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John McCain’s Plan to Sabotage Trump

McCain’s deplorable and clearly traitorous role is the epitome of a dyed-in-the wool Deep Stater who believes his acts of betrayal are reflections of his ‘maverick’ personality. BS!

The UK’s Daily Mail has the bombshell story of how McCain has actively worked to bring down Trump and has used foreign help in his attempt.

Sometime during the run up to the 2016 primaries a Republican opponent of Trump’s for the Presidency hired a Washington D.C. investigation firm to dig up dirt on Trump.

That firm outsourced the job to former British spy Christopher Steele. This is a rather odd immediate decision and reeks of a preconceived decision to skirt U.S. laws against using indigenous intelligence assets against sovereign American citizens.

While the Republican who initiated the search is not named, my money is on effeminate McCain pillow pal Lindsey Graham.

Despite the Republican client dropping out early in the race, Steele found an unnamed Democrat who wanted the information and so he turned it over to the person in the summer of 2016.

The document then mysteriously disappears from the radar but we know from prior reports that Senator McCain had been in search of the dossier. The 80 year old curmudgeon finally struck gold a few weeks after the election.

At the globalist Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, McCain just happened to bump into former British ambassador to Moscow and aide to British Prime Minister Sir Andrew Wood.

Wood is a classic Deep State operative who has been caught being associated with numerous illegal acts of espionage while in Moscow.

The former ambassador says that he did speak with McCain, he did tell him about the dossier and what it supposedly contained, but he did not give it to his U.S. cohort.

As the Daily Mail states however, “Clearly, someone did.”

Shortly after the conference, McCain “dispatched a ‘trusted emissary’ who flew across the Atlantic to meet the source of the documents at an airport that the Guardian did not name.

“The aide was instructed to look for a man with a copy of the Financial Times  and that’s how the individuals met, with the source taking McCain’s emissary back to his house and giving the American a copy of the documents.

“Within 24 hours, the dossier was in Washington, though the contents of the file couldn’t be verified without an investigation.”

McCain then supposedly reviewed the documents and handed them over to former FBI Director James Comey on December 9, an event that Comey confirms.

What is incredulous about all this is that McCain posits his actions as something any law-abiding American would do, as if the average Joe would seek out foreign intelligence information on a U.S. citizen in the hopes of assassinating their character.

McCain is a devious modern day Brutus Cassius and should be removed from the Senate before he does irreparable harm to the Republic.