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‘Helluva Pinpoint Operation:’ Kerry Caught On Open Mic Sarcastically Slamming Israeli Gaza Op

Maybe there’s a reason the White House has been keeping John Kerry from Fox News.

Just moments after a testy exchange with “Fox News Sunday’s” Chris Wallace over what the Secretary of State perceived as repeated interruptions, Wallace played a clip captured while Kerry waited to appear on the Sunday news program.

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that the State Department camera in front of him and mic pinned on his lapel were live, America’s top diplomat harshly criticized the on-going Israeli operation in Gaza following news of Israeli army casualties and Palestinian civilian deaths.

“It’s a helluva pinpoint operation,” he told a top aide sarcastically over his cellphone. “It’s a helluva pinpoint operation. We’ve got to get over there. Thank you, John. I think John, we ought to go tonight. I think it’s crazy to be sitting around.”

“Secretary Kerry, when you said it’s a helluva pinpoint operation, are you upset the Israelis are going too far?” Wallace asked.

The diplomat, who appeared to hang his head in disgust the moment Wallace said he would play the tape, composed himself in time for a diplomatic answer.

“I think it’s very, very difficult in these situations, obviously very difficult, Chris,” he said, saying Israel has a “right to go in and take out [Hamas] tunnels” and that the administration “supports Israel’s right to defend itself against rockets that are continuing to come in.”

“So yeah, it’s tough, it’s tough to have this kind of operation,” he continued. “And I reacted, obviously, in a way that anybody does with respect to, you know, young children and civilians. But war is tough.”

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Federal Courts Issue Split Decisions on Obamacare

Two Federal appeals court rulings put the issue of Obamacare subsidies front and center in the 2014 Congressional campaign — with one court invalidating some of them and the other upholding all of them.

The first decision came Tuesday morning from a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The panel, in a major blow to the law, ruled 2-1 that the IRS went too far in extending subsidies to those who buy insurance through the federally run exchange, known as

A separate federal appeals court — the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals — hours later issued its own ruling on a similar case that upheld the subsidies in their entirety.

The conflicting rulings would typically fast-track the matter to the Supreme Court. However, it is likely that the administration will ask the D.C. appeals court to first convene all 11 judges to re-hear that case.
The libertarian Cato Insitute hailed the D.C. Court of Appeals decision in the Halbig v. Burwell case. Cato had been instrumental in making the case that the Federal subsidies in Obamacare, as finalized by the IRS, were illegal.

In August 2011, the Internal Revenue Service proposed offering subsidies through health insurance Exchanges established by the federal government, even though the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act clearly and repeatedly provides those subsidies are available only “through an Exchange established by the State.” Due to the PPACA’s interrelated provisions, the decision to offer unauthorized subsidies in federal Exchanges also triggers unauthorized taxes against millions of individuals and employers in the 36 states that ultimately opted not to establish Exchanges. When the IRS finalized this proposal in May 2012, it cited no authority for its decision to depart from the clear language of federal law.

Jonathan Adler and I were the first to criticize this decision in August 2011, and have continued to show how it is contrary to federal law and the PPACA’s legislative history.

Today, a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit – known as the second-highest court in the land – ruled in Halbig v. Burwell that the Obama administration is indeed imposing taxes and spending funds through those 36 federal Exchanges without statutory authority, and indeed contrary to the plain language of the PPACA.

Simply put, the President is violating the law.
Most observers believe that the one or both of these cases will be decided by the Supreme Court which could deal a fatal blow to the financing structure of the Affordable Care Act.


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Obama Presidency

Obama Presidency

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