Jerry Jones and national anthem

Jerry Jones went into the locker room before the Cowboys Giants game yesterday. He looked around at all the young men and addressed them as a group. “Regardless… of your personal opinions, this is a sacred day that we recognize the sacrifice and pain that so many have endured. When the National Anthem is played by a lone trumpet player in a few minutes you WILL stand and you WILL put your hand over your hearts.” Jerry waited a second and made eye contact with several players to make sure his words had sunk in. He knew he had there undivided attention and proceeded. “You gentlemen are world class athletes, but you are also actors. You perform on a stage that is 100 yards long. Today, you play the role of a patriotic super hero. You will play this role well because you know that millions of children will be watching and looking at your example.” Then his inner fire started to shine through as he said quietly “but most of all I want you to remember, you are the actors, but this is MY stage and you will play the role I tell you to

Obama could stop the riots


President Obama has the power to quell the riots in Charlotte, pointing to a federal law passed in the 1960s.

“Now, I know the law, because I lived through the ’60s,” Savage said.
“If you cross state lines to encourage a riot, you are committing a federal offense.”

It was put on the books in the late ’60s, during the Vietnam War protests, which were well-funded and well-organized by the Communist Party USA and all of the other vermin in America, including the National Lawyers Guild, the ACLU.

All of them are subversive organizations who want to see it “burn, baby, burn.”

All of these left-wing fanatics are enjoying the rioting, the mobs, the looting, the burning, the beating.

They want more of it.
Now, if any of them crossed state lines, as I can only assume they did, to steam up the morons in the streets, the unemployed morons living on welfare selling drugs to riot and burn and loot and beat people up, if they crossed state lines to do that, they have violated state lines.

I mean, there’s a federal law on the books.
You cannot cross state lines to incite a riot.
So, there’s no question in my mind that the white communist front, which is extremely powerful in this country – it goes all the way up to the White House. I’m sure there’s an adviser sitting to Obama’s left.
He, or she, or they, have committed a federal crime.
OK, who am I talking to? America.

Is Loretta Lynch listening?
Of course not.
Loretta Lynch is not listening. She is the head of the Justice Department.
She has the power to arrest them for having crossed state lines to incite a riot.
She won’t do that. She’s only looking to arrest people who are being beaten up, to see if they said something wrong.

So, the same woman who is permitting Muslim terrorists to operate freely on our shores, who won’t take preventive measures to detain them, the same attorney general could stop them the Muslim terrorism, probably to the 90th percentile by preventatively detaining those on FBI watch lists.

She won’t do that. She could arrest the communists and others who have and are crossing state lines to incite riots against the federal law.
She won’t do that.

So, in essence, what do we have?
We have a rogue administration. We have government anarchy.
… Would you say this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people?

Of course not.
This is a government that’s oriented in only one direction. And that is the wrong direction.




George Soros Eyes Internet Takeover?

by Tad Cronn
George Soros’ ambitions still know no bounds.

You’ve probably heard that amid the several failures that compose the President Obama legacy is a plan to have the United States completely surrender control of the Internet.
George Soros’ ambitions still know no bounds.

You’ve probably heard that amid the several failures that compose the President Obama legacy is a plan to have the United States completely surrender control of the Internet.

The United States built and controlled the thing for enough years, leading a global communications revolution so pervasive that it allows a housewife in Tucson to harangue a blogger in Pakistan about which breed of kitten is cuter, or allows a car designer in Tokyo to file his latest work with the New York office.

Americans have had their fun, improving the planet. Now it’s time to let some anonymous somebodies screw it all up.

President Obama promised that the United Nations would not take over the Internet, but like everything else he says, that was a lie, according to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, which is the only way Americans ever get the truth out of this Administration, usually much delayed.

UN control will be the most likely result when the United States gives up stewardship of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or Icann, on September 30.

If you’ve ever set up a website, you’re probably at least peripherally aware of Icann, which oversees the whole catalog of sites in the Worldwide Web and makes sure the connections framework is functioning. The reason Icann can legally control the whole web is because it functions as a monopoly sanctioned by our own Commerce Department.

Once we surrender control, in order to keep working legally, Icann will need to be controlled by another recognized government authority. Enter the United Nations, many of whose members are salivating at the idea of being able to censor what does or does not appear on your home browser.

And guess who is working behind the scenes, knee deep in plans to regulate what’s on the Internet and, more importantly, what’s not allowed on the Internet?

Soros, the former Nazi employee who once compared himself to a mad god.

More specifically, his Open Society Justice Initiative is handling the takeover maneuvers. Old Gyorgy Schwartz (his birth name) never gets his own hands dirty. He has people to do that for him.

The Open Society Justice Initiative is an arm of Soros’ Open Society Foundations, his globe-girdling cabal, er, network of “charitable” foundations that spread his money around to the sorts of people who can maneuver, manipulate or simply destroy whatever Soros wants.

A leaked document, one of about 2,500 that have made their way onto the Internet thanks to hackers, describes OSJI proposals and calls for international regulation of “what information is taken off the Internet and what may remain.”

(In fact, Soros may have already been practicing removing information from the Internet, as the site that revealed the documents, DCLeaks, shortly after posting them had its pages on Soros mysteriously disappear — other pages were untouched — and had its Twitter account inexplicably suspended. The web pages are back as of this writing, but they were gone for at least a day.)

And what may remain, under these plans, is “those [sites] most supportive of open society.” Although the paper pretends its proposals are about protecting free speech, they are really about projecting an agenda.

If you’re not familiar with Soros’ “open society” concept, it’s pretty simple: global progressivism. While advocates of the open society claim to oppose collectivism, in practice, it leans socialist because it destroys traditional social structures and fuels chaos through groups like Black Lives Matter and other radicals, and pushes representative government toward mob rule. At least, that’s how Soros has always played it.

Soros’ open society schemes are the mad, raging fire at the heart of Progressivism, and the billionaire has always been more than happy to stoke the flames.

Political types often talk about an “October Surprise” in presidential campaigns. But with Obama ready to pass off control of the Internet on October 1, just before a crucial presidential election, watch for the withered hand of Soros to show itself and once again wreak havoc with our nation before anybody realizes what’s happening.


By: Joe Newby

On Tuesday, Barack Obama addressed the “Star Wars Bar Scene” also known as the United Nations General Assembly. During that speech, he made some statements that would have Ben Franklin rolling in his grave. According to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, America must give up some freedom to enhance security and submit to a world government.

We have to put our money where our mouths are. And we can only realize the promise of this institution’s founding to replace the ravages of war with cooperation if powerful nations like my own accept constraints,” he said. “Sometimes I’m criticized in my own country for professing a belief in international norms and multilateral institutions, but I’m convinced in the long run giving up some freedom of action, not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests but binding ourselves to international rules, over the long-term, enhances our security.”

The Federalist added:

After declaring that subordinating American sovereignty to a body of international bureaucrats would make the U.S. safer, Obama renewed his call for countries like the U.S. to absorb more Middle Eastern refugees. The president has been facing mounting pressure to tighten the screening and vetting of Middle Eastern immigrants in light of multiple terrorist attacks against the U.S. by foreign-born terrorists.

Hillary Clinton has a meltdown

Matt Lauer came under a firestorm of criticism from Hillary Clinton’s leftist cabal earlier this month after he dared to ask questions any reasonable journalist might ask “grill” her (propaganda media’s words) over her lies, misdirections, obfuscations and doublespeak in the ongoing email scandal. Some political pundits went so far as to call Lauer a “morning show lightweight.” Of course, we’ve learned that stepping outside the narrative lines regarding Hillary is a fireable offense.

Now comes a report that, following the NBC broadcast of the Commander-in-Chief forum, Clinton had a meltdown that included:

…throwing a water glass at a staffer – narrowly missing her head, and demanding that Matt Lauer be fired! She was overheard threatening executives at NBC saying, “If we lose, we all go down and that Fascist F**k will have us swinging from nooses. What the f**k is wrong with you idiots?”

Hillary then is said to have screamed at everyone in sight for close to an hour, with staffers feeling like she was having a “Hitler-like rage down.”

If Hitlery believes she and her criminal cabal will be “swinging from nooses” if Trump is elected, then clearly she knows she’s broken many laws, up to and including treason.

Guess what Hillary; we out here in the land of the “deplorables” are well aware of your crimes, too. And we’d love to see you face trial, be convicted and then make a march to the gallows. That’d be a great start toward curing the nation of what ails it.

But I doubt you have to worry about Donald Trump. You and he share too many of the same establishment friends.

And as to your charge that Trump is “fascist,” well, it takes one to know one, as the kids might say.

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