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Private Email: Hillary Received Early Advice From A Shady Friend


by Javier Manjarres

Remember when President Bill Clinton famously and infatically stated that he “did not have sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky?

Well, the world found out that Bubba lied, as Lewinsky “blew” the whistle on him, and divulged what really happened between the two.

Now his wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may have been caught in a lie of her own.

Are you surprised?

I didn’t think so.

Mrs. Clinton has been saying that she received “unsolicited” advise from her friend and long-time advisor Syndey Blumenthal, a character that the Obama administration believed to be so shady, that in 2009, administration officials kept Blumenthal from working alongside then-Secretary of State Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton has never denied her friendship with Blumenthal, nor has she denied the “unsolicited” advise he gave her, and never did state when the advise began.

The Clintons being the Clintons, disregarded the fact that the Obama administration “was prohibiting” Blumenthal f rom officially advising Clinton at the Department of State.

According to one of Hillary Clinton’s recently released private email(s) from her home server, Blumenthal was advising Clinton on foreign matters as far back as 2009.

In other words, Clinton hid, or just didn’t feel compelled to say exactly when Blumenthal was advising her.

“…In an email dated November 5, 2009, Blumenthal sent Clinton an email titled “Agenda with Merkel,” Blumenthal encouraged Clinton to develop the Transatlantic Economic Council, which he said “now languishes.” Noting that it was German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s major initiative when Germany held the EU Presidency in 2007, Blumenthal advised that “raising Merkel’s project and reinvigorating it would undoubtedly be well received.”

Emails previously released by the State Department and the House committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attack showed that Blumenthal forwarded intelligence information to then-Secretary Clinton about Libya around the time of the attack that killed four Americans. Clinton then asked that his insight be circulated amongst the staff.

The 2009 email shows that Clinton was receiving advice from the controversial confidant much earlier than had been previously believed.

Additionally, a conversation between Clinton and her Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills on June 22, 2009 shows Clinton’s interest in getting Blumenthal hired. In response to an unrelated matter, Clinton writes to Mills: “Good. What is latest re: Sid Blumenthal.”

In response Mills writes “Will see – he is doing the paperwork.”

The confidant’s role with Clinton became clearer in a June 2009 email. Blumenthal passed an email along to Clinton from then-UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and spoke of her helping him with “Adams” in a meeting with Martin McGuiness of Northern Island. Adams is apparently referring to Gerry Adams.

“Shaun briefed me that Gordon will be meeting with Martin McGuiness together on Wednesday and may want your help with Adams. I said that he and Gordon should let me know before Wednesday and may want your help with Adams. I said that he and Gordon should let me know before Wednesday whether your involvement is essential and what they request.”

Blumenthal gave more of his input before Clinton’s 2009 speech to the Council of Foreign Relations in New York. Blumenthal told Clinton her speech must have “a distinctive and authoritative voice.”

“The speech must be crafted with a sense of real time and cannot be delivered out of sync with it,” he wrote. “Slogans can become shopworm, especially those that lack analytical, historical and descriptive power.”

Blumenthal also gave tips for policy on Afghanistan.

“Hillary: FYI,” the message read. “I found this one of the most sensible and informed brief articles on Afghanistan.” Patrick Cockburn, of the London Independent, is one of the best informed on-the-ground journalists. He was almost always correct on Iraq.”–FOX

You be the judge. Is there more to this?

What was, is, the real reason why the former Secretary of State felt the need to scrub clean her home email server?