The end of China envy

by Rich Lowry

A funny thing happened on the way to China’s inevitable global dominance — the country’s economic tumult rocked markets around the world.

China long ago replaced Japan as the Asian boogeyman whose superior economic model is going to sweep all before it. This is such a readily accepted article of faith that it is held, in its various forms, across the spectrum from self-consciously cosmopolitan elites like Thomas Friedman to bombastic populists like Donald Trump.

Friedman, the New York Times columnist, has written, “I cannot help but feel a tinge of jealousy at China’s ability to be serious about its problems and actually do things that are tough and require taking things away from people” (including, it must be said, their freedom). Such is his regard for China’s governance that he confessed in one column to impure thoughts: “Forgive me, Heavenly Father, for I have cast an envious eye on the authoritarian Chinese political system, where leaders can, and do, just order that problems be solved.”

Trump routinely rues how much smarter China’s leaders are than ours, and in his announcement speech noted, with regret, how China “has bridges that make the George Washington Bridge look like small potatoes.”

It is manifestly true that a closed, low-income economy that adopts some market reforms can grow quickly; that a dictatorial government can manipulate the economy to serve its ends; and that government-directed investment can build lots of bridges. None of this, though, makes for a sustainable, First World economy, let alone a juggernaut that should be feared and envied by the United States.

China might have bright, shiny airports and gauzy GDP numbers, but that is window dressing on a badly distorted economic system that is being managed about as well as you’d expect by a group of corrupt, self-interested statists, which is to say not well at all.

Some perspective is in order with regard to China’s economic position vis-a-vis the United States. As Derek Scissors of the American Enterprise Institute points out, “American national wealth is almost twice that of China and Japan combined,” and “the average American makes 12 times as much annually as the average Chinese.”

China’s double-digit growth numbers might be impressive, but even assuming that they can believed, they aren’t as telling as they seem. “Remember,” Paul Dibb and John Lee write in a report for the Australian-based Kokoda Foundation think tank, “that the Soviet Union officially tripled in size from 1950 to 1973, yet its economic model was fundamentally flawed as we realized in hindsight. GDP is essentially an accountant’s tool used to document final economic activity within a country in any given year. But GDP does not measure whether economic activity is productive, profitable or even commercially irrational.”

In China, in many cases, the economic activity is none of the above. Politically connected state-owned enterprises are favored over every other business. China has larded on the debt since 2007 — it has quadrupled and hit 282 percent of GDP, according to a McKinsey report last year — and it has been plowed into fixed investment that is often senseless. A country famous for its “ghost cities,” massive unoccupied developments, obviously has a huge malinvestment problem.

The Chinese government has talked up reforms as it seeks to put the economy on a sounder long-term footing. The list of necessary changes is incredibly long. For a truly modern economy, China needs a commercial banking system, less powerful state-owned enterprises, free capital flows, greater labor mobility and a proper retirement system, not to mention the rule of law, property rights and an independent judiciary, among other things. Yet progress has been halting and slow.

China has been able to forge such astonishing economic progress for so long because it started from a very low point. That is not something to be envied, nor are its challenges as it strives not to dominate the world, but to avoid hitting a wall.


Former Attorney General says Email Scandal Disqualifies Hillary Clinton from Office

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey has been making the rounds on various news networks in recent days. On Sunday he visited Fox News and on Monday he stopped by MSNBC. Both networks asked him to come in and discuss the Hillary Clinton email scandal and the possible fallout that may come next.

To say that AG Mukasey seems to think that this is a very serious matter would be putting it lightly. Mukasey used language that would indicate he believes that, at worst, Hillary Clinton could potentially see a prison cell, but that even the best case scenario would mean she should be disqualified from holding office.

And I don’t mean that he thinks she should be personally disqualified; Mukasey believes that the law demands that she be disqualified.
Here for your edification is “Title 18 Code 2071” which Mukasey was referencing.

(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

On Fox News Mukasey also unmasked the lie the Clinton campaign has been telling about the FBI inquiry being about her server and not Clinton in particular.

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Sunday that Hillary Clinton is indeed the focus of a Justice Department probe, calling the argument that the investigation is about her private email network when she was secretary of state “ridiculous.”

“The FBI doesn’t investigate machines,” Mukasey, a Bush administration attorney general, told “Fox News Sunday.” “It investigates people.”

“It is not a political witch hunt,” he said.

Needless to say, AG Mukasey seems quite certain (and quite confident) that Hillary Clinton has committed a crime and that she is going to face serious repercussions for that crime. The deeper this hole gets the more convinced I become that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat nominee in 2016. Which makes me wonder… who will be?


Shattering New Evidence Reveals: Obama Spent $500,000,000 to Train a Jihadi Elite Force Which Now Partners In Christian Massacres

Obama’s $500 million plan to combat Bashar Al-Assad and ISIS forces in Syria created an elite force called “Regiment-30.” While Fox News revealed the program only gained 54 applicants, new evidence reveals that there were “thousands of outside forces” who joined Regiment-30, who are now also joining Al-Nusra terror front in Syria. The U.S-appointed Regiment-30’s main leader, as ironclad evidence reveals, is one code-named Abu Iskandar, and he has now sent out an official appeal, including airing an explosive T.V interview, confirming they joined the notorious terrorist Al-Nusra Front, which carried out massacres against Christians in Adra and Maaloula in Syria. Here is how the story goes:

As soon as the U.S-backed Regiment-30 was dispatched, their commander, Nadim Al Hassan, and his deputy, Farhan Al Jassem, along with 18 others (this would be third of the U.S. trained regiment), were “abducted” and re-educated by the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s official affiliate in Syria. Al-Nusra was designated by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization and is known for massacring Christians.
The Pentagon denied the claim of the abduction of a third of this U.S.-appointed regiment. This complete lie by the Pentagon was not only flatly refuted by Reuters [1], but one official document, including an interview with the main leader of the U.S.-backed Regimen-30, First Lieutenant Abu Iskandar, reveals receiving the best of training and declares his appeal to Al-Nusra, reminding the group of its unity agreement with Al-Nusra to join forces:

The pertinent part of the plea states:
“The leadership in Regiment-30 is calling upon (and for the second time) our brothers in Al-Nusra to stop these exercises [abducting Regiment 30 operatives] and stop the bloodshed and to keep our unity [agreement] intact.”

This plea to keep a “previous unity agreement,” cemented between Regiment-30 and Al-Nusra, was also exposed from sources coming directly from the Middle East. Jenan Moussa, an Arab journalist, who was able to penetrate the headquarters of the top-ranking official in the U.S., appointed Regiment-30, Lieutenant commander Abu Iskandar, reveals an amazing tale of how this U.S.-appointed team was, again, begging Al-Nusra terror front to keep its previous arrangements and promises in preserving the unity coalition agreement that the two had made. The clear evidence from the U.S.-appointed commander spilling the beans on everything, his intentions to only use the U.S. and his previous agreement to join forces with Al-Nusra, and more can be watched in this video. translated most of the interview, showing the pertinent lines.

Jenan first introduces the scene by stating:
” … they were showing me all the weapons provided by the U.S. … it is the first time that a journalist was able to get to the headquarters [of Regiment-30] which is located in Northern Aleppo.”
Abu-Iskandar speaks of when Al-Nusra had attacked and abducted ten from Regiment-30 operatives on July 12, 2015, adding that: (see 1:50)

“we had arranged previously with Al-Nusra and agreed never to combat each other and we would never give any information to the allies about Al-Nusra. We are not the arm of the U.S. in Syria and we are not against Al-Nusra Front, the opposite is the truth, they [Al-Nusra] are our brothers and we personally know them … they might accuse us of being agents of the West but we are agents for our country … we are both the same sons and both sides
Al-Nusra and ours who were killed are [Jihadi] martyrs …”
Jenan then asks about the detail for the collaboration and arrangements between Regiment-30 and the terrorist group Al-Nusra Front (begin at 4:17). Abu Iskandar replies:
“We are forced to make arrangements with all other fighting groups [including Al-Nusra] and we say that before we came here a week ago that we met with Al-Nusra, and four months ago we met Al-Nusra, which in turn expressed admiration for the [U.S.-led Regiment 30] program. In fact they welcomed us … our arrangements with Al-Nusra is to collaborate militarily. We are not only 54, we are thousands … We were then shocked why they kidnapped Nadim, our leader … we are not 54, we are thousands, we have ground troops on land helping us.”
The “thousands” revealed by Abu Iskandar are “defensive forces” added in by the leadership of Regiment-30. “Al-Nusra released four already,” says Abu Iskandar, emphasizing that the broken unity between Al-Nusra and Regiment-30 was simply a skirmish, and that both sides mended their differences.
Jenan then asks what type of weaponry Regiment-30 is using, adding that “information has been revealed that some of your weapons [provided by the allies] are now in the hands of Al-Nusra. What did they [U.S] provide you?” Abu Iskandar denied that any weapons fell in the hands of Al-Nusra and insisted that Al-Nusra released all whom they kidnapped.
Jenan then asks (at 8:11), “Don’t you think that the Americans just dumped you here to die?” Abu Iskandar smiles, and Jenan adds, “what can 54 do against all these huge numbers of the other extremist sides, especially that you are agents of the U.S. you have been already honed in on.”
Abu Iskandar replies (see 8:30):
“The Americans, you in the media keep talking about them, the Americans are only part of this alliance. They did give us aid and lots of services, but the bigger enemy [besides the U.S.] is Bashar who is defunct politically.”
Al-Nusra is known to behead Christians, as seen in one video.


Every Deported Illegal Household Saves Taxpayers THIS STAGGERING AMOUNT OF CASH

This is exactly what the liberal media doesn’t want you to know.

Advocates for mass-migration are using skewed financial claims to smear Donald Trump’s popular border proposals, which actually would help revive the near-bankrupt Social Security and Medicare programs.
For every illegal migrant household that leaves the United States under Trump’s plan, Americans would recoup nearly three-quarters of a million dollars ($719,350), according to 2010 data collected by Heritage scholar Robert Rector.
The lifetime savings accrued from one deported illegal household would provide funds for 125 low-income inner city students to receive the maximum Pell Grant award in 2015-2016 ($5,775); it could cover the cost of pre-kindergarten for 90 at-risk children (around $8,000 per child); or it could cover the one year cost of Medicaid for 124 enrollees ($5,790 based on FY2011 data).
But business interests want the migrants to stay. That’s because migrants help lower the cost of Americans’ wages, but also because the migrants spend their wages — plus taxpayer aid — at retail stories and rental agencies.


ISIS Makes America’s Liberals Hypocrites… Again

by Onan Coca
I am starting to wonder if there is anything that Islamic radical terrorists could do to actually turn liberals against them. I think that as long as these Muslim radicals hate Israel, liberals everywhere will find common cause with them in their war against humanity.

Over the last year or so we’ve told you about Muslim terrorists kidnapping, torturing, raping, murdering and pillaging all across the Middle East and Africa. We’ve even brought you stories about the horrible persecution of women, children, Christians and other religious minorities, and homosexuals. Have the brave liberals in Hollywood or Washington, D.C. put together a viral ad campaign decrying these civil rights abuses? Nope. They’re to busy marching to stop global warming, doing videos to support baby murder and taking naked pictures of themselves to protest animal cruelty.

The London Daily Mail is reporting that ISIS has recently released another video showing the execution of two homosexual men in the city of Homs in Syria.

This latest shocking video – which runs to over six minutes – shows the proclamation being read out in front of a captivated audience, who have crammed into the street, lining the walls as they awaited the gruesome execution.

The warped justifications for the murders say they can be carried out on the grounds of religion – as are the rapes of ‘non-believers’, like the Yazidi girls.

The two men are then led, blindfolded, across the roof, before being thrown to their death after being made to teeter on the edge by their evil captors.

The moment the doomed men hit the ground is not shown, but the crowd – which had been waiting expectedly – are shown surging forward to stone the men as as they lie twisted on the floor.

The blood-spattered rocks are seen on the ground alongside the bodies.

Liberal inattentiveness on Islamic terrorism isn’t the fault of the terrorists – they’ve been trying hard to get noticed for years – it’s entirely the fault of the modern liberal worldview. If it doesn’t advance their own causes… they just don’t have the time to care. Sorry, Christians who are getting raped, tortured and beheaded. Sorry, little children who are being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. Sorry, gay men who are being tossed off the roofs of buildings…

‘We know you’re suffering but you’ll just have to wait until we can make these darned conservatives bake our cakes, kill our babies and raise our minimum wage!’

Maybe I’m being a bit cynical but I feel like I’ve got reason.

See, I am against the movement to force Christians to participate in gay weddings, and I also believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman for life. I also happen to believe that homosexuality (and any other sexual activity outside of a monogamous heterosexual marriage) is sin.


I am appalled at the treatment of homosexuals in the Islamic world. I am disgusted by the Obama administration’s decision not to stand up and speak out for the gay men and women who are suffering under horrible circumstances across the Middle East and North Africa. I am outraged that President Obama would go to Kenya where homosexuals are not routinely jailed and murdered (though they are marginalized) and speak out about gay rights, but not do so in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE or elsewhere in the Muslim world!

It’s absolute cowardice that drives President Obama to give his sanctimonious speeches while attempting to shame us – who believe that all people have inherent value and should be treated with respect and love – while not even broaching the subject with his “friends” and allies in the Islamic world.


OBAMA KEEPS SCHEMEING -Obama scheme gives Democrats ‘power FOR ALL TIME

by Greg Corombos

A conservative congressman says the murder of a San Francisco woman by an illegal immigrant deported five times is a microcosm of the border security dereliction of the Obama administration and liberal city leaders choosing to reward criminal behavior.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, also addressed the fierce debate within the Republican presidential field, taking care to avoid characterizing any candidate but leaving no doubt what he thinks the GOP’s policy position ought to be.

The immigration debate took on a more personal dimension over Independence Day weekend, as 32-year-old Kate Steinle was randomly murdered by 45-year-old Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. The killer, who has since confessed, has been convicted of seven felonies and deported five separate times.

Gohmert said similar stories have played out far too often as the Obama administration effectively waves illegals across the border.

“It’s very easy to explain when you have a president who does not believe in the rule of law, who has pandered to people who are illegally in the country,” Gohmert said in an interview with WND and Radio America. “All we can figure is, he thinks that if they can just get people who are illegally the right to vote before they understand the responsibilities of trying to keep a democratic republic, then it will give the Democrats all power for all time.”

According to Gohmert, the Steinle murder is hardly an isolated incident. He said the House Judiciary Committee, of which he is a member, received very disturbing numbers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement on the extent of violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants in Fiscal Year 2014 alone.

“These individuals have been convicted of 79,059 crimes, including 175 homicides, 373 sexual assaults, 186 kidnappings (and) 14,014 impaired driving offenses. It just goes on and on. This is making America less safe,” he said, noting both the federal government and city governments must stop rewarding criminals.

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas:

“If the president’s going to protect America, if our city leaders are going to protect America, the cities can’t be this haven for people who broke the law and would kill a beautiful young lady like we had in San Francisco,” Gohmert said. “And the federal government has got to stop encouraging illegal immigration.”

The congressman said the Steinle murder struck close to home for him, and he said the policy of San Francisco and other “sanctuary cities” needs to be revisited right away.

“Having three daughters, I’m particularly sensitive to these things. But to have her shot so senselessly, randomly, right there in front of her parents, would never have happened if San Francisco were not a city that just welcomed people who violated our immigration laws. It is a sanctuary city,” said Gohmert, meaning San Francisco and other cities have laws refusing to hold people whose only known offense is coming to the U.S. illegally.

Lopez-Sanchez has seven felonies on his record. San Francisco and the federal government are now engaged in a blame game over which is responsible for the killer being loose in the first place. The federal government asserts Lopez-Sanchez was in custody and about to be deported for a sixth time when he was handed over to the city to face a drug charge and should never have been released when those charges were dropped. San Francisco officials say it was the federal government’s job to have a warrant ready to go when the drug case concluded.

Shocker: See how the left plans to win in 2016! Strategy could bring Democrats to power – but also bring down the country


WB-How-Left_Plans-To-WinGohmert said illegal aliens create trouble for law-abiding citizens, even when there is no violent crime involved. He contends a recent account from a teenage constituent is a perfect example.

“She and her single mom were trying to make ends meet. An illegal alien hit her car,” he said. “He had no driver’s license, no insurance. He was allowed to drive off in his car. Hers was totaled. It just made things crazy for these poor girls. It’s just outrageous that this president would not be more sympathetic to the plight of Americans dealing with crime in America.”

Just as maddening to Gohmert as what he sees as the Obama administration refusing to enforce immigration law is the president’s insistence that border security is operating at record efficiency.

“It may just be because our president doesn’t know enough about our history,” he said. “I’m sure they didn’t teach it in Indonesia, but the fact is, when he says nobody has done more to secure the border than I have, or words to that effect, it’s simply not true.”

The congressman said the border was far more secure after President Woodrow Wilson (not a favorite of Gohmert’s) effectively sealed the border after Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa conducted numerous murderous raids into the United States. On Wilson’s orders, thousands of forces clamped down on the southern border.

“The border was secure,” Gohmert said. “Nobody came in unless we wanted them to.

“This president could do more. Of course, you remember (former Homeland Security Secretary) Janet Napolitano just announced one day, ‘Hey, the four billion dollars or so that was appropriated by Congress for virtual fence? I’m not going to do that. I’m going to spend the money elsewhere.’ This administration not only encourages people to violate our immigration law but it violates the laws regularly themselves.”

The killing of Kate Steinle poured rhetorical gasoline onto an already combustible debate within the 2016 Republican presidential field over the issue of illegal immigration.

Billionaire real-estate developer Donald Trump immediate stirred the pot in announcing his White House bid.

“[Mexico is] sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some I assume are good people,” said Trump on June 16.

Several other GOP hopefuls have denounced Trump both for his language and for his alleged inaccuracy.

“He’s doing this to inflame and to incite and to draw attention, which seems to be his organizing principle of his campaign,” said former Gov. Jeb Bush, R-Fla. “He doesn’t represent the Republican Party or its values.”

Gohmert is not wading into the back-and-forth between candidates, but he said he trusts the assessment of the U.S. Border Patrol, and its assessment is sobering.

“Many of them have told me there is not a single mile of the U.S.-Mexico border that is not under the auspices of some drug lord. And you don’t cross that border into the United States without permission from that drug lord. If you do, they’ll find you in the United States and kill you,” said Gohmert, who added that many illegals come across and claim they are refugees from deadly gang violence in their home countries.

After a brief interrogation, it is usually discovered that gangs are not the reason for their illegal migration but the means for shuttling them across the border.

The congressman said the proper approach for Republicans should be obvious. First, he said there should be nothing but admiration for Hispanic families who come here legally, since they value the intact family as high as this country did in the past.

“It’s a generalization, but it’s a pretty good generalization that Hispanics love God, are devoted to God, love family, are devoted to family and they have a hard work ethic,” Gohmert said. “Those are the kind of things that made America great. We need more of that. We need more of what the Hispanic can bring before we co-opt it and teach them other ways.”

However, he said, that admiration has to be tempered by a strict adherence to the law.

“They have to come in legally,” he said. “To just disregard the rule of the law makes us like the countries in central America or Mexico that they’re fleeing.”

Opposition to legal status or even a pathway to citizenship for those illegally in the U.S. has long been described as unrealistic, and now Republicans and Democrats accuse people who hold that position of being hateful or even racist. Gohmert flatly rejects the label.

“It’s ridiculous to say it’s racist if you want people who commit crimes to be punished for those crimes,” he said. “Having been a former felony judge, many times people accused me of being mean, but I followed the law. I was fair across the board, and that’s what we have to do. It’s part of the price of maintaining this democratic republic, as (Benjamin) Franklin said, if we want to keep it.”


Trump Plan Would Raise Visa Fees to Pay for Mexican Wall

By Greg Richter and Newsmax Wires

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would increase fees on some Mexican visas and all border crossing cards as part of a broader plan to force Mexico to pay for a wall along the southern U.S. border.

Trump, under fire for not giving specifics on his immigration plan, has published a detailed plan on his campaign website.

Trump has said in the past he would build a wall across the entire border with Mexico and force the Mexican government to pay for it. Critics have said he won’t be able to achieve that, but Trump’s position paper lays out courses of action if Mexico does not comply.
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They include:
Impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages
Increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them)
Increase fees on all border crossing cards
Increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico
Increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico
Trump, the frontrunner in a crowded Republican field, has made immigration a central plank of his campaign. On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he said he would deport all undocumented immigrants and rescind U.S. President Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration.
The orders, if enacted, could protect as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

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The NAFTA agreement of 1994 eliminated most tariff and other barriers to free trade and investment between the United States, Canada and Mexico. It permits the temporary cross-border movement of business travelers within the region.

“The Mexican government has taken the United States to the cleaners,” he said. “They are responsible for this problem, and they must help pay to clean it up.”
Mexico’s foreign ministry declined to comment directly on Trump’s proposals but said in an emailed statement that Mexicans make a significant contribution to the United States economy, and that net migration between the two countries reached zero in 2012.

Trump also wants to triple the number of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, which is at the same level of 5,000 officers as it was before 9/11.

“This will be funded by accepting the recommendation of the Inspector General for Tax Administration and eliminating tax credit payments to illegal immigrants,” the position paper says.

Among other plans:

End birthright citizenship.
Increase the prevailing wage for H-1B visas.
Increase standards for refugee-seekers
Trump said he would also place the issuing of green cards to foreign workers on pause so employers would have to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed workers.
“This will help reverse women’s plummeting workplace participation rate, grow wages, and allow record immigration levels to subside to more moderate historical averages,” he said.

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Dumbing Down Of America

by Dave Jolly
I’ve never hidden the fact that I am not an advocate for our current public school system. I believe they have lost the purpose of educating students and have replaced it with the socialistic brainwashing and indoctrination of our kids and grandkids. In the process, far too many students cannot read, write or do simple math comparable with their age. But they have learned to trust our socialist government for all of their needs.

The current public school system along with the media is responsible for the dumbing down of America. Just consider the fact that when I was in public school back in the 1950s and 1960s, American students scored among the highest in the world. Today, American students and young adults have been sliding down the global scale.
A recent study reveals another reason why today’s public school students are being dumbed down.
According to the American Journal of Family Therapy, a study of students in Rhode Island claims that they are given too much homework. You better sit down before you find out just how much overworked these poor students are. Shockingly, first graders are given an average of 28 minutes of homework a night. This is supposedly three times the amount of homework that liberals recommend.
Even more outrageously horrifying is that they reported that tenth graders were tremendously overburdened with a whopping 54 minutes of homework a night. Can you believe the atrocity of it all?
The authors stated:

“We anticipate that an overload of homework will likely interfere with a kindergarten-aged child’s ability to play and participate in extra-curricular activities.”
I recall being in tenth grade and I had at least two hours of homework most nights and even more for more often than I would have liked. As far as extra-curricular activity and time to play, I had time to work part-time, play and enjoy my life and I know I’m prejudiced but I don’t think I turned out that bad. I’m a prolific reader when I have the time; I’m good at math, science, writing and a number of other subjects. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife and fisheries biology and a Master’s Degree in biology – population genetics. I’ve often worked in management with various employers.
When I was in school, one of the things they taught us was how to make change for a monetary purchase. We didn’t have calculators and most cash registers didn’t calculate it for you. If you really want to stump a high school or college student today, ask them to make change without using an electronic device. I’ve done it and it stops them in the tracks.
Do you remember all of the hype proceeding January 1, 2000? Everyone claimed it was the turn of a new millennium, when in fact the new millennium actually began Jan. 1, 2001. However, on January 2, 2000, my wife and I went to the local Goodwill store where she purchased a couple of items. The cashier was a young girl and we were her first customers of the day. She was completely stumped because she could not figure out how to write the date. It was obvious she failed to comprehend that 2000 is the next number after 1999. I bet none of these young people had 2 or more hours of homework a night like we did when we were in school and it shows.
If you read socialist literal, you’ll find that one of the ways they recommend to take over a nation and people is to dumb them down and use the educational system to indoctrinate an entire generation. Give them ten to twenty years and they can convert an entire nation to accept a socialist form of government. Just look around you’ll see that they are rapidly succeeding.
Don’t you think it’s time to start actually teaching our kids the real lessons they should learn and if it takes more homework, they’ll be all the better for it.


Growing chorus across U.S.: ‘No more refugees!’

Obama continues to plop thousands of Muslims here

The pushback started earlier this year in South Carolina, then spread to Minnesota, Idaho, and now North Dakota.

Michigan and Ohio are also organizing against what local residents say is a sinister and sneaky federal program that almost never gets serious coverage from local media. It’s the U.S. State Department’s refugee resettlement program, which has been humming along on autopilot since Congress passed the Refugee Act of 1980, signed by President Jimmy Carter.

Since that time, more than 3 million refugees from Third World countries have been permanently resettled in more than 190 American cities and towns.

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On the rare occasions when the program attracts national media coverage, it almost always gets spun in a positive light, citing emotional, sometimes tear-jerking stories of refugees rescued from violence in their homelands.

But activists say there’s another side to the refugee program that isn’t being told.

No longer satisfied with pat answers, residents in several states are starting to ask the hard questions. They are showing up at meetings, starting blogs and email lists, digging up information and bypassing local media to inform their friends and neighbors of what’s really going on with the refugee movement.

In conservative Twin Falls, Idaho, for instance, a group of 100 activists are going door to door informing their neighbors about how the refugee program works. Organizer Rick Martin says most people are surprised to find out that the United Nations picks most of the refugees destined for America, and that the Catholic Church, the Lutheran and Episcopal churches, along with evangelical and Jewish groups get paid by the federal government to resettle refugees in the U.S.

“When we mention that the U.N. is involved most of the time they won’t believe it, so we have to show them the articles,” Martin said.

The U.N. connection could explain why so many Muslim refugees are coming to the U.S. from jihadist hotbeds like Syria and Somalia while persecuted Christians in Syria, Iraq and Egypt have a hard time getting within sight of the Statue of Liberty. It may also explain why Muslim countries with plenty of open land, such as Saudi Arabia, aren’t taking in more of the Sunni Muslim refugees being created by jihadist-inspired civil strife in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia.

Changing the demographics of small-town America

Hundreds of residents in Fargo and Cass County, North Dakota, are the latest to get active. More than 2,500 have signed an online petition titled “Stop Lutheran Social Services in Fargo!” at

LSS, a subsidiary of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, one of the nine resettlement agencies or VOLAGs, has been funneling U.N.-selected refugees into Midwestern states areas like the Dakotas and Minnesota for years. Since 2002 the small cities of Fargo and West Fargo have received 3,647 refugees from more than two dozen Third World countries including 1,397 refugees from Bhutan, 670 from Somalia, 567 from Iraq, 209 from Liberia, 196 from Democratic Republic of Congo, and the balance from Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Cambodia, Chad, Columbia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Burundi, Burma and Bosnia, according to government databases.

On Thursday of last week Lutheran Social Services announced it has rejected the online petitioners’ plea, saying it would continue to resettle refugees from around the world in Fargo, demonstrating once again that the agency works for the federal government and the United Nations, not the people of Fargo or North Dakota.

At that point the petition had 450 signatures. By Saturday afternoon it was up to 2,370 signatures and by Sunday afternoon it surpassed 2,500.
The petition states that “Lutheran Social Services has already brought 350 immigrants to Fargo this year and plans to bring more in the second half of the year. We need to send a message to the legislative body in our county to stop this without having a vote by the population of Cass County. We would like facts and data on the immigrants and refugees already brought in by LSS.”

A steady stream of cheap labor for meat packers

The fact that a private agency like LSS can single-handedly change the demographics of a city without that city’s consent just doesn’t seem right, said petition organizer Damon Quadnik of Fargo.

Lutheran Social services is “ruining Fargo for their own profit,” states Quradnik, who started the petition less than a week ago.

Ouradnik said he is also reaching out his North Dakota senators seeking their help in shutting off the spigot of refugees being resettled at taxpayer expense by Lutheran Social Services. He wants them to stop the resettlements until the residents of Cass County have had a chance to vote on the issue.

Citizens are also starting to organize against the mass resettlement of refugees in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and nearby Willmar, where Somali refugees have been sent for years by Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities to work in meatpacking plants owned by Hormel.

The nine private resettlement agencies, including “charities” within the Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopalian, and evangelical churches, get federal grants to resettle the refugees, essentially acting as front groups for the government, but without the transparency and accountability that would be expected if the government did the work itself, said Bob Enos, spokesman for T-3 (Truth and Transparency in Taxation) in St. Cloud. His group is pushing for more openness in the way refugees are resettled in Minnesota.

“I think the meat packers had a lot to do with this,” Enos, a former businessman, told WND. “These are people in business whose raw materials won’t allow them to outsource overseas, so if you can’t bring the factory overseas you bring overseas to the factory.”

Overall, the United Nations has sent nearly 500,000 refugees directly from the Third World to more than 190 cities and towns across the U.S. since President Obama took office.

But the refugee pipeline from the Mideast and Africa really got jumpstarted under presidents George H. Walker Bush and Bill Clinton. Since 1990, more than 3 million foreign refugees have been permanently resettled in the U.S., with approximately 1 million coming from Muslim-dominated countries that have a history of hostility toward America such as Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uzbekistan and Iraq.

The nation of Myanmar, also called Burma, which is run by Buddhists, is also now trying to unload its Muslim minority, known as the Rohingya, to any country that will take them as “refugees.” The nation’s Buddhist monks fear rising radicalization of Muslims around the world will envelop the Rohingya and so they are increasingly being herded into refugee camps bound for countries in the West, according to a June 2015 report by the Institute for Security and Policy Studies. The U.N. has already sent about 1,000 Rohingya to the U.S.

In one country where the U.S. could have used the refugee program to rescue persecuted Christians – Syria – it has failed to do so. Over the past year more than 1,150 refugees have entered the U.S. from Syria with only a small handful of 40 Christians among them, while 95 percent have been Muslim, according to a search of federal government databases.

Mounting resistance in Idaho

Another city that is organizing and pushing back against the refugee program is Twin Falls, in the conservative state of Idaho. Chobani Yogurt operates the world’s largest yogurt plant in Twin Falls and a massive new meat-packing plant is on the drawing board in Boise, making it prime territory for an influx of low-skill, low-wage foreign workers.

Idaho, a sparsely populated agricultural state, has been infused with 10,166 refugees from the Third World since 2002, according to federal databases.

But the resistance is now in full swing. Some 100 people showed up at a series of townhall meetings last week hosted by Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, and almost all of them were there to express concerns about refugees, according to TVOI News.


Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho
Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho
Crapo in July told the Times-News of Twin Falls that he “understands the need for a refugee program” and mostly defended it at the townhalls, but said he was open to considering a temporary moratorium as requested by a bill introduced July 29 in the House by Rep. Babin, R-Texas.

Residents also want the state to close a longstanding refugee welcoming center at the College of Southern Idaho, citing fears the immigrants it hosts could include Islamists from Syria. One man told Crapo at a townhall meeting he didn’t think the U.S. should be accepting men of military age from Syria, which ups the risk that they could have connections to jihadist groups like ISIS or al-Nusra Front.

The newly formed Idaho group is going door-to-door to inform residents of the plans to drop more than 300 refugees, some from Syria, on the Twin Falls area starting in October.

The State Department assures those who ask questions about security that refugees are the “most highly vetted” of all U.S. immigrants.

But the FBI, which is responsible for doing the vetting, refutes that notion.

One of the FBI’s top counter-terrorism experts, Michael Steinbach, warned Congress on Feb. 11 that the U.S. is not in a position to screen the Syrians because it has no boots on the ground and no access to law enforcement or intelligence data in the “failed state” of Syria. House Homeland Security Committee Chair Michael McCaul, R-Texas, also warned in two letters to President Obama that the Syrian refugee program could become a “jihadist pipeline” directly to the United States.

“Bringing in Syrians, who are predominantly of Muslim background, may be opening the door to terrorists pretending to be refugees,” Rick Martin, head of the Committee to End the CSI (College of Southern Idaho) Refugee Center in nearby Buhl, told Reuters. “We’re not against legitimate refugees. They need to be treated with dignity and respect. But it would be easy for someone to lie about their background.”

Reuters reported the State Department’s claim about intense vetting of refugees without mentioning the FBI’s expert testimony to the contrary by Steinbach.

Minnesota focusing on financial burden, secrecy

Rather than delving into the security risks of jihadists slipping into the United States, Enos and the Minnesota activists stay focused on the financial impact of refugees on their cities, counties and state. Most of the refugees are abandoned by the resettlement agencies within three to five months of arrival, leaving the responsibility to care for them to state and local governments and school systems, A recent study by the Congressional Research Office showed 74.2 percent of refugees receive food stamps, 56 percent are on Medicaid and 23 percent live in public housing.

“It is intolerable that private organizations can unilaterally transform communities in the United States against the will of the people who built them, and add insult to injury by leaving the financial burden on local taxpayers, while they pocket millions,” Enos said.

Enos, who has been prying information from LSS for months, said the program could never stand on its merits if the government were not so secretive and adept at using contractors to hide information.

“The secrecy with which resettlement agencies do business could not happen without the assent of our federal government,” he told WND. “If the feds ran these programs directly, transparency might be assured by the Freedom of Information Act. But private contractors are exempt, and the feds know this. They know that the resettlement program is, at its core, unsellable to the American public.”

Anyone who takes a public stand, or even demands answers to basic questions about the refugee program, such as how many will be coming each year, from what countries and a breakdown of costs to the school and health systems, or the impact on housing and labor markets, automatically gets branded a “racist” or a “bigot,” as Enos found out last month when he stood up to speak at a meeting in St. Cloud.

A local union organizer held a rally at the courthouse against the “racists” who dared to ask questions about the refugee program, while a professor at St. Cloud State University chimed in with an email blasting Enos and the “racist” speaker. Enos never mentioned race in his short talk at a local VFW hall, focusing his comments on the economic burden caused by refugees.

Working around biased media

Without exception, the activists tell WND that their local media has not given them a fair shake. Local newspapers and TV stations often quote the resettlement agency officials as the final authority on the refugee program, slanting and omitting basic facts about how the program is really run.

In Fargo, WNAY TV 6 ran a story quoting Lutheran Social Services CEO Jessica Thomasson saying that “beyond a conversation once a year about how many refugees the organization’s staff can handle, they don’t have much of a say in how many people are sent here or where they’re sent from. That’s all up to the Federal Government.”

This is not how the resettlement business works, says Ann Corcoran, who has been following the refugee industry for eight years through her blog Refugee Resettlement Watch.

“She is right that Washington is making the decisions for North Dakota – and every other state – receiving the U.N.-chosen refugees, but her parent organization — Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service — takes her suggestions for how many her local subcontracting office can handle and where they will come from,” Corcoran said.

Every week or so, the LSS parent organization sits down with U.S. State Department employees and they divvy up the refugees partially dependent on what amenities each town has to offer the refugees in the form of subsidized housing, jobs for low-skilled people and available classroom space in each receiving community.

“They even take into consideration the presence of a mosque or two,” Corcoran said, since roughly half of the 70,000 refugees imported into the U.S. every year come from Muslim-dominated countries.

“Maybe Congress should have a role, but they don’t, mostly because they have abrogated their responsibility,” Corcoran said.

Congress drops the ball on oversight

Just before summer break, Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, introduced HR 3314, the Refugee Resettlement Accountability National Security Act, which seeks a moratorium on all resettlements until Congress can audit its costs and impact.

Babin, the first congressman to take an interest in the oversight of the refugee resettlement program in more than 30 years, is hoping to get some co-sponsors when Congress returns from summer break but so far he hasn’t found any.

His bill would “press the pause button” on a program that grants permanent legal residency to nearly 70,000 new refugees a year. The refugees qualify for a smorgasbord of welfare benefits on day one upon arrival, including food stamps, subsidized housing, public education, Medicaid and WIC (federal aid for women, infants and children).

While there are success stories of refugees who have gone on to lead productive lives, many lead lives of chronic dependency.

Worse yet, some have fallen into a life of crime.

WND has reported on numerous cases of criminal and terrorist activity among refugees over the past year, most recently reporting on a case Friday in which three Somali-Americans, believed to be refugees or children of refugees, were arrested in Portland, Maine, for the brutal murder of a local man.

In another case, a refugee from Togo was in the U.S. only nine days before he raped a woman.

In April, six young Somali men from refugee families in Minnesota were arrested and charged with repeatedly trying to board flights to Turkey where they planned to cross the border and join ISIS in Syria. This case, just the latest in a string of Somali refugees involved in terrorist activity, led U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger to admit at a press conference that “We have a terror recruitment problem in Minnesota.”

On Jan. 30, WND reported that the FBI announced its newest “most wanted terrorist” was a Somali refugee working as a cab driver in Virginia who was recruiting for al-Shabab, an al-Qaida affiliate. He reportedly left the country for Somalia but has dual-citizenship and could return to the U.S. at any time.

These are just a few of the cases involving “bad apples” who got to American shores as either refugees or were born in the states as children of refugees. There are dozens more such cases, including one refugee from Uzbekistan who was convicted in Idaho last week of planning attacks against U.S. military installations.

Babin’s bill would temporarily suspend all refugee resettlements until the Government Accountability Office completes a thorough examination of its costs on local governments, states and American taxpayers, as well as the risks to national security.

“The Refugee Resettlement Program has been running on autopilot for far too long with little regard to economic, social and national security implications,” Babin wrote in a recent op-ed. “We need to step back and examine all aspects of this program. Such as, why is the U.N., whose policies often run counter to the best interests of the U.S., even in the equation?”

The entire program is run at the administration level as the president sets the agenda every year for how many will be resettled and from what countries, Corcoran said. He then sends a letter to Congress requesting “consultation.”

“Historically members of Congress responsible for this program merrily rubber stamp whatever the president says,” Corcoran said.

LSS of North Dakota is a $40 million a year operation with $10 million coming from government grants. See the group’s IRS Form 990 here:

So it’s little wonder many residents are growing weary of the secrecy from the resettlement contractors, the stonewalling from the State Department and the silence from Congress.