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How George Soros Singlehandedly Created The European Refugee Crisis - And Why

Lead Anti-Trump Disruptor’s Past Was Just Exposed… Now We Know EXACTLY Who’s Behind It

One of the lead organizers of the “#StopTrump” demonstrations in Arizona was Jacinta Gonzalez, who claimed she was jailed because of her last name.

Well, that’s false — she was jailed because she locked herself to a pickup truck, by her neck, in the middle of traffic, stalling hundreds of people for hours.

It turns out that this woman happens to be one of George Soros’ goons — who doesn’t live in Arizona, but Louisiana, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.
In 2011, Gonzalez was awarded the Soros Justice Fellowship, which grants between $58,000 to $110,000 to people who undertake projects that “advance reform, catalyze change on a range of issues facing the criminal justice system in the U.S. and spur debate.”

LEAD ORGANIZER Who Shut Down Hwy to TRUMP RALLY Is “Soros Fellow” from New Orleans

George Soros and Moveon.Org raising funds from Trump protests, warns more disruptions to come

A paid protester holds up a ripped campaign sign for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump before a rally on the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago, Friday, March 11, 2016, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
Moveon.Org is conducting fundraising activities from the Chicago protests against Donald Trump that prompted the Republican presidential front-runner to cancel a rally there Friday, and promises that more disruptions are on the way.

“Last night, without consulting local police, Donald Trump abruptly cancelled a rally in Chicago in the face of massive and overwhelmingly peaceful student-led protests,” wrote in an email Saturday to members. “We’re being flooded with aggressive emails and social media posts from Trump supporters. Some of them are threatening. We refuse to be intimidated by Donald Trump, Fox News, or anyone else.”
The email asked members to donate $3 to help the effort. The progressive group is funded by billionaire George Soros, and has endorsed Democratic candidate Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders for president.

“We need to double down on our work, showing that America is better than Trump’s bullying, hate-baiting, and incitements to violence,” the email read. “We are committed to nonviolence, but we will not be silent. We will not be invisible.”

The group detailed its efforts in recent months, highlighting ads it has run against the real estate mogul and the advocacy its done on behalf of refugees, who it said are “under attack” from the GOP, and the support it gave to Trump protesters in Chicago.

“We’ve been ramping up our efforts for months — from the ‘We Are Better Than This’ ad we helped organize in The New York Times in December, to our collective advocacy for refugees under attack from the GOP, to the support we provided students in Chicago last night by printing signs and a banner and recruiting members to join their peaceful protest. We need to double-down in the face of direct attacks on our community,” the email read.

And it pledged to continue its work.

“So here’s the plan: We’ll support members to call out and nonviolently protest Trump’s racist, bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, and violent behavior — and show the world that America rejects Trump’s hate,” the email read. “And to keep it going, we’re counting on you to donate whatever you can to cover the costs of everything involved — the organizers, signs, online recruitment ads, training, and more.”

George Soros' Latest Social Justice Tool: Ebola

by Michelle HorstmanGEORGE-SOROS-OBITUARY-REUTERS-facebook
Looks like Obama and the CDC are not the only ones dismissive of quarantines and flight restrictions, as it concerns the spread of Ebola. Their constant talking points always suggest the only way to contain the problem is by addressing it in Africa, not here. Over and over we have heard this.

Then is it any surprise or coincidence that George Soros’ Open Society and World Bank want no quarantines. This early October video from the Open Society Foundation features Dr. Paul Farmer, “Looking past quarantine to community health” as they put it:
As the spread of Ebola continues to unfold, new health and economic challenges will emerge.
But as Dr. Paul Farmer, CEO of Partners in Health, discusses above, we won’t be able to keep up with the epidemic without invoking a human rights model.
Note the interesting point of view expressed by Dr. Farmer in the video:
“With the empathy that you’re reading about now, put it in place and
cement it in place. If there were a right to some basic services, I mean, really, a right for everybody, it would be less easy for epidemics like this to spread.”
This verbiage is to be expected from Dr. Farmer, who has often expressed that health care is a human right. (Sound familiar?) His background is in step with that. Currently a professor at Harvard, Dr. Farmer is also a proponent of liberation theology, which he expressed in a Sojourners article, recollecting his work with Catholic social justice activists in Latin America.
Dr. Farmer was appointed by Obama in 2009 as a UN special envoy to Haiti. He is also on the board of Kagenos, “sustainable solutions to global poverty” being their mission. George Soros’ son, Robert, has been a funder of that effort. However, his larger effort is as a founder of Partners in Health (PIH), another organization focusing on healthcare as a tool for social justice. Here is his description as a board member there:
Dr. Paul Farmer, physician and anthropologist, is chief strategist and co-founder of Partners In Health, Kolokotrones University Professor and chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and chief of the Division of Global Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He also serves as U.N. Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Community-based Medicine and Lessons from Haiti. Dr. Farmer has written extensively on health, human rights, and the consequences of social inequality.
Also on the board with Ophelia Dahl, daughter of famed author Roald Dahl and social justice activist, with whom he has worked for years. Also close to this administration, she was on a very short list of Nancy Pelosi’s guests for 2010 state of the union, along with the unusual union chiefs, La Raza, NAACP, etc.
PIH has had financial support from Soros and other similar benefactors for quite some time:
Farmer’s work attracted the support of philanthropists, including George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates. In 2002, PIH received a $13 million grant from the Global Fund for improvements in the Cange complex. In 2005 the William J. Clinton Foundation funded a Partners in Health AIDS program in Rwanda.
Also on the board of PIH is his long time friend Jim Yong Kim, nominated to be President of World Bank by Obama:
President Obama is set to nominate Dartmouth College president Dr. Jim Yong Kim to a five-year term as head of the World Bank this morning in a move that has the potential to radically change how the 187-nation Bank operates. Kim breaks the mold of prominent bankers, lawyers, and political officials who have headed the international development and financial assistance institution since it was founded in 1944 to begin reconstruction after the Second World War.
As Fred Hiatt notes at the Washington Post this morning, “Kim will be the first bank leader who has dedicated most of his professional life to working with and for the world’s poor.” I’d add that Kim’s appointment signals a stronger commitment from the Obama Administration to international development as a tool for world health, and recognizes the central role of improved healthcare in stability and economic growth. 
But it’s his stature as the co-founder of Partners In Health (along with Dr. Paul Farmer) that stands out. Partners in Health was founded 25 years ago and revolutionized the development world’s view of health initiatives in poor communities, stressing both respect for the poor and the need for strong preventive care. Known for its work in Haiti, Partners in Health pioneered its community-based health model in Russia, Rwanda, Peru, Lesotho, Burundi and other countries. It also works with poor HIV-AIDS patients in the Boston area.

And here’s another interesting aspect of Kim’s appointment, considering the challenge that President Obama’s signature health care reform initiative is likely to face in the 2012 election: Kim’s co-founder at Partners in Health, Paul Farmer, is justly famous for saying “I believe health care is a human right.” That emphasis on free high-quality healthcare for those who can’t afford to pay is the hallmark of the movement led by Farmer and Kim and others.
What they neglected to mention was Kim’s very close relationship with George Soros. From The Blaze, Jim Yong Kim actually considered Soros’ support to be the high point of his life:
In fact, during an interview on “The Charlie Rose Show,” Kim was asked what he considered to be the high point of his career. He responded [emphasis added]: “The high point was when we started receiving support, first from George Soros who gave us our first grants [to battle tuberculosis] and then we received a huge grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”
Soros and Kim have traveled together and Kim was even a guest at Soros’ 2013 wedding. Very chummy, indeed.
In addition to the “right” to health care, in an early October article, Kim also declared the fight against Ebola to be a fight against inequality. This plea fits in well with Dr. Farmer’s video above, suggesting that the empathy that this situation evokes is just what they need to put a system in place:
As the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa shows, the importance of reducing inequality could not be more clear. The battle against the virus is a fight on many fronts — human lives and health foremost among them.
But the fight against Ebola is also a fight against inequality. The knowledge and infrastructure to treat the sick and contain the virus exists in high- and middle-income counties.
This week, Obama spoke just after a statement by World Bank’s Jim Yong Kim, continuing with their same arguments against quarantine and flight restriction.
Obama’s speech follows a statement from Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank, warning that talks of travel restrictions and quarantines are discouraging medical workers from helping out in source countries.
Obama reiterated:
He said that the key to stopping the virus is attacking it in its West African epicenters of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.
“We know that the best way to protect Americans … is to stop it at the source,” Obama said. “We are going to have to stay vigilant here at home until we stop the outbreak at its source.”
Isn’t it lucky that these wise words of advice fit so nicely with Soros’ Open Society goals, World Bank goals and benefactors (PIH) of Soros money? Is the “right” to global healthcare right on the heels of Obamacare?


George Soros Groups Attack WND and Drudge

by Aaron Klein

A liberal activist group heavily tied to the White House and funded by billionaire George Soros is now attacking the popular Drudge Report website for “funneling” millions of readers to WND.

Think Progress is also tied to the controversial Media Matters for America and is funded by the main financier of and ACORN.

In a posting Wednesday, Think Progress claimed it conducted a study that found that since July 2011, Drudge linked to WND and the InfoWars website founded by Alex Jones a total of 184 times.

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Think Progress called WND and InfoWars “two sites that promote the Internet’s worst conspiracy theories.”

It labeled WND as “birthers” and InfoWars as “9-11 truthers.”

The progressive website noted that according to media sources regularly linked by Drudge, a single link on the Drudge Report “can easily drive 200,000 – and sometimes as many as 500,000 – pageviews to an article.”

“Conservatively, Drudge drove over 30 million page views to WorldNetDaily and InfoWars in the last year,” added Think Progress.

Think Progress is a project of the Soros-funded American Progress Action Fund, which was founded by its “sister advocacy organization,” the Center for American Progress, or CAP.

Responding to the Think Progress claim, WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah charged that it’s “not WND that is promoting conspiracy theories.”

“It is extremist, partisan propaganda machines like CAP whose sole purpose is to follow the Saul Alinsky Rule No. 13 demonization template – ‘identify, isolate, freeze and escalate,’” Farah said.

“What the Soros-Podesta targeting of WND suggests, with the guilt-by-association links to the Drudge Report, is that our reporting represents a real threat to their interests.

“I find it reassuring that we are doing such a good job,” said Farah.

The Center for American Progress established its Action Fund to transform “progressive ideas into policy through rapid response communications, legislative action, grassroots organizing and advocacy.”

CAP is run by John Podesta, a former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton who was co-chairman of President Obama’s 2008 White House transition team.

Podesta and CAP have had heavy influence on the crafting of White House policy. CAP routinely releases policy reports that are reportedly used in the formulation of Obama administration policy.

A Time magazine article profiled the influence of Podesta’s Center for American Progress in the formation of the Obama administration, stating that “not since the Heritage Foundation helped guide Ronald Reagan’s transition in 1981 has a single outside group held so much sway.”

The article branded the CAP as the “idea factory” of the Obama administration.

Several former Obama administration officials have joined CAP. Donald Berwick, who served as head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services until last December, just joined the liberal think tank when he stepped down.

Former EPA Commissioner Carol Browner is a CAP distinguished senior fellow, as is Van Jones, Obama’s former “green” jobs czar who resigned in 2009 after it was exposed he founded a communist revolutionary organization and implied the Bush administration may have been involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Sen. Tom Daschle, Obama’s first choice as secretary of health and human services, is a CAP alumnus.

The Center for American Progress reportedly was founded in 2003 with seed money from Soros, who also donated $3 million to the group’s sister, the Project Action Fund.

Another major CAP donor is the Soros-financed Tides Foundation, which is also a main donor to and is tied to the Occupy movement. Tides was a primary donor to ACORN, as well. The Tides Center’s board chairman is Wade Rathke, ACORN’s founder and chief organizer.

Think Progress, meanwhile, routinely reprints pieces by the Soros-funded Media Matters for America. The two organizations share the same top donors, including Soros and Tides.

Discover the Networks notes how on May 3, 2004, CAP helped to launch Media Matters.

According to The New York Times, Media Matters “was developed with help from the newly formed Center for American Progress.” The Times notes John Podesta “introduced [Media Matters founder David Brock] to potential donors.”

White House staffers reportedly have held regular meetings with Media Matters, which recently came under fire for unusual tactics, including compiling a de facto enemies list and announcing an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against the Fox News Channel. The group reportedly investigates the personal lives of targeted reporters and news personalities.

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