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SHOCK – Muslim Refugee Kids Threaten To BEHEAD Their 5th Grade Teacher

How many stories of how Middle Eastern Muslim refugees are failing to integrate with Western society are needed before we WAKE UP?

And it’s not only the adults. As solid proof that our two civilizations just aren’t compatible, even refugee children are threatening JIHAD.

From Conservative Post

An elementary school teacher in Australia could not believe what was happening when 5th and 6th grade students, all of them Muslim refugees from Syria, threatened to BEHEAD her.

The students were angry about not being able to hang a Syrian flag in the school and over the fact that other students weren’t reading the Quran as demanded.

The teacher later quit her job rather than face such gruesome death threats.

A number of other teachers took leaves of absence after being bullied by Muslim students.

We are talking about kids that are only 11 and 12-years-old.

How far are we going to let this go?!


Japan has begun to welcome Muslim refugees into the country and just like every other country, they are paying the price. Two of these refugees have already been arrested for GANG RAPE. How wonderful…

According to The Tokyo Reporter, Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested two Turkish nationals currently applying for refugee status for allegedly raping a woman in Kita Ward.

On December 27 Onder Pinarbasi, 22, and a 16-year-old boy allegedly took a 30 year old woman to a public restroom near JR Akabane Station and sexually assaulted her. The suspects also stole 9,000 yen in cash from the victim which is roughly $80.

Pinarbasi, who has been charged with rape and robbery, claims the younger boy committed both crimes.

The boy admits he stole her money but denied that he raped the woman.

“I did not force myself upon her,” he told Police.

The rape occurred after the suspects called out the woman, who was visibly drunk at the time, as she was walking home.

The Muslims arrived in Japan last year. They applied for refugee status in August and October, telling the Immigration Bureau of Japan that they did not want to return to Turkey due to “problems that exist between relatives.”

The suspects received a visa status granting “special permission to stay in Japan.”

Well, that was a big mistake.

Time and time again we see what these people are all about. Pure evil. Animals that can’t coexist with civilized people.

Meanwhile, innocent citizens are paying the price for their government’s poor decisions.

Germany, Sweden, Australia, Paris and so many other countries are experiencing the horrific consequences of letting these refugees in.

Women and children are being raped, robbed, beaten and murdered. For what? Not to mention that many of these refugees are directly involved with ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

Again, Donald Trump is right. Seal the border- it’s just what we have to do.



Michelle makes her statement as though she and her husband have done something to improve race relations, when in fact they’ve further divided them.

This nation had progressed to the point of electing a black president, which was likely what she was pointing out. But, under that black president’s leadership race relations and racial disparities in almost every major facet of life are deep.


At a commencement address at City College of New York on Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama once again brought race to the forefront, proclaiming that she wakes up every day in a house built by slaves.

Interesting that she’s lived there for what, eight years now? And it hasn’t really seemed to bother her much. Then again, how ironic a comment coming from someone who has earned the nickname “Mooch” as we the American people are now the slaves paying for her rent, utilities, and lavish quarter-of-a-million-dollar vacations.

Female Muslim Professor says it’s Okay for Muslims to Capture Slave Girls and then Rape them to “Humiliate” Them

by Onan Coca
One of the worst parts of writing about current events and the news is the absolutely ridiculous things that I am forced to write. I never imagined that I’d write words like the ones which appear in the title of this article… but here we are.

Female Muslim Professor says it’s Okay for Muslims to Capture Slavegirls and Rape Them to Humiliate Them

The wonderful folks at MEMRI TV do the hard work of watching Muslim media outlets to see what the “religion of peace” is saying, and they are constantly bringing us new gems from Muslim world. The latest example comes to us from the most important Muslim University in the world, Al-Azhar, in Cairo, Egypt. Professor Suad Saleh is a teacher at Al-Azhar, and she has some interesting things to tell you about Islam and rape.

Like… Rape is okay. If you’re doing it to humiliate your female prisoner of war who is now a captured slave. I kid you not.

Suad Saleh: “‘Those whom you own’ (slavery) existed before Islam. It existed among all nations and countries, not just among pre-Islam Arabs. Anyone could trade in freeborn men and women. This is called the selling of freeborn people. It’s like the selling of human organs and trafficking in freeborn humans today. But when Islam emerged, it put (slavery) into order, by limiting it to legitimate wars between Muslims and their enemies. If we fought Israel, which is plundering land, and is an aggressor against people and their faith… Obviously, it is impossible that we will fight Israel, even though Surat Al-Isra in the Quran foretells this, and nothing is beyond the power of Allah… The female prisoners of wars are ‘those whom you own.’ In order to humiliate them, they become the property of the army commander, or of a Muslim, and he can have sex with them just like he has sex with his wives…

Some opportunists and extremists, who only harm Islam, say: ‘I will bring a woman from East Asia, as (a slavegirl) under the status of “those whom you own,” and with the consent of my wife, I will allocate this woman a room in the house, and will have sex with her as a slavegirl.’ This is nonsense. This is not prescribed by Islam at all. Islam says that a woman is either a wife or a slavegirl. Legitimately-owned slaves come from among prisoners from a war, which is waged against the Muslims, a war to plunder land, a war against our faith, and so on. What some people are doing now is an aggression against Allah and against Allah’s legal texts in the Quran, and we must not be influenced by this at all.”

How’s that for an education? Show this to all your liberal comrades who go about defending the “religion of peace” and ask them if they know more about Islam than a professor from the world’s most prestigious Muslim University. Remind them that this is from supposedly ‘non-radical’ Egypt too… not Iran, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, Syria or ISIS occupied Iraq. (Boy, the “radical” Muslim world just keeps getting bigger.)

Chaos in Germany! Muslim Gangs Attack Churches and Schools - Rape Women and Children!

The home of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation is now being overrun with an invading force of the followers of Muhammad. Germany has opened the floodgates of the antichrist following Muslims and now they are seeing the devastating consequences, but Germany seeks to coverup the crimes of the religion of pieces.

WND reports:

Islamic gangs in Germany have broken into schools and churches and plundered collection boxes, crosses and other valuable and sacred objects used in church services, according to prosecutors.

From the schools, the men stole laptops, money and a cash card, which they used to finance ISIS jihadist fighters seeking to topple the regime of Syrian president Bashur al-Assad, alleged chief prosecutor Nadja Gudermann.


Islam is a Threat to America

We recently moved to the beautiful state of North Carolina – one of the fastest growing states in the nation. My family attended one of the local churches and a guest preacher was speaking about the church’s outreach to the ever-growing populace from all over the nation, and the world. The preacher explained that North Carolina has changed from a small town feel where everyone assumed his or her neighbor attended a church in the Christian faith. Now, people of many faiths, or no faith at all, have flooded the region. This has caused the church to re-evaluate their methods of outreach to the area. It has also caused great concern for North Carolina natives who desire to maintain the Christian value system of their state.

This got me thinking: America was founded by “immigrants.” Since the early 1600’s, America was known as the place where people could go to start a new life with freedom of religion, the liberty to choose your own occupation, and a place of refuge from oppressive governments.

The Mayflower Compact states why the Pilgrims came to America:

In the name of God, Amen. We, whose names are underwritten, the Loyal Subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord, King James, by the Grace of God, of England, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, e&. Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith, and the Honour of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia…

During the time of our founding, Islam was a major religion in many parts of the world. Therefore, there were numerous Muslims living in America during the time of its founding. Naturally, there was great concern over Muslims taking over America’s Christian value system, especially since America was in a war against Islamic terrorists – the Barbary Powers War – that spanned over the presidencies of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

During this critical point in America’s history, we are facing the same thing today.

The difference is how our elected representatives and influential people confronted this critical predicament. While Obama has stated that we are no longer a Christian nation, our founders stated the opposite.

Concerning the fear of Muslims holding high office in America,

Supreme Court Justice James Iredell (nominated to the Court by President Washington) stated:

But it is objected that the people of America may perhaps choose representatives who have no religion at all, and that pagans and Mahometans may be admitted into offices. . . . But it is never to be supposed that the people of America will trust their dearest rights to persons who have no religion at all, or a religion materially different from their own.

Theophilus Parsons (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts) also affirmed:

No man can wish more ardently than I do that all our public offices may be filled by men who fear God and hate wickedness; but it must remain with the electors to give the government this security.

While the Constitution does not require men to be Christian in order to hold office, the beliefs of our founders’ highly encouraged this…and so did Americans.

[See also, “President Doubles Down: No Islamic Terrorists.”]

John Randolph was a Virginian Congressman during America’s founding. In his early years he held a position “in favor of Mahomedanism” and “rejoiced in all its triumphs over the cross [Christianity].” Francis Scott Key, author of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” befriended Randolph and faithfully shared the Gospel with him. Randolph converted to Christianity and became a strong advocate for the Christian faith. He once stated:

“I am at last reconciled to my God and have assurance of His pardon through faith in Christ, against which the very gates of hell cannot prevail. Fear hath been driven out by perfect love.”

Key shared the Christian faith with many Muslims in America, and even bought them copies of the Bible in Arabic.

Today, in a world of “tolerance” toward anything but Christianity, America is in danger of losing her Virtue unless we, like our founders, uphold the Christian value system and the church obeys the great commission to preach the Gospel to every creature.

Reverend Francis Grimke (1850-1937) once proclaimed,

“If the time comes when America shall go to pieces, it will… [be] from… losing sight of the fact that ‘Righteousness exalteth a nation, but that sin is a reproach to any people… Unless we hold… to these great fundamental principles of righteousness, America will be only a covenant with death and an agreement with hell.”


MOVE BACK TO SUCKISTAN: Muslim Chick Suing Cops for ‘Violating Her Religious Freedom’ During Arrest

var p = new anv_pl_def();p.loadVideoWithKey(“eyJwIjoiMTAwMDAxMSIsIm0iOiJTUFMiLCJ2IjoiZXhwcmVzc18xNDIyNTQyOTk3MTE2In0=”);

If you can’t deal with the laws here, please pack your bags and go back to Suckistan.

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) – A Dearborn Heights woman is suing the city’s police department for violating her civil rights.
Malak Kazan, 24, is Muslim and wears a hijab, or head scarf. When she was arrested in June for driving with a suspended license, Kazan says she was forced to remove her hijab during booking and while in custody.
Kazan’s attorney, Amir Makled, says removing a head scarf around anyone other than women and close male relatives is humiliating and violates her faith and Muslim practice.
She has filed the suit in U.S. District Court in hopes of changing the policy. She also wants officers of the Dearborn Heights Police Department to undergo sensitivity training.

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