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Sharia, Really?

On the issue of Muslim Sharia Law, let’s take the Muslims out of it for a moment. Consider how Americans would feel if I were to organize the New Church of the Brutal Ultimatum (NCBU), which is based on the teachings of Attila Reltih of Ghana. Those who follow this church, now numbering in millions, adhere to only two articles of faith:
1. They believe that their god, who is Reltih of Blessed Name, is a jealous and brutal god, for whom commandments are a deadly ultimatum.
2. The Minister has authority to determine Reltih Law based on the Divine Writings of A. Reltih, to pass judgment and exact any degree and method of fines or property confiscation, imprisonment or enslavement, and corporal or capital punishment upon any member of the Congregation of Believers, as well as against any person who leaves the faith, insults, or speaks against the Church, the Book of Divine Writings, or blasphemes Reltih of Blessed Name.

I, as the supreme minister, or any council of lesser ministers could have people beheaded for the sins of lying or halitosis, stoned to death for the sins of adultery, fornication outside of marriage, homosexuality, or voting for Obama; or on the other hand if they were beautiful enough, I could show mercy and have them enslaved to me for my legitimate sexual pleasure. (It would be legitimate because I said so, based on The Writings.)

I would demand that the state and federal government honor Reltih Law, because freedom of religion is protected by the Constitution. A federal judge, who attended university in Ghana, the homeland of the Reltih faith, would rule that NCBU members had freedom to practice their faith, and to institute Reltih Law above that of the state and federal government.

So when we peacefully go about maiming and executing those I don’t like, er, I mean sinners, all is well until authorities begin to find human body parts strewn in the streets. This is intolerable so they arrest me for health violations, but when I point out that in our faith you cannot touch the blood of a sinner two minutes after a limb is severed or after they are dead, the authorities are forced to let me go because it is an issue of faith.

Of course this scenario could go on and on, but this is enough to illustrate how ridiculous it is for a court to limit a states right to refuse Sharia Law. Only the words, and the political correctness, are different between the Reltih Law and Sharia Law.

Rule by Sharia Law would exempt ecclesiastical authority from adhering to prevailing state and federal criminal laws. In Sharia it is legal for a husband to beat his wife for refusing to sleep with him. In Sharia it is legal for a hand to be removed from a thief or for an adulterous woman, a homosexual, or a blasphemer to be put to death. In Sharia a man is allowed to take a child of six as his wife and to have sex with her.

In America all these things and many more that are allowed by Sharia are illegal. If someone wants to come to America and abide by the Constitution in all its aspects and the laws of the land, I have no problem with that. But if they wish to come here and keep the brutal Bronze Age culture of their homeland, they should not be allowed in.

Your Declaration of Independence from Obama and Pelosi

Do you remember the Contract with America? Millions of Americans came together to demand action from Washington on issues ranging from abortion and gun rights to out of control spending and regulation. And we won. Conservative candidates swept the polls and held back Washington’s power grabs, waste and self-indulgence for almost a decade. That was 16 years ago. Since then, politicians have abandoned America. Election after election, we see the same results. Incumbents get comfortable, outsiders become insiders, and before we know it… everything we worked for vanishes in the haze of bloated budgets, waves of illegal immigration, and outbursts of federal power. It’s time for a new Contract. We have gathered the 10 most important conservative issues into a list that we demand action and adherence to

Declaration of Independence
We, the undersigned American voters, are disgusted with the antagonism of many of our elected and appointed government officials toward American values, their violations of their oaths to uphold our Constitution, and their manifest disdain for our God-given, constitutional rights and liberty. The words and deeds which have come from such an attitude have made our federal government the most serious threat to the safety and freedom of Americans in our time.
You, our elected and/or appointed officials, are our representatives. Your authority over us is not unlimited: it is limited by our fundamental law, our Constitution. We expect you to uphold, not subvert, our fundamental values. We expect you to abide by your oath to support our Constitution. If you represent us, you should publicly support—in action as well as in speech—at least the following American principles:

Article I: Limited Government
The federal government has been given clearly limited and defined powers in the Constitution in order to preserve our freedom. The idea of Big Government running every aspect of our lives—from healthcare to the cars we drive—is revolting and unconstitutional. The founding fathers designed separation of powers with checks and balances into the Constitution to decentralize power and preserve our liberty. A constitutional amendment requiring term limits for all publically elected officials is necessary. Presidents, congressmen, senators, and judges who violate the Constitution’s limit on the powers of their offices—and do not work to prevent other officials’ transgressions of those limits—must be removed from office.

Article II: Gun Rights
The Second Amendment guarantees private citizens the right to keep and bear arms. The federal government has no authority to restrict this right in any way, shape, or form. Federal officials who do so must be removed from office.

Article III: Courts
Judges should interpret the law by studying the intentions of the framers of the Constitution and its amendments, and by adhering to legal precedents which are based squarely on those intentions. Judges who legislate—or amend our Constitution—from the bench must be removed from the bench.

Article IV: Federal Spending
Unconstitutional legislation and fiscal irresponsibility have produced out-of-control deficit spending that is crippling our future—and our children’s and grandchildren’s. The only way to bring Congress under control is to restrict how much they can tax and spend and one way to accomplish this is through a balanced budget amendment. Legislators and presidents who engage in uncontrolled spending must be removed from office.

Article V: Energy
Americans should be free to pursue energy options which use our own resources, don’t tax us to subsidize politically-favored groups, and don’t enslave us to foreign countries. We need sensible, constitutional environmental rules—not environmentalist extremism—the removal of impediments to the development of nuclear and other forms of energy, and freedom to drill in Anwar and elsewhere. Politicians who stand in the way of energy independence must be removed from office.

Article VI: Personal Responsibility
Government handouts in any form take from some to give to others and create dependence. Government does not exist to provide for its citizens and our Constitution does not authorize such legalized theft. Current federal compensation programs, including “corporate welfare”, should be phased out—and politicians who advocate such things should be removed from office.

Article VII: National Defense

A strong national defense is a constitutional as well as a practical necessity in this hostile world. Our citizens and our national interests must be protected. Terrorists should be tried in military tribunals and not given the rights of American citizens that so many of our troops have died to defend. Our military forces must be kept second-to-none: by a large margin. Politicians and officials who weaken our national defenses must be removed from office.

Article VIII: Borders
Secure borders are essential to the defense of our lives, liberty, and property. There is a legal way to come to this country and we welcome those who do so. Those who do not are breaking the law and should be treated as criminals. Amnesty is not an option for those who came here illegally. Politicians who advocate anything less must be removed from office.

Article IX: Right to Life
Human life unquestionably begins at conception. Ending the life of an unborn child via abortion is murder, is truly unconstitutional, and must be outlawed. Politicians whose character does not agree with this must be removed from office.

Article X: States Rights
The Tenth Amendment states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The federal government has usurped many powers from the state governments. These powers must be returned to the respective states—for the sake of constitutionality and of our freedom. Politicians who oppose states’ rights must be removed from office.

We the people of these United States declare that we will support candidates who support these principles and work against those who violate them.

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