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Bureaucratic incompetence is corruption

The IRS is blaming employee mistakes for the allegedly permanent loss of 24,000 emails at the center of the Lois Lerner/Tea Party discrimination scandal. The agency posits its excuse — that the email washout was the result of a simple error — as an alternative to some conservatives’ accusation that IRS employees acted corruptly and maliciously.

Every time a government agency or employee is caught up in something that appears to be illegal, immoral, ill-advised or self-serving, the inevitable internal review yields a benign-sounding reason at the heart of the matter: Nobody meant to do bad. They just messed up. Honest mistake. There’s no motive, no evil intent — only incompetence, a failure of oversight, a workflow in need of further refinement.

But perhaps we should back away from the granular and regard the bureaucracy in its entirety. One scandal, involving real people with real names and personalities, can always be chalked up, plausibly, to good intentions undone by bad systems.

But take a macro-scale view of the same phenomenon, multiplied hundreds or thousands of times at every level and layer of government.

We can infer that those who work in government believe that scandals are more palatable to the public if they can be explained without condemning (or even identifying) anyone’s motives. If systems are to blame instead of people — if well-meaning people press the wrong buttons, email the wrong documents or naively confide in the wrong reporter — then the public is satisfied that nothing more can be done to correct an affront to their interests. It’s just another perpetrator-less crime.

This view presumes the system is inert and immovable. It’s not a variable; it’s too big to consider as a contributing factor in government malfeasance. If a scandal, at its core, can be blamed on systemic flaws, everyone shrugs and sort of ruefully says, “That’s too bad.” Life goes on.

That’s a dangerous place for the zeitgeist to be. Take a step back and ask: Malice or mistake — what’s the difference?

At this scale, among government agencies, programs, employees and (lest we forget) elected servants — all of whom aspire to supervise the overlapping interactions and obligations of 330 million people (plus the rest of the world) — what really distinguishes institutionalized incompetence from outright evil?

Certainly not outcomes. In today’s United States, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a scandal that arises from base human instincts and one that arises from someone’s ignorance of a metal gadget’s owner’s manual. The cumulative devastation of 1,000 culprit-free scandals is hard to distinguish from the devastation wrought by one good, unapologetic, rapacious, bloodthirsty, concupiscent political regime.

None of this is to argue that many, if not most, of the failures of America’s bureaucracy owe to anything other than dumb ineptitude. Most probably do; we could even grant, for the sake of argument, that they all do. That concession gets rid of the left’s beloved saw about conspiracy theorists and smoking guns. If we remove malice from the equation, there’s no sinister personality, no secret evil, behind all the bad things government does.

So what? The present age is sufficiently dystopian to allow for personal metaphors to circumscribe impersonal things, and there is much about the American system that is — yes — evil. There is much about America that continues to be very good, as well; but our institutional strengths have been in a state of decadence for a long time.

But that’s a topic unto itself. Until a tipping point’s worth of Americans come around to the idea that soulless system-blaming is just as outrageous and inexcusable as naked corruption, we’re stuck with more of the same.

GOP, It’s Time To Bring Down The Hammer On Obama Corruption!

by Ben Crystalcorruption1
Barring a late-season push, the Democrats are heading into this fall’s midterm elections looking at a near total loss. President Barack Obama is dragging down his party’s image like a battleship anchor lashed to a rowboat.
Direct assaults on Americans’ individual liberties, once laughed off as “phony” by the Democratic ownership, have clung to the headlines like a particularly virulent fungus, mostly because Obama and his minions have a bad habit of doubling down when they get caught lying. But most importantly, the Democrats’ willful refusal to acknowledge that they’re not the only ones whose opinions count has infuriated Americans to no end. Yet the Republicans appear to be doing everything they can to keep the Dems in the game. At this point, as the country reels from yet another race-infused nightmare made infinitely worse by the machinations of Obama and his ilk, the only reason the Democrats are still in the midterm electoral fight is GOP hesitation to deliver the knockout blow.
Obviously, the biggest violator of the public trust is Obama himself. His scandal-plagued regime’s tendency to launch vicious attacks on his perceived enemies not only has produced the still-unresolved Obamacare fraud debacle, the Benghazi nightmare, the NSA domestic spying scandal, the outrageous use of the IRS as a political weapon and a foreign policy as confused as it is impotent; but it also has produced a presidency that is every bit as detached and isolated from the people it purportedly serves as the Hollywood bobbleheads are from the shmoes who buy tickets to sit through their dreck. Nonetheless, beyond the efforts of dedicated public servants like Congressmen Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the Republicans have made almost no effort to return justice to the fore. Instead, they’re suing the president.
Oh, how I loathe the idea of suing Obama. When dealing with a self-styled despot of such low character, a mere lawsuit just seems too small. The guy didn’t back over the mailbox; he backed over the entire U.S. Constitution. The image of House Speaker John Boehner and the rest of his blue-suited lawyer buddies sitting in the hallway of some courthouse waiting for some slip-and-fall case to finish up so they can play the lawsuit lottery strikes me as positively surreal. Moreover, seeing Boehner and his lieutenants filing into a courtroom like disgraced former Senator John Edwards and his ambulance-chaser choir is just plain funny.
Better remedies for a rogue executive exist, up to and including impeachment. However, as long as sociopaths like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are allowed to wander the halls of the Capitol with impunity, impeachment will flatline worse than Michael Moore in a CrossFit competition. Plus, impeachment would let far too many people off the hook.
I say it’s high time Congress goes old school on the White House. I’m talking Richard Nixon-era action — “Dirty” Harry Callahan interrogating a suspect or John Shaft going upside some sucka’s head! The president of the United States and a number of his accomplices represent a clear and present danger to the lives, the liberties and the pursuits of happiness of every American — even the ones who voted for him. When Nixon’s administration got caught trying to cover up its criminal activities, people went to prison. Obama and his henchmen have been caught trying to cover up a criminal empire, and not one of them has had their ticket punched for a stay in the big house.
Instead of some endless, special prosecutor-filled, mind-numbingly debated impeachment hearings, let’s see Congress drag every one of the Obama minions who got caught flouting the law onto the mat for a full-on, prison-yard beatdown.
Bring Attorney General Eric Holder back and punish him for his role in — and lies about — Operation Fast and Furious, which resulted in a significantly higher number of deaths than the Ferguson, Missouri, incident, albeit with fewer Jesse Jackson fundraising speeches.
Duckwalk back IRS stooges John Koskinen and Lois Lerner for their offensively cavalier — and incredibly stupid — attempts to whitewash what is a growing firestorm over the IRS harassment of innocent Americans.
Frog-march back former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for violations of the Hatch Act, not to mention Obamacare’s trillion-dollar excesses.
Pinch former ambassador and current National Security Adviser Susan Rice — and even squirrely little mouthpieces like former White House press secretary Jay Carney and his successor, Josh Earnest — and bring them up to Capitol Hill in handcuffs.
Hell, go all in. Get a warrant and make President Executive Orders himself do a perp walk. Unlike Obama — who overstepped his bounds in his executive orders on immigration, Obamacare (the post-passage changes for which he’s being sued) and so-called “global warming” — Congress actually does have the power to issue arrest warrants.
The Democrats would scream bloody murder. They would pivot from their usual yammering about racism, sexism and any other “-ism” they can dream up to screech like howler monkeys at the affront to the dignity of the office of the presidency. They’d accuse anyone and everyone they could of undermining the executive. They’d shriek about Congress overstepping its bounds. And — of course — they’d play the race card.
And here’s how the Republicans should respond: “So?”
The affront to the dignity of the office of the presidency presented by criminal charges would be nothing compared to the affront presented by Obama’s six-year house party. When the executive deliberately and illegally undermines Congress — as it has with Obamacare, the immigration ploys and upcoming U.N. “name and shame” global warming sham — I didn’t hear of too many Democrats wringing their hands over the offenses. And the old tack of smearing your opponents as “racist” is just plain sad.
Would all the arrests result in convictions? Probably not. Some of them might not even hold up in court. Neither did Obama’s attempt to force taxpayers to fund abortions, but the victims of that end run around the 1st Amendment still had to fight all the way to the Supreme Court just to beat it back. And again, I say: “So?”
If the Republicans start playing hardball, who will they send running for the hills? The Democrats are already conditioned to reflexively hate anyone of whom and anything of which their fuehrers don’t approve, so they’re not likely to swing back. Meanwhile, the conservative base would be energized, and the fence-sitters would finally hear a better campaign slogan than this: “Vote GOP! We’re Slightly Less Appalling!”
To the Republicans: Heed the wisdom of the ages, “Go big or go home.” And to the Democrats: Heed the other wisdom of the ages, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Lerner’s Best Friend!

EmailT DOG

AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE B.S. – DIRTY HARRY REID IS BEHIND THIS -Harry Reid, Son’s Solar Power Scheme Linked to Bundy Ranch Standoff

Follow the money and you’ll inevitably find out what’s really going on.
In the case of Clark County, Nevada, rancher Cliven Bundy’s standoff with federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management, the leading explanation has been that he hasn’t paid grazing fees and his cattle threaten endangered desert tortoises in the Gold Butte area.

Harry and rory
But the fact of the BLM bringing in hundreds of armed rangers with trucks and helicopters seemed over the top for protection of a tortoise that has clearly survived despite more than a century of ranching by the Bundy family, and which the BLM had previously been slaughtering with the excuse that it lacked funding to care for the animals.
As reported by the Associated Press in August, the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center in Southern Las Vegas, funded by the BLM, was looking at killing half of its 1,400 tortoises because it could not afford to keep its doors open since the housing collapse resulted in less income from developers.
So why does the BLM profess to care so much about the fate of tortoises, who seem to be doing fine, in the Gold Butte area?
Certainly it’s not all of the answer because the BLM dispute with Bundy goes back to 1993, but part of the answer may be that Gold Butte also lies inside what the BLM has called the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone, part of the federal government’s plan to put solar power plants and factories on BLM-controlled lands in six Southwestern states.
As part of the plan for the Dry Lake solar zone, any solar developers are expected to pay into a fund to “mitigate” the Gold Butte area. However, the “mitigation” activities can’t take place with cattle grazing in the area. If the mitigation doesn’t take place, no money for the BLM.
One of the companies interested in building a solar plant on BLM-controlled land is the Chinese firm ENN Energy Group, which wants to build a $5 billion solar facility in the Nevada desert near Laughlin. ENN is represented by lawyer Rory Reid, Sen. Harry Reid’s son. The Chinese firm also wants to build on a 9,000-acre plot in Clark County, where rancher Cliven Bundy is holding off the BLM, and where Rory Reid used to be the chairman of the County Commission.

According to Reuters, the County Commission voted to sell ENN the public plot of land for $4.5 million, a fraction of its appraised value of $38.6 million.
Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid has been one of ENN’s most prominent supporters. According to Reuters, he recruited the company for the project during a trip to China in 2011. Reuters also reports that Reid has tried to pressure the state’s largest power company, NV Energy, to become ENN’s first customer.
Sen. Reid has had other links to dubious power projects, including Amonix, a company with no record of success that received huge tax breaks then collapsed. There was also Nevada Geothermal, which received $98 million in federal loan guarantees but in a recent filing with the SEC revealed that it is undergoing substantial problems that threaten its ability to continue as a company.
Both Reids have denied ever discussing the ENN project or working together in any way on it, but the paper trails suggest otherwise.
A Clark County commissioner recently said that supporters of Cliven Bundy “better have funeral plans,” and the situation seems primed and ready for violence, with hundreds of federal rangers on one side, and ranchers and militia members on the other.
If blood ends up being shed over a desert tortoise, the trail of gore may lead straight to Harry Reid’s desk in the Senate chambers.


Companies Can’t Fire People Because of ObamaCare Costs – HUH?

by Gary DeMar

“Obama officials made clear in a press briefing that firms would not be allowed to lay off workers to get into the preferred class of those businesses with 50 to 99 employees. . . . Firms will be required to certify to the IRS – under penalty of perjury – that ObamaCare was not a motivating factor in their staffing decisions. To avoid ObamaCare costs you must swear that you are not trying to avoid ObamaCare costs.”
Once again, power has been deferred to the IRS where the Fifth Amendment does not apply and the agency is lawless with the tacit approval of the President. Try pleading the Fifth when you sign your tax return.
Then there’s the EEOC, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. People who are fired for whatever reason will have cause to appeal to the EEOC. I can tell you from personal business experience, it’s an expensive and time consuming enterprise, even if you win like my company did.
You know it had to happen. Once the government got control of our healthcare (we were warned), there wouldn’t be any area that it would not be involved in. Once people get used to the idea of government regulating their lives in small areas where they do not believe the law will adversely affect them, they will acquiesce in more significant areas where they will be negatively affected.

“The paternal state not only feeds its children, but nurtures, educates, comforts, and disciplines them, providing all they need for their security. This appears to be a mildly insulting way to treat adults, but it is really a great crime because it transforms the state from being a gift of God, given to protect us against violence, into an idol. It supplies us with all blessings, and we look to it for all our needs. Once we sink to that level, as [C.S.] Lewis says, there is no point in telling state officials to mind their own business. “Our whole lives are their business.”[1]
“The paternalism of the state is that of the bad parent who wants his children dependent on him forever. That is an evil impulse. The good parent prepares his children for independence, trains them to make responsible decisions, knows that he harms them by not helping them to break loose. The paternal state thrives on dependency. When the dependents free themselves, it loses power. It is, therefore, parasitic on the very persons whom it turns into parasites. Thus, the state and its dependents march symbiotically [in close union with one another] to destruction.”[2]
It was President Obama who said, “That’s the good thing about being president. I can do whatever I want.”


Weekend Edition: The Obamacare Crap Sandwich

By Craig Andresen

Obamacare is 100% pure crap and liberals and socialists are running away from it, using any desperate line of bull they can concoct to blame it on others.

They are now trying to blame it on the government shutdown.

It was NOT the Republicans who shut down the government…The Obama administration with the assistance of Harry Reid and the liberal/socialists of the senate did that.

We KNOW they did it because this administration had everything they needed ready to go the second the shutdown began.

They had their “closed” signs professionally printed by the THOUSANDS and barricades ready to be placed IMMEDIATELY and that could ONLY have been accomplished with PRIOR PLANNING.

It made no difference WHAT proposals the Republicans would have made leading up TO the shutdown…Obama said he would NOT negotiate and Reid was bound and determined to NOT allow a single measure put forward to see the senate floor for a vote.

Liberals and socialists had their talking points, all the names, “arsonists, hostage takers, ransom demanders, terrorists, extremists, racists” and others all lined up and were ready to let it fly and blame the Republicans for what THEY, the liberals and socialists, had planned.


Check your calendars…

How convenient that the government shutdown would coincide EXACTLY with the roll out of Obamacare.

This administration, we are now learning, had all the advanced warning necessary to KNOW, full well, that the Obamacare website was going to crash and burn.

They also knew that once that site went live, any who WERE able to log on would be met with the shock of their lives.

Sticker shock.

The high price of Obamacare insurance was going to be enough to stun and anger the public and Obama, his administration and his liberal/socialist minions in congress KNEW it.

This administration also knew that people, MILLIONS of Americans, were about to be kicked out of their existing insurance coverage and when THEY got a look at the prices of their new plans…THEY were going to be seeing RED.

In an attempt to keep people from achieving instant outrage, this administration, just a couple of weeks prior to the roll out, ordered that the browse feature of the Obamacare website be buried so deep within the site that those who managed to log in wouldn’t be able to get there without first entering all their personal information.

The intent, during the liberal/socialist administration’s imposed “shutdown” of the government was to brag about the “high numbers” of people trying to log on to the website in order to make it look as though there was a high demand for Obamacare and, they did just that.

They were lying.

Once the “shutdown” of 17% of the government came to an end…they were exposed.

Obamacare was exposed.

Obama’s lies regarding “if you like your plan…If you like your doctor…You can KEEP them…PERIOD” were exposed.

The obscene prices were exposed.

MILLIONS of Americans being kicked off their existing coverage was exposed.

And the liberal/socialist buffoons in congress who voted for Obamacare and defended Obamacare for the last 3 years were exposed.

Perhaps, most importantly…

The ideology behind it all, the driving force of this administration…SOCIALISM…Was exposed.

And now, liberals and socialists, like Frank Pallone from New Jersey, are left to lie about Obamacare as they try, uncomfortably, to dismiss the truth.

Pallone seems ready to wet himself here.

Pallone, trying to mask socialism, offers that nobody is going to buy lousy insurance if there is a better alternative. Pallone…OBAMACARE is lousy insurance and people are done buying the lies!!!

We know that the Obama administration is now, actively, blaming insurance companies for kicking Americans to the Obamacare curb.

We know that’s a lie because…

We also know that the original “grandfather clause” in Obamacare would have allowed people to keep what they already had and, that this administration quickly crafted NEW regulations which would make that IMPOSSIBLE by TIGHTENING the noose on Insurance companies within 2 months of passing the bill.

We now know that it’s not just a website purposefully designed to fail that is keeping people from enrolling in Obamacare.

OBAMACARE itself is keeping people from enrolling.

On day 1, October 1st, 2013, we know that 4.7 million Americans logged on and that all of 6…SIX PEOPLE bought into the Obama/Reid, Pelosi and…Pallone lies, and enrolled.

That is only 1/10,000 of 1% of those who logged on.

That destroys the liberal/socialist talking point and bragging point of high numbers.

We know that in those states with their own exchanges rather than the federal government exchange…approximately 80%-90% of those who have enrolled, have enrolled in Medicaid…the FREE healthcare and that only 10% or so have enrolled in out of pocket Obamacare insurance.

So far, in Oregon…ZERO have bought Obamacare and 100% have gone on free Medicad.

Liberals and socialists are running amok trying to convince people that this is all the fault of Republicans and the Tea Party. That this has been made worse because of the shutdown they are still trying to blame on the Republicans.

And the ideology behind it all…SOCIALISM…Is now fully exposed in that their liberals are now trying to tell those who simply can’t afford the “Affordable Care Act” that the reason they HAVE to buy Obamacare insurance is because whatever they had has been deemed…BY BIG GOVERNMENT AND BIG BROTHER…To be inadequate.


The lies and corruption just keep coming.

Obama hired an outfit, CGI Federal from Canada to build the Obamacare website.

CGI Federal has now been fired BY Canada for building THEIR loused up healthcare website.

What was it Obama said to do when HIS website wouldn’t work? Oh yes…Phone it in and fill out the PAPERwork and MAIL it in.

So…Who did he hire to process all that PAPERwork???


According to the Obama administration…“Serco is a highly-skilled company that has a proven track record in providing cost-effective services to numerous other federal agencies.

“The selection met all of the requirements for a full and open competition and, the timing enables us to be ready for marketplace open enrollment starting on October 1.”

Serco…The “highly skilled company that has a proven track record providing cost-effective service to numerous other federal agencies,” and a worldwide employer of 120,000 now under investigation for…RIPPING OFF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT to the tune of $80 MILLION dollars.

Now, we discover that the Senior VP of CGI Federal, the inept company that won the no-bid contract to build the insipid Obamacare website is none other than…Toni Townes-Whitley, a Princeton class of ’85, classmate of none other than…MICHELLE OBAMA.

And finally, the socialist Obama must hire “the best and brightest” to fix the Obamacare website. It must come as the ultimate shame to his ideology that the “best and brightest” work in the PRIVATE SECTOR and NOT for the government.

The website can be fixed but, the law itself cannot.

The law will fail as surely as has the ideology upon which it is based, Socialism, fails every time and in every place it has been tried and there are reason for that.

Obamacare, like socialism itself, requires other people’s money and while the Obama administration says the numbers aren’t available yet, they’re lying.

The number ARE available, those numbers are leaking out and they tell a sad tale for socialists.

When at least 80% of those who have been able to see the prices on their state run exchanges are enrolling for the FREE Medicaid rather than the out of pocket Obamacare…It’s failing.

When ONLY 1/10,000 of 1% of those who logged on to the Obamacare site on day 1 bought Obamacare…It’s failing.

That is because, Obamacare, just like socialism, is based on lies and corruption.

Liberals and socialists up for election in the house in 2014 must now run FROM Obamacare rather than ON Obamacare and those liberals and socialists in the senate, seeking to keep their seats in 2014 have to run away from it too.

They have all been exposed and now…THEY want the individual mandate delayed.

Funny, isn’t it?

Those are the exact same liberals and socialists who, just 4 weeks ago, called anyone who was asking for a delay…Terrorists, arsonists, extremists, hostage takers, ransom demanders and…Racists.

Now, Americans…ALL Americans know that Obamacare is A 100% crap sandwich and, they know exactly who packed their lunch.

Craig Andresen

The National Patriot

Obama Administration Needs a Math Tutor

by Tad Cronin08142012Obama

Five million and counting. That’s how many people so far have lost their health insurance coverage thanks to regulations put in place under the umbrella of Obamacare, which was supposed to ensure everyone had coverage.
One hundred thousand. That’s about how many people supposedly have somehow managed to sign up for Obamacare despite crashing websites and misdirection by Obamacare “navigators.”
According to Nancy Pelosi, at least five times more than that number have actually signed up. She knows this because she read it in some chicken entrails.
The reality is probably strongly in the opposite direction. The Obamacare website has been on intensive care since it was opened, but apparently the online shopping carts work, and whether someone actually buys a policy or just abandons the cart, the Obama Administration counts that as a signup.
This Administration has a lot of trouble with math.
While President Obama was wandering around telling Americans they could keep their policies if they like them, someone in the Administration had published in the Congressional Record in 2010 a report that estimated 93 million people would lose their policies.
Thanks to the website foul-up, which has affected 36 states, Obamacare has only reached about 20 percent of its target for the rollout month of October.

If the Administration’s handling of monthly unemployment numbers is any precedent, that initial enrollment will likely be adjusted down next month.
The Obama Administration has been skating by on doctored jobless figures for years. The current unemployment figures only appear low because millions of Americans have given up even looking for a job, falling out of the work force altogether, which allows the Bureau of Labor Statistics to surreptitiously reduce the out-of-work number.
Figure into that the massaging that goes on to get what are called the U-3 unemployment figures. Real unemployment is recorded in the U-6 column, coming in usually at almost double the advertised jobless rate. Even those numbers are probably low, according to a number of economists.
Another example of the Obama camp’s penchant for fuzzy math is the budget itself — or would be if we had a budget. The Congress is supposed to be in charge of passing an annual budget, with input from the White House. The government instead has been running on stopgap measures and miscellaneous appropriations bills for years, allowing opportunities for entertaining dinner theater such as the recent “shutdown.”
Yet somehow, despite the lack of a real budget, the Democrats still know exactly the moment when the debt ceiling “has to” be raised, under pain of credit default.
Of course, a little math trouble is to be expected from a political party led by a guy who won his most recent election with the help of districts where he got 110 percent or more of the vote.
And let’s not even get into the Social Security number from a state Obama’s never lived in.
Like with all things Obama, it’s best when considering the statistics around Obamacare to simply close your eyes and believe real hard. Remember, hope and change. …

Read more:

Coup d’etat Underway in White House

CapitalThere it is: Another inflammatory headline from an Internet blogger. You’ve see hundreds, or even thousands of those. All of them scream for your attention, and yet most of them offer only meaningless diatribes, or scant details of vague conspiracies about the impending destruction of your nation, or the world. It’s a normal tactic that the news business has employed throughout history, so not too many people even raise an eyebrow until they see the mushroom clouds any longer. If that’s your view, and who could blame you, you’ll probably shrug-off this one too. Before you click through, however, on your way to the next blaring headline, I’d like you to know the facts behind my screeching claim: Barack Obama is threatening to effectively dissolve your US Constitution, and nobody in Washington DC seems inclined to do the first thing about it. The moment for the American people to engage is now, if they value their country. The President is preparing to overthrow the Constitution, and with it, the United States of America.

If you listened to Mark Levin on Tuesday evening, you might get some idea of the threat now posed against this republic. Barack Obama is sending out his hoodlums in government and media to talk about a “default.” Let me explain to readers the absolute facts about “default.” The United States government takes in approximately $200 billion in revenues every month. It must make monthly payments on its debts, including principal and interest, in the amount of roughly $20 billion. Therefore, it is mathematically impossible for the US government to default at its current level of debt and income because its actual income exceeds its factual, legally-binding obligations. After the debt obligations are satisfied, the remainder, roughly $190 billion, can be taken and applied to government spending priorities. Naturally, those priorities include funding the military, veterans, and Social Security.

The only way a default can happen under our current situation is that if the President illegally and unconstitutionally directs the Secretary of the Treasury to withhold payments of debt obligations. If the President does this, he will be violating the law that binds him, he will be exceeding his constitutional authority, and he will be committing flagrantly an act of economic sabotage and terrorism against the American people. There is no recourse but for the American people in such a case to oust the President, at first by legal means, and to oust likewise all of those who give him legal shelter.

As it stands, the Republicans in Congress are shaking in their boots. It is time to face down the dictator, and most of them haven’t the guts. That’s where your part in this battle for the constitution comes into play. They must hold. They must not fold. They must bring articles of impeachment, or the would-be tyrant must relent. These are the only viable answers to this dilemma. Everything else will result in the death of the Republic, either in revolutionary strife or in permanent despotism.

For those of you who clicked into this blog thinking you would read another ludicrous claim, let me assure you that there is nothing remarkable here that the globe has not seen over human history, many hundreds or even thousands of times: We have devolved into a culture and a society that no longer respects the rule of law, and no longer demands its leaders comply with it. We have arrived at this point because when we should have spoken up in the name of law and in the name of justice, we instead deferred the fight for some future date. That day is now. Any further deferment will merely accelerate the collapse. We must not surrender, we must not give in, and we must make the Republicans fight while they are able, by every means at their disposal.

If they fail, or falter, and if Obama will not blink, there will be only us. At present, Obama hides behind the trappings of his office and a semi-legitimate claim to authority. If he exceeds his authority, all bets are off. His claim to authority is at such a point completely bogus. We must demand his removal. We must demand the House draft articles of impeachment for his extra-constitutional actions. We must demand the Senate try him for his treason.

That’s it. That’s all there is to this story. Our republic’s constitution stands on the verge of a coup d’etat, with a President intent upon destroying it, with only the weak-kneed Republicans and us to defend it. Tonight, as Senators and Representatives dance to Obama’s tune, we must change the music. We have no choice any longer, because if we lose the constitution, we will have lost everything indespensable on this Earth that was made by men.

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty – McConnell’s Favored Dam Project Included in Debt Deal

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, center, walks from the Senate floor at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Oct. 16, 2013. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg
The legislation approved by Congress to end the fiscal impasse includes a provision authorizing an additional $1.2 billion for a lock and dam project favored by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

The deal brokered by McConnell, a Republican, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, includes permission to continue construction on the Olmsted Locks and Dam on the Ohio River between Kentucky and Illinois. It would boost the authorization to about $2.9 billion from about $1.7 billion.

The two senators in charge of the panel that allocates money for water projects said last night that contracts would have been canceled and $160 million would have been wasted unless Congress moved quickly to renew the project’s authorization. Battles over the budget and President Barack Obama’s health-care law had sidetracked action on routine bills, including one that would have reauthorized this project.Don Stewart, a spokesman for McConnell, said in an e-mail the White House supports the project and that it was Senate appropriators who requested the project be included in the stopgap spending bill.

Stephen Ellis, vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a group opposed to government waste, said in an e-mail that it appears McConnell “took advantage of his position to slip in this bit of parochial pork.”

The Senate Conservatives Fund, a group that’s opposed to McConnell’s re-election in 2014, labeled the authorization a “Kentucky kickback.”
“This is an insult to all the Kentucky families who don’t want to pay for Obamacare and don’t want to shoulder any more debt,” the organization said in a blog post on its website.

The group is running ads in Kentucky to aid McConnell’s primary election opponent, Louisville businessman Matt Bevin.

STORY: Fiscal Crisis Deal (Plus a List of GOP Losses)
The legislation doesn’t provide any money for the project. As an authorization, it provides permission to continue work and sets a maximum amount that can be funded. The bill would permit total funding of as much as $2.9 billion.

McConnell has previously sought funding for the project. He toured the construction site on August 20, 2009.

“There is no more important project in the country, in terms of cost-benefit ratio,” he said at the time, according to a news story on the website of the Army Corps of Engineers Louisville district.

VIDEO: Reid, McConnell on Senate Plans for Stopgap Budget
Costly Delays
“The challenge for me and other members of Congress who are interested in this is to keep the funding going. To the extent that you can’t get money on an annual basis, it delays the project and ends up costing more,” McConnell said. “I and others in Congress are going to do everything we can to keep this project on schedule.”

Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, the top Republican on the appropriations subcommittee that handles spending on water projects, said in a statement last night that he and the panel’s chairman, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, requested the provision.

“According to the Army Corps of Engineers, 160 million taxpayer dollars will be wasted because of canceled contracts if this language is not included,” Alexander said in his statement.

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URS Corp. (URS:US ), a San Francisco-based company, is leading a joint venture to build the project. The project is designed to reduce tow and barge delays through that stretch of the river, about 17 miles upstream from where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website for the Louisville district.

Water Projects
Earlier this year, the Senate passed a bill that would authorize a variety of water projects around the country, including Olmsted. That bill includes language ordering the Government Accountability Office to study cost overruns on the project.

The project initially was authorized in 1988 for a maximum of $775 million. As of the 2011 fiscal year, it had received more than $1.4 billion, according to the Army Corps.

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Liberals Aghast as US’s “25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods” All Happen to be Black

Liberals across America are reported to be aghast at a new survey by real estate website which showed that the nation’s 25 most dangerous neighborhoods all just happen to be in black areas.
“Using exclusive data developed by NeighborhoodScout, and based on FBI data from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies in America, we here report those specific neighborhoods in America that have the highest predicted rates of violent crime per 1,000 neighborhood residents of all,” that website reported.
“Violent crimes include murder, forcible rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. These neighborhoods are the epicenters of violence in America, where social issues are likely to ignite into violence and spread.”

Rank 25: Chicago, IL (S Indiana Ave / E 60th St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 65.77
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 15

Rank 24: Tulsa, OK (E Apache St / N Quaker Ave)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 66.88
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 15

Rank 23: Memphis, TN (Saint Paul Ave / Walnut St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 67.26
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 15

Rank 22: St. Louis, MO (Cass Ave / N 9th St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 67.75
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 15

Rank 21: West Memphis, AR (E Broadway St / Stuart Ave)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 68.9
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 15

Rank 20: Indianapolis, IN (North Indianapolis)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 69.02
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 14

Rank 19: Flint, MI (Chambers St / Stonegate Dr)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 70.05
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 14

Rank 18: Nashville, TN (8th Ave S / Wedgewood Ave)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 70.59
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here: (in one year): 1 in 14

Rank 17: Indianapolis, IN (N Meridian St / E 34th St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 72.71
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 14

Rank 16: Chicago, IL (S Ashland Ave / W 76th St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 73.05
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 14

Rank 15: Houston, TX (Sauer St / Mcgowen St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 75.89
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 13

Rank 14: Rockford, IL (Kishwaukee St / Grove St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 77.6
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 13

Rank 13: Chicago, IL (S Homan Ave / W Roosevelt Rd)
Violent Crime Rate: (per 1,000): 80.17
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 12

Rank 12: St. Louis, MO (Delmar Blvd / N Euclid Ave)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 82.76
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 12

Rank 11: Memphis, TN (E Eh Crump Blvd / S 4th St)
Violent Crime Rate : (per 1,000): 82.91
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 12

Rank 10: Saginaw, MI (E Holland Ave / E Genesee Ave)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 85.64
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 12

Rank 9: Atlanta, GA (Hopkins St SE / Adair Ave SE)
Violent Crime Rate: (per 1,000): 86.14
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 12

Rank 8: Greenville, SC (Woodside)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 86.38
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 12

Rank 7: Detroit, MI (Wyoming St / Orangelawn St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 90.82
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 11

Rank 6: Houston, TX (Scott St / Wilmington St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 91.27
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 11

Rank 5: Spartanburg, SC (Washington Heights)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 96.55
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 10

Rank 4: Chicago, IL (S Halsted St / W 77th St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 116.56
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 9

Rank 3: Detroit, MI (Gratiot Ave / Rosemary)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 123.93
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 8

Rank 2: Detroit, MI (Mack Ave / Helen St)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 145.29
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 7

Rank 1: Detroit, MI (W Chicago / Livernois Ave)
Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000): 149.48
Chances of Becoming a Victim Here (in one year): 1 in 7