very terrifying, but there are many people out there that believe this is a European issue and not America’s, however, that is not the case. United States officials have confirmed that dozens of jihadists who fought in Syria and Iraq have returned to the U.S. Though the prosecution of these traitors has been few and far between. Almost two years ago, the FBI reported that there was more than a 1,000 active ISIS investigations going on within the country.

This here is prime example of why we need to close our borders and not allow anyone else in. These people are rabid and will stop at nothing till they kill all who they feel are infidels. We need to strengthen our borders and our vetting process or we could end up with another massive terrorist attack soon.


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Sweden On Brink Of Civil War: 61 Muslim No-Go Zones, Police Helpless

Dan Eliasson, a Swedish lawyer and long-time civil servant, has been Sweden’s National Police Commissioner since January 1, 2015.

Michael Töpffer reports for the Swedish daily newspaper Expressen that more than a year ago, on February 10, 2016, during a panel discussion on terrorist threats at the Swedish Jurist Assembly in Stockholm, National Police Chief Dan Eliasson admitted that crime has become so severe that police could no longer guarantee safety in parts of Sweden, including in the capital Stockholm:

“I have been surprised after I became national police chief how bad it is in certain areas during the evenings. If we do not contain this development, I am completely convinced that not only traditional crime but also radicalization and terror will increase in our society…. No, I cannot guarantee the security is there. We have resources, we act, but I cannot guarantee security in these areas. It is difficult.”

Eliasson identified 14 radicalized areas where conditions are so bad that police have to deploy two patrol cars “when we enter” those areas “because otherwise the car is vandalized and it’s impossible to do the job and it is obviously incredibly worrying.”

A year later, the situation has worsened.

In June 2017 at a press conference, National Police Commissioner Eliasson pleaded for help:

“Help us, help us! We need the local councils with us. We must do more together to turn this crisis around. The number of at-risk areas has increased. In some areas, it has gotten worse.”

That same month, on June 21, 2017, Anders Holm Nielsen reports for Nyheder that the Swedish police, in a new report Exposed Areas 2017, said that 61 areas in Sweden are deemed “vulnerable” because they have major problems with crime, unemployment and distrust of authorities:

  • In those areas, there are about 5,000 criminals spread over 200 criminal networks.
  • In the worst areas, 15-25 year olds account for the majority of crimes, and children as young as 10 are trained to bring weapons and drugs to older criminals.
  • Government workers in several places can not work without police protection. “Even with police protection, work can be a challenge as the police officers are also attacked.
  • In some areas, due to violence, vandalism, threats and extortion, insurance companies refuse to insure local businesses, which are forced to close.

Repeating police chief Eliasson’s plea, Swedish police ask for help from other actors in local areas, saying that the deteriorating public security situation can not be improved without the help from parents, religious communities and voluntary organizations.

Reporting for Breitbart London on June 29, 2017, Chris Tomlinson writes that there are now 61 no-go zones in Sweden, many of which are heavily migrant-populated. Tynnered, a suburb in Gothenburg, is a new addition to the list after cases of car burningsand shootings. Eliasson warned if the trend persists and crime continues to increase, then the social contract could break down in Sweden.

To make matters even worse, although the Swedish interior ministry has promised to hire more police officers, many Swedish police departments are facing an exodus of officers, especially in no-go areas:

  • According to one report published last year, 80% of Swedish police are considering leaving the force due to issues ranging from violence against them in no-go areas to lack of holiday time and poor funding.
  • The lack of staff has forced the last remaining police station in Kista, a suburb of Stockholm, to close.
  • In Rinkeby, one of the most infamous no-go areas in Stockholm, authorities have tried to build a new, fortress-like police station, but the government has been unable to secure a building contractor to complete the station as many fear being attacked.

Austria Bans Islamic Dresses for Women, Mandates 12-Month Integration Course

Austria has passed a controversial law that fines women who wear Islamic dress covering the whole face, and takes away welfare benefits from immigrants who fail to learn the language.

“Those who are not prepared to accept Enlightenment values will have to leave our country and society,” reads the text of the law, RT reported.

Earlier this year, the draft law drew thousands of protesters against the government and parliamentarians, but it was passed by a centrist coalition last month and now was signed by the president.

According to the law, women will face a fine of €150 ($168) if they wear Islamic dresses, either the niqab or the burqa, in public places. In addition to the fines, all new migrants coming to Austria to live will now be forced to take a 12-month “integration course” that includes German language lessons if they wish to receive any welfare benefits.


The new law also makes it illegal for newcomers to distribute incendiary materials, and migrants will be encouraged to volunteer before acquiring permanent work permits in order to prepare them for life in the workplace

Pakistan Advisory Board Releases Islamic “Rules For Beating Wives Who Refuse Sex”

Before the liberal women of America march for Sharia Law they really should read this!

Moulana Mohammad Khan Sherani Chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan. National Assembly of Pakistan

Seems Islamic Regulators Are Finally Coming Around . . . Right???

Although the Q’uran and it’s judiciary does impose some limitations on the severity of the beating a husband may impose on his wife when she is out of line, new considerations further limit the abuse she must endure.

Only ‘Light Beating’ Is Allowed

Yes, as Islam comes into the 21st Century significant changes in marital relationship expectations are taking place. Husbands are no longer allow to “use a broom or shoes to beat his wife on the head, eyes or nose.” Not only that, because all violence is absolutely forbidden, he can no longer cut her skin or break any of her bones.

The Council of Islamic Ideology says it has to finalize the 160-page draft of the regulations before it is sent to lawmakers in the Punjab province, the country’s most populated region, for approval.

From Flipboard:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A powerful constitutional body in Pakistan proposed legislation last week that would allow husbands to “lightly beat” their wives who decline sex or refuse to wear what their mates prefer.

As well as beatings for wives who decline to have sex with their husbands, the document also advocates men use “limited violence” on spouses who do not bathe after intercourse or during menstruation.

“Do not hit her vindictively, but only for reminding her about her religious duties”

The council — known as CII — went so far as to provide guidelines on how to inflict the beatings.

“Hit her in areas where her skin is not too thick and not too thin,” CII leader Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani told a press conference in Islamabad on Thursday. “Do not use shoes or a broom on the head, or hit her on the nose or eyes.”

“Do not break any bones or cut her skin or leave any marks,” he added. “Do not hit her vindictively, but only for reminding her about her religious duties.”

The CII cannot make laws itself but gives suggestions to Pakistan’s government and parliament.

Already, the proposal has sparked outrage inside the country.

“This is unbelievable,” said Allama Tahir Ashrafi, a former member of the CII who resigned for what he called religious regions. “So, what is ‘light beating’ and ‘limited violence’? Not chopping off their heads but only, say, burning them in oil?”

Ashrafi is now leader of the 110,000-member Pakistani Religious Scholars Council, a group of mullahs who debate Islam and preach.

He told NBC News the CII was subverting the very religion it claimed to uphold: “Violence is forbidden by Islam, period.”

He said the council should be speaking “about rape, about the increasing divorce rate, about suicide bombing — but they avoid these issues.”

“Violence is forbidden by Islam, period”

Others have questioned the practicality of the proposals.

“Will the Maulana [religious scholar] observe every beating himself, personally?” said Rana Sanaullah, the Punjab province law minister, in another press conference in Lahore. “How will he ensure that ‘light beating’ doesn’t become ‘heavy beating’.”

The draft bill has a step-by-step guide on how to administer these beatings. If a wife disobeys her husband, according to the document, the husband should try to talk to her. If that doesn’t work, he should sleep separately and only finally use violence as a last resort.

The CII suggests that any man who doesn’t follow that process should be prosecuted.

Pakistan was the first Islamic country to elect a woman to high office, with Benazir Bhutto serving as prime minister in the 80s and 90s before her assassination in 2007. However it consistently ranks as one of the world’s worst countries for female employment and education.

More than 1,000 “honor killings” were carried out in Pakistan last year, a practice where women are murdered by their own relatives if they are seen as bringing “dishonor” on their families.

The CII’s proposal was in response to an unconventionally liberal move by Pakistan’s Punjab province, which pushed for a progressive gender-equality law called the Protection of Women Against Violence Act. The act sought to give women more rights, including fitting violent husbands with electronic tracking bracelets.

Rejecting that bill as “un-Islamic,” the CII proposed its own document instead. The CII’s draft bill has to be finalized by the council before it is sent to the provincial legislature for approval.

In addition to the beatings, it also seeks to ban women from several aspects of society.

Female co-eds? Nope, not after primary school. Women joining combat squads in the armed forces? That would be out too — a far more conservative approach than the country’s air force, which has started training women to be fighter pilots.

Women also would be barred for nursing male patients in hospital unless it is their husband, son, brother or father.

The proposal does make some paltry concessions for the female population. It says they should be allowed to inherit property and given protection from being kicked out of their houses if their husband dies without a will. Women should not be subjected to forced marriage, acid attacks or honor killings, the draft also states.

Still, the list of punishable offenses goes on. The draft said beatings also should be administered to any woman who does not wear a hijab, gives money to other people without her husband’s permission, and talks loudly so the neighbors can hear.

Women would also be forced to breastfeed their kids for two years and banned from using contraception without their husband’s permission.

“Disgusting,” human-rights lawyer Asma Jahangir said in an interview with Pakistani television this week. “But we shouldn’t be worried. The women of Pakistan know how to protect themselves.” 


The holy month returns with its sacred traditions.

By Bruce Bawer

Yet again it has returned, the sublime and hallowed month of Ramadan – a beautiful and particularly sacred period that was an original part of the magnificent revelation handed down by Allah to the Prophet himself (peace be upon him) in the Holy Quran. Indeed, it has been widely postulated by many of our holiest of men that the precious text of that sacred volume was revealed to the Prophet himself (even more peace be upon him) during the very first Ramadan.

Needless to say, this is an exceedingly special and sanctified period of the year, a period of grace and majesty as well as of prayer and charity – a time during which the eternally beloved people of Allah are encouraged to demonstrate the depth and strength of their faith by engaging in sawm, or fasting, from dawn until sunset, as well as by strictly avoiding the intake of food and beverages, the use of tobacco, and any kind of carnal activity, although the standard acts of incestuous intercourse with minors and, naturally, the brutal sexual violation of the wives and offspring of infidels can be safely pursued per usual. Furthermore, it is to be hoped that the faithful will manifest the great extent of their self-restraint during this period by scheduling such activities as female genital mutilation, wife-beating, and the theologically obligatory honor killing of wives, sisters, and daughters for the hours following sundown – that is to say, after the iftar, the solemn supper taken in the wake of the sinking of the sun below the horizon, and before the suhur, the consecrated common meal that is directed to take place just prior to the rising of the sun.

It is particularly vital that the people of God make a special effort during the holy month of Ramadan not to engage in any act of unkindness, injustice, or insensitivity directed at their fellow believers – although, of course, the tossing of homosexuals from the roofs of buildings, the remorseless stoning to death of rape victims, and the violent execution of apostates may proceed as usual, preferably during the hours of darkness. It it crucial, moreover, to underscore that Ramadan is a time during which the followers of the Prophet are enjoined to take part in even a more extensive and profound degree of spiritual reflection than is their usual practice during the remainder of the year: they are, for instance, called upon to recite the special Ramadan prayers, known as the Tarawih, during the nights of this dearest of months, and even, if they are capable of such an accomplishment, to read prayerfully through the entire Holy Quran from start to finish. All of this contemplative and devout activity, to be sure, should not be permitted to distract the children of Allah from such equally urgent and virtuous tasks as mowing down infidels with cars, trucks, and other vehicles, shooting deadly rockets into the heart of urban areas where civilian non-believers are wont to gather, and committing sundry acts of mass annihilation and bloodshed involving such handy implements as machetes and Kalashnikovs.

Most important of all, the consummate lessons of self-control that the people of the Holy Quran are expected to take to heart during Ramadan should not be misconstrued in such a way as to prevent them from setting off bombs at major sporting events, high-profile musical performances, and other large public events at which there is a good chance of reducing large numbers of infidels, especially the small and helpless children of the infidels, to random splatters of blood and to charred, unidentifiable bits and pieces of flesh and bone. On the contrary, the followers of Allah and disciples of the Prophet (peace, yet again, be upon him) should never lose sight of the fact that it is during Ramadan, above all times, that acts of righteous slaughter and virtuous extirpartion – those blessed sanguinary proofs of Islamic piety and allegiance – bring even more joy to Allah in His Heaven than they do during the remainder of the year.

2 UK Terror Attacks In 2 Weeks: ‘This Is the Result of the West Not Recognizing That We Are At War’


The London Bridge incident is being investigated as terrorism, and former U.S. law enforcement officials are not surprised.

Just two weeks after the deadly attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, the United Kingdom is responding to as many as three different incidents, including a van crashing into a crowd at the London Bridge and a series of stabbings reported at nearby Borough Market.

“It appears to be ISIS related—this is the result of the West not recognizing that we are at war,” former member of the FBI National Joint Terrorism Task Force, Steve Rogers, told Fox News. “The United Kingdom Is learning that they must change their rules of engagement and their national policies regarding immigration.”

Former deputy secretary at the Department of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush, James Norton, told Fox News that this attack, reportedly occurring in multiple locations throughout London, is similar to that of the Paris attacks
in November 2015.

“This is another ISIS style attack that we have seen in France, using vehicles as a weapon, as well as knives and other day to day items as weapons of terror,” Norton told Fox News.

The U.K. saw a similar knife-style attack on the Westminster Bridge on March 22, with five people, including a London police officer, who was stabbed, and the perpetrator, were killed. More than 40 people were injured outside the Parliament building.

Other terror attacks against the West in recent months involving vehicles and knives include the December attack on the German Christmas market, when a large truck plowed through crowds of people, killing 12, and injuring 48 others; the November attack at Ohio State University when a student ran his car into a group of students and slashed them with a butcher knife; and in Nice, France, when a truck drove through a crowd on Bastille Day killing 77 people.

Muslims invade U.S. 'in the name of Allah'

by Greg Corombos

The man who unsuccessfully challenged House Speaker Paul Ryan in a Republican primary last year is now releasing a documentary highlighting what he sees as a threat to the United States through a coordinated Muslim migration strategy.

Paul Nehlen is host of “Hijrah: Radical Islam’s Global Invasion.” He is also the author of the forthcoming book, “Wage the Battle.”

Nehlen told WND and Radio America hijrah can refer to multiple ideas, ranging from leaving sin behind to Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina. However, he said Islamic texts clearly speak about strategic migration.

“Hijrah means ‘migration in the name of Allah,’” said Nehlen, who explained that the ultimate goal is to populate non-Muslim nations to the extent needed to impose Shariah law.

“The hijrah is one way of spreading the Shariah, spreading the law of Islam, this political doctrine, to land where Islam isn’t,” Nehlen said. “That’s what this documentary covers. It talks about the bigger picture here of what we saw here. It stems directly from their fundamental texts.”

He said hijrah is another method by which Muslims can earn their salvation.

“Quite unlike a Christian, who believes you can’t earn your way in and only by the grace of God are you granted access to heaven through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, Muslims believe they can earn their way in,” Nehlen said. “They believe they have to earn their way in.”

Help defend the First Amendment right to expose the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of America through your contribution to the legal defense of WND author David Gaubatz, whose “Muslim Mafia” has drawn the rage of Islamists.

In addition to explaining hijrah in his documentary, Nehlen said he made the film to counter the conventional wisdom offered by the media.

“What is portrayed in the mainstream media is so far from the truth that what I learned prior to and during my campaign compelled me to make this documentary to expose it for what it is and really to point out the massive hypocrisy in our refugee resettlement mechanisms in this country,” he said.

Specifically, Nehlen takes aim at the nine voluntary agencies, or volags, that facilitate refugee resettlement in the U.S.

“[They] receive over a billion dollars to resettle people who are predominantly – almost exclusively – Muslims into this country,” he said.

And he said the financial research he’s done shows more refugees admitted to the U.S. mean a lot of money for the volags.

“I researched these nine volags and all of their top people – I researched five deep into their salaries – and they’re making six-figure salaries. In fact, the highest-paid individual is making over $650,000 a year,” Nehlen said.

“When you have a profit motive that large to bring people in and you’re making more money by bringing more people in, you can’t argue that this is a humanitarian-only issue,” he said. “This is a profit-driven issue.”

He also claims not all the volags are as they seem based on their names.

“You have groups that have very Christian-sounding names, but the reality is they are being co-opted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” Nehlen said. “They are working on behalf of the United Nations, which is clearly working at odds to the United States.”

Nehlen said this concern over a de facto Muslim invasion is not just theoretical. He said the apprehension of a suspicious person photographing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge years ago ultimately led to a trove of unvarnished Muslim Brotherhood documents.

He read from one that directly references strategic migration.

“The process of settlement is a civilization jihadist process with all the word means. The Iquan, Arabic for Muslim Brotherhood, must understand that their work in America is kind of a grand jihad, eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that is it eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions,” read Nehlen.

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Nehlen is strongly urging Congress to pass HR 377, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act.

“It will roll back 60 years of work the Muslim Brotherhood has done,” he said.

Defenders of refugee resettlement and general Muslim migration contend the vast majority of Muslims are looking for a peaceful opportunity to pursue physical and financial security for their families. However, Nehlen said polling shows more than 50 percent of Muslims in the U.S. want to see Shariah law trump the Constitution as the final legal authority in the U.S..

“We are seeing Islamist Muslims who are reading directly from their documents and doing what is prescribed in their documents. It is inarguable,” Nehlen said. “You cannot argue that this religion is being perverted. It is not being perverted. It is being practiced in a fundamental way to spread Shariah around the world.”

And he said giving ground at the margins is a surefire way to lose the fight.

“There is no reason that a country should give up its culture, its heroes, its holidays, its traditions in order to make way for a new culture, new traditions, new holidays, new heroes,” Nehlen said. “That’s not what a nation-state is all about. I for one will not stand by and watch it happen.”

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House Votes On Whether Or Not To Allow Sharia Law In America….Here Is The HUGE Decision

Former president Barack Obama and his Democrats wanted us to believe that Muslims are good and kind, that they’re just a bunch of unfortunate people forced to leave their homelands.

Obama wanted you to think that these poor people are just here to assimilate and leave the American dream. No, they don’t want to live the American dream, but take it. Most Muslims come to this country to shoot and run over innocent people just because they want.

America went through hell during Obama’s presidency, because the former president didn’t fight against terrorists. Moreover, he armed them. Have you ever seen Obama do anything to blast terrorists? No, he supported Muslims and gave them more rights than Americans will ever have.

Now Muslims are trying to plant their Sharia law in every institution across the country. Is this what Obama referred to when he said that “Muslims are here to assimilate?”

This law is the most terrible of them all. According to this law, you can get killed for being a gay, and rape victims can’t do anything to punish rapists. Can you believe this? President Donald Trump will never allow anything like this, and he was clear about this during his presidential campaign.

The good news is that the House passed a new bill that bans “the application of foreign law.” Democrats and Muslims aren’t quite happy about it, and they complain that the new bill only targets Muslims, and approves xenophobia and racism. Really?

“We’ve heard a lot of discussions about this being a religious law and specifically directed at preventing Sharia law and I just don’t read it that way,” explained Republican Theresa Hamilton.

Sandy Montgomery had a similar opinion. “We have allowed legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and now refugees to take advantage of our law and culture to take up their own agendas. They have no intention to abide by our laws, nor are they interested in assimilating to our culture,” she said.


Arizona Finds Simple Way To Get Rid Of Entitled Muslim Refugees: 1,000s LEAVING!

                                                                                                                     “Something For Nothing?”

Thousands of Muslim refugees have already left Arizona on their own accord and many more will follow because of one VERY simple thing the Arizona residents are doing. This comes after hordes of Muslim refugees invaded the US and Arizona became a top destination for the immigrants.

At least 7,500 Somali refugees resettled in Arizona have moved out of the state because there are not enough welfare and government benefits to meet their demands. The state also requires them to learn English and find jobs in order to get food stamps. Apparently, this move doesn’t please many of them so they are moving out.

From USA News Flash

Here’s more… Each immigrant in Arizona receives $925 from the US Department of Health and Human Service every month. After this payment, each migrant is expected to foot the rest of their bills. The state of Arizona doesn’t offer additional funding unless these welfare recipients earn them. For many of them that is too much to ask.

All the refugees are required to complete a monthly report proving that they are learning English, and looking for jobs. If some of them skip language courses or refuse to apply for job, their food stamps are cut off and they are denied all other state benefits.

Here’s what one Somali refugee said about Arizona’s system:

“The one thing that Arizona does very well is making sure that at least these families will not go hungry,” Somali asylum seeker Mukhtar Sheikh says. “But sometimes these families don’t get enough help — they come in saying, “Oh, my food stamps have stopped,’ so we have to call DES and ask them why.”

He then admitted that he and his family were leaving Arizona for better benefits.

“If that money runs out and they don’t have a job, then there starts to be pressure for them to find a way to survive,” Sheikh says. “There’s not a lot of programs to help them with employment here.”

103,000 Entitled Muslims In Michigan Just Woke Up To Nasty Surprise From Pissed Off Citizens

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