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‘Only a military option’ can stop Iranian nuke quest

by Grant Kant

At the end of a historic week in which President Obama distanced himself from Israel and drew closer to Iran, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton accused the commander in chief of the “worst act of appeasement by an American president in history, bar none.”

But perhaps Bolton’s worst insult towards Obama’s persistence in trying to negotiate a deal, ostensibly to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, was when he called the president less skeptical than a certain U.S. ally.

“It’s a fine irony that a French socialist government is the only thing between us and this debacle,” quipped the ambassador.

Invited to speak at the U.S. Capitol on Friday by the Endowment for Middle East Truth, or EMET, Bolton called negotiating with the Islamic Republic useless, because Iran “knows it will begin violating the deal as soon as it signs it.”

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He called the Iranians “expert at negotiations with the U.S.,” because the administration is impatient to make a deal and they are not.

The ambassador portrayed Obama as a desperate to strike a deal, “no matter the price,” because “the president thinks this will be his signature achievement in his second term.”

He added: “I don’t think there is an acceptable deal” to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, “as long as this regime remains in power,” because it has violated virtually every commitment it has ever made.

He also insisted Iran will not stop, no matter how long it takes, until it gets both nuclear weapons and inter-continental ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets anywhere in the world, including the U.S.

Bolton’s stark bottom line: There is “no option other than a military” solution to stopping Iran’s drive to acquire nuclear weapons.

The ambassador said the leaked details of the current deal are so bad because, over the years, the West has entirely abandoned its original insistence that Iran have no ability to enrich uranium or to extract plutonium from spent reactor fuel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said those are the only conditions that would make any deal acceptable, but the Obama administration has called that stance unrealistic.

Instead, it was learned this week, the administration plans to let Iran keep 6,000 of 10,000 centrifuges that can enrich uranium.

And those 6,000 centrifuges are more than enough to provide Iran with the fuel to build a formidable arsenal of nuclear warheads, according to Israel and Bolton.

As long as Iran is allowed any uranium enrichment capabilities, he insisted, “They have the knowledge and ability to conduct a long-range program.”

Bolton said Israel will have to make the extremely difficult decision of whether to take out Iran’s nuclear program with a military strike, but “since the leader of free world won’t, they may have to.”

He said that is why Congress must make clear it would be a legitimate exercise of self-defense, because Israel can’t count on either the administration or the United Nations Security Council for support.

“No one believes sanctions alone can work,” he asserted, noting Iran has long been receiving assistance in keeping its nuclear program afloat from Russia and other countries.

“Sanctions do not slow down nuclear and missile programs, even according to Obama’s own director of national intelligence,” Bolton told the audience.

He predicted that when Iran does break out its arsenal, it “won’t be a few, it will be dozens or scores” of nuclear weapons.

The ambassador said exacerbating the president’s willingness to accommodate the Islamic Republic is that Iran is seeking to have sanctions lifted not just for their nuclear program but also for its far-flung terrorist activities.

“And in Barack Obama, they have just the man to do it.”

ObamaNetBolton called Iran “a partner only in the mind of Barack Obama,” because this is not like America’s negotiations with the Soviets in the Cold War, when Washington had common interests, including global security and avoiding nuclear war.

Even before a deal is struck, Obama has sent a message to America’s allies in the Mideast that they are on their own against Iran, Bolton suggested.

“We have opened Pandora’s Box when it comes to proliferation in the Mideast,” he said.

And he worried a nuclear arms race had already begun that will be worldwide.

Bolton said key details of the proposed deal with Iran leaked to the New York Times and Washington Post are so bad, it makes the problem exponentially worse.

“The American disposition to succumb to demand after demand is fueling a nuclear arms race in Mideast,” he said, because U.S. allies see the administration as doing nothing to stop Iran.

And, he said, those allies won’t wait for proof of Iran’s violation of any deal before acquiring their own nuclear weapons. In fact, he said, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states were already moving to build their own nuclear arsenals.

Referring to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s words while disavowing responsibility for the deadly Benghazi attack, Bolton stated: “‘What difference does it make’ when the personal representative of the president is murdered with impunity? It sends a message that terrorists can act with impunity, and it makes our Arab allies pull their hair out.”

Bolton implored his listeners to actively oppose the deal Obama is striking with Iran.

“We have to try to change the deal, slow it down, derail it – whatever we can do,” he said.

“If we are inactive, the other side will prevail. lf we can’t stop before it’s signed, do everything to take it off the rails afterwards.”

He ended on a positive note.

“We still have the power to change it, and that’s what we have to take away from today.”

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While Obama Bombs Syria the Southern Border is Still Wide Open

by Richard Anthony
In order to improve his dismal poll numbers here at home and give the Democrats a chance to win the mid-term elections, Obama dropped some bombs on Syria. He says there was a “threat to the United States,” and it not only gave him an excuse to attack another sovereign nation without the approval of Congress, but also to claim that by doing so, he has saved American lives here at home.

What a crock!
According to NBC news:
“In a statement early Tuesday, the U.S. military said that in addition to taking out ISIS targets it mounted eight separate strikes overnight “to disrupt the imminent attack plotting against the United States and Western interests conducted by a network of seasoned al Qaeda veterans,” also known as “the Khorasan group.” The strikes against Khorasan — which had established a haven in Syria to plot attacks, build roadside bombs and recruit Westerners to fight — targeted the group’s training camps, explosives production facility, communication building and command and control facilities, the Pentagon said.”
Boy howdy…sounds like they were just about ready to strike huh? I’m sure glad the Nobel Peace Prize winner is looking-out for us and killed those bad guys first before they even did anything, it sounds like they were mere seconds away from carrying out their nefarious plans. Who the hell does he think he’s kidding with this dog and pony show? Not only is this entire little bombing campaign a joke, but also is spending $500,000,000,000.00 to train and equip a bunch of idiots to do our ground fighting for us. If you divide that five hundred billion by five thousand, that comes out tone hundred million per man. Will someone….anyone please tell me that if that is a “good deal” for America?!
Now, the average cost to fully train a Navy SEAL is roughly about $1,000,000.00 (give or take a hundred thousand dollars), and they are the best trained troops in the world. I can’t for the life of me, justify spending one hundred million to equip and train one camel herder, who probably has an IQ just slightly above 80. That is, of course, if you plan on giving him the keys to his very own, brand new Bradley fighting vehicle. The numbers just don’t add up, Ladies and Gents! It is no secret that the Obama administration has in the past shall we say…”padded the books” when it comes to spending the tax payers money. This is not counting on the cost of each bit of ordinance already fired at ISIS since yesterday, so the cost will undoubtedly be more than a trillion before the month is out. And here’s the rub, folks: the cost for allowing a hundred thousand illegal aliens into our country this year alone will be almost as much, when you count the cost of housing, food, medical care, child care and any other “freebies” that they decide to give them, courtesy ala…you and me.
We just can’t afford all of this. Here is our national debt right now.

And in May of 2013, the Heritage Foundation said, that legalizing illegal aliens would cost the tax payers a net $6.3 trillion over the next fifty years. Of course, that was last year, and that was a conservative estimate at best. That number will more than likely be almost twice that if nothing is done to curb or stop illegal aliens from coming into the U.S. In other words folks…the U.S. economy cannot financially bear this kind of burden—it will destroy this nation.
Now, I’m glad Obama found his testicles and finally decided to do something about ISIS (since he created them in the first place), but in reality, we cannot afford to give anybody any money right now, especially a bunch of dumb-ass camel herders who haven’t even been “vetted,” and certainly not to the tune of five hundred billion dollars.
Do the math, folks, and you’ll see I’m right. The first thing you do to defend the United States is…seal the border, and our president won’t do that.
Between Obama’s “better late than never” cost of arming the Syrian rebels and the cost of his allowing anybody to cross our border, will make the cost of both the war in Iraq and Afghanistan look like chump change before he’s through.
Obama needs to go!


Obama is out blowing Smoke while Obamacare is killing more jobs than anyone can create

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