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Terrorists caught at border; feds clam up

I really hope not to be anywhere dangerous this Thursday.
Check it out:

With 9/11 coming up and Fort Bliss, the Army post outside of El Paso, having implemented additional security measures following reports that ISIS is across the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, it is increasingly peculiar that federal agencies don’t want to talk about this.

It has been confirmed through the Texas Department of Public Safety that an alert was issued on the presence of ISIS over the border and the potential for an attack.

Texas sheriffs near the border are on alert as well, like Gary Painter in Midland County, which lies a little over 100 miles up country from the border but is easily accessible from it, across sparsely populated terrain, and is situated on the major thoroughfare of Interstate 20.


by Audrey Hudson

The Obama administration is set to reopen a crossing station at the Texas and Mexico border that was closed after the September 11 terrorist attack for security concerns, yet is newly constructed to be monitored by customs and border officers stationed hundreds of miles away.

Federal officials estimate the Boquillas crossing located in the Big Bend National Park will accommodate 20,000 visitors a year, whose entry into the U.S. will by monitored by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers 300 miles away in El Paso through surveillance cameras that will observe kiosks where identification cards are scanned for access.

“Remote technology would assist CBP in maintaining security and verifying the identity of those entering the United States, while also ensuring that they possess proper documentation to do so,” said the Federal Register notice announcing the project.

Documentation required to cross the border include a passport, border-crossing card or permanent resident card.

Construction of the new border crossing cost more than $5 million and Border Patrol officials estimate it will cost $200,000 a year to maintain. The station was scheduled to open with little fanfare earlier this spring but was delayed until after the election. Another opening date set for today was also postponed due to a scheduling conflict with President Barack Obama’s cabinet meeting in Washington.

A handful of National Park Service employees will be stationed at the remote facility, but when problems arise or someone tries to bypass the crossing station a Border agent patrolling in the 800,000 acre park will be dispatched to the site. The Park Service acknowledges that illegal border crossings and drug smuggling do occur in the sprawling back country.

The station was historically popular with tourists, and will only be open during daylight hours to accommodate foot traffic — no bridge crosses the Rio Grande River so the only access to the border is by ferry boat or swimming.

War on the Southern Border

Paul E. Vallely

We have now raised the threat level of Mexico and the Southern Border. The threat from our Southern Border is greater now than the Afghanistan/Pakistan conflict. The inactions by our government are treasonous. Our leadership in Washington, DC continues on a rudderless course when it comes to National Security. We need leaders that understand current threats and vulnerabilities and place them in charge immediately.
It is now time to enforce the rule-of-law and the protection of Americans and our country. No more excuses…no more delays…no more politics., no more kowtowing to special interest groups, or claims by open-border believers and LaRaza.

The fact is, the Citizens of the USA are in daily danger and are being killed because the border and interior states of Mexico are controlled by thugs. Once again, the entire area is festooned with upheaval, violence, and lawlessness as it was in 1846. The northern states in Mexico; Baja California Norte, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Monterrey and Tamaulipas are under rogue control, and the Mexican Police and Army cannot control them.

Therefore, it is in the national interest of the United States to restore order because of this clear and present danger to US Citizens and our economy.


Immigration Front

By Michael Payne

Border Agent Faces Time for Doing Job

Another Border Patrol agent, Jesus Diaz, has been prosecuted by Johnny Sutton, federal attorney for the Western District of Texas. In 2006, Sutton put two other agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean away for “violating the rights” of a fleeing Mexican drug smuggler. Sutton’s tactics raised great protests, even from such senators as Dianne Feinstein and Arlen Specter.

A Border Patrol veteran, Diaz is married to another agent, Diana Diaz, and has four children, including a six-month-old he has never met. He is being held in solitary confinement for his own protection from the illegals who fill the prison he’s in. He is allowed only two 20-minute visits per week.

Diaz was prosecuted for excessive force under color of authority against an illegal alien, a charge more serious than murder for an average citizen. His crime consisted of forcing an uncooperative suspect to the ground by raising the offender’s handcuffs. Even though pictures taken of the man soon after the arrest showed no signs of abuse, Mexico complained, and Sutton filed charges.

As in the 2006 trials, the “victim” received full immunity plus a visa to come and go in the U.S. (which he promptly used to smuggle drugs again). Sutton carefully controlled everything the jury heard and suppressed exculpatory evidence. When the first trial ended in a mistrial, he re-filed. This time he got his conviction, despite prosecution witnesses having changed their stories and some indicating that they had lied to the grand jury. Diaz could get 10-35 years simply for doing his job when he’s sentenced in September. Diana Diaz perhaps states the obvious when she says that these prosecutions are causing other agents “to think twice” when bracing the Mexican invaders.

Postscript: A recent Government Accountability Office report indicates that only 129 miles of the 1,954 mile U.S.-Mexico border is “controlled” by the federal government. The Mexican cartels control the rest.



Armed Mexican Military Crossing American Border

MISSION – CHANNEL 5 NEWS has broken a story that few if any media organizations are reporting.  It seems that Mexico violated international law by illegally entering into the United States.  The incursion has been caught on video at the Anzalduas International Bridge.

You will see the international boundary that separates the United States from Mexico and what authorities on this side of the border seem to think is a truck packed with armed men crossing into the United States. The video clearly shows a large military-transport vehicle drive north on the Anzalduas bridge over the international boundary.

There were at least a dozen armed military men in the back  of the truck which was traveling down the bridge toward the U.S. Customs checkpoint. The driver eventually makes a U-turn just before reaching the lines of cars there. It then starts back south toward Mexico. The military men then pull over and search a vehicle for a few minutes then resume on their way home I am guessing. Soon the intruders cross back over the boundary toward Mexico.


This is not the first time we have had border incidents with Mexico.  In the report below from WND, you can read about the time back in 2008 when the Mexican army invaded America and actually held an American border cop at gunpoint.