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AFRICA: ‘BORDER CLOSURES SAVED US’…Someone Fwd This To Our Daft President

Good for them and bad for us if BHO insists that we keep flying in to Ebola death zones. Check this out…africa-300x180

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Health officials battling the Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 4,500 people in West Africa have managed to limit its spread on the continent to five countries – and two of them appear to have snuffed out the disease.
The developments constitute a modest success in an otherwise bleak situation.
Officials credit tighter border controls, good patient-tracking and other medical practices, and just plain luck with keeping Ebola confined mostly to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea since the outbreak was first identified nearly seven months ago.
Senegal did so well in finding and isolating a man with Ebola who had slipped across the border from Guinea in August that the World Health Organization on Friday will declare the end of the disease in Senegal if no new cases surface.
Nigeria is another success story. It had 20 cases and eight deaths after the virus was brought by a Liberian-American who flew from Liberia to Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital of 21 million people, in July. Nearly 900 people were potentially exposed to the virus by the traveler, who died, and the disease could have wreaked havoc in Africa’s most populous nation.



U.S. Marine Fearlessly Takes on Angry Mob of Pro-Hamas Protesters

WHAT A JOKE: Obama’s New ‘Ebola Czar’ Has No Medical Experience – HE IS A DEMOCRAT SPINNER

President Obama has asked Democratic operative Ron Klain to be the “Ebola Czar” and coordinate the federal government’s response to the deadly virus, sources close to the President have told CNN.

Having previously rejected the idea of an “Ebola Czar,” Obama relented on Thursday, CNN reports.

“It may make sense for us to have one person … so that after this initial surge of activity, we can have a more regular process just to make sure that we’re crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s going forward,” Obama said.
Klain served as Chief of Staff to Vice Presidents Gore and Biden, and spearheaded Gore’s recount efforts in the 2000 presidential election. Having left the Vice President’s office in 2011, he has since become the president of Case Holdings, the holding company for AOL co-founder Steve Case, NBC News reports.

Our new Ebola Czar does not, however, have any medical experience, as CNN reports.

That has not dissuaded Washington Democrats, who applaud Obama’s pick as an excellent choice to “control the message,” especially in advance of the midterm elections, New York Times reports.

“He’ll control the message better than most people would, which is really important from an economic standpoint, from a health standpoint, but it’s also important from a political perspective,” one official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because no formal announcement had been made.
Klain will be reporting to national security adviser Susan Rice and Obama’s homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco.

Why the country needs the GOP to take back the Senate

Special to The Tampa Tribune
Published: October 18, 2014GOP

The 2014 election cycle may be the most important in our history.

Our once proud country is no longer respected as a world leader. Allies and foes alike do not take us seriously. We have let down our allies and bolstered our foes.

We are in a fiscal disaster that not only is stripping away the remnants of our country’s wealth but also may destroy the U.S. dollar as the world’s most dominant reserve currency.

Our military forces have been decimated in numbers so much so that our ability to provide for the security of our nation is questionable. We have no idea who and how many foreigners are streaming into our country illegally.

Our oppressive laws, regulations and taxes are ruining small businesses and running large businesses out of the U.S. We have enacted legislation that requires men, as well as elderly women well past childbearing age, to pay for maternity coverage.

Our Department of Justice picks and chooses which established laws it wishes to enforce or ignore.

These and many more issues make it difficult to be optimistic about our future.

The Founding Fathers of our country provided for a two-chamber Congress — the Senate and House of Representatives. They envisioned that the House, with 435 members, would “represent” the will of our citizens at local levels. Elected for two-year terms, House members must keep in close touch with their constituents or run the risk of being replaced in the next election by someone who better represents those constituents.

On the other hand, the Senate has 100 members, two from each state, whose purpose is to provide for a “check and balance” on bills submitted by the House. This check and balance is to ensure the bills are in the long-term best interest of the nation as a whole and not simply a series of ebbs and flows of short-term public opinion on local issues.

Senators are elected for six-year terms and thus are likely to become less connected with their constituents, at least until their own election time rolls around. The senators are supposed to debate the bills submitted by the representatives and massage those bills when needed in order for the bills to be better applicable to the nation as a whole. These debates provide for compromises to be made between Senate and House versions, and the bills are then forwarded to the president for signing into law.

This system has worked since 1787 — until now.

More than 350 bills addressing solutions to the issues that have put our country in its current situation have been forwarded to the Senate by the House. And what has become of those bills that represent the will of local citizens like you and me? Absolutely nothing!

Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate majority leader, has refused to allow any of these bills to be debated in the Senate for fear that if any passed, they may not be in accordance with the agenda of the Obama administration. The Senate majority leader has that power, and if he is aligned so closely with an administration that is more concerned about political power than the best interests of the nation, then our system can be abused — as Reid has done.

Electing a Republican majority in the Senate will remove Reid as the Senate leader and allow the bills from the House to be addressed, debated and acted upon as the legislative branch of our government is supposed to function. You see, it is only one chamber of Congress — the Senate — that should be labeled as “do nothing” since it is clear the House of Representatives has done its job.

Electing a Republican majority in the Senate will also provide a better check and balance on the executive branch, which over the past several years has decided to bypass Congress altogether on many critically important issues.

Both chambers of Congress must be strong and responsive to the people to ensure against executive branch overreach that has occurred during the Obama administration.

Reid, as Senate majority leader, has contributed to that overreach.

We don’t want, nor can we afford, another two years of backsliding in this country.

We need to stop this nonsense now and elect a Republican majority in the Senate in November.

Ted Waronicki is a retired Army officer who subsequently worked as a defense contractor with Lockheed Martin and DynCorp supporting USCENTCOM and USSOCOM. He presently works as a consultant for Aspen Healthcare Services. He lives in Valrico.



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