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Here’s The Real Reason For Baltimore’s ‘BLACK PROBLEMS’

Contrary to what the media and race baiters try to make you believe, here is the real reason why Baltimore is the way that it is.

By Allen West
The population of Baltimore is 622,000 and 63 percent of its population is black. The mayor, state’s attorney, police chief and city council president are black, as is 48 percent of the police force. But as 36-year-old Robert Stokes says, “You look around and see unemployment. Filling out job applications and being turned down because of where you live and your demographic. It’s so much bigger than the police department.”
Everyone wants to have an honest conversation about race, so let’s us endeavor to do just that. Now, of course, when you speak the hard truth about race issues in America – and not just the liberal progressive talking points – and you’re white, you’ll be branded a racist. And if you’re black, well, y’all just watch the comments below and see the denigrating drivel.
As posted on by John Nolte, “Contrary to the emotional blackmail some leftists are attempting to peddle, Baltimore is not America’s problem or shame. That failed city is solely and completely a Democrat problem.”
“Like many failed cities, Detroit comes to mind, and every city besieged recently by rioting, Democrats and their union pals have had carte blanche to inflict their ideas and policies on Baltimore since 1967, the last time there was a Republican Mayor. In 2012, after four years of his own failed policies, President Obama won a whopping 87.4% of the Baltimore city vote. Democrats run the city of Baltimore, the unions, the schools, and, yes, the police force. Since 1969, there have only been only been two Republican governors of the State of Maryland. Elijah Cummings has represented Baltimore in the U.S. Congress for more than thirty years.”

The truth is that it is a culture of dependency as promulgated by the race baiters and new plantation overseers of the inner city that has created what we’re seeing play out in Baltimore. There is where the blame lies, but there are very few who are willing to admit just that.

Remember what ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith said? He wished that for one voting cycle, the black community would vote Republican. Heck, they could do no worse — and look, even the people of the state of Maryland decided to try something different and elected a Republican governor. Who, when finally asked, immediately activated the National Guard to quell the violence and chaos which the Democrat Mayor of Baltimore failed to comprehend, and control. Perhaps what we’re witnessing in Baltimore is the pure definition of insanity — continuing to do the same thing and expect different results.

Yes, the dirty little secret that no one wants to admit is that Baltimore, and so many other urban areas and inner city communities in America are a reflection of the abject failure of liberal progressive socialist policies as advanced by the Democrat party.

The preeminent question is whether or not those in Baltimore and other places will recognize who is truly responsible for their plight. Or will they continue to be manipulated and propagandized by the liberal progressive media and the poverty pimps like the one supposedly heading down from New York City.

John Nolte’s piece was spot on and this is not about an American failure, it is about a Democrat failure. And ask yourself, who were the ones who developed the concept of urban economic empowerment zones — as opposed to the ones who have produced urban depraved enslavement zones?



The official St Lucie County, FL 2012 election results. Only one precinct had less than 113% turnout. The unofficial vote count is 175,554 registered voters 247,713 vote cards cast (141.10% ). The National SEAL Museum, a St. Lucie county polling place, had 158.85% voter turn out, the highest in the county.

When asked about the 141% Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker stated, “They may have had something like that in Palm Beach County, but we’ve never seen that here.”

Supervisor Walker has posted this notice on her official website:


It appears that Allen West is justified in asking for a lock-down on the ballot boxes and machines in St. Lucie County. According to the November 7th Supervisor of Elections report Allen B. West garnered 52,625 votes in St.Lucie county and Patrick Murphy 65,896 votes.



We at Watchdog Wire – Florida appreciate the large number of comments to this post.

Some of the more recent comments call into question the definition of “cards” versus ballots.

The 2012 Presidential Ballot in Florida consisted of two pages. Both pages were two sided giving voters the opportunity to vote for candidates for public office on page 1 and 11 Constitutional ballot initiatives on page 2. The issue being correctly discussed is: Does each ballot consist of two cards? If yes, then there would be two times the number of cards as votes cast or in the case of St. Lucie County 175,554 times 2 there would be an expected 351,108 cards (two page ballots) cast.

However, according to the SOE there were 247,713 or 141.10% of cards cast. A valid question is what happened to the other 58.9% of cards cast? The SOE will be recounting ballots on November 13th and is required to submit her certification of the election on November 15th. We will update this post then with the final results.

In 2010 Florida experienced problems with long ballots, it may be this issue has returned in 2012.

RELATED COLUMN: St. Lucie County election results posted, after hours of delay.allan 14 West

Allen West: ‘Something Doesn’t Smell Right About Ham’

By Allen West
Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 11:37am

I knew General Carter Ham from my active duty service in the Army and have interacted with him as a member of the House Armed Services Committee. General Ham possesses an impeccable reputation built upon an exceptional character, integrity beyond reproach, and a keen warrior ethos. It is absolutely astonishing to me that all of a sudden General Ham was removed from AFRICOM Command and is now retiring. There is something horribly amiss here and Americans should demand an explanation from the Commander-in-Chief as to why a major Combatant Commander has been removed from command early and is now retiring. If President Obama is not forthcoming with a complete explanation on this matter, the Benghazi terrorist attack incident, and why Major Nidal Hasan’s actions are classified as workplace violence…on November 6, 2012 the American people should relieve President Obama of HIS command and retire him to Chicago, Hawaii, or wherever.

Allen West’s full speech and Q&A at Eagle Forum

West gave a brilliant speech on America’s military power and why it is essential for peace in the world that we have a strong military because as he put it, the world is more Machiavellian than it is Kantian.

The speech portion only goes for about 11 minutes and the Q&A takes up the remaining 22 minutes or so.

Watch below:

Soros-Backed Super PAC Targets Allen West

By Javier Manjarres

Top national Democratic operative Charles Halloran has been retained by a new George Soros-backed super-PAC to target Congressman Allen West for defeat this November. Halloran is a former aide to President Bill Clinton and is one of the most respected voter targeting/turn out experts in the Democratic Party. Halloran ran the successful campaign of Democrat Tim Mahoney that won the seat of former Republican Congressman Mark Foley.

The Super PAC has been christened “Dump West” and is expected to file with the Federal Election Commission early next week. Sources have told The Shark Tank that a website along with a targeted web advertising campaign will soon be launched. Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked former Congressman Larry Smith, who’s now working as a lobbyist, to help line up initial funding for the group. West is said to be at the top of Pelosi’s hit list.

Sources have also us that left wing billionaire George Soros is among those who committed to a $5 million war chest to defeat West. “It’s not surprising that the hard Left is seeking to beat West” said Florida Tea Party leader Eric Von Tausch “West’s a conservative hero.”

According to sources Halloran has brought in “American Directions” to manage the Super-PAC’s effort for internet based, low-dollar fundraising, polling and voter contact. “American Directions” is among the heavy weight firms in Washington DC and is considered on the on the cutting edge of the most sophisticated technology for voter contact through text messaging and email as well as sophisticated voter mailings.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is fully on-board in the efforts to raise money for the “Dump West” effort. West’s Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy has raised a sizeable war chest and those donors who has given him the maximum are viewed as potential donors to the “Dump West” effort.

Conservative activists think that exposure of the Soros backed anti-West Super PAC will only spur pro-West Super-PAC activities. “We need to spend dollar for dollar with the liberals to re-elect Allen,” said Von Tausch.

Also a matter of speculation is the involvement in these efforts of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is facing a tough re-election race from Republican candidate Karen Harrington.


Now this>>>Soros-Backed SuperPAC Targeting Allen West Confidential Memo Leaked |

Obama wants Americans to be his slaves - Does President Obama want to enslave Americans?

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) believes so, and expressed that belief at a campaign kick-off rally Sunday.

“He does not want you to have the self-esteem of getting up and earning, and having that title of American,” he said. “He’d rather you be his slave.”

WPTV reported that “about 30 protesters held signs and chanted, declaring their distaste for the man speaking inside the Port St. Lucie Civic Center.”

According to the report, the race for the newly drawn district “will be one of the most closely watched races this political season.”

West moved from his old seat in Broward and Palm Beach County to seek the new District 18 seat, but the protesters said they wished he had remained where he was.

“He seems to represent the richest 1 percent of Americans, and he’s forgetting about the 99 percent of us … the rest of us who actually work for a living and try to provide for our families,” protester Jeff Callahan said.
“The Tea Party favorite also advocated for energy independence and told about 500 audience members he wants to rebuild families,” WPTV added.

But WPTV did not report that West also excoriated the recent Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare, saying that it gives the federal government power to control the American people using the power to tax.

“I have a great idea,” he said. “I believe that for personal security every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9 mm and if you don’t do it, we’ll tax you.”

West is facing off against Martin County Sheriff Bob Crowder in the primary.

“I am offended by some of the things he says and does,” Crowder said.

Crowder is well known in the area, WPTV added, but West has raised significantly more money, and the sheriff angered many Republicans for supporting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink in 2010.

He also took West to task for calling members of the Progressive Caucus “Communists.”

“I think trying to label some people that he would have to work with in Congress as being Communists … I just think that’s the wrong thing to do,” he said.

Florida voters will make their choice on August 14.

Allen West Refers to Obama As “Coddler-In-Chief”, Chavez Castro’s “BFF

Congressman Allen West treated South Floridians to another dose of Liberal smack down at the Miami-Dade GOP’s annual Lincoln Day soiree in Miami, Florida. West to a shot at Communist Cuba’s Castro Regime, and reminded everyone of just how much of a threat Castro’s “BFF” ,Venezuela Strong ManHugo Chavez poses to the Western Hemisphere.

Just think about 90 miles from where we are sitting tonight, there’s and Island, a state sponsor of Terrorism. It currently holds one of our own American sons hostage, and even the Coddler-In-Chief feels it necessary to appease and provide concessions to the regime of the Castros.-Congressman Allen West

LTC Allen West in support of Israel

[youtube][/youtube]At an event commemorating the first full year of weekly rallies in support of Israel held at Broward Boulevard and Northeast Third Avenue in Fort Lauderdale Florida Congressional candidate Allen West details his reasons to support Israel. Content News, Israel & Politics All content Copyright Channel1Images Inc 2009.

Rep. Allen West blows away Muslim CAIR


Rep. Allen West blows away CAIR representative at press conference by exposing the brutal history of Islam. West’s strong knowledge of Islamic history and his non-PC style left the CAIR rep stuttering. CAIR is a front organization for the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood that was named by the DOJ as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land terror funding trial.

Rep. Allen West: "We're Starting To Live Under A Rule By Edict"

Watch the latest video at

“I think right now, this shows that we are getting away from a government that’s based upon consent of the American people, and we’re starting to live under a rule by edict or executive order,” Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) said about President Obama’s decision to not deport illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. at a young age.

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