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Quaint U.S. town: Man named 'Hussein' tries to behead police officer with sword

Muslim Police Force Takes Over U.S. Town, Pissed Citizens Make Them Pay In HUGE Way


For quite some time, conservatives have sounded the alarm over how dangerous of a threat Sharia law is. The American people have witnessed over the last several years, radical Muslims continue to infiltrate our country thanks to liberal politicians. These Muslims have spread across the United States in their attempt to take over the west but thanks to the conservative right we have been able to stop many of their advances.

For instance, in the state of Montana, the Republicans in the state Senate were able to successfully block the application of foreign laws such as Sharia being enforced in their state courts. Also in Irvine, Texas, Mayor Beth Van Duyne shut Muslims who attempted to implement Sharia law in her city.

Mayor Beth Van Duyne

Now, there is another Muslim who is attempting to enforce Islam’s barbaric justice system in one American town, and these red-blooded Americans were not having any part of it.

Devon James Miller was raised in Georgia and moved to Minnesota where he was quickly radicalized there by the Muslim community and eventually changed his name, to Abdullah Rashid. Now, Rashid spends his time in the quiet suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota patrolling the streets as a Sharia law enforcer in what he calls “the civil part of the sharia law”.

Rashid walks the streets and tells citizens not to drink, smoke, or interact with the opposite sex. If Rashid happens to see a Muslim woman not wearing the appropriate Muslim attire he will suggest what they should wear. If that is not bad enough to hear about one of these men in America dictating what people can do, is that he is also recruiting more to join the ranks, and has been successful.

Here is more from Star Tribune:

Minneapolis police received reports in February from concerned residents who saw Rashid in a dark green uniform that said “Muslim Defense Force” and “Religious Police” and had two flags associated with ISIS and other terrorist groups.

“We’ve had conversations with community members that live over there,” said Officer Corey Schmidt, a police spokesman. “Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to deal with it, but it’s something we’ve been monitoring.”

Jeff Van Nest, an FBI spokesman for Minneapolis, declined to comment.

In a recent interview, Rashid said he aims to turn Cedar-Riverside into a “sharia-controlled zone” where Muslims are learning about the proper practices of Islam and that “non-Muslims are asked to respect” it.

“People who don’t know me would say I’m a terrorist,” he said. “I’m someone who’s dedicated to Islam and trying to help the community all ways I can.”

But the Islamic Institute of Minnesota issued a statement Wednesday saying Rashid “does not in any way speak for the Islamic Institute of Minnesota or the Muslims in Minnesota.”

“We consider this matter as a dangerous precedent and a threat in our country and our way of life,” the statement said. “We ask our law enforcement agencies to consider this grave matter to protect Minnesotans.”

Of course, this is a threat and needs to be stopped, but the question is how did it get so far? At first, Rashid said that he had the support of the local police department and that they have allowed him to patrol the streets. However, there are others in the community that are rather confused by what Rashid is even doing, and has even be caught giving legal counsel to citizens.

Salma Mohamed, a mother of four, met with him recently at Brian Coyle Community Center, seeking advice on a custody case. A friend had referred her to Rashid, unaware of his controversial activities. She was startled by his uniform, she said, and his talk about terrorism and the young Muslim men who were convicted of trying to join ISIS.

“I was expecting the guy was a lawyer,” Mohamed said. “He just brought up things that weren’t even on the discussion table.”

On his website, Rashid posted a video titled “Never Trust Non-Muslims” by Anwar al-Awlaki, leader of an Al-Qaida affiliate in Yemen, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2011. And he had initially listed the Masjid Shaafici Cultural Center in Cedar-Riverside address as his organization’s headquarters.

But the imam of that mosque, Abdighani Ali, said it has nothing to do with Rashid’s group. Ali said he plans to file a complaint with police.

“We’re against his ideas,” Ali said. “We always encourage our community to be a part of the society.”

Of course, this sort of behavior has pissed off Americans and they have decided to voice their opinion and take back their city. 

After the article appeared on Star Tribune, these Patriots had something to say about Rashid and his activities that may shut him down for good.

Rashid needs to be deported to the Middle East if that is the sort of life he wants to lead. This is America and in the land of the free, we do not have a third world religion tell us how to live. As Americans we are accommodating to all sorts of people in this great country of ours, but not if you are coming here to change us. It is really simple here in America, you assimilate to our culture or you can leave, but that’s about it.

Rashid and his Sharia law patrol might as well pack their bags leave since they are not welcome here.


H/T [ Star Tribune ]

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Dutch freedom fighter speaks at the Freedom Center’s evening honoring Dr. Robert Shillman.

Editor’s Note: Below are the video and transcript of Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders’ speech on Europe’s suicide in the face of Islam, which was delivered at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Aug. 3rd evening honoring Dr. Robert Shillman in Newport Coast, California. Dennis Prager also spoke at the event [see his speech here]. 

Geert Wilders: Thanks Dr. Bob for the introduction.

I feel flattered. But we are here tonight to honor you, not me.

Dear Dr. Bob, dear friends and family of Dr. Bob, fellow freedom fighters, we are happy to have Dr. Bob’s family in our midst today and I propose we give them a huge applause.

I know that I speak on behalf of everyone in this room when I say that it is an enormous pleasure to be here in Newport Beach to honor one of the great American freedom fighters, visionaries and philanthropists, our dear friend Dr. Bob Shillman.

My friends, in 1990, Dr. Bob was named Entrepreneur of the Year for his outstanding performance as founder and CEO of Cognex, the world’s leading supplier of machine vision systems.

If ever anyone deserved to be called Entrepreneur of the Year, it certainly was Dr. Bob.

But, today, I propose we name him Infidel of the Year.

This title is a badge of honor. Because I know no-one who is as supportive for those of us who fight the monstrous ideology of Islam as Dr. Bob Shillman. For this alone, he deserves a medal and our eternal gratitude.

But Dr. Bob is much more. When you say Dr. Bob Shillman, you say many things. You say entrepreneur, you say visionary, you say Cognition Expert.

When you say Dr. Bob Shillman, you say Boston. But you also say San Diego. Indeed, when you say Dr. Bob Shillman you span the entire US from the North East to the South West.

When you say Dr. Bob Shillman, you say Friend of Israel. Defender of Western civilization.

When you say Dr. Bob Shillman, you say speed. Indeed, you even say race cars.

When you say Dr. Bob Shillman, you say science, but you also say generosity. His Ph.D. does not only stand for Doctor of Philosophy, but also for Doctor of Philanthropy.

But when you say Dr. Bob Shillman, above all you say freedom fighter. Friend of Liberty. A true American hero.

But maybe most important of all is that when you say Dr. Bob you say friendship and loyalty. Thank you for that Dr. Bob.

The first time I met Dr. Bob was about ten years ago when I was in Los Angeles to talk about the Islamization of Europe. I just said that Dr. Bob is a visionary. And as such he knows what the future has in store for us if we allow Islam to take over the West.

Dr. Bob is also a man of action. And he knows that it is our duty to defend our superior Western civilization.

To see and not to act would be the great betrayal. These are words by Enoch Powell, who like Dr. Bob was a visionary.

Next year, it will be exactly 50 years since this British politician gave a speech which ended his political career. He began by saying that “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.” And then he added what he saw coming to his country as a result of the rising tide of immigration.

“As I look ahead,” he said, “I see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’. Only resolute and urgent action will avert it. Whether there will be the public will to demand and obtain that action, I do not know. All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal.”

Whatever one may think of some of Powell’s views, no-one can deny that he was right on his essential point;

Immigration would dramatically change his country. But the resolute and urgent action he called for did not come. On the contrary. Powell was called a racist and a bigot. While Britain and the rest of Western Europe, like lemmings jumped off the cliffs.

Half a century later, we can see much blood along the banks of the River Thames. Twice already this year, we have seen Islamic maniacs driving cars into people on Westminster Bridge and London Bridge. In Manchester children were blown to pieces.

And it is not just Britain. But all over Europe, all over the West, Islamic terror has become a fact of life. Europe is a war zone. Paris, Stockholm, Brussels, Madrid. But also America. Dr. Bob’s beloved Boston, Orlando, New York, even San Bernardino, less than an hour’s drive from here. Yes, Islamic barbarism is just around the corner.

And still, the elites refuse to see that Islam is the common denominator behind all these atrocities.

And still they refuse to act to preserve our freedoms and security by de-Islamizing our nations and closing our borders for even more islam.

We are witnessing the great betrayal by the arrogant, ignorant and downright stupid European elites jumping off the cliffs.

The open door policies of many governments in the European Union are sheer madness. Suicide policies.

Even jihadis who have gone to Syria to fight are allowed to return. We have already seen how dangerous these people are. They have committed terror attacks in Manchester, Brussels, and Paris. Interpol has just circulated a list of 173 Islamic State fighters returning to Europe. Terrorists trained to mount suicide attacks in Europe. And there thousands more to come. Europe is a war zone and it will get even worse.

How many victims do the European authorities need before they close their borders to Islamic terror? Instead, they tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, that the terrorists are abusing Islam. All lies. The true Islam is not what Teresa May, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, your former President Obama or my own Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte say it is.

And although it is indeed a relief to see that you finally have a President who stands for his country and its people -and I applaud President Trump for that – even he is wrong when he makes a distinction between so-called radical Islam and plain ordinary Islam which is supposed to be non-extremist.

Believe me there is no non-extremist Islam. There are many non-extremist Muslims but there is no non-extremist Islam. There is just one Islam. It is in the Koran. Nowhere else.

And there we find verses such as “Fight those who do not believe in Allah.”

Verses such as “Fight them and kill them wherever you find them.”

Verses such as “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah”, or “roast them in fire”, or “smite at their necks and cause a bloodbath among them” or “seize them and kill them”.

This book is the ranting of a self-proclaimed prophet, Mohammed, who was a criminal, a terrorist, a pedophile, a mass murderer. And who still is an example and inspiration for more than a billion Muslims worldwide today.

Dr. Bob is well aware of this. Ronald Reagan used to say: “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” That is exactly Dr. Bob’s approach.

That is why he decided to sponsor an exhibition of Muhammad cartoons in Garland, Texas, in May 2015, where I had the privilege of giving the keynote speech and where two jihadists tried to commit an attack.

Islam calls us pigs. It says our women are whores. It commands to kill all Jews and homosexuals. But it is ignored or even condoned by the authorities.

However, we, we get prosecuted if we warn against Islam or against mass-immigration from countries, such as Morocco, where this poisonous ideology is prevalent, even if we just mention obvious facts.

This has to stop. This must stop.

For we will never surrender to Islam. We will stand strong and do our duty.

Liberty demands sacrifices. Freedom is not for free. It has a price. And we are willing to pay it.

Dr. Bob is willing to pay it, I am willing to pay it, and so are you. Because we are freedom fighters. We may not look like fighters, but in our hearts beats the pulse of freedom. I can feel it. And so can you. And we will allow no-one – no-one – ever to rob us of our freedom.

And we will defend Western civilization everywhere where it is threatened by Islam. And this also means that we stand with a country that is very dear to the heart of Dr. Bob and also to mine and I am sure to yours. Israel.

Israel is the cradle of Judeo-Christian civilization. The only country in the Middle East sharing our values. A beacon of light in a sea of Islamic darkness. If Israel falls, the West falls. And if it falls, we will be next. So Israel is fighting our fight and we should thank them for it and support them. It is the frontline of our civilization. And we will never give it up. And don’t be fooled the Israeli-Palestinian problem is not about land but about ideology.

So the solution can never be to return Jewish land to Arabs. They won’t stop until the whole land is Islamic.

And let’s stop talking about a two state solution because it already exists. Israel is the Jewish State and Jordan the Palestinian state.

My friends, not only Israel, we too are facing an existential problem. Islam is threatening our very existence as free nations. And so we must act, we must warn the people.

Because if the resolute and urgent action that is urgently needed, fails to materialize, then in another 50 years from now, Europe’s Christians, Jews and atheists will be dwarfed by the followers of Islam.

According to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, the year 2015 was the first time ever in recorded history – the first time ever – that the number of babies born in the European Union was lower than the number of persons who died.

But here is the thing: the total population did not decline. It went up. It went up with 2 million.

And you know why? It went up exclusively because of immigration.

So, what we are witnessing is this: It is the substitution of the population of Europe. Substitution by immigration.

Europe is in the middle of a process of population replacement. A process of colonization. Its nations turned into provinces of Africa and Arabia.

And the consequences will be devastating. Because the bulk of the massive flow of immigrants replacing the indigenous Europeans are Islamic.

Look at the figures: According to the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, at least 80% of the 1.3 million newcomers in Germany in 2015 and 2016 are Islamic.

Germany is becoming Germanistan. Holland is becoming Hollandistan. Europe is becoming Eurabia as my dear friend Bat Ye’or rightfully stated a long time ago already.

A few years ago, Mark Steyn wrote the bestseller “America Alone.” I tell you: If the Europeans do not pull their act together soon, it will be upon us faster than you can imagine:

America as the last vestige of Western civilization. Europe collapsing.

Its democratic nation-states finished.

Its cathedrals in ruins.

Its works of art gone. Forever.

And persecuted European Jews and Christians fleeing to Israel or your way.

That is the future the visionaries see if Europe’s governments keep betraying their people.

Because history shows that wherever Islam becomes dominant, democratic institutions perish, all pre-Islamic remnants are destroyed, and non-Islamic people cease to be safe.

Will our women still be safe in the streets 20 years from now? In many streets they are already unsafe today.

How long will it take before Sharia law is introduced here? In the U.K. Sharia courts already exist today.

How long before the first Cathedral is turned into a mosque? The first priest was already butchered in a French church last year.

These are the questions we must ask ourselves.

But not a single European government dares to address these existential questions. They worry about climate change. But they will soon be experiencing the Islamic winter.

So what can we do?

First of all; Face the facts. As the great Winston Churchill said: “Facts are better than dreams.”

It’s time to stop dreaming of a non-existent peaceful Islam. To stop behaving like the cultural relativists who open their mind so wide that their brains fall out. It is time to end tolerating the intolerable.

The West also urgently needs to recognize that it is not just terrorism which is the problem, but Islam. As an ideology of submission, hate and violence. Terrorism is just a tool. But the goal of Islam is conquest.

And this goal is also served through population replacement. We must not just fight terrorism; we also have to stop population substitution.

Who could have imagined in 2010 when the Islamic population in Germany was 4.8 million, that barely six years later there would be 1.5 million more. 6.3 million.

From 5.8% of the population to 7.6% in just half a decade.

That is Angela Merkel’s legacy. The Germans are collectively abolishing themselves. Germany is committing suicide.

According to a recently leaked German government report, the country’s leaders intend to take in 300,000 migrants annually for the next 40 years. Can you believe that? You better do.

The document reveals that in order to keep the current size of the German population stable the German government is counting on permanent mass migration.

Let me tell you what this means: With most of the immigrants coming from the Islamic world, the Islamic population in Germany will jump to more than 25% of the overall German population by 2060. More than 25%.

If that happens, it is bye bye to the land of Bach and Beethoven, down the drain Kant and Schiller.

And the elites in France, the Netherlands, Britain, Sweden and other West-European countries are equally insane. They have allowed 1.5 million immigrants to enter Western Europe since 2015.

The European Union is facilitating the process of population replacement.

The open border policies imposed by the EU on its member states prevent these countries to control their own borders.

The EU Court of Justice and the European Human Rights Court dismiss sovereign laws of member states and trample on their rights to approve who enters their countries.

Yesterday we saw once again an appalling example of this.

The European Human Rights Court ruled yesterday that Germany is not allowed to expel a dangerous foreign terrorist belonging to Islamic State.

Unbelievable but true.

I say: Time to get rid of these courts.

Abolish all international human rights courts. They have proven that they do not respect the basic right of ordinary citizens: The right to safety.

The EU is also forcing countries to take in quotas of immigrants. EU Frontex ships pick immigrants up at sea and transport them to the EU instead of sending them back. Everything the EU does makes matters worse.

Up to 1 million more, predominantly young men, are currently waiting in North Africa, eager to invade Europe. And this, my dear friends, is just the beginning.

The population of Africa is exploding. Its numbers expected to rise from 1 billion today to 2 billion by 2050 and 4 billion by the end of the century. According to the International Labor Organization, one third of them intend to leave their country.

If these people are allowed to move North, this is what will happen: More Africans living in Europe by the end of the century than indigenous Europeans.

I repeat: More Africans than Europeans. In Europe. By the time of your grandchildren. Population replacement is not just a possibility. If nothing happens, it will be a fact.

Our culture, identity and nations as we know them today will cease to exist.

Our worst nightmare come true.

But, my friends, will we allow it to happen? Of course not. We are not going to jump off the cliffs.

I am a politician. Dr. Bob does not like politicians. But Dr. Bob seems to like me anyway. And I will tell you why. It is because I, unlike many other politicians, instead of creating problems, address the problems whatever the consequences and present solutions to problems.

And here are some of the solutions which I propose:

1. De-Islamize our nations.  Close the borders to Islamic immigration. Enough is enough. And no more Islamic schools or mosques. Why allow mosques in our countries when the first church still has to built in Saudi Arabia?

2. Immediate denaturalization of every European jihadi who has left to fight in Syria or elsewhere. Dont allow them to return to our countries. And introduce administrative detention for everyone the intelligence services suspect of preparing terror attacks or pose a serious threat to national security. As the State of Israel already does very effectively.

3. Defend the Judeo-Christian roots of our civilization. We are NOT Islamic. We should be proud of who we are and not afraid but proud to say that our culture is the best and far better than the Islamic culture.

4. Regain and protect national sovereignty. Without a nation state there can be no nationional identity and no democracy. For my country it can only be done outside the institutional monster called the European Union.

5. Guarantee freedom of speech.  No matter how politically incorrect, the truth is the truth and must be expressed even – especially – when the truth is uncomfortable for the ruling elites.

These are some of the solutions that I propose.

I do not want to see my country, the Netherlands, perish.

I want to see the Dutch people remain free, independent, sovereign and Dutch.

My dear friends, liberty is the most precious of gifts. My generation never had to fight for this freedom, it was offered to us on a silver platter, by people who fought for it with their lives. All throughout Europe, American cemeteries remind us of the young boys and men who never made it home, and whose memory we cherish. My generation does not own this freedom; we are merely it’s custodians.

We can only hand over this hard won liberty to Europe’s children in the same state it was offered to us. We cannot strike a deal with mullahs and imams. Future generations would never forgive us. We cannot squander our liberties.

We simply do not have the right to do so. We have to do our duty and take the necessary action that is needed to stay free people and free nations. Therefore we have to stop and reverse the Islamization of the West. Of America, of Europe of Australia and all the Western world.

And here is the man, whom both you and I find on our side in this battle for the heart of nation, in this struggle for the preservation of Western civilization: Dr. Bob Shillman.

A man for all seasons. The best of friends: Dr. Bob Shillman. I am convinced that if only our leaders in Western Europe would have just a tenth of the courage and sharp-mindedness of Dr. Bob, our nations could be saved.

And I tell you, if ever I become Prime Minister of the Netherlands – and I will – I will make him a honorary citizen of my country.

Dear Dr. Bob, unfortunately you are not Dutch, but I can tell you this: It is an honor to stand in the great battle for the survival of our civilization side by side with you.

You have never let us down. I will never let you down.

All of us together in this room: We will never let each other down. We are a band of brothers.

And we intend to win this great battle. And save Western civilization.

Thank you.

Court Upholds Ban On Full Face Burkas – Do You Agree?

‘Islamophobic’ and insensitive?

Courts in Europe (yes, Europe!) have upheld Belgium’s ban on wearing the full-face Niqab in public.

The court ruled that the restriction sought to guarantee social cohesion, the ‘protection of the rights and freedoms of others’ and that it was ‘necessary in a democratic society’.
Belgium banned the wearing of the full-face veil under a June 2011 law. It prohibits appearing in public ‘with a face masked or hidden, in whole or in part, in such a way as to be unidentifiable’.

Violations can result in fines and up to seven days in jail.
France was the first European country to ban the niqab in April 2011. –Read More

Why should the law prevent someone from covering their face like that?

Maybe it had something to do with stories like this one:

One dull afternoon in late autumn, a 27-year-old British man of Somali origin, with uneven teeth and chubby cheeks, became the latest terror suspect to disappear, making a mockery of the UK security services, police and judiciary.
After spending several hours in the dilapidated An-Noor Masjid (mosque) and community centre on Church Road in Acton, west London, he sliced off his electronic tag, slipped on a burka and vanished.
The fugitive had been subject to a controversial Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure (Tpim) notice, which was supposed to restrict his movements.

Or this one:

A senior leader of an Al Qaeda-linked terror group has been captured dressed up like a Muslim woman – wearing a garment which is a headpiece and covers the body, too, known as a burka.

So, it’s not exactly a rare thing. And strictly speaking, their religion does not require covered faces. Even Muslim countries, before they’ve been taken over by radicals, didn’t wear full coverings. Look up old pictures of Iran, or other repressive Hellholes BEFORE they became oppressive.

The court ruled on this one. Did they make the right call?


Somali Muslims Take Over Small Tennessee Town And Force Absolute HELL On Terrified Christians

Muslims continue to prove they have little intentions of integrating into modern civilization after fleeing their war-torn countries, as they continue to force Islam and Sharia Law onto unassuming Americans. Cities across America where migrants have been allowed to invade are rapidly transforming into Sharia swamps, just take a look at the startling transformation of cities like Dearborn and Minneapolis. As many Americans were left in shock and horror following the Minnesota woman being violently shot down by a Somali Muslim cop, now Somali migrants have set their sights on another American city to invade. Desperate Tennessee residents are frantically crying out for help, as the small town they once loved and cherished is being completely overrun by hordes of nasty Muslim migrants, who have now started targeting local Christians with violent Islamic crimes.

The country of Somalia is a third world country Sharia crap hole that hasn’t had a functioning government in over 20 years. Muslim jihadists now completely rule the country through the iron fist of Sharia Law, where the Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Shabab runs rampant and jihadi leadership actively train locals to carry out terror attacks on the United States. While it would be wise to keep these terrorists confined to Somalia as much as possible, liberals keep advocating to bring Somali Muslims to America by the thousands, where hordes of Somalis are dumped into American cities annually much to the horror of Americans across the country. And unfortunately for the residents of Shelbyville, Tennessee, a small American town about an hour’s drive from Nashville, they’re now becoming intimately acquainted with exactly what Sharia Law and Islam teaches, after third world migrants were dropped into their town overnight.

At first glance, the small Tennessee town that’s nestled in the middle of the state seems like your typical sleepy southern hamlet similar to Mayberry. There’s a local sheriff and movie theater, where may locals attend church as the town is right smack in the middle of America’s Bible Belt. But after hordes of Somali migrants started arriving at an alarming rate in their traditional Islamic garb, locals began to notice changes the Muslims began to force onto the populace, as shortly after arriving a “culture clash” began to immediately ensue between the locals and migrants.

Shelbyville, Tennessee

“They’ve had an impact here. Unfortunately, it’s not been a good impact,” said Brian Mosely, a reporter for the local Shelbyville Times-Gazette stated. “I found that there was just an enormous culture clash going on here,” he said. “The Somalis were, according to a lot of the people I talked to here, were being very, very rude, inconsiderate, very demanding. They would go into stores and haggle over prices. They would also demand to see a male salesperson, would not deal with women in stores. Their culture is totally alien to anything the residents are used to,” Mosely added.

But unfortunately for locals, a “culture clash” would soon be the least of their concerns after a series of violent crimes were taken out at the hands of these Somali migrants. Several months ago, the liberal media completely white-washed a series of events where three churches were shot up by Muslims. Jihad Watch was the only one to even report on the story, where AK47’s were used to shatter the windows of multiple churches in the area. They reported:

“A Muslim shoots up three churches and nothing is said about his motive or his Islamic identity. Would the same courtesy be shown a Christian who shot up three mosques? Why the coverup? Who is responsible for it?

Three churches were shot up in the Shelbyville, TN area starting on the night of Sep 27, 2016. The Horse Mountain Church of Christ was shot 16 more times the night of Sep 29. The Philippi United Methodist Church along with another church was also struck by 7.62 x 39 rounds on the 29th. (7.62 x 39 rounds are consistent with an AK47 or a SKS rifle) The Bedford County Agriculture Center was also attacked with gunfire on the 29th, shattering the front glass. There were also reports of utility boxes being shot during this time.”

Somali Muslims are proving to be the most violent migrants due to the vicious jihadist-ruled country they’re plucked from before making their way to the United States. Somali Muslims are not only overtaking Shelbyville and forcing Sharia onto the populace, but the city of Minneapolis as well. In addition to the disturbing headlines of the Somali cop gunning down a white woman last week, Somali migrants completely took over a small Minnesota white neighborhood several months back and started threatening to rape and murder females who were standing in their yards. As we previously reported:

Local reports reveal that white woman was just minding her own business outside of her home when a mob of migrant males approached her and began screaming disparaging comments at her, threatening to rape and kill her. KSTP TV interviewed the victim, where she relayed her horror about the incident that transpired in her neighborhood.

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap me and they were going to rape me,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”

The unnamed woman wasn’t the only one targeted with a barrage of terroristic threats, as the mob made their way around the upscale neighborhood yelling comments at numerous homeowners, while driving their vehicles onto the sidewalks and lawns while shooting off bottle rockets and screaming.

We as Americans must do everything we can to sound the alarm bells as the liberal media continues to do everything in their power to bury events such as this, while at the same time advocating to bring dump off thousands of more third-world country savages into American cities at an alarming rate. While we have President Trump doing everything in his power to keep these terrorists out of our country, things could quickly go from bad to worse once we have another Muslim-loving liberal president in office!

Privates Jets and Bentleys – Six Muslim Doctors Scam Medicare For Whopping $164 Million

The U.S. Justice Department is calling an opioid prescription drug and health care fraud scheme the largest operation of its kind in United States history, and part of it is centered in Metro Detroit.

Officials have made 412 arrests nationwide, including 56 doctors and targeting 200 clinics. The Justice Department said those arrested are responsible for $1.3 billion in fraudulent transactions.

Federal officials said a group of Michigan doctors was responsible for a major chunk of the scheme.

One of the clinics hit in the sting operations is in Farmington. Federal officials said the opioid epidemic is part of it, but the medical office and a number of others were set up specifically as a criminal enterprise to rip off Medicare.


Federal officers raided the Fisher Building Wednesday, and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said their work accounted for 10 percent of the scam’s value.

“Six doctors in Michigan prescribed patients with unnecessary opioids, some of which ended up for sale on the streets,” Sessions said.

A physician group called Global Quality used to operate out of a Woodward Avenue office building.

West Bloomfield man named ring leader

Mashiyat Rashid is accused of being the ring leader in scamming Medicare for $164 million. Rashid had no problem displaying his significant wealth on Facebook, where pictures show him standing in front of a Bentley sedan and a corporate jet. He also has pictures of himself and a friend courtside at the NBA Finals.

Rashid is not a doctor, but the doctors named in the case are Joseph Betro, Spilios Pappas, Abdul Haq, Tariz Omar and Mohammad Zahoor.

Federal officials indicted suspects a week ago and they’ve already been arraigned.

More than 400 people across the country were charged Thursday for taking part in health care fraud and opioid scams including six Michigan doctors in connection with a raid Wednesday at the Fisher Building in Detroit.

The six Michigan defendants are:


NEWT “If Muslims Believe in Sharia Law They Should be DEPORTED”

Sharia Law is a set of 7th-Century rules created by men to suppress and control women and abuse gays.

There is NO PLACE for that type of oppression in a free society.

Liberals are suddenly embracing Sharia Law, calling it “beautiful” and “empowering.”

That’s 100% pure BS and goes to show how RADICAL the let has truly become

Sharia Law, practiced in it’s most “moderate forms” in places like Saudi Arabia is the reason women can’t drive, must have a male escort when leaving the house, and dress in a cloth “garbage bag” to cover themselves so MEN don’t feel jealous.

Gee, how “empowering and beautiful.”

Women in so-called “moderate Muslim” countries like Saudi Arabia are imprisoned for being RAPE victims, simply because they must have TEMPTED a man.

That’s Sharia Law.

Gays are hung in the town square – does that sound like “love winning?”


However, that is SHARIA LAW.

We must reject this sick, twisted ideology and as Newt points out – we’re at WAR and if there are Muslim immigrants or refugees here who support this barbaric set of rules, they must be deported.


Citizen Sees What Muslim Welfare Queens Do At Walmart, Records Video For All to Watch

A New York lawyer went to Walmart to purchase his usual groceries when he saw a Muslim woman loaded down with a huge cart full of soda that she bought with her food stamps. This lawyer then learned she wasn’t buying this soda for herself, but to stock and resell it in her convenience store!

WATCH: Citizen Sees What Muslim Welfare Queens Do At Walmart, Records Video For All to Watch

We the People have suffered enough under Dems, working to the bone just to buy cheap groceries and pay rent. Meanwhile, welfare queens like this woman are collecting checks!

A New York lawyer went to Walmart to purchase his usual groceries when he saw a Muslim woman loaded down with a huge cart full of soda that she bought with her food stamps. This lawyer then learned she wasn’t buying this soda for herself, but to stock and resell it in her convenience store!

Not only is the government paying her way and purchasing these sodas for her, but then she turns around and sells them for a profit! She is cheating the system while countless American citizens suffer!

This is what a “welfare queen” looks like — someone who abuses the government and is hostile when confronted with her heinous actions! It’s absolutely sickening! She disparages the American people and this country, screaming and cussing into the camera.

Food stamps should be used for those who are unable to feed their families, even though they work multiple jobs and try to save as much as they can. These welfare queens drive nice cars, buy expensive food, and loaf off of money they did not earn themselves!

Not only are Muslim refugees and illegals coming into this country, but they are taking away our benefits and filling up our welfare systems. They’re making it impossible for the people of this country who are actually in need to partake in government assistance.

And yet these are the things liberals are fighting for. They WANT the American people to continue to suffer, to struggle and fight to live, just so “refugees” and illegals continue to live the American dream.

This story needs to be put out and shared everywhere. This woman needs to be brought to justice. This behavior and abuse of our government assistance programs should not be tolerated! She is stealing from the American taxpayers and has absolutely no remorse for doing so.

This is fraud at its finest, but she is not the only person doing this. There are too many people in this country who are taking advantage of our tax dollars and government assistance programs.

This is the reason why the American people are suffering, why the job market is so cutthroat, and why there are still homeless people on the streets. Some take our jobs, and some take our welfare, but the end result is the same: they leave nothing but scraps for those of us who are living legally in this country.

When did being a born-and-bred American come to mean “second-class citizen?” Under Obama, that’s what we were ultimately forced to become. Obamacare crippled us, and the loss of jobs made our children go hungry, and for what? So illegal immigrants and refugees could have nice things they didn’t earn.

That’s why we elected Donald Trump as the president! He will be cutting these people out of the welfare systems and aiding the American people, so they can finally flourish in their own country. If you don’t like it, go back to where you came from!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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SHOCK – Muslim Refugee Kids Threaten To BEHEAD Their 5th Grade Teacher

How many stories of how Middle Eastern Muslim refugees are failing to integrate with Western society are needed before we WAKE UP?

And it’s not only the adults. As solid proof that our two civilizations just aren’t compatible, even refugee children are threatening JIHAD.

From Conservative Post

An elementary school teacher in Australia could not believe what was happening when 5th and 6th grade students, all of them Muslim refugees from Syria, threatened to BEHEAD her.

The students were angry about not being able to hang a Syrian flag in the school and over the fact that other students weren’t reading the Quran as demanded.

The teacher later quit her job rather than face such gruesome death threats.

A number of other teachers took leaves of absence after being bullied by Muslim students.

We are talking about kids that are only 11 and 12-years-old.

How far are we going to let this go?!

Muslim Refugee Rapes Boy at Center, Says It’s “Culturally Acceptable” in His Home Country

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