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Barack Obama Declares Conservatives Anti-American

by Ulsterman Narc

In perhaps his most hyper-partisan and unpresidential speech since he first became president over five years ago, Barack Obama declared to an audience at Ohio State University that Republicans view the U.S. political system as a “sham”. He went on to offer up a conficting, and at times, outright odd depiction of all those who oppose his own views on what America is – and isn’t, and told those there that in essence, being an American citizen is opposing those who oppose him.Obama: Republicans Think U.S. System “a Sham”
Obama, who spoke at the Ohio State University commencement, vowed “I’m not going to get partisan” – and then launched into one of the most partisan fusillades of his presidency, caricaturing conservative thought and beseeching the students to “reject these voices”:
Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems; some of these same voices also doing their best to gum up the works. They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham with which can’t be trusted.
Obama intimated that the power of conservatives – and any success they have opposing to his policies – derives from cynicism in the electorate and an abdication by citizens of the “authority” given them by the Founders:
The Founders trusted us with this awesome authority. We should trust ourselves with it, too. Because when we don’t, when we turn away and get discouraged and cynical, and abdicate that authority, we grant our silent consent to someone who will gladly claim it. That’s how we end up with lobbyists who set the agenda; and policies detached from what middle-class families face every day; the well-connected who publicly demand that Washington stay out of their business — and then whisper in government’s ear for special treatment that you don’t get.
That’s how a small minority of lawmakers get cover to defeat something the vast majority of their constituents want. That’s how our political system gets consumed by small things when we are a people called to do great things.
Obama urged the students to embrace “citizenship.” Incredibly, he suggested this meant opposing those who would oppose him. LINK
That last part there is a chilling reminder of just how narcissistic Barack Obama truly is. To tell a group of young Americans that they are not in fact true Americans unless they go out and work to defeat those who oppose HIS agenda is something I cannot recall coming from the mouth of any other president in American history – certainly not in the modern era of politics.
The Founding Fathers, if they were somehow placed in the audience during this latest Obama speech, would be turning to one another with eyes wide and jaws set, clearly communicating to one another that something has gone terribly wrong that such a person was now engaged in being this nation’s president. Where the Founders feared Big Government, Barack Obama has embraced it. Where the Founders detested the necessity of politics, Barack Obama is nothing but politics on all issues great and small – the most important issue always being himself.

Obama Try's to Halt Florida Voter Audit -Feds order Florida to Halt Ongoing Push to Remove Ineligible Voters from Rolls

TALLAHASSEE, Fla – Federal authorities are demanding that Florida halt its push to remove ineligible voters from the voter rolls.
In a move that comes just months before the state could play a pivotal role in the 2012 presidential election, the U.S. Department of Justice contends that the state is violating federal law in its effort to identify and remove ineligible voters.
The state’s effort has already come under fire from local election supervisors who belong to both political parties, as well as Democratic members of Congress and voting rights groups.
Chris Cate, a spokesman for the Florida Department of State, said state officials were still reviewing the letter, but hinted Florida may fight federal authorities.
“Bottom line is we are firmly committed to doing the right thing and preventing ineligible voters from being able to cast a ballot,” Cate said.
Florida, at the urging of Republican Gov. Rick Scott, began looking for non-U.S. citizens on its voter rolls last year. An initial search turned up as many as 182,000 registered voters who may not be U.S. citizens.
Earlier this year state officials sent to local election officials a much smaller list of more than 2,600 voters and asked supervisors to start the process to remove them from the rolls.
Supervisors, however, have loudly questioned the accuracy of the list, with one GOP supervisor going on Twitter to show the picture of a U.S. passport of one voter found on the list. Earlier this week two Democratic members of Congress held a press conference with a World War II veteran whose citizenship had been questioned.
Federal officials said that the procedures the state is using to identify non-U.S. citizens has not been reviewed to make sure they are not discriminatory. Florida must get approval for changes in voting procedures because five counties are still covered by the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
T. Christian Herren, chief of the voting section of the civil rights division, also said that removing voters from the rolls less than 90 days before a federal election also appears to violate federal law. Florida’s primary election is Aug. 14.
Herren’s letter gives Florida until June 6 to tell federal authorities whether they plan to halt the purge.
Voting rights groups who had called on the U.S. Department of Justice to intervene praised the decision.
“We commend the attorney general of the United States Eric Holder for ensuring that the right to vote, the fundamental pillar of our democracy is protected for all American citizens,” said Advancement Project co-director Penda Hair in a statement.
The intervention of the U.S. Department of Justice came the same day that Florida officials were trying to get another federal agency to help the state verify the citizenship status of thousands of voters.
Secretary of State Kent Detzner wants the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to let Florida have access to an immigration database maintained by the federal government.
“I hope you will understand the importance of making sure the vote of an eligible voter is not diminished by the vote of ineligible voter and provide my department the access it needs,” Detzner wrote to Secretary Janet Napolitano.
A Department of Homeland Security official said Thursday that the federal agency is aware of Florida’s request but that there a “number of legal and operational challenges” to granting the state access.
Detzner in his letter said that while Florida’s initial list was “credible and reliable” he acknowledged that his department’s ability to “validate a person’s legal status as up to date was limited.” The first list was drawn by comparing driver’s licenses to voter registration lists. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles initially planned to double-check its information with the federal database but has since been told that is not permitted.
Even without access to the federal database Cate had said the state is likely to circulate additional names to election supervisors in the weeks ahead.
But some election supervisors are already saying that they will ignore any additional names given to them by the Florida Department of State.
“It’s illegal under federal law and I’m going to follow the law,” said Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho.
Judge blocks parts of Florida voting law

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Wall Street Journal Warns – You Think Obama’s 1st Term Was Bad? Just Wait…

by Ulsterman on May 29, 2012 with 6 Comments in News

Pete Du Pont breaks down the frightening prospects of four more years of Obama Hope and Change…BIGGER GOVERNMENT, MORE DEBT, LESS PERSONAL FREEDOM, AND HIGHER ENERGY AND GAS PRICES…

Before being elected in 2008, Barack Obama said: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” That belief has turned out to be wholly accurate. America has been greatly transformed by all areas of this administration’s policy goals and actions.

The most significant policy change during President Obama’s first term was his health-care “reform,” the movement of 17% of our economy from the marketplace of ideas and physician-patient decision-making to control and management by the federal government…The individual mandates and other rules and regulations will begin in 2014. If the court upholds ObamaCare and Mr. Obama is re-elected in November, the scope and size of our government’s control over health care will increase dramatically.
The second negative policy impact of the president’s first term is the large and unsustainable increase in federal spending and debt. Annual spending increased from $3 trillion in 2008 to $3.5 trillion in 2010, and the Obama plan is to grow it to $5.5 trillion a year less than a decade from now. Deficits averaging $1.3 trillion a year have been the rule so far, and that thinking—and perhaps worse—would be with us for a second Obama term.
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« NY Times Confirms What WHI Said Long Ago – “Obama Loves Blowing The Hell Out Of People.”Romney Rips Obama Over Solyndra Related Scandals »
Mr. Obama’s first term commenced with an $800 billion “stimulus” giveaway to the favored constituencies of the liberal left. Then the excessive spending that created the deficits continued. The president’s recent budgets have been so far from the mainstream that Congress, including Democrats, has had little interest in supporting them. If Mr. Obama is re-elected and no longer constrained in his policy proposals by the need to keep independents in his camp, there will be continued squandering of the nation’s fiscal resources.

Obama Sends Millions Of US Dollars To Kenya – Where His Socialist “Cousin” Is Prime Minister

In 2006 Barack Obama took a trip to Kenya on the taxpayer’s dime.
While visiting Kenya as a guest of the government Obama campaigned for socialist Raila Odinga, who claims he is Obama’s cousin.
Odinga’s opponents said Odinga was using Obama “as his stooge.”
Here’s the video:
[youtube][/youtube]Raila Odinga was later elected prime minister of Kenya – after days of bloodshed.
There’s more…
Since he moved into the White House Obama’s still helping Odinga.
Kenya is enjoying a spike in Obama administration funded projects.
Trade Aid Monitor reported:
Kenyan businesses lately are increasingly becoming recipients of U.S. government largesse, as the Obama Administration, among pursuing other endeavors, aims to expand “livestock-related economic opportunities” in that nation. Although this and other recently released presolicitation notices for unrelated programs serve as advance alerts to potential vendors—and therefore do not offer cost estimates and other details— a review of U.S. government contracting actions nonetheless indicates a spike of activity in Kenya in a variety of sectors.

Dirty Tricks Hilary Rosen’s Attack on Ann Romney Planned at White House

byTad Cronn

After weeks of boohooing over their manufactured “war on women,” Democrats continue to prove that they are the party that hates women.

You’re not supposed to notice that fact, of course.

All the public faces pushing the “war on women” meme have been female, from Sandra Fluke to Nancy Pelosi, so you’re supposed to assume that they have women’s best interests at heart.

That hasn’t stopped them from attacking Ann Romney, who has defended her husband against the Left’s made-up charges that he can’t relate to women.

Lobbyist and CNN contributor Hilary Rosen, being “interviewed” on CNN (I remember when lobbyists weren’t contributors to “news” programs), slammed Mrs. Romney, saying she “had never worked a day in her life” because she had chosen to stay home and raise the kids.

Columnist Michelle Malkin has unearthed records that suggest Rosen’s attack is coordinated directly by the White House. According to that information, Rosen visited the White House at least 35 times since 2009, visiting with top-level communications and political strategists including the likes of Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and the president himself.

ACORN Leader Avoids Prison for Voter Fraud Conspiracy

A Las Vegas judge has spared senior ACORN executive Amy Adele Busefink jail time for her role in a notorious voter fraud conspiracy.

Judge Donald Mosley sentenced Busefink to two years imprisonment but suspended the jail time provided that she abides by the terms of her probation. She was also fined a total of $4,000 and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. Prosecutors had argued for a fine of just $1,000. Voter fraud, sometimes called electoral fraud, is a blanket term encompassing a host of election-related improprieties.

This isn’t the first time Busefink was involved in shady electoral dealings. Even while under indictment in Nevada she ran the 2010 national voter drive for Project Vote, which was President Obama’s employer in 1992. Project Vote and ACORN have long been indistinguishable. Project Vote still operates out of ACORN’s offices in Washington, D.C.

Busefink also ran ACORN’s fraud-ridden 2008 voter registration drive. In that drive, officials chucked an astounding 400,000 bogus registrations.

Why are we so soft on these crooks?


Forty-one federal employees in the Executive Office of the President owe $831,055 in taxes to the IRS, according to data compiled by the Washington Post.

Back taxes were an early problem for the Obama White House: Tom Daschle was forced to withdraw from consideration as the secretary of Health and Human Services after it was discovered that the former senator owed more than $100,000 in tax payments, and Tim Geithner had a bumpy road to confirmation as Treasury secretary after it was reported that he didn’t pay Social Security and Medicare taxes when he was at the International Monetary Fund.

According to the data, 4,856 workers in the Homeland Security Department owe $37,012,174; 2,841 in HHS owe $37,327,491; 1,971 in the Justice Department owe $14,350,152; and 1,204 in the Defense Department owe $ 7,670,814, among others across all agencies.

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