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Could Paul Ryan’s run as Speaker of the House be over? If we’re lucky!

It appears as if some congressional Republicans aren’t stepping behind Ryan in support of him running for speaker again. Actually, four Minnesota Republicans outright refused to commit when asked about it.

There’s no question as to whether Ryan is a RINO or not. The only question is: if not him for speaker, then who?


Their answers suggest some GOP candidates may be reluctant to embrace Ryan as the GOP House struggles to pass legislation, and as President Trump calls into question the congressional leaders of his own party.

Ryan has also been a target for conservative media, which may be putting pressure on candidates to distance themselves from him.

St. Louis County Commissioner Pete Stauber, running unopposed against Democrat Rick Nolan, said, “He might not even run for Speaker.”

Wow, way to swerve around answering directly. He continued, “When I’m in Congress, I’ll let you know, because people can change their views, change their ways.”

“I would prefer someone else,” said Dave Hughes, a commercial pilot running in the GOP primary for the nomination to take on Rep. Collin Peterson (D).

“I think he’s going in the wrong direction,” said state Rep. Tim Miller, asked about his feelings on Ryan.

Miller is also running for the GOP nomination in the race to take on Peterson.

“We’ve got to have leadership that ensures we do the will of the people,” he said. “Whoever that is, I’d support that.”

Businessman Jim Hagedorn, who is running for the seat being vacated by Rep. Tim Walz (D), who defeated him in 2014, also declined to commit to Ryan. That’s significant since he’s backed by the National Republican Campaign Committee.

Hagedorn said, “In the next Congress, we hopefully hold our majority, and there will be an election a week or two after that election,” he continued, “We’ll see who runs for speaker. Until then, you have to be very cautious about what you do. A lot can happen in a year in a half.”

Air Force Vet Says What So Many Feel About Antifa Defender Paul Ryan: “Why do you legitimize domestic terrorism by not calling it what it is?”

An Air Force veteran has slammed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for defending Antifa, the violent Alt-Left group that has been responsible for innumerable violent assaults on Trump supporters.


Two days after the violence in Charlottesville, Ryan posted a Facebook update in which he lashed out at Donald Trump for saying that both sides were responsible for violent unrest.

“There are no sides,” wrote Ryan. “There is no other argument. We will not tolerate this hateful ideology in our society.”

Infowars reports,

Ryan has failed to condemn Antifa despite the group’s many violent attacks on Trump supporters, the vast majority of whom are not neo-nazis or white supremacists.

An anonymous Air Force veteran has responded with a powerful letter which warned Ryan that Trump supporters were perfectly willing to vote him out of office.

“After all the times you’ve seen Antifa attack people who were peacefully demonstrating, how can you call them anything but what they are – domestic terrorists?” asked the vet.

“This weekend in Berkeley is a classic example of the MANY times Antifa has attacked conservatives. Why do you legitimize domestic terrorism by not calling it what it is?” the letter continues.

The veteran goes on to assert that Trump supporters will abandon the Republican Party en masse if the GOP continues to undermine the MAGA agenda.

“We are here sir, and we are watching you. Don’t think for a moment that we the people will continue to allow you and your ilk to lie, cheat, and steal from us. We’re tired of it. We won’t take Antifa’s and the Alt-Left’s path and resort to violence. No. We’ll stop opening our wallets for your campaigns, and we’ll cast our votes elsewhere. That’s what will really get our point across.”

“MAGA is indeed bigger than the president, but we still love him and stand behind him 100%. Donald Trump has become the champion of the people, people like me. And there are tens of millions of us. Tread carefully, Mr. Speaker,” the letter concludes.

Meanwhile, Paul Nehlen, who is challenging Ryan in the Republican primary, called the Speaker of the House a “coward” for failing to condemn Alt-Left violence.

“What he is doing is working to further divide the country so that he can keep his hands on the levers of power. People aren’t buying what Ryan is selling in terms of this fake narrative that there is only one side to the violence,” said Nehlen.

Trump Just BUSTED Most Dangerous Secret Agent Yet In WH – Here’s What He Walked In On

Ever since Trump got elected as president, there’s been no shortage of Republican traitors working behind the scenes to bring him down. Our suspicions about House Speaker Paul Ryan were confirmed several days ago, after Wikileaks exposed how he was one of 6 Republicans that Hillary bought off in order to form an alliance against Trump. Now breaking reports are confirming that Paul Ryan is leading an active coup against our president at the White House, after unbelievable leak came from the White House by an insider on Thursday.

If you’re not familiar with Paul Ryan’s antics over the past several months, here’s a quick recap. Several days ago, Wikileaks discovered a series of emails on Huma Abedin’s computer, only identified document 1078645. It the emails, it was revealed how 6 Republican traitors have been actively working with Hillary to get Trump removed from office, as she’s been buying them off with funds straight from her Clinton Foundation. In addition to Paul Ryan being one of the traitors named, Hillary has also been padding the pockets of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich, buying their alliance against Trump. 

“He is on board, will retract the invitation to speak. Eyes only,” one of the emails read that was sent to Paul Ryan. The email was dated days before Paul Ryan oddly went back on his promise to help Donald Trump speak at an event in Wisconsin.

Along with Paul Ryan’s outrageous slandering of our presidentwhere he publicly lambasted Trump while siding with Antifa terrorists following the Charlottesville incident, we’re now learning that Ryan is actively working with liberals and doing everything in his power to prevent President Trump’s wall from being built, in an effort to destroy Trump’s chances of winning in 2020, as Trump’s promise for the wall was the central platform of his campaign.

As Ryan goes back on the promise he made in December of last year to “support the president’s agenda,” now a White House insider is reveals that Ryan is working with D.C. Democrats to get the government shut down over the building of Trump’s border wall, knowing a government shutdown will cast Trump in horrible light.

ALERT: @realDonaldTrump Paul Ryan is colluding w Dems to shut down Guv over building the wall,” Republican Paul Nehlen basted out on Twitter. 

While we’ve known there’s been many Republican traitors working behind the scenes to undermine Trump since the day he took office, it still comes as a shock that someone with the political prominence of Paul Ryan would sabotage a Republican president in such a treasonous way. A possible explanation for Ryan’s antics is because he knows full well that should Trump and the vice president be impeached, he’d be America’s next Commander-in-Chief, as the Speaker of the House is the third in line of succession.

It’s becoming crystal clear that these elected officials such as Paul Ryan do not have the interests of the American people in mind, but are only acting out of their own selfish political ambitions. Ryan better watch himself however, because he flirting with full-blown treason against our president. Subversion of a sitting president by attempting to overthrow the United States government is a serious federal crime as spelled out in 18 U.S. Code § 2385, and is punishable by 20 years in prison.

Republicans currently control the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch. It SHOULD be a historic period in time right now for conservatives to finally take back our country after 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama taking a sledge hammer to America. But thanks to selfish traitors like Paul Ryan blocking Trump’s agenda and working with liberals, we’ll continue to see ongoing gridlocks in Washington D.C. and Trump’s campaign promises- due to no fault of his own- will not be kept. These traitors will simply bide their time until the 2020 election, and then join liberals to point the finger at Trump saying he “failed” to fulfill his promises, as he never built a wall or repealed Obamacare.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]

TRIGGER WARNING: Prissy Holly is a conservative journalist, professional shi*t starter and disgruntled military vet who is very outspoken and doesn’t give a flying crap about your feelings when exposing the truth. If you want your daily dose of news delivered in the most politically incorrect way as possible, make sure you follow Prissy!

Republicans Turning on Speaker Ryan for Trump Betrayal

One can easily surmise that House Speaker Paul Ryan never wanted Donald Trump to be the president of the United States. For the sake of political expediency – and last year’s expulsion of John Boehner fresh in his mind – he decided to make a nominal show of support, but he criticized Trump more often than he praised him. And when he realized this week that the poll numbers were swinging the wrong way, he chose to abandon ship altogether, telling Republicans on Monday that he would no longer defend Trump.

Many in the House did not take the news well, according to a report from CNN. According to reporter Manu Raju, Ryan “has angered other Republicans who have expressed their concerns with Ryan’s position on a private conversation call earlier this week.”

In theory, if that short-term displeasure turns into a long-term grievance, Ryan’s place as Speaker could be in jeopardy.

“If the House majority does stay Republican, Ryan needs 218 votes to stay on the House floor,” Raju reported. “He can only afford a handful of defections.”

As for Trump himself, he has essentially declared open war on the GOP leadership, starting with Ryan. In Ocala, FL on Wednesday, Trump suggested that Ryan’s allegiances should be thrown into question.
“There’s a whole deal going on there, you know,” Trump said. “There’s a whole deal going on, we’ll figure it out. I always figure things out. But there’s a whole sinister deal going on.”

But even among Republican lawmakers who support Trump, there is a consensus that he should be focusing his attacks on his opponent rather than the Speaker of the House.

“This time Ryan got support from these Republicans who actually back Donald Trump,” Raju said. “On that private conference call, Kellyanne Conway was urged by several House Republicans to tell Trump to not focus on Paul Ryan and instead train his fire on Hillary Clinton. These Republican lawmakers, I am told, think this intra-party fight has been a major distraction.”

When you step back and look at this from afar, you have to wonder if it could have ended any other way. The Trump phenomenon was at right angles with the Republican establishment in the primaries, and it seems it will finish the same way. Trump never made for a good little GOP soldier, anyway. That’s not what his campaign was ever about.

Win or lose, he’s going to finish things up his way.

And establishment Republicans standing in the way might wish they’d listened to their voters instead of the media.

Paul Ryan "Will Thwart President Trump At Every Opportunity"

Businessman Paul Nehlen, who is challenging Rep. Paul Ryan in his Wisconsin GOP primary, nationalizes the race to throw out the Republican House Speaker, saying under a Trump administration: “Paul Ryan will be nothing but a problem: He will thwart President Trump at every opportunity.

Nehlen slams Ryan for his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, amnesty for illegal immigrants and “jail-break” criminal justice reforms in this interview with ‘Fox Business Network’ host Lou Dobbs.

“August 9,” the date of the GOP primary, “will be Wisconsin’s Independence Day,” Nehlen said, echoing the successful Brexit slogan.

“With one vote we can take back our nation from Paul Ryan’s special interests,” he said. “With our one vote we can stop TPP and stop Amnesty. It is vitally important that we do this, because with President Trump in place, Paul Ryan will be nothing but a problem. He will thwart President Trump at every opportunity.”

TRAITOR: Tucker Carlson Exposes BOMBSHELL About Paul Ryan


House Speaker Paul Ryan and presumed Republican nominee Donald Trump haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye on several issues, which has caused tension in the GOP.

Many Republicans have criticized Ryan for not wholeheartedly supporting the party’s nominee, but the conservative speaker has continued to voice his concerns about Trump.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson alleged on Sunday’s “Fox & Friends” that Ryan’s vocal disapproval of the GOP candidate essentially means that the speaker has been “working” for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

For a moment, it appeared that Ryan and Trump had put their differences aside. However, recent developments show that the two leaders are far from an alliance, despite Ryan’s endorsement of the candidate.

On Friday, the speaker told the Huffington Post that he would “sue” any president that overstepped his boundaries, as allowed by Article I of the U.S. Constitution, according to WND.

In particular, Ryan was speaking about the possibility of a Trump administration that attempted to issue a total ban on Muslim immigration into the country, something he doubted was legal.
“That’s a legal question that there’s a good debate about,” he said. “On the broader question, are we going to exert our Article I powers and reclaim this Article I power no matter who the president is? Absolutely.”

Then, on Saturday, Ryan told House Republicans to “vote their conscience” when determining whether to back Trump as the party’s nominee.

“The last

thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that’s contrary to their conscience. Of course I wouldn’t do that,” he said, according to CNN.

That statement prompted Carlson to accuse Ryan of helping Clinton by not fully backing Trump.

“That’s a legal question that there’s a good debate about,” he said. “On the broader question, are we going to exert our Article I powers and reclaim this Article I power no matter who the president is? Absolutely.”

Then, on Saturday, Ryan told House Republicans to “vote their conscience” when determining whether to back Trump as the party’s nominee.

“The last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that’s contrary to their conscience. Of course I wouldn’t do that,” he said, according to CNN.

That statement prompted Carlson to accuse Ryan of helping Clinton by not fully backing Trump.

While Ryan has said that he supports the GOP nominee against Hillary Clinton, he has also vowed to continue speaking out against things he sees as contrary to his party and conservative values.

However, if he keeps doing so throughout the general election, it may very well look like he’s “working” for the Clinton campaign.

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