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Communist Bill de Blasio and the food fascists

If Mayor Bill de Blasio gets his way, dining out in New York is about to get a whole lot more informative. The heir to Michael Bloomberg’s New York nanny crown is considering an ordinance that would require certain restaurants to identify with a special logo any menu items that contain 2,300 mg (about a teaspoon) of sodium. Sorry, kids. It’s just that you’re too stupid to order for yourselves. Let Bill handle it.

Last time I was in the city, I visited Chinatown to tuck into the kind of meal that exists only in China and lower Manhattan restaurants with ducks hanging in the windows. The food was as delicious as I expected, no doubt thanks to culinary artistry and enough sodium to shrivel up de Blasio like a garden slug.

Here’s the thing: I knew it going in. Even the dullest victim of teachers’ unions and Common Core has to know that dining where there are bottles of soy sauce on every table is probably not ideal for people with high blood pressure. And if they’re not, I’m quite sure de Blasio’s frowny-face stickers won’t dissuade them. I would be willing to go so far as to say that even if de Blasio personally showed up in jodhpurs and jackboots to deliver some mind-numbing lecture about the evils of dim sum, the food will get a lot more attention than the mayor.

I’m a big boy. I’m well aware that my diet is far from the template for nutritious living. When I go out for a meal, I’m making a conscious choice to allow someone else to provide me with delicious, high-sodium food. From my belly’s perspective, it’s all good. From de Blasio’s perspective, it’s a plate full of steaming hot death; and it’s his job to protect me from it.

It also sells. In fact, restaurants that cater specifically to the low-sodium set are few and far between, whether in the Big Apple or the Big Easy. That’s hardly a criticism. Restaurants that offer food people are actually willing to pay for do well in America. And clearly, Americans prefer their food long on ingredients like sodium, or high-fructose corn syrup, or whatever else might bring out de Blasio’s inner super nanny.

I suppose we could credit guys like de Blasio for caring about us, except that guys like de Blasio don’t actually care about us. Just like any self-important socialist, de Blasio isn’t motivated by altruism; he’s motivated by power. Whenever government gets involved in any sort of “control,” people end up getting controlled, a situation that perpetuates the government and control at the expense of the people. Call it “portion control,” or “gun control,” it’s the “control” part that matters.

Nanny-staters like de Blasio operate in essentially the same manner as a mafia crime family. Consider: Tobacco is at least as bad for you as a bacon cheeseburger. The government allows the sale, purchase and use of tobacco, even though it spends an enormous amount of its time and your money trying to convince you to kick the coffin nails. In order to extend control over the tobacco industry, government has hiked taxes on tobacco into the stratosphere. But it didn’t outlaw it because the tobacco industry produces billions of dollars a year — some of which ends up in the pockets of lobbyists and lawyers and, therefore, in legislators’ campaign funds. The smoke Nazis didn’t want to stub out tobacco; they wanted a piece of the action. The Five Families would be proud. And government can do things even Lucky Luciano could only dream of. When the mob wants its cut, it sends a big guy with no neck and he “convinces” you. When the government wants a cut, it sends big guys with guns and badges.

Of course, de Blasio’s food fascism won’t work. His ideological allies tried the same thing with booze, even amending the Constitution to warn us about the demon rum. And that worked out super well, if you don’t count all the killing. The so-called “war on drugs” has cost billions of dollars, and victory is hardly on the horizon. And, of course, so-called “gun control” has been a rousing success — especially from the perspective of the criminals who have turned so-called “gun-free” zones into shooting galleries.

One could argue that the New York State war on cigarettes led to the death of Eric Garner. Insane taxes on legal products cause black-market Camel-smugglers. Black-market Camel-smugglers lead to choke holds. It’s not necessarily the only theory, but it fits the facts better than so-called “global warming” — another example of government shifting from “pushy” to “threatening” over something it’s absolutely sure we’re too stupid to understand.

Given enough leeway, liberals like de Blasio would eventually extend government regulation into every aspect of private life — the ultimate dream of all leftists. Everything to which they object would be either controlled or banned outright. The government would control what you eat, drink, watch, say and even think. De Blasio’s America sounds a lot like East Germany, circa 1979; and we all remember what a party that was.

–Ben Crystal

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