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WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: How Mitt Romney Mentally Castrated The Obama Campaign

The timing of this interview comes just days after a soon to be published book authored by Richard Miniter details how it is Valerie Jarrett and not President Barack Obama who makes the final decision in so many of the most critical calls from within the White House – even those involving the United States military. This knowledge is nothing new to readers of this blog, for that very information first originated from our own longtime D.C. political operative some two years ago. We talk to that figure again now, in person – White House Insider.

PART ONE:UM: Let’s cut right to it then – the Romney campaign. How are they doing against the Obama team?

WHI: Doin’ fine. Fine. Money coming in…they ain’t spending it much just yet. Which is smart. July is not the month to do that. Get it goin’ in August. Kick ass at that convention of theirs. Then pour it on right up to the finish.
UM: And the Obama campaign? How would you compare them to the Romney camp at this point?
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WHI: They are running against everything and running for nothin’. That is tough to pull off for an extended period. The American people…once they start really focusing…they don’t want to hear negative-negative-negative all the time and that’s all we are getting’ from Obama these days. They are a long way off from the Hope and Change days.
UM: Specifically on that – the Obama team…you think they can still win this though? That Obama can be re-elected?
WHI: Oh hell yeah – absolutely. They are dragging his sorry ass all over the country, putting the words in his mouth…thinking the First Lady…that image they have been trying to create around her…the racism stuff…that campaign isn’t even close to be started on that yet…they are worried about money a bit…but they got about 90% of the media in their pockets…they got tens of millions still coming in…and they got the stupidity of a whole lot of voters who ain’t been paying attention to what this group has been doing to the country.
UM: What do the internal polls say? You look confident – that doesn’t happen when you are worried. So I assume you have information that is favorable to the Romney team?
WHI: (BIG SMILE) Guess I gotta work a bit on my…uh… poker face! Yes-yes-yes…that polling data the public rarely ever gets to see. The lifeblood of a campaign. The god-amn internals!
UM: Well?
WHI: Those Romney boys…they got a good pile of money and I said they ain’t been spending much just yet. But they have been doin’ their homework on gathering up a sh-tload of polling data – especially in those swing states.
…And it’s looking good for them. I’ll tell you that. Not a slam dunk no worried scenario – but they got a real chance here to win this thing. Their campaign…it’s been rock solid so far. Forget the bullsh-t media spin trying to drive home every little supposed mistake they’re makin’ – so far the Romney team is winning this thing. But the real race hasn’t quite started yet so they gotta be ready for the real show. That’s coming up next month. That’s when the real punches start. And Romney better be ready to take a punch, cause they are gonna come at him hard.
‘Course, they did something that got my attention – earned my respect. These boys can crack a lip open themselves. All suit and ties on the outside, but tough bastards behind the scenes. Reminds me a lot of the Reagan team. Smile to your face while they are kicking the sh-t out of you.
UM: Tell me what that was – what did the Romney team do to earn your respect?
WHI: It ain’t just this one thing – like I said. They are running a solid campaign. But I do like a team that can twist the knife a bit and do it with some style – and that’s what they did recently.
UM: So what was it?
WHI: All that internal polling – the swing states. What I was just telling you about…there was one in particular that came out very strong for Romney. Huge numbers. Had to have shocked the Romney team a bit – maybe an outlier. A glitch. We are talking in the neighborhood of a ten point walk over Obama. Ten points in a so-called swing state? Independents were like 60-40 favoring Romney. Women came out just ahead for Romney. Hispanics split almost 50-50. And even the Blacks polled were just under 80 for Obama – which we have not seen in any poll since 2007. Ever.
So this kind of data comes into the campaign, right? They give it a look-over…decide it has to be….somethin’ off. A mistake in the poll. Those numbers are just too favorable to Romney. He’s doing well but these internals are saying he is OWNING Obama in this state – a state that went for Obama back in ’08. Now normally you take that kind of poll with a big grain a salt…and you…you move on. Come back to it later. Got sh-t to do, right?
Not these Romney boys. They order up a new poll. Like…it’s within 48 hours. Do it again they say. Do it right. Increase the group. Poll more voters. Cross check the data and cross check it again. Be god-amn thorough this time.
Now that costs money – but that’s the kind of money…that’s how they are doin’ their spending. Smart. Focused. No waste. They want facts. They want real results….like a business…like a well run business. That has been the Romney campaign so far. When mistakes are made they quickly react…they refocus…they move on. Just like a business.
UM: The second poll – so they ran another poll? From a larger sample group?
WHI: Right – exactly. Spent a bit more money – they want to know EXACTLY where they are in this state. If they take this state early on Election Night – that could be it for Obama. One and done. It’s a swing state you see…but Romney ain’t supposed to win it. So yeah – they order up a second poll. Get the group to do it fast – that takes more money. But they spend it – willing to spend it to be certain of getting real information. That’s how it’s done – I respect that. Love a team that works like that. Let me know where we are at – where we really sit with these people…then let me take it from there. Get the f-ck outta my way and let me take it from there.

UM: And what did that second poll show?
WHI: (Both hands slap down onto their knees and WHI leans well forward in their seat. Their eyes widened and that BIG smile broke out across their face again)
…Pure gold man. That second poll…sh-t…it came out even better for Romney. It bumped him another two points overall…picked up among women…more Independents…even a percentage among Democrats as a whole. And that poll was done right – it was the real deal. We ain’t talking some CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/Gallup bullsh-t here. It was boots on the ground, diggin’ in the dirt…the real deal data that is the lifeblood of a campaign. And it came back aces for Mitt Romney. In a state he ain’t supposed to be winning!

Now maybe the gravity of this story…what I’m telling you here…maybe it ain’t hittin’ you quite as hard as somebody like me. For me…for a campaign…you get numbers come back like this in a state that a few months back you are giving yourself maybe a far less than 50/50 shot of winnin’…that kind of poll – DONE TWICE remember – TWICE – that kind of poll…it’s a holy sh-t moment. In a good way. The Romney boys had to have been goin’ into a full on happy dance seeing those numbers. And when they shared them with the candidate himself…even Mitt Romney had to have cracked a real smile.
UM: But what did they do that earned your respect – or was it just ordering up the second poll?
WHI: Oh hell no…the second poll was just…that’s just money well spent. What they did next…and it’s my understanding it was approved by the candidate himself…what they did from there is what took this polling data and turned it into a weapon against the Obama team. They…I’ll say it like I say it…not their words but mine. The Romney boys…they took that poll – both polls…they purposely leaked it over to the Obama team. They slapped the sh-t outta them with it. HARD.
UM: I don’t understand – what do you mean by leaked the poll to Obama?
WHI: Just like I said it…normally, you keep a lid on these internals. That’s YOUR polling data…you don’t share it. You keep it…maybe leak it here and there to somebody friendly to you in the media…but for the most part, the internals stay hidden from view, right? And you sure as f-ck don’t share it with the opposition. You let that happen…you don’t protect that data…that gets your ass fired. Those polls cost money – don’t waste that money letting the other side know that information for free.
…But this time…this time the Romney team…they purposely leaked the internals. Both of them. And the beauty of it is…the Obama guy…the one who first came across it…that poor bastard thought he had pulled it off himself. Thought he had made a deal…got the goods. Right? You follow what I’m sayin’?
UM: I do – keep it going.
WHI: So…so this Obama kid…he’s junior level but he thinks he really got something here. A brand new poll…two of them back to back… paid for by the Romney team – and he’s got them for nothing. That kid had to have been really thinkin’ highly of himself.
Then he reads the data. Then he sh-ts himself. Then he passes it on to the higher ups. They sh-t themselves. Then it goes to the big boys themselves…and Obama. And Jarrett. This poll has got them on full tilt. We’re talking major freak out session here. But you see…they can’t pass it off as just an anomaly, right? They got BOTH polls…all the cross tabs…they got everything. And the data is solid. ROCK F-CKING SOLID.
It’s got the main office in Chicago in a fit. It’s got phone calls back to DC…back to Chicago…on the campaign trail…Plouffe is taking incoming big time…Jarrett is like a damn T-Rex for a full day on this. The woman is pissed off. Axelrod hits the road for 48 solid – unavailable. He’s avoiding Jarrett. Jarrett calls in that kid…the poor kid who thought he had made a score against the Romney team…she wants to know EXACTLY how he came to obtain those materials, right? She starts to smell the set up.

Now by the time it’s explained to their candidate – Obama…Jarrett doesn’t hold back. She lays into HIM. She rattles the president. If they lose that state…and the numbers don’t look good for them…if they lose that state then winning the election becomes extremely tough for them.
UM: And what was Obama’s reaction to this data?
WHI: Hold up…I’m getting’ there. Now Jarrett…she ain’t…she don’t understand a campaign. That ain’t her thing. But she sure as hell understands a set up. She knows…by then she is realizing the Romney team has just initiated a major mind-f-ck onto the Obama campaign. And THAT is what has got her so pissed. The woman does not like to be messed with – by ANYONE.
So she is laying into Obama…basically that he better bring his A game to this…that it’s all bets are off now and they got a real race on their hands. She’s screaming at him. At everyone. It’s a one on one conversation…but everyone on board can hear it. Even over the engines. At least in the back. Maybe not up front with the press corp…but everyone in the back can hear it. She is blasting him – the campaign…she insults the voters…she goes on and on about the economy. How they should have done something about the economy by now. And then she rips into the Chamber of Commerce. For a good ten minutes. How they have always been out to get them. How they are run by one of “THEM”.
UM: Them?
WHI: She said they…the Chamber…it was “just like Chicago”. The f-cking Irish. Just like Chicago. There’s a back story to all that…the Daley’s…her and them go way back. And it didn’t end well….you know all of that. When Bill Daley left…that war they had between them.
…Look, the woman….Jarrett…she’s an outright racist. She really is. And it’s a racism that is found all through the Obama administration. That’s nothing new there…anyone who takes the time to look and add it all up…the DOJ…Holder…that’s all there. But I want to just focus on those internals and how they messed with the entire Obama campaign. How they are STILL messing with that campaign.
UM: Go ahead then – this is fascinating stuff.
WHI: It gets so much better…we are getting to the point where I really gotta tip my hat to Romney on this. Like I said…reminds me a lot of the Reagan team. Somethin’ they would have done.
…So we got Jarrett going crazy. We got Obama digesting what she is screaming at him. We got campaign staff overhearing all that. We got Plouffe scrambling to initiate his own internal in that state to corroborate the numbers that they THINK they stole from Romney. We got Axelrod playing dumb…the whole operation is getting’ its ass kicked by that polling data from that one swing state.
But all of this gets better…the real payoff is coming. You see, this all goes down early July…just after the holiday, right? That’s the timeline of all of this. Hits the fan over the course of about a week…week and a half.
And then what?
UM: You’re asking me?
WHI: Yeah – and then what? What happens to the Obama campaign right after? Think about it…a couple weeks after the 4th of July holiday…what does Obama say?
UM: …Bloody hell.
WHI: (BIG SMILE) Now you’re seein’ it. Romney got inside his head – Obama is rattled. The entire campaign is rattled. And Obama goes out and says what? You go ahead and tell me for a change. What does Obama say not two weeks after the Romney team slips that internal polling data over to them?
UM: “You didn’t build that.”
WHI: And that’s how you play smashmouth politics son. A mental castration of a sitting president. And the Romney team just did it as good as I’ve EVER seen it done right there. And the decision to make sure that polling data made its way back to Obama…that had to come from Mitt Romney himself. And when he did that…he balled up his fist and smacked Obama right up in his face. Right into that fake ass toothy fool grin of his. He let him know this ain’t gonna be 2008. This is gonna be a war. Barack Obama…Valerie Jarrett…Plouffe…Axelrod…they all got their asses kicked on this one.
Romney done good…


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