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The Summer of Disruption in America

By Boyd Richard Boyd

As the summer of 2012 heats up, the George Soros financed Occupy Walls Street will be more about disruption of the working class than trying to get the working class to join. The OWS strategy to cause a major disruption could be as simple as turning a knob.

When OWS was still just a dream in the minds of Van Jones, Anonymous, the unions, and the like, these people and entities must have had in their heads the wishful scenario wherein the majority of Americans, known by OWS as the working class, would see the justness of the Occupy cause and with their greedy little hearts run to the streets, lugging tents behind them, demanding unearned money from the rich and swelling the numbers of Occupy into a political force to stand toe-to-toe with the Tea Party.
Instead, OWS, unlike the Tea Party, showed no purpose it was willing to make explicit and no demands it was willing to reveal, while exhibiting rampant lawlessness, racist and sexist incivility, and a startling lack of depth.

OWS leadership most likely assume that their failure to get the working class is the fault of the 1% — or the bourgeoisie, as Lenin called them — who, thanks to capitalism, are “in a position to bribe the upper strata of the proletariat; these strata, so bribed, naturally behave as ‘traitors.'” You, your friends, and your neighbors, through imperialism (capitalism), are being bribed (earning a paycheck) by your bourgeoisie overlords (bosses) to be traitors (non-communist) — and that’s why the working class haven’t shown their solidarity to OWS.

The gloves are about to come off for the Occu-Proletariat, and they are about to target all the class traitors to the cause. The venom they have been reserving for the rich and/or Jews will now be spewed at the majority of their class peers — the turncoats who have chosen to keep being productive each day instead of camping in their own waste at Zuccotti Park.

How can they completely disrupt the nation, cost millions of dollars to major industries, and really put the screws to the working class? Occupy Air Toilets, of course. The strategy would be simple. OWS members in each state would book flights on different airlines over one day. When the planes go up in the air, the Occupiers simply get up from their seats, walk into the restrooms, lock the doors and refuse to come out. The little “Occupied” sign would even be lit up — what a YouTube moment! Don’t be surprised to hear rumblings on the progressive grapevine about the Occupy Air Toilet J5SDS (July 5th Sit-Down Strike) to be held on the 87th anniversary of the Wagner Act, which set up the National Labor Relations Board.
Occupy Air Toilets would only be a first, high-profile strike at the transportation and service sectors — two sectors which have many friendly and sympathetic unionists willing to aid or simply look the other way. And after pulling similar stunts in buses, trains, bars, restaurants, and even elevators in high-rise office buildings by overcrowding them and refusing to leave, what will be the next step on the OWS agenda?

Things will escalate to explicit, widespread, coordinated crime and violence. Of course, it will be directed at the cops at first. At first. OWS will probably even bring back their original Day of Rage moniker from September 17, 2011. Why the “newfound” thirst for violence from the self-labeled non-violent movement?

OWS will remember these words of Lenin:
The revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat is won and maintained by the use of violence by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, rule that is unrestricted by any laws.
And if not, surely OWS will remember the words of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, from page 2 of Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism:
The only path to the final defeat of imperialism and the building of socialism is revolutionary war. [snip]

Revolutionary war will be complicated and protracted. It includes mass struggle and clandestine struggle, peaceful and violent, political and economic, cultural and military, where all forms are developed in harmony with the armed struggle.

Without mass struggle there can be no revolution.
Without armed struggle there can be no victory.

After all, George Soros and Ayers is standing right there with OWS, cheerleading them into the toilet.

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George Soro's Occupy Wall Street Plans to Start Again with Global Protests in May Day Resurgence

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, whose anti-greed message spread worldwide during an eight-week encampment in Lower Manhattan last year, plan marches across the globe today calling attention to what they say are abuses of power and wealth.
Organizers say they hope the coordinated events will mark a spring resurgence of the movement after a quiet winter. Calls for a general strike with no work, no school, no banking and no shopping have sprung up on websites in Toronto, Barcelona, London, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, among hundreds of cities in North America, Europe and Asia.

The Occupy movement in New York has relied on demonstrations and marches around the city since Nov. 15, when police ousted hundreds of protesters from their headquarters in Zuccotti Park near Wall Street, where they had camped since Sept. 17.
Banks have pooled resources and cooperated to gather intelligence after learning of plans to picket 99 institutions and companies, followed by what organizers have described as an 8 p.m. “radical after-party” in an undetermined Financial District location.
“If the banks anticipate outrage from everyday citizens, it’s revealing of their own guilt,” said Shane Patrick, a member of the Occupy Wall Street press team. “If they hadn’t been participating in maneuvers that sent the economy into the ditch, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.”
Police Prepared
New York police can handle picketers, according to Paul Browne, the department’s chief spokesman.
“We’re experienced at accommodating lawful protests and responding appropriately to anyone who engages in unlawful activity, and we’re prepared to do both,” he said in an interview.
About 2,100 Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York have been arrested since the demonstrations began, said Bill Dobbs, a member of the group’s media-relations team.
In U.S. District Court in Manhattan yesterday, four City Council members accused JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), Brookfield Office Properties Inc. (BPO), Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, of suppressing free speech and using excessive force against protesters.
Organizers describe the May Day events as a coming together of the Occupy movement, with activists also calling for more open immigration laws, expanded labor rights and cheaper financing for higher education. Financial institutions remain a primary target of the protests.
Bigger Banks
“Four years after the financial crisis, not a single of the too-big-to-fail banks is smaller; in fact, they all continue to grow in size and risk,” the group’s press office said in an April 26 e-mail.
Five banks — JPMorgan, Bank of America, Citigroup Inc. (C), Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) together held $8.5 trillion in assets at the end of 2011, equal to 56 percent of the U.S. economy, compared with 43 percent in 2006, according to central bankers at the Federal Reserve.
Occupy Wall Street began planning for May Day in January, meeting in churches and union halls with a decision-making system that avoids a single leader. Instead, participants rely on group “break-out” sessions in which clusters discuss such tasks as crowd-building, logistics and communications.
About 150 attended an April 25 meeting at the Greenwich Village headquarters of the Amalgamated Clothing & Textile Workers Union, making last-minute preparations for how to deploy legal and medical help; site selection for picketing; purchasing, production and distribution of protest signs; and how to talk to reporters.
Blockades Planned
The meeting convened inside the union hall basement, where attendees arranged chairs in a circle as three facilitators asked each of the assembled to identify themselves by first name and gender — he, she or they. Most appeared under age 30, though gray-haired baby boomers also participated. One of the older attendees pulled a ski mask over his head to protest the presence of a photographer from Tokyo.
Today, beginning at 8 a.m. in Bryant Park, scheduled events include teach-ins, art performances and a staging area for “direct action and civil disobedience,” such as bank blockades.
Tom Morello of the Grammy Award-winning rock band Rage Against the Machine along with 1,000 other guitar-playing musicians will accompany a march to Union Square at 2 p.m., according to the website. That will be followed by a “unity rally” at Union Square at 4 p.m.; a march from there to Wall Street at 5:30 p.m.; and a walk to a staging area for “evening actions,” which organizers at the April 25 meeting said would be the so-called after-party.
Golden Gate
Occupy-related events are planned in 115 cities throughout the U.S., from college towns such as Amherst, Massachusetts, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and Philadelphia.
In San Francisco, a group calling itself the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition abandoned a plan to close the span while carrying on with a day of picketing to support bridge, ferry and bus workers seeking reduced health-care benefit costs, according to its website. Protesters still plan a rally at 7 a.m. at the toll plaza, without blocking the bridge, the group said in a statement.
Across the bay in Oakland, protesters said they intend morning marches on banks and the Chamber of Commerce, followed by an afternoon rally and a march downtown.
“We’re looking forward to vigorously asserting our constitutional right to protest and giving a loud outcry about Wall Street and greed,” Dobbs said. “We’re hoping this will make a splash. We hope it will bring a lot of more people into the Occupy movement.”
To contact the reporters on this story: Henry Goldman in New York at; Esmé E. Deprez in New York at
To contact the editor responsible for this story: Stephen Merelman at

Organized Anarchy Leads to One Last Question

In the topsey turvey world of 21st century America those who live by the kindness of strangers wish to dictate how much kindness they deserve changing the strangers from benefactors to victims.  We have reached a point where our national motto should be “Stand and Deliver” as a runaway government devours everything in sight in an effort to satisfy the growing demands of their pre-programmed supporters. 

America has taken such a bizarre turn that oxymorons are the only things that make sense any more.  Organized anarchy has exploited militant apathy to create regulated liberty so that producers must provide for slackers and the informed must follow the dictates of the willfully ignorant. You can’t fix stupid but there is a cure for ignorance.  If we could just get these products of public education and sports hypnosis to take off the blinders long enough to understand the meaning behind the matrix perhaps we could garner one more electoral victory to stop us before we step off the cliff.  Except of course the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media are working as hard as they can to make sure our choice comes down to Tweedle De and Tweedle Dum. 

Our Progressive era seeks to change the old adage, “Those who refuse to learn from History are doomed to repeat it” to “Those who refuse to learn from History doom the rest of us to repeat it.”  The patients have seized control of the asylum.  The land of the free and the home of the brave is transforming into the land of the free lunch and the home of the knaves.  Symbiosis is the living together in more or less intimate association or close union of two dissimilar organisms as in parasitism. What we are witnessing today is symbiosis on steroids wherein the parasite isn’t merely along for the ride but instead demands the driver’s seat. 

Looking at the almost bewildering explosion of reality we call today our minds behold the organized anarchy of the occupy everywhere movement that is spreading around the world.  We are now witnessing a government supported revolution akin to Mao’s Cultural Revolution. This isn’t a revolt of the 99% seeking to devour the 1% it is the 46% that pay no federal taxes seeking to increase the production from their 54% milk cows. To call forcing one segment of the population to work to support another segment of the population paying your fair share makes theft a contribution and bondage a responsibility.  

The people involved express a variety of causes.  They want a bailout for home owners who are upside down or in foreclosure.  At the same time they want those who accepted the bailout on Wall Street prosecuted.  They want student loans forgiven, wars stopped, big corporations downsized, and an end to capitalism.  Many politicians and their major media publicity machine have embraced the movement labeling it the Progressive version of the Ta Party.  This is a window on the future.  Showing the silent majority what is to come: a shabby world where the Lilliputians have not only bound Gulliver they have harnessed him to the cart and forced him to be their beast of burden. 

By seeking the destruction of capitalism instead of seeking to break the umbilical cord between the crony capitalists and their bought and paid for politicians what they really seek is to force us to worship the myth of free enterprise as we sacrifice the energy and inventiveness of the productive on the altar of the indolent. 

It is time to lay our cards on the table.  It is time to call a spade a spade.  Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined by competition in a free market.  Socialism is an economic characterized by collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.  Fascism is an economic system that exalts the nation above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government with severe economic regimentation.  Essentially fascism is socialism pretending to be capitalism since private ownership exists in a government straightjacket. 

Which of these systems do we have?  Which of these systems is staring us in the face every day? 

I challenge anyone and everyone to take this test.   Watch the stock market for one month.  Watch its ups and downs.  What you will see is that the market does not move because of innovation or production it moves in response to government actions, statements, and policies.  While we still have private ownership the government is increasingly regulating and controlling the economy.  Take the test.  Review the definitions above and you decide.  Which of these systems do we have?  Or does it have us? 

America has never experienced a truly capitalistic system.  We were born under mercantilism. We grew to power under Henry Clay’s American System of nationalistic paternalism.  We have flirted with socialism in a mixed system since FDR reshuffled the deck and institutionalized the New Deal.  And now we struggle to maintain some visage of freedom at the edge of a crony capitalism whose Progressive public-private security blanket has become the pillow that smothers all incentive.  We have morphed from a representative republic operating on democratic principles into a state wholly owned by a good old boy coalition composed of the perpetually re-elected, the unions, and the crony capitalists: the Outfit

The over educated under informed lemmings that call themselves the 99% are being duped by the Outfit.  They are a collective battering ram assailing the last remnants of American individualism.  They are using the threat of social unrest to demand the final triumph of “I want what I want” over “I get what I earn.” 

What’s the cure for the Great Recession?  Is it more government spending and more government control as the Outfit and their 99% fellow-travelers tell us?  Is it “Drill baby drill” and a return to a golden-age of pure capitalism that never really existed?  

First we must understand our situation.  What is the cause of the chronic state of our anemic recovery?  Is it as our president tells us and the world: Americans are soft, arrogant  and lazy?  Or have we finally reached the tipping point?  Have we finally reached the point where all the Peters being robbed to pay for Paul’s vacation have decided to change their name to Paul? Is this a recession or is it a strike?  The central planners look at the wreckage of a once great economy that their programs have gutted and say, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.”  They should be asking “How many omelets can they make if the goose doesn’t lay any more golden eggs?” 

Which leads to one last question: “Who is John Galt?” 

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ © 2011 Robert R. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

Why everyone needs to get involved


Occupy Phoenix with AR-15's



The Occupy Wall Street Dream

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, while all over the spectrum in their demands, have one thread in common (beyond their inconceivable level of ignorance): they hate capitalism, are spoiled by living in a prosperous society, and have a socialist/Marxist vision of utopia.  While refusing to admit the failure of this mindset in other nations, the American incarnation appears to be convinced that by their sheer determination and self-assessed superior intellect, they know the key to a “fair and just” society: themselves and redistribution.  It is little wonder why Barack Obama was so quick to endorse this juvenile and narcissistic movement; he would be there organizing it if weren’t for his day job.

Unfortunately, in the United States, there are just not enough true-believers, so a well-covered combination carnival atmosphere and faux revolution are in order.  Much is dependent on the mainstream media, living in their own fog of self-importance, to play up the so-called virtues of the movement and their really, really genuine empathy with the downtrodden exploited by the cigar-chomping oppressors of mankind — anyone who may own a business, or worse, work for a bank or on Wall Street.  The very sound of the word “corporation” conjures up the specter of Godzilla trampling innocent women and children as it devours anything in its path.  Accordingly, there must be a better, more equitable economic and political system to replace capitalism, the scourge of the human race.

To them, there is.  And this success story is only 1,300 miles south of the United States: Venezuela, the home of Hugo Chávez, the darling of the Hollywood left and the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  You see, Hugo really hates capitalism and those who pursue wealth and create jobs, so he has nationalized hundreds of companies and trumped up charges against their owners, all in the name of social justice.  There are now virtually no privately owned major corporations (so that evil word can now be struck from the Venezuelan lexicon).

As a further benefit to the Venezuelan society, nearly all of the owners of these businesses and the vast majority of the country’s private sector have shut up shop and fled the country, taking their capital with them.  Not to worry, however — Venezuela must now import many goods it used to produce, as non-oil exports have ground to a halt.  Petroleum exports used to account for 78% of the nation’s dollar intake a mere 10 years ago; it now accounts for 92%.

However, the ideal socialism of Hugo is also helping the nation with its cash needs by selling even less oil now than in 1998.  As part of the “revolution,” the former managers and operators of the state oil firm PDVSA had to be replaced — and they were, by good Chavez loyalists.  The result: oil production has fallen from 3.3 million barrels per day in 1998 to 2.25 million barrels today.  However, because of domestic needs and commitments to regional allies, 1.0 million barrels are sold at subsidized prices, leaving just 1.25 million barrels to be sold at full export prices.  Not a problem; instead of reinvesting cash in the industry for the future, just spend nearly all of the money on subsidizing domestic oil, clothing, and a myriad of newly imported products that were once produced in-country by those evil capitalists.

Unfortunately, human nature sometimes rears its ugly head, and black-market trading in currency and hard-to-get goods sprang up as the result of the arbitrary peg of the Venezuelan bolivar against the dollar, necessitated by an effort to maintain a higher value for the oil exports while in reality the market value was two or three times lower.  The solution is simple in socialist nirvana: black-market trading is now punishable by up to seven years in jail.  That crackdown worked, as foreign exchange is now scarce and Venezuelans have begun asking friends from abroad to send them necessities such as diapers, sanitary towels, and baby milk.  But Hugo and his fellow-travelers really do have it all under control.  Just ask them or any of their good friends in the U.S.

In a development that should warm the hearts of the public-sector unions in the United States, the government of Venezuela, in a further attempt to even out oil and currency fluctuations, has looked to the understanding of the workers.  So much so that public employees have staged frequent protests over unpaid salaries, worsening conditions, and a freeze on collective bargaining.  Certainly not as repressive as Wisconsin and that awful Governor Walker.

But Hugo, if nothing else, is resourceful.  His primary solution to these short-term problems is to borrow from the Chinese.  Since 2008 the country has borrowed $12 billion, and China is being repaid in discounted oil shipments, cutting the annual oil revenue by a further 20%.

But in what can be described only as a foreign capitalist plot, inflation has intruded on this idyllic paradise.  Venezuela has the world’s highest inflation rate.  By mid-2011, food prices were almost nine times higher than when price controls were introduced eight years ago.  In 2010, consumer prices had increased by 28% (2009: 27%; 2008: 19%).  (For those in the Occupy Wall Street crowd that incurred $200,000 in student loans in order to major in gender studies, that means a Starbucks 12-oz. latte that cost $3.00 in 2008 would cost $5.80 today.)

Enter our hero, Hugo.  President Chávez has used legislative powers granted him by parliament to decree a “Fair Price and Costs Law.”  He has made inflation illegal, and the state will set “fair prices” across the entire economy.  Bravo — why didn’t Jimmy Carter think of that in the late 1970s?  Those loyal Venezuelans that cannot and will not be able to find cooking oil or powdered milk or sugar will no doubt be assuaged in their unending search for life’s necessities.

So the Occupy Wall Street crowd and their cheerleaders in the White House, the media, and academia are right: let’s get rid of capitalism.  Then the United States can have an economy that has shrunk by seven percent since 2007, whose GDP per capita has fallen by nearly nine percent since 2007, whose inflation rate exceeds twenty-eight percent, whose real unemployment is stuck above sixteen percent or higher, and whose people are relegated to a daily search for life’s basic necessities.

Or perhaps they and Barack Obama might consider growing up, learning some facts, and leaving their egos and narcissism behind to concentrate on growing the American economy and not government and the entitlement mentality.


Here we go people, the cannibalization of America has begun. Yesterday we posted a report on the grown man protesting in the Occupy Movement showing his “Thang” to children. Now we have a man who kidnaps and rapes 19-year olds. How many times in media are we told that the 9/12 groups and Tea Party groups are inferior to the highly educated masses in the streets.

I have never heard of a Tea Partier raping women or flying his thang in front of little children. The phrase that so justify attaches to this scenario is: Birds of a feather flock together. Hey, if your going to lay down with dogs you just might be waking up with fleas.

Where is this young woman’s parent? I feel bad for this girl and I pray she recuperates seeking the help she needs, but what is her mother doing allowing her to go down to that poop hole of a protest?

Anyways, CBS Local is reporting the kidnapping and the rape. I pasted the link to the article below so they don’t sue me saying I wrote it when actually it is CBS Cleveland’s article….

“CLEVELAND, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – An “Occupy Cleveland” protester tells police she was raped in her tent over the weekend.

Cleveland police are investigating an alleged sexual assault incident Saturday at the “Occupy Cleveland” rally involving a 19-year-old female student from Parma.

According to police reports, the 19-year-old student was instructed by “Occupy Cleveland” personnel to “share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.” The suspect identified himself as “Leland” to the woman. The woman told police that after she had thought the suspect went to sleep in his own bed, she slept in a sleeping bag provided to her by the rally.

The student went to school Monday and told a teacher about her sexual assault incident in Public Square — which is being classified as “kidnapping/rape” — prompting the teacher to immediately contact the authorities.

“Occupy Cleveland” is one of many movements taking place nationwide in the wake of “Occupy Wall Street,” which is protesting against corporate greed.

The Coming Contraction

The party’s over and it’s time to pay the bill.  Our government has been on a spending binge for as long as I can remember.  With Clinton and Newt’s slight-of-hand accounting back in the late 90s notwithstanding, which wouldn’t withstand the level of scrutiny we give a tab at our local burger joint, there have been yearly deficits every year since I was born back in the 40s. The debt piled up to a record amount under Bush the Younger, and under Obama it has sky rocketed to the point where people have actually begun to notice that the emperor has no clothes.   

It isn’t that our nation is broke since our assets still outweigh our debt, but who wants to sell Yellowstone to satisfy the Chinese?  It isn’t just our government who has buried us buying $640 toilet seats, $436 hammers, or a $797,400 outhouse.  All of us have had an apple out of that sack.  We have pushed our personal credit to the max, our plastic to the limit, and our “Gotta have it now” culture to the breaking point.  It isn’t just the 51% who pay no federal taxes but seem to have an insatiable appetite for federal services that are to blame.  Those of us who make enough to merit a tax target on our backs have also drunk deep from the government trough.  Social Security, Medicare, disaster relief, and student loans have added billions if not trillions to the national debt transferring money to the middle class. 

All of us have contributed to this problem.  If not by accepting the money or services ourselves than by voting for people who’ve made careers doling out the plunder, robbing Peter to pay Paul, buying votes, and corrupting the system.  The entire edifice of Western Civilization teeters on the brink of financial collapse due to the last three generations squandering the as yet unearned income of the next three.  We invested the great grand kid’s future in Ponzi schemes so that we could play today and they could pay tomorrow.  This is the national version of “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” 

Our lack of interest allowed politicians to run amuck.  Our personal greed and lack of restraint have all of us living in houses made of plastic cards.  We look at Greece and ask for whom the bell tolls ignoring the answer that it tolls for thee. 

The enemies of capitalism learned the wisdom of Alinsky that “Change comes from power and power comes from organization.”  They followed gurus such as Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven two Columbia professors who advocated overwhelming the government bureaucracy with entitlement demands.  They followed leaders such as Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd who have pushed legislation that created the bubbles and then strangled the recovery.  Now these well organized and well financed Progressives have come to the end game.  In the great tradition of all socialist power grabs now that the crisis has arrived they have taken to the streets. 

The Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media are falling all over themselves trying to equate the current Occupy Everywhere movement with the Tea party.  I’ve known the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a friend of mine, and this is no Tea Party.  I have attended many Tea Party Events and they were all peaceful.  They all respected the police, and stayed within the limits of lawful protest.  When the events were over they left the areas cleaner than when they arrived.  The only people arrested at Tea Party events have been Progressive street thugs who have attempted to disrupt a peaceful protest. The liberal version is trashing every place they lay their head and threatening violence.  In all the Tea Party events over the last few years not one persona has been arrested.  In the Occupy Movement in just a few weeks hundreds have had to be hauled away. 

I personally know a professional agitator who glories in the title of the Rude Guy.  He has made a lifestyle out of pushing for the socialist agenda he imbibed as a youth in public school.  He has spent decades moving from protest to protest advocating an end to capitalism while supporting himself through the sale of his books and paintings.  This Rude Guy has moved from the implosion of Europe to what some enemies of our nation are calling the American Spring seeking free room and board in New York to continue his work.  Given the fact that Van Jones has spent years, George Soros has spent millions through his front groups, and that professional organizers are flocking in from around the world it is hard to buy the Corporate Media line that this Occupy Everywhere movement is spontaneous.   

However, there are the Howard Beale types who want to scream “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  And there are also the young party people who are looking for an opportunity to have an experience, to recreate the golden years of the 60s when they fantasize the Summer of Love produced something of value besides a generational overdose and a rise in STDs.  These naive sheep will be driven before the organizers into the police truncheons.  It is these unengaged warm bodies being interviewed nightly.  These are the ones who come across as unfocused, confused, and almost comical.  They do not represent the well-oiled machinery behind the curtain. 

The list of millionaire entertainers who stop by to step out of their air-conditioned limousine to shout, “Power to the people” as they shake their bejeweled fist grows every day.  The union bosses express solidarity and send in their shock troops.  Leading Democrats praise the movement.  The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has said the Occupy Everywhere Movement is more in the mainstream than the current crop of Republican candidates for president.  This movement is not spontaneous, and it is not going to end well.  In some places the leaders of this leaderless movement are calling for violence and socialism.  In other places they are leaving the public square to march on private residences to intimidate and threaten.  Is this organized anarchism or militant apathy?   

Some of the issues their signs rail against: bank bailouts, corporate welfare, and other aspects of crony capitalism are issues they do share with the Tea Party.  However, the Tea Party Movement has directed their anger at government which is the culprit as far as wasting our national treasure to support their donors.  The Occupy Movement is focused on attacking the donors who have received the payouts.  The people who invested with Bernie Madoff thought they had found the goose that laid golden eggs, and yes they did receive unrealistic and what are now called unearned payouts, but at the end of the day it wasn’t the investors who were arrested it was Madoff.  The Tea Party offers concrete proposals: end the over spending, cut taxes and regulations, and free the economy to free the people.  The Occupy Movement offers no solution besides more of the same government intervention that caused the problems to begin with. 

As stated at the beginning, we have all had a hand in leading our great nation to the edge of the abyss.  And it seems as if our inability to agree upon who the culprits are or what the answers are may push us over the edge.  A great contraction in our economy and in our life styles is coming.  We must choose.  Are we willing to make the changes that will right the ship of state and begin to bail out the rushing tide of debt that threatens to capsize us?  Or, will we continue to argue ourselves into paralysis until our creditors demand the austerity we dread?   

The one thing worse than being poor is being poor again.  Most of us individually and all of us as a nation have been living far beyond our means charging extravagance to a credit card that has reached its limit.  We can either send back the steak and have a hamburger on our own now or eventually sit powerless as our card is cut up by the foreign maître.  We can either change our menu from caviar to corn flakes now or end up eating rubber biscuits as we wash dishes in the back room. 

One thing is for sure the contraction is coming, how do you want to deal with it?  

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ © 2011 Robert R. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

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