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Ginny Brown Waite

October 30, 2010

Voters Beware

Every ten years, following the decennial census, congressional districts all across the country are reapportioned to reflect changes in population that have occurred. For instance, as you may know, Florida is expected to gain two new seats in Congress because of the large number of people who have moved into the state in the last decade. As part of the process of adding new districts, the borders of existing congressional districts will change even more than usual. Redistricting is an important issue for all states in our form of representative democracy, but it is especially so now for Florida residents.

Sadly, there is danger on the horizon. This year, among a number of other issues, Florida voters are being presented with Constitutional Amendments 5 and 6 on the ballot. These amendments deal with the way congressional districts are reapportioned. Specifically, the amendments that will be before you on election day would change current law which says that congressional districts must be drawn “fairly”, that they be “as equal in population as feasible”, and that they must use “city, county, and geographical boundaries”.

Instead, Amendments 5 and 6 would provide that if any redistricting plan helps or hurts any incumbent or political party, the plan would be subject to litigation. Think for a moment about what that means. If an incumbent likes the new redistricting plans, somebody can sue. If the incumbent doesn’t like the new plans, somebody can sue. In other words, no matter how the lines are drawn, no matter who draws them, somebody is going to have legal standing to sue. And when have you ever known ambulance chasing lawyers to pass up a chance at that? But don’t take my word for it, read the analysis of the proposed Amendments 5 and 6 done by the James Madison Institute.

Finally, I want to state in the most unequivocal terms how important I believe it is that we ensure that redistricting is fair to all Florida residents. All citizens in the state deserve a right to be heard as equals. That’s how the founders intended it to be. That is why I am very proud that our state already uses fairness and natural geographical features as the primary tools to determining where district lines fall. Frankly, I don’t want to see that precedent tossed aside in favor of an all-you-can-sue buffet for the lawyers. That is why I will be voting “no” on Amendments 5 and 6.

Thank you,

Democrats' Lame Duck Session?... That's Just Lame


Democrats’ Lame Duck Session?… That’s Just Lame

It is often said that people should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of the people. That was the underlying principle of the form of representative democracy that the founders created. The legislature was designed to be immediately responsive to the people. The votes that members take should be reflective of the views of the people they represent. It is this principle that makes the idea of “lame duck” sessions of Congress so offensive to the American people.

If the polls are to be believed, dozens of House Democrats will lose their seats in Congress on election day. Some reports predict as many as fifty. So instead of voting on proposals that the American people are opposed to – something that may anger voters even more, the Democrat Majority has decided to postpone tough votes until after the election and before the new members are seated. It is this sort of heavy-handed, ram-it-through mentality that the founders were afraid of, and if what I am hearing proves true, they had good reason.

One of the many bills being floated for possible “lame duck” consideration is H.R. 4646, the so-called “Debt Free America Act”. This legislation, introduced by Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA), hides a devastating policy behind an innocuous name. The bill states as its purpose to raise a fee on all transactions sufficient to paying off the national debt in seven years. To give you an idea of what that means; the current debt stands at roughly $13 trillion dollars. Based on current policy, annual deficits are scheduled to exceed $1 trillion per year. With a generous amount of rounding, let’s say that the bill would require a fee on transactions to total up to $20 trillion over the next seven years. That’s nearly $3 trillion per year in “fees”. The bill also claims to do away with the federal income tax… but gradually. I’m sorry to say, I just don’t trust a liberal Democrat to follow through with that. They’re saying, let’s raise $3 trillion in taxes now and we’ll just promise to cut them later. Not on my watch!

If they were serious about the national debt, they would cut the bloated federal spending programs that they just spent the last two years expanding. This bill doesn’t cut a penny – not one. Frankly, they want to have their cake and get you to pay for it too – at the grocery store, at the gas pump – every time you have to pay for something. There is a reason they aren’t bringing bills like this up before the election. They know the American people won’t stand for it. Rest assured that I won’t stand for it either. I will be in Washington for the “lame duck” session this November and I will make sure they hear your voices if they try any funny business. The American people have been put through enough already.

Thank you,

Entrepreneurs Create Jobs, Not Bureaucrats

Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite


August 20, 2010

Entrepreneurs Create Jobs, Not Bureaucrats

Earlier this week, the Department of Labor released its weekly “initial jobless claims” numbers. This particular report refers to the number of people who have lost their jobs who are seeking unemployment compensation for the first time. At over 500,000 new claims for the week, this report is the worst of 2010.

Analysts were in agreement that the severity of the unemployment situation had been disguised earlier in the year by the more than 100,000 people who were hired temporarily by the federal government to conduct the decennial census. In fact, since passing the “stimulus”, the economy has lost more jobs than were created in each and every month except for two. Which two, you ask? The two months surrounding the census saw a net job gain.

President Obama and his advisors have been on TV each week telling everyone how successful the so-called “stimulus” has been and how grateful everybody should be for their generosity with your money. Unfortunately, just because they say it, doesn’t make it so. The job losses are accelerating again. Worse yet, the Bureau of Labor Statistics just reported its 4th quarter analysis in which it found that the hardest hit employers are small businesses: small businesses employ roughly 30% of all working Americans, but made up roughly 62% of the layoffs. In short, small businesses are getting hammered and despite Republicans’ best efforts, we can’t seem to convince Democrats that raising taxes on small businesses is a horrible idea.

Obamacare and Cap and Trade represent such a clear lack of understanding of the needs of small business owners. Some say it is because President Obama has never run a small company. They say he has never really worked in the private sector and he just doesn’t get it. All I know is that he really believes that the government can solve every problem by spending trillions of dollars. But what he doesn’t get is that those trillions of dollars have to come from somewhere.

Every dollar that the government sucks out of the economy is a dollar that isn’t available to be invested or spent in the economy. It is that simple. His advisors are all academics, like Dr. Christina Romer, a professor from Berkeley, and they tell him it doesn’t matter. They tell him they have a theory that says so. But they’ve spent their careers writing papers and creating theories. They’ve never actually run businesses. Well, I have run a business and I can tell you that their theories don’t add up. Raising taxes does hurt small businesses and spending entrepreneurs hard-earned investment capital on some silly government pilot project somewhere is never going to have the impact that small business investment will. That is why it is high time we put the entrepreneurs in charge of job creation and not government bureaucrats.

On the Hill, Off the Cuff: Elvis Lives!

You Can't Feed Your Kids Road Signs


June 25, 2010

You Can’t Feed Your Kids Road Signs

Road signs are made of aluminum, de-greasing agents, and reflective film. You cannot feed them to your kids. In fact, you can’t even pay the rent with them. That is why Americans are so confused that tens of millions of dollars of their taxpayer money is going to pay for road signs touting the success of the “stimulus”.
These signs aren’t creating jobs, they are just there to help staffers in President Obama’s administration keep theirs’. This is unacceptable. That is not what President Obama told the American people the “stimulus” would be about, and frankly, it is why a majority of Americans believe that the “stimulus” has been a complete waste.

The American people are demanding that Washington get its act together on spending. The story about the true cost of the road signs comes during the same week that the House of Representatives voted on a bill to try to do something about the $100 billion in “improper payments” made by the federal government last year. That includes paying for services and items never received, fraudulent billing, overpayment for items that could have been cheaper, and so on.

We will have to ask the ethics experts, but I am not sure what is worse, tens of billions worth of unintentional, negligent, mismanagement of the taxpayers’ money, or tens of millions in willfully misspent taxpayer funds. I leave that question up to you. In either case, this literally out of control spending must stop. The American people deserve more.

Thank you,

Killing Jobs One Moratorium at a Time

This week, the Honorable Martin Feldman, a Federal Judge for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, overruled the Obama administration’s moratorium on deepwater drilling. In his decision, Judge Feldman ruled that the six month ban for 33 wells was simply arbitrary and in essence, politically motivated.

In my view, the issue is simple. The administration claimed that it had consulted with experts and that according to them, the six month moratorium was necessary and based on sound science. However, when the experts themselves were asked following the announcement, they stated plainly that they had said no such thing.

President Obama has spent his entire year and a half in office substituting substantive policy – economic, environmental, and otherwise – for press releases and political posturing. This case is no different: Don’t have a plan for fixing the failed Mineral Management Service? Just give it a new name. Don’t have a real plan on how to respond to the crisis in the Gulf? Just impose a blanket moratorium on new drilling. Then, when the scientists don’t produce the preferred answers to justify that policy, just mischaracterize their findings.

At least that seems to be the approach so far.

The President has talked a great deal about jobs, but he has discarded thousands of them in the Gulf in a painfully transparent attempt to cover up his lack of leadership. That is just plain wrong. And, as the scientists whose conclusions were manipulated by the administration put it, the Obama White House’s moratorium does nothing but “punish the innocent.”

Taking a time out until it was clear that the right technology was in place made sense. That was a wise thing to do. But all thirty-three wells have now passed aggressive inspections verifying that fact. So why have an arbitrary six month moratorium?

The answer is that this policy is pure politics. The President has access to all of the experts anyone could ever need. I am just sorry, and I know the families of the unemployed rig workers are too, that the President has chosen to listen to his political advisors at the expense of everyone else. As an environmental, economic, and national security issue, this situation is too important for that.

Ginny Brown Waite

Beginning her fourth term as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Ginny has built a reputation with her 5th District constituents as an independent and tenacious leader with the ability and authority to get things done. Since her arrival in 2003, Ginny has emerged as one of the most outspoken, hard-working and dynamic members of the House.
During her first few years in the House, Ginny was an active member of the Financial Services, Homeland Security and Veterans’ Affairs Committees. Ginny’s work on these panels was recognized by local, state and national organizations for her ability to pass bipartisan legislation and amendments, look out for the needs of her constituents, and always working to do the right thing for our nation. At the start of the 111th Congress, she joined the Ways and Means Committee and was forced to relinquish her seats on her previous committees. Although she will not be an official member of these committees anymore, Ginny will remain focused on securing our borders, providing oversight and accountability of our financial markets, and fighting for the needs of American veterans.
During her three terms in the House, Ginny has focused her legislative agenda on issues directly affecting 5th District residents. In the 111th Congress, Ginny will continue her efforts to create a national catastrophic insurance fund, lower the tax burden on American workers, increase healthcare access for veterans, protect Social Security and Medicare for current and near retirees, and help to secure our nation’s borders. These issues are important to the 5th District and will remain the focus of Ginny’s work in Congress.

A new member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Ginny is joining the venerable Committee that has jurisdiction over healthcare issues, Social Security, taxes and trade. One of the very first Committees founded by the House of Representatives, previous Speakers of the House, Senators and Presidents have all served as members of Ways and Means. On the Committee, Ginny serves on the Social Security and Health Subcommittees, positions that will give her an important say in the national debate over healthcare and tax reform.

Throughout her tenure in the House, Ginny has returned home every weekend and on all extended breaks from Congress’ normal legislative session. She has said repeatedly to friends and constituents, “I’ll never fall in love with the place you sent me to work. I work in Washington, but my home is here in Florida.”

Ginny is a native of Albany, New York, and an alumna of The State College System. She received her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Russell Sage College and holds a Labor Studies Program Certification from Cornell University.

Residing in Brooksville, Ginny is a mother to three adult daughters and a grandmother to four grandsons and one granddaughter. Her husband, Harvey, a former New York State trooper, recently passed away following a bout with cancer.

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