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Kroger & company to fill 10,000 positions after meeting with President Trump

American companies are very happy with President Donald Trump Kroger just accounted it would hire 10,000 people this year. President Trump met with a dozen American manufacturers at the White House on Monday, pledging to slash regulations and cut corporate taxes to stimulate growth and jobs in the United States.

From Reuters:

Supermarket operator Kroger Co said on Monday it would fill 10,000 positions this year, joining a list of companies that have publicized routine hiring plans as President Donald Trump puts pressure on companies to employ more U.S. workers.

The number of permanent jobs being filled this year, however, is lower than last year’s hiring and represents about 2 percent of Kroger’s total workforce.

Kroger had about 431,000 full- and part-time employees as of Jan. 30, 2016. The company hired more than 12,000 workers in 2016.

Companies Can’t Fire People Because of ObamaCare Costs – HUH?

by Gary DeMar

“Obama officials made clear in a press briefing that firms would not be allowed to lay off workers to get into the preferred class of those businesses with 50 to 99 employees. . . . Firms will be required to certify to the IRS – under penalty of perjury – that ObamaCare was not a motivating factor in their staffing decisions. To avoid ObamaCare costs you must swear that you are not trying to avoid ObamaCare costs.”
Once again, power has been deferred to the IRS where the Fifth Amendment does not apply and the agency is lawless with the tacit approval of the President. Try pleading the Fifth when you sign your tax return.
Then there’s the EEOC, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. People who are fired for whatever reason will have cause to appeal to the EEOC. I can tell you from personal business experience, it’s an expensive and time consuming enterprise, even if you win like my company did.
You know it had to happen. Once the government got control of our healthcare (we were warned), there wouldn’t be any area that it would not be involved in. Once people get used to the idea of government regulating their lives in small areas where they do not believe the law will adversely affect them, they will acquiesce in more significant areas where they will be negatively affected.

“The paternal state not only feeds its children, but nurtures, educates, comforts, and disciplines them, providing all they need for their security. This appears to be a mildly insulting way to treat adults, but it is really a great crime because it transforms the state from being a gift of God, given to protect us against violence, into an idol. It supplies us with all blessings, and we look to it for all our needs. Once we sink to that level, as [C.S.] Lewis says, there is no point in telling state officials to mind their own business. “Our whole lives are their business.”[1]
“The paternalism of the state is that of the bad parent who wants his children dependent on him forever. That is an evil impulse. The good parent prepares his children for independence, trains them to make responsible decisions, knows that he harms them by not helping them to break loose. The paternal state thrives on dependency. When the dependents free themselves, it loses power. It is, therefore, parasitic on the very persons whom it turns into parasites. Thus, the state and its dependents march symbiotically [in close union with one another] to destruction.”[2]
It was President Obama who said, “That’s the good thing about being president. I can do whatever I want.”


GOP Gov. Nikki Haley, ‘Unions Not Welcome In South Carolina’

South Carolina is glad to have non-union jobs from BMW, Michelin and Boeing, but don’t expect any factories from Ford, General Motors, Chrysler or other companies with unionized work forces.Haley said Wednesday that she discourages companies from building new facilities in South Carolina if they are planning to bring a union with them.“It’s not something we want to see happen,” she told The Greenville News following an appearance at an automotive conference in downtown Greenville.“We discourage any companies that have unions from wanting to come to South Carolina because we don’t want to taint the water.”

Jobs Drop More People Are Out of the Work Force

The American jobs engine hit stall speed in May, with the economy adding just 69,000 new jobs while the unemployment rate climbed to 8.2 percent.

As another summertime swoon looms, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that job creation missed economist estimates for 158,000 new positions.

Labor force participation remains near 30-year lows though incrementally better than last month, rising to 63.8 percent.

The unemployment rate that counts discouraged workers rose as well, swelling to 14.8 percent form 14.5 percent in April.

Long-term unemployment also took a sharp upturn, with the number of those out of work for 27 weeks or more jumping from 5.1 million to 5.4 million. The average duration of unemployment moved from 39.1 weeks to 39.7 weeks.

“It’s painfully obvious the economic recovery in the U.S. isn’t just slowing down, it’s pulling up the emergency brake. And, lack of job creation isn’t the only critical concern. Wages/Income is sharply lower,” said Todd Schoenberger, managing principal The BlackBay Group in New York.

“For those lucky enough to have a job, their spending power is sliding when accounting for inflation. The markets will respond negatively to this report,” he added.

Markets reacted immediately to the numbers.

In May, stocks suffered through their worst month in two years, and the job-creation figures only added to the gloom.

Stock market futures indicated a sharply lower open for Wall Street, while investors continued to pour into bonds, sending the 10-year Treasury note yield tumbling to near 1.47 percent. Dow futures looked set to plunge nearly 200 points and crude oil fell more than 4 percent below $83 a barrel.

The bulk of the employment gains came from the service sector, which added 84,000 jobs, while manufacturing grew 12,000. Government shaved 13,000 jobs, including 5,000 at the federal level. Private payrolls rose 82,000.

“Government is the lender and spender of last resort in this economy,” said Doug Roberts, managing principal for Channel Capital Research. “There is no priming the pump, and as government stimulus wears off the economy starts to slow down again.”

Construction took the biggest hit, dropping by 28,000 for the month.

The report comes a month after the government reported that just 115,000 new jobs were added in April, a number that helped contribute to a general malaise about economic growth.

Even that number was worse than thought: The BLS revised the April number down to 77,000.

With worries swelling over the state of the global economy, another weak employment report in the U.S. adds to fears that a sharp slowdown is on the way.

The average workweek, a closely watched economic metric, slipped by 0.1 hour to 34.4 hours. The manufacturing workweek dropped by 0.3 hour to 40.5 hours, and factory overtime fell by 0.1 hour to 3.2 hours.

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US Underemployment Real Rate is at 17.90%, compared to 17.90% yesterday and 19.10% last year. This is lower than the long term average of 18.72%. THIS IS OFF AND THE ACTUAL IS MORE LIKE 25 TO 30%


Labor Statistics Show Obama Worst Record in Past 25 Years

The Obama administration wants you to believe that he has helped create several million jobs and is the labor hero of the day. But, if you look at the figures released every month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you will quickly see that he has the worst record over the past twenty-five years.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics publish a number of labor statistics, but perhaps one of the most telling is the employment to population ratio. They look at the available work force population compared to the number of people that are employed. By work force population, they consider people that are over sixteen years of age minus members of the armed forces, those in prisons and mental institutions.
Over the past twenty-five years or 300 months, the ratio of employed people compared to available work force has always been over 60% except for the past 32 months. Under the presidency of Barack Obama, the employment to population ratio has run from 58.7% for a high to a low of 58.2%.

One of the interesting aspects of Obama’s 32 worst months is that they all encompass the time frame of his supposed recovery. In other words, ever since Obama proclaimed that the recession was over in June 2009, we have experienced the lowest employment to population ratio in 25 years.
Prior to Obama’s low ratio figures, the lowest month was December 2008 when it dipped to 61.0% as President George W Bush was about to leave office. Additionally, the worst month under any other president in the past twenty-five years was still higher than the best month under Obama.
If President Obama wants to make job loss a campaign issue with Mitt Romney, then Romney’s camp needs to let all of America know just who has the worst employment to population ratio over the past twenty-five years. Romney also needs to stress that these figures also reflect Obama’s self-pronounced recovery.

Read more:

Arianna Huffington: Nobody Believes Obama’s Jobs Rhetoric Anymore

Posted by the Right ScoopArianna Huffington: Nobody believes Obama’s jobs rhetoric anymore

Posted by The Right Scoop on August 4th, 2011 in Politics | 46 Comments

The reality of a bad economic situation is beginning to set in on the left and some of the more honest lefties are now admitting that there isn’t a hopeful outlook for Obama’s re-election. I’ve included the entire interview of Arianna Huffington with LarryO because of not only the way she trashes Obama and his renewed focus on jobs, but also the way that she talks about how disenfranchised people on the left feel with this debt deal. She even goes as far as saying that Obama needs ‘intense therapy’ so that he can explain to himself why he agreed to such a debt deal. Just the way she characterized it surprised me because it’s not even over yet. We’ve only been through one phase of the deal and I can assure you that the left will push hard for tax increases the next go round as they hold the defense cuts hostage.

But then she starts talking about Obama’s recent pivot toward jobs again. Arianna says that she went back and counted the number of times Obama said he was focused on jobs and apparently it’s so many times that she says no one believes him anymore. She points out that Obama is very focused on campaigning for 2012, and while she agrees that’s an important goal, she says the only number that people will care about in 2012 is the unemployment rate and that there are no prospects for it going below 9%.

What’s funny to me is that the premise that began the interview was that LarryO was trying to find a way to convey hope about economic conditions that are less than hopeful, to help the President as much as they possibly could, and yet it’s their hopelessness that made me feel more hopeful.

Watch the whole interview. It’s not as difficult as it normally would be:

Michelle Obama is a Lush and Inconsiderate Vacation Wench

by Cyrus 
If we can stop Michelle Obama from spending the tax payers money, there won’t be a need to raise the debt ceiling. While Americans are struggling to make ends meet, Michelle Obama drinks top shelf boozes and plan extravagant family vacations. It was bad enough when the Obama’s took 2 different plane to go on vacation, but spending $10 million on vacations in one year is another thing. It’s pathetic and reprehensible to abuse the power as the first lady. Michelle Obama is living her dream to be the 21st Marie Antoinette.


(Daily Mail) The Obamas’ summer break on Martha’s Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets.

But according to new reports, this is the least of their extravagances.

White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers’ money on vacations alone in the past year.

Branding her ‘disgusting’ and ‘a vacation junkie’, they say the 47-year-old mother-of-two has been indulging in five-star hotels, where she splashes out on expensive massages and alcohol.

The ‘top source’ told the National Enquirer: ‘It’s disgusting. Michelle is taking advantage of her privileged position while the most hardworking Americans can barely afford a week or two off work.

‘When it’s all added up, she’s spent more than $10million in taxpayers’ money on her vacations.’

The First Lady is believed to have taken 42 days of holiday in the past year, including a $375,000 break in Spain and a four-day ski trip to Vail, Colorado, where she spent $2,000 a night on a suite at the Sebastian hotel.

And the first family’s nine-day stay in Martha’s Vineyard is also proving costly, with rental of the Blue Heron Farm property alone costing an estimated $50,000 a week.

The source continued: ‘Michelle also enjoys drinking expensive booze during her trips. She favours martinis with top-shelf vodka and has a taste for rich sparking wines.

‘The vacations are totally Michelle’s idea. She’s like a junkie. She can’t schedule enough getaways, and she lives from one to the next – all the while sticking it to hardworking Americans.’

While the President and his wife do pay for some of their personal expenses from their own pocket, the website says that the amount paid by the couple is ‘dwarfed by the overall cost to the public’.

The magazine also reported that Mrs Obama, whose fashion choices are widely followed, had been going on ‘wild shopping sprees’, much to the distress of her husband, who, its sources reveal, is ‘absolutely furious’ at his wife’s ‘out-of-control spending’.

The President has already come under fire this week over his decision to take a family vacation while millions of Americans are out of work and countless more are financially strapped.

Bill Clinton’s Ideas for Job Creation: Straight From 2008

By Joseph Lawler on 6.20.11 @ 11:14AM

Bill Clinton has proposed a blueprint for creating jobs and ending the unemployment crisis. Altogether, he has 14 ideas, which he shares inNewsweek.

Not all of his suggestions are terrible. But the most thought-out and specific ones seem like they were taken out of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, especially the five that are “green” iniatives. The idea that the government could put unemployed people to work on green jobs to the benefit of the economy was fatuous in 2008. That Clinton doesn’t have any better ideas now, three years later, is frightening, if it’s any indication of what the Democrats and Obama are thinking.

For example, Clinton suggests that “We could put a million people to work retrofitting buildings all over America.” Has he not heard Obamaacknowledge that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects”? Retrofitting buildings to lower energy consumption is not a low-skill job. The government cannot will into existence thousands of companies with all of the diverse capabilities needed to retrofit builldings, much less guarantee that those companies would draw their new hires from the ranks of the currently unemployed.

Or how about this idea, filed under “state-by-state solutions”:

There may be some things that the states can do to loosen this up. One of the reasons Harry Reid won in Nevada is that, right before the election, two big Chinese companies announced they were moving factories there to make LED lightbulbs and turbines for the big wind farms down in Texas. Nevada is a little state, and it gained more than 4,000 jobs.

Or this one:

The U.S. didn’t ratify the Kyoto accords, of course, because Al Gore and I left office, and the next government wasn’t for it. They were all wrong. Before the financial meltdown, the four countries that will meet their Kyoto greenhouse-gas emission targets were outperforming America with lower unemployment, more new business formation, and less income inequality.

So we ratify Kyoto, and then add millions of jobs? How?

And this idea isn’t an idea at all:


I’m trying to figure out why job seekers don’t have the skills companies need; why the community colleges and vocational programs, which have done such a great job for America, are not providing more people with the skills to fill these vacancies. Do people just not enroll in the right programs or do they drop out because of the economy? I hope we can find out.

This is kind of the whole show. The economy needs to match workers’ skills to jobs; there’s not much the government can do to help that process.

On the other hand, Clinton’s best ideas are the ones that sound the most Republican. Clinton suggests cutting corporate tax rates and suspending state environmental regulations. Too bad those weren’t on the table in 2008.


PROVING the argument that these are jobs American citizens wont do is pure HOGWASH. Time to clean house all over the U.S.!
12 million Illgal Aliens deported = 12 million jobs to desperate Americans

CBO: Stimulus Jobs Cost at Least $228,055 Each


The jobs that were created and saved by the economic stimulus legislation that President Barack Obama signed in February 2009 cost at least $228,055 each, according to new data from the Congressional Budget Office.

In a report released on Wednesday, the CBO said it now estimates the stimulus bill costs $821 billion, up from its original estimate of $787 billion.

The CBO also estimated that in the fourth quarter of 2010, between 1.3 and 3.5 million people were employed who would not have a job if the stimulus had not been enacted.

The CBO also estimated that between 1.4 and 3.6 million were employed as a result of the stimulus bill during the third quarter of 2010.

The figures take into account not only the new jobs believed to have been created, but also the existing jobs that were saved that would otherwise have been lost.

So the $821 billion cost of the stimulus, divided by the maximum of 3.6 million jobs the CBO believes were saved or created, equals $228,055 for each job, according to CNS News.

Taking the 1.4 million figure for jobs created or saved means each job cost $586,428.

Footnote: When President Obama signed the stimulus bill, the national unemployment rate was 8.2 percent. In January 2011, it was 9 percent.