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Obama’s Mideast policy seems to have been: Praise Islam Ignore the Christians and Blame it on the Jews

Remember when the Clintons were on their way out of the White House in 2001? They stole furniture.

They vandalized computers. Overall, they behaved like vindictive, petty louses.
In a way, I wish Obama had decided to just steal the furniture.

Sure, it’s petty and childish, but it won’t leave a lasting legacy of destruction and damage in his wake.
Instead, Obama decided to go out with a vindictive bang – the ripples of which are felt the world over.
He stabbed in the back America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.
And why? Spite. That’s why.
For years now, Barry has held a grudge against Benjamin Netanyahu. And if it was the last thing he would do, he’d get back at him for having the nerve to put the interests of Israel above Obama’s selfish demands.
Worse still, this action effectively booby-traps US Middle East policy for incoming President Donald Trump.
So much for “peaceful transfer of power.”
Then again, we all knew Barack Obama was full of you know what when he lectured America on the “peaceful transfer of power.”
Don’t doubt me. This man is stinging over the fact that he cannot remain President for life.
Barack Obama is a spiteful, loathsome creature. That much is certain.
Even in something small, Barack let’s his bruised ego call the shots.

Remember the Government shutdown in 2013?
So angry was he that Republicans would not bend to his will that he took it out on the American people. He shut down all Federal Parks and deployed Park Service employees to guard them in order to keep people out.
Remember the barricades that surrounded the National Mall? World War Two vets in Washington, the honor flights were unable to go in.
Until Senator Ted Cruz came in and helped them move the barricades and let the vets in.
This is how this petty, petulant, vindictive man responds to anyone who defies him. Obama’s decision to abstain and not veto the Anti-Israel resolution at the UN is one more in a long line of spiteful, vengeful maneuvers.
The problem is, Obama unleashes something far more insidious with this spiteful action.
Even the New York Post editorial board is outraged.


failure to veto an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations

sets a new low in the annals of American diplomacy.

It was a shocking betrayal of a firm US ally, and of

longstanding bipartisan US policy — a sneaky, dishonest move by

a lame-duck president to express his pique at the

president-elect and land a final vindictive blow on Israeli

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama’s thin skin will get people killed.
His over-weaning ego is far more dangerous to US foreign policy than any tweet Donald Trump could send out.
In closing their editorial, the Post puts it best:
As for Barack Obama, it’s a sorry exit. But it’s par for the course for

a president who has made everything all about him and his

perceived slights. Which is why he’s bungled foreign policy in

general — and the Middle East in particular — over the past

eight years.

What a profoundly sad — and dangerous — legacy. By every

measure, he has taken a giant step away from any chances for

peace and betrayed a key ally. Just for some petty personal


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