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Harry Reid Should Show Us His Birth Certificate



A judge in Tampa, Florida is creating a buzz with a ruling some say shows that shariah law is creeping into the U.S. One look at the alleged ruling shows it is suspicious. But is it really an example of shariah “comin’ to America?”

According to a document on the website Jihad Watch, Circuit Court Judge Richard A. Nielsen ordered earlier this month that a civil  dispute between current and former leaders of a local mosque over who controls funds awarded during a 2008 eminent domain proceeding be decided under “Ecclesiastical Islamic Law.” Below is a copy of the relevant section:


Tom Tillison over at Red State explains the case via a post from Brigitte Gabriel:

The current mosque leaders want the case decided according to secular, Florida civil law, and their attorney has been vigorously arguing the case accordingly.

The former trustees of the mosque want the case decided according to sharia law.

Here’s the kicker.

The judge recently ruled “This case will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic law,” (sharia law), “pursuant to the Qur’an.” [Emphasis hers]



Federal Environmental Protection Administration is about to impose Regulations and Taxes on Carbon Emissions by Executive Fiat


While the federal Environmental Protection Administration is about to impose regulations and taxes on carbon emissions by executive fiat – in the name of stopping global climate change – the United States has already dramatically cut its emissions and probably has already complied with the Kyoto/Copenhagen goals for reduced emissions. And this has been done without taxes, without regulations, and without government intervention.

In 2007, the U.S. emitted 6.12 billion metric tons of carbon. In 2008, emissions fell to 5.92. In 2009, while Obama was promising that the U.S. would cut its emissions to 5.0 by 2015, the American economy and public – on their own – cut the emissions to 5.5 billion. Most likely, by the time the 2010 measurements are in, we will have reached the Obama goal.

While many attribute cut to the recession which, presumably, will end sometime, the fact is that emissions dropped before the recession hit and have continued to fall. A big part of the reason is the reduction in the use of coal to generate electricity.

As we explain in our new book Revolt! (to be released on March 1), coal accounted for 52% of electric generation in 1996 but only for 45% today. In the past twelve months, coal’s share has dropped form 49% to 45%. Natural gas has almost doubled its share from 13% in 1996 to 23% in 2009 while renewables have risen from 2% to 4%.

Source 1996 2009

Coal 52% 45%
Natural Gas 13% 23%
Nuclear 20% 20%
Renewable 2% 4%

Source: US Energy Information Administration

The free market, free enterprise system has responded to persuasion and incentives like it does in free societies without the heavy hand of taxation, government regulation, and coercion.

These data expose the basic truth: Cap and trade or carbon regulation is not necessary to lower U.S. emissions. The government bureaucratic/environmentalist alliance want these measures to increase public control over our economy, not to fight global warming. Just as the Obama stimulus package was designed to increase public spending, not to stimulate anything, so the environmental regulations are exploiting public concern over climate change to ratify a growth in government power and oversight.

And that’s the inconvenient truth! No Need For the Government Regulations

George (The Spooky Dude) Soros-Sponsored Candidates, Ballot Initiatives Go Down on Election Day

Billionaire George Soros, the Hungarian-born businessman known for bankrolling liberal causes, saw a slew of his pet projects and candidates get wiped out in the Republican-red tide on Tuesday.

Not only did Soros-sponsored call the results “devastating,” his Secretary of State Project suffered its worst losses since its founding in 2006.
The Secretary of State Project, which sprouted out of the Soros-backed Democracy Alliance, was built as a vehicle to support “reform-minded” candidates for secretary of state. Since these often-overlooked officials have authority over state election rules, they can play a huge role in close or disputed political contests.
Though the initiative went four-for-four in the 2008 election, only two of its seven endorsed candidates won their races on Tuesday.

The trend coincided with historic losses for Democrats at the state and federal level. Republicans seized the U.S. House of Representatives, picked up at least six seats in the U.S. Senate, won a majority of the gubernatorial races and made a net gain of more than 500 state-level legislative seats.

The Secretary of State Project, in a message to supporters on the Spooky Dude’s home page, chalked up its losses to the over arching electoral trend.

“2010 was a tough year. We helped re-elect the socialist Mark Ritchie in Minnesota and Debra Bowen in California, but our candidates in other states — incumbents and challengers alike — were all defeated in the Republican wave election,” the group said.
Ritchie, who beat Republican Dan Severson, gained notoriety among conservatives during the recount for the 2008 Minnesota Senate election, which he eventually handed to Al Franken over Republican Norm Coleman. Ritchie could soon have another recount on his hands with the close and undecided gubernatorial race between Mark Dayton and Tom Emmer.
Republican secretaries of state have taken their fair share of criticism too, most notably Katherine Harris for her handling of the 2000 presidential election count in Florida.
The Secretary of State Project was launched to install sympathetic officials in key battleground states. But on Election Day, their endorsed candidates lost in Ohio, South Dakota, Michigan, Colorado and Iowa.

Overall, Republicans won 17 of the 26 secretary of state seats on the ballot, representing a net gain of six for the GOP. Those six takeovers include the key swing states of Ohio and Colorado.

A pair of Soros-funded ballot measures also went down on the West Coast. California’s Proposition 19, which would have legalized personal marijuana use, was defeated despite a $1 million infusion by Soros.

His contributions to Proposition 27, which would have given the state’s legislature redistricting power, also were not enough to put it over the top. A competing measure to give redistricting authority to a citizens commission passed instead.