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The Left’s Reign of Terror Continues in Baltimore

by Matthew Vadumbalt
As Maryland’s largest city grieves for a mother and her 7-year-old son found shot to death, it is becoming clear that criminals emboldened by left-wingers are terrorizing the people of Baltimore like never before.

The city’s radical, left-wing, thug-loving mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D), has emasculated the local police she despises and abandoned her constituents by giving criminals a green light to do as they please. Police officers have been ordered not to do their jobs which is just as well because many of them are quite justifiably terrified of doing their jobs in the current environment. Mobs of as many as 50 people now routinely assemble when police arrive at crime scenes. Are they serving as community watchdogs or are they there to intimidate cops? Maybe both.

At this rate it won’t be long before Baltimore dethrones Detroit as the premier municipal showcase for left-wing urban policy failures. Ominously, this is America’s Mad Max-like future if it continues on the suicidal course set by President Obama, a man whose proudest accomplishment has been to serve as a rabble-rousing Marxist community organizer.

While the still-warm corpses of the city’s newest murder victims were being processed by authorities yesterday, panelists at the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress in the nation’s capital laid the blame for the rising tide of violence in Baltimore on everyone except the perpetrators.

No people of color are responsible for their actions, panelists said or implied. It’s society’s fault. It’s capitalism’s fault. It’s the fault of “white privilege.” There are too many laws. There are too many cops. Corporations are too powerful and they are definitely not people. Campaign finance reform would level the playing field. Things would be better if tax rates were raised. Every left-wing shibboleth and cliche was dusted off and put to use at the agenda-setting think tank founded by John Podesta.

Also discussed was the profoundly racist Black Lives Matter movement that is built on demonstrable lies –for example, that Michael Brown of Ferguson, Mo., was an innocent gentle giant murdered by a black-hating white cop– and gross exaggerations about the state of race relations in America (or at least they were hyperbolic before Barack Obama moved into the White House).

The pro-felon brainstorming session was titled, “Toward a More Perfect Union: Bringing Criminal Justice Reform to Our Communities.”

Saul Alinsky-inspired slogans like “power perceived is power achieved” flew around the 10th floor conference room at the nearly two-hour seminar that was a smorgasbord of untruths, cant, and intellectual junk food.

Dressed in casual clothing and a baseball cap, the fast-talking, social justice peddling Rev. Heber Brown III of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in North Baltimore, is a master of politically correct pap. The community organizing preacher uses tedious phrases like “building power,” “the institutional racism that is manifested in local communities,” “moving out of spaces of privilege,” and “rendering space to others.”

The problem with Baltimore and the rest of America is that “the system” is evil. By “the system,” he meant American norms and the nation’s free institutions.

The civil disturbances in his hometown happened because “young people in Baltimore said that enough is enough,” Brown said emphatically. “No more will we rely on the benevolence of a system that has an appetite for our destruction to decide our destiny. No more.”

Stopping crazed, homicidal cops, as opposed to criminals, would be a step in the right direction, Brown argued.

“With this question of how do we improve relationships between the police and the community, stop killing black people. Stop killing brown people. Stop killing trans … stop killing marginalized and oppressed people and let’s start right there and continue.”

Agitators like Brown are doing what they can to kill Baltimore. When a black person dies at the hands of police, the circumstances don’t matter. The death is an opportunity to promote the Left’s agenda, and that’s what Brown and his ilk do.

The city’s ongoing death spiral was set in motion after the suspicious April 19 death in police custody of career criminal Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man with a long arrest record. Since then angry mobs, racial-grievance profiteers, and radical leftist troublemakers have turned Baltimore into a war zone with the official encouragement of Mayor Rawlings-Blake. The mayor infamously admitted after riots began last month that she gave space “to those who wished to destroy.”

Helpless Baltimoreans who suffer under some of the nation’s most oppressive gun laws are sitting ducks for the criminals whom the mayor has empowered. The residents’ civil rights, particularly their Second Amendment rights, have been virtually nullified by a Democrat-dominated city government that regards mob violence as possibly the highest and most legitimate form of political expression.

The Left refers to the general lawlessness now plaguing gore-flecked Baltimore as an “uprising,” granting it a kind of undeserved legitimacy, as if it were somehow comparable to the Boston Tea Party in 1773.

But with the brutal murder of 31-year-old Jennifer Jeffrey-Browne and her little son, second-grader Kester “Tony” Browne, who were both found yesterday morning with gunshot wounds to their heads, the homicide count for the city stood at 38 as of last night, the highest monthly figure for Baltimore in 19 years. And the month isn’t over yet.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the two resided on a quiet block of row-houses in the city’s Uplands neighborhood. Danielle Wilder, Jeffrey-Browne’s sister, said “I cannot think of who would want her dead.”

Wilder’s husband, Seamea Cammue, added, “You gotta be really evil. You gotta have no soul.”

Wilder described her sister as a “fun and bubbly” woman and said she last spoke with her the previous morning.

Little “Tony” was a student at Baltimore International Academy, a language-immersion charter school. Principal John Enkiri called the youngster a “gentle soul.”

“He’s always smiling when you entered” the boy’s classroom, Enriki said.

“I was always impressed by his mother’s love for him,” the schoolmaster added. “He was everything to her. She was everything to him.”

The number of non-fatal shootings is also skyrocketing. The figure so far this month is 91.

A befuddled Rawlings-Blake suggested the surge in violent crime was a real head-scratcher. “Examining” the relationship between the jump in murders and the plummeting arrest rate, she said, may throw some light on this impenetrable mystery.

Before Freddie Gray slipped this mortal coil, arrests in Baltimore were down by around 28 percent from the same month in 2014. Arrests are down about 56 percent so far this month compared to May last year, one media outlet reported.

Police booked 2,396 people in the first 19 days of May 2014, compared to a mere 1,045 people in the first 19 days of this month.

Putting on her criminologist cap, the mayor said there are “a lot of reasons why we’re having a surge in violence.”

“Other cities that have experienced police officers accused or indicted of crimes, there’s a lot of distrust and a community breakdown,” she said, without acknowledging her role as Baltimore’s chief cheerleader for the criminal element. “The result is routinely increased violence.”

Meanwhile, there are serious doubts whether the police officers implicated in the death of Freddie Gray can receive a fair trial in Baltimore because the petit jury pool there isn’t exactly filled with law-and-order enthusiasts.

The six cops in legal jeopardy are charged with offenses ranging from reckless endangerment to second-degree “depraved-heart murder” and manslaughter.

Three of the defendants, Caesar R. Goodson, William G. Porter, and Alicia D. White, are black. The three others, Brian W. Rice, Edward M. Nero, and Garrett E. Miller are white.

From the what-took-them-so-long department, defense lawyers for the six police officers have asked for a change of venue. They argue in an 85-page motion that the cops cannot receive a “fair and impartial trial” in Baltimore — and they are most certainly correct.

They say that not enough time has gone by to allow “the type of healing and reconciliation in the community that would be needed to dampen the effects of the events surrounding the case.” The document continues,

Based on the relative size and characteristics of Baltimore City, the prejudicial information that has penetrated every form of online, printed and broadcast media, and the short time between the alleged crimes and the trial(s), the presumption of prejudice prevents the Officers in this case from receiving fair trials.

According to the Sun:

The attorneys also argued that statements by public officials about rooting out police brutality “blurred the line” between an issue affecting the entire Police Department and the six defendants. “The negative and hostile implications toward the department have become inseparably enmeshed with those against the Defendants,” they said.

Former judge and Fox News Channel commentator Andrew Napolitano told anchor Megyn Kelly that the cops’ lawyers have it right.

“The civil unrest that occurred makes it unlikely the police officers could get a fair trial in the city of Baltimore, even if Mother Teresa were the prosecutor.” he said. “But instead you have a prosecutor who acts and sounds like she’s a political candidate for office.”

Napolitano was referring to Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby (D). She’s the grandstanding prosecutor who in the Freddie Gray saga has invoked the phrase “no justice, no peace,” the battle cry of leftist rabble and racial arsonists hellbent on destruction that Americans became familiar with during the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has accused Mosby of “overcharging” the police officers to placate the rioters. Charging a defendant with an excessively serious crime makes it more likely the jury will acquit and when that happens there will be more riots, he said.

“It is clear there has to be a change of venue, meaning the trial has to be tried in another part of the state of Maryland and the jurors have to be drawn from that other part of the state,” Napolitano said. “The question is: can she fairly administer justice?”

Kelly added, “If it gets moved to another county, she is still the prosecutor, but she appears to be a problem. I mean, schooled and learned lawyers … are coming out using the word ‘disbarment’ for this type of behavior when it comes to a D.A.”

Unlike many talking heads, Kelly knows what she’s talking about. Before entering the world of TV news, Kelly practiced law for nine years at white-shoe law firm Jones Day in Washington, D.C., and was an associate at Bickel & Brewer LLP in Chicago. She was also editor of her law school’s law review.

The defense lawyers for the police officers also point out that there is a movement afoot to register young males to vote “so they can get on the jury to convict the officers.”

“It will be impossible to ferret out the bias and resentment of those prospective jury members who choose to hide their deeply held prejudices to get onto the jury,” they argued.

It is unclear who started this movement in Baltimore to pack juries. A month ago black commentator Roland Martin of TV One proposed stuffing juries with activists in order to guarantee that police officers are exposed to the wrath of the lynch mob. “You can’t try a police officer on a jury if you’re not registered to vote,” he said.

Martin urged pastors to encourage their African-American flocks to register to vote so they could get into jury pools. “But not just that, but you have to actually vote and once you vote for somebody you have to hold them accountable as well,” he said.

Whatever eventually happens to the accused police officers in court, Baltimore’s future looks bleak.

It is difficult to estimate how much the city will miss out on in terms of forgone future taxes and overall economic impact. Investors are unlikely to flock to Baltimore given that its government refuses to protect private property, one of its most basic obligations.

And U.S. taxpayers are going to be stuck with the bill for the mayor’s bad behavior and the crime wave it helped to exacerbate.

The city is applying for federal aid to cover expenses incurred in the riots that Rawlings-Blake encouraged. City officials say they want $20 million in direct costs to cover expenses such as equipment purchases, for example, tear gas and riot gear, and for street cleaning.

But that’s just the beginning of what local, state, and federal taxpayers will pay for Rawlings-Blake’s appalling malfeasance and fiscal blame-shifting.

The mayor is urging the more than 380 businesses damaged during the riots to seek loans and grants from the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Baltimore Development Corp., a public-private agency that promotes business development by issuing tax credits and offering debt instruments for sale to investors.

Maryland’s governor, Larry Hogan (R), is also seeking reimbursement for the state’s costs related to the riots. Of course, unlike Rawlings-Blake, who is the best friend a looter could ever have, Hogan did not make things worse by colluding with rioters and criminal gangs such as the Bloods, Crips, and Black Guerrilla Army. The governor did both his own job and the mayor’s job, restoring order to the city by activating the Maryland National Guard.

Now if only Gov. Hogan could dissolve the Baltimore City government for failing to perform even the most rudimentary of governmental functions and impose a state-run control board on the city.

Maybe then Baltimore might actually have a chance of bouncing back.

The Left’s Vision of America: A Giant, Government Controlled Indian Reservation

by David Goetsch


If you want to get a clear, irrefutable picture of where liberals are trying to take America just look out west at our government controlled Indian reservations. If liberals have their way—and slowly but surely they are having their way—America will one day be run like a giant Indian reservation instead of a republic consisting of 50 sovereign states. To get a feel for how debilitating complete government actually is—and where America is headed—consider the example of the Navajo nation, America’s largest Indian reservation and home to 900,000 residents. The Navajo reservation covers parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah and is comparable in size to the state of West Virginia.

According to Sophia Lee (writing for WORLD, December 27, 2014), “Extreme poverty, dependency, and distrust plague the Navajo Nation…” Lee goes on to write that the Navajo people on this reservation are “trapped in third-world levels of poverty; acute material needs, poor infrastructure, and a vicious cycle of injustice and violence. Today, many Navajo families depend on unstable low-pay work and chronic public assistance. About 60 percent are unemployed, and over one-third are considered ‘severely poor.’ The per capita income among Navajos is about $7,000 compared to the national $28,000. Today 16,000 families still lack electricity, and 20,000 Navajos lack running water.”

Take a good look at the conditions summarized in Sophia Lee’s article because this is where America is headed if liberals have their way. The words from Lee that best describe what happens when a nation becomes irrevocably tied to the government’s purse strings are “dependency,” “extreme poverty,” “vicious cycle of injustice,” “violence,” “unemployed,” and “chronic public assistance.” These words should sound familiar to readers because the same words could be used to describe any community or neighborhood in America dominated by welfare recipients.

Yet, as bad as things are on the Navajo reservation, there is at least a glimmer of hope. Why? Because increasingly young Navajos are becoming fed up with living in a government controlled ghetto that is no better than a plantation in which they are the slaves and the federal government is the master. According to Lee, “…the youngest and brightest Navajos are slipping away. Local educators find themselves in a Catch-22 situation: They provide cheap tuition, federal grants, and scholarships only to have students leave the reservation with their knowledge and skills because of a lack of jobs.” Apparently the best and brightest among young Navajos have learned that the only way to better their circumstances is to break the cycle of dependency and pursue lives that are not tied to government assistance. Bravo! Good for them. This is precisely the insight that is needed among all welfare recipients.

But breaking the cycle of dependence is not easy. It means breaking with tradition, breaking with cultural mores, and, often, even breaking with family. Here is what Sophia Lee found while studying the Navajos: “The Navajos once taught strong…self-reliance, fiercely resisting government welfare at first. Today many able-bodied, intelligent young Navajos are living on welfare because their parents and grandparents did, and they don’t plan to stop.” Ms. Lee’s description of young Navajos who are continuing the cycle of government dependence as an accepted way of life could be applied to thousands of young people from welfare dependent families throughout the United States. Breaking out of a multi-generational way of life can be a tall order, particularly for those who find that way of life acceptable.

Herein is found the Achilles Heel of government assistance. No one has ever been able to solve the following riddle when it comes to providing welfare to needy individuals: How can we provide legitimately needed assistance to individuals without that assistance becoming a permanent crutch that is taken for granted and never relinquished? The obvious answer—but one that liberals deny vociferously—is you can’t. The tendency to become permanently dependent is part of human nature. Consequently, the only question that remains is this: Should Americans become—through education, training, and hard work—as dependent as possible on themselves, or should they sit back, relax, and become dependent on the federal government?

The answer to the question in the preceding paragraph is not too hard to determine. All one has to do is look to the Navajo reservation to see what happens when people allow themselves to become dependent on the government. Extreme poverty, quasi-slavery, distrust, violence, drugs, and crime; these are the lots of individuals, families, and communities that allow themselves to become dependent on the federal government for their sustenance. Fortunately, there is another way. It is the way of freedom, self-reliance, and prosperity. But to enjoy this way of life, young people from welfare families will have to do what some of the best and brightest young Navajos are doing: turning their backs on government handouts, leaving the reservation, and setting out on their own to build better, freer, more self-reliant, and prosperous lives.


The Holy Grail for the left


The left is coming very close to something many of them consider the Holy Grail for liberalism right now. It is a long held goal that many of them have had and now it is within reach.

What is it and how bad is it for America?

The Holy Grail that the left has been working on for a while now is a carbon tax. The Carbon Tax is an idea that all forms of carbon (I.e. energy) will be taxed. The tax will fall across businesses and people. There will be taxes on energy when it is produced and when it is consumed.

The left is almost orgasmic over this tax.

Forget almost. They are orgasmic over this tax.

The Carbon Tax is their way of attacking the mythical man-made global warming. But more importantly for the left, it is a massive new tax stream. Some estimates are this could be a trillion dollars or more in new taxes.

The White House is quick to point out they will not propose a carbon tax. No they won’t. Liberals expect a Republican to offer it. They will use the gullible Republicans for political cover.

But this tax is far more complicated than adding a new tax to gas, oil, coal and other “carbon producing” fuels.

The left immediately starts screaming that any tax cannot be a tax on the poor or the middle class. But unlike income taxes, there is no way to differentiate the purchaser of energy products.

So what will they do?

They will create a new bureaucracy that will offer refunds to lower income energy consumers so they are not punished by this new tax.

Isn’t that great.

The government is going to create a whole new welfare program, even though it will not be called that. Much, if not all of the revenue that this new tax generates will go to pay for the new bureaucracy.

In the mean time, the American energy sector is pillaged by yet another tax.

The Carbon Tax will create yet another unending stream of tax dollars for liberals of both parties to spend while they claim they are looking out for America.

America does not need another tax. We have enough of those and they are a disaster right now. The energy sector does not need another tax they will pass along to consumers.

What we need is to cut spending.

This is the message we need to be telling America. The problem is not taxes or revenue and we do not need more taxes on the people or more revenue for government.

Each year the government wastes hundreds of millions of dollar. There are programs that are identified every year that are riddled with waste, fraud or duplicate other government programs.

The people of America need to demand that this spending be cut. It is not the government’s job to give money to a friend of the Vice President so he can open a luxury car dealership in the Ukraine.

We are seeing riots in Greece. We are following the path of Greece. In Greece, children are being sent to school with notes pinned to their clothes from their parents saying that they can no longer afford to care for their children.

This is the future of America if we do not stop the insane growth of government now.

Wisconsin Vote Stuns The Left

It’s been amusing to hear all the liberal talking heads on TV trying to claim that Tuesday’s vote in Wisconsin was no big deal. My friends, it was a very big deal indeed. In fact, it just may mark the beginning of the end of union power in this country.
Let’s be very clear about what was at stake in this election. It wasn’t just about ending collective bargaining for government employees. It wasn’t even about how much of their pay union members should contribute for their pensions or their healthcare. While these issues are important, they pale in comparison to what really mattered.
The paramount issue was whether the government could force someone to belong to a union in order to hold a job and deduct union dues from his pay without giving him any say in the matter.
Governor Scott Walker and a Republican majority in the Wisconsin Legislature ended that sweetheart deal for public-sector unions in the State. The results have been catastrophic for the bully boys (and girls) of collective bargaining.
Once the law went into effect, no State employee could be forced to join a union in order to hold a job. Dues would no longer be deducted automatically; employees had to specifically request the deduction of union dues from their paychecks.
Given a choice, guess what happened? Tens of thousands of former union members said “no thanks.” As a result, union membership and dues fell like a safe being dropped out of a window.
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is the second-largest public-sector union in Wisconsin. The largest is the National Education Association.
Prior to the passage of the Walker reforms, AFSCME had 62,818 members in Wisconsin. Six months after the new law took effect, the number had declined to just 28,745 dues-paying members. In other words, once they weren’t forced to be union members, more than 50 percent headed for the doors.
Bryan Kennedy, the president of the American Federation of Teachers in Wisconsin, said that failure to recall Walker “spells doom” for his union. Let’s hope he’s right.
None of this should come as a surprise. Time after time and in State after State, whenever right-to-work laws have replaced compulsory union membership, the results have been the same: More and more workers refuse to support unions. As President Barack Obama’s team will tell you, it takes a heck of a lot of “community organizing” to make up the difference.
Fifty years ago, more than half of the blue-collar workers in America were members of a union. Today, only 7 percent of private-sector employees are union members. That is what happens when people are given a choice. A huge percentage of them will choose to keep the money they earn, rather than let some ham-fisted organization spend it — allegedly on their behalf.
Get government involved and the results are dramatically different. The percentage of government employees who belong to a union is about 37 percent. The total number of union members has skyrocketed, thanks to the explosive growth of government at Federal, State and local levels.
Walker won the Governorship in 2010 by promising to bring some fiscal sanity to Wisconsin, which was facing a $3 billion deficit. To do that, he said that union members would have to start contributing “their fair share.” (Sound familiar?)
His “5 and 12” plan called for government employees to pay more for their lavish pensions and their generous healthcare plans. Under the Walker proposal, contributions to the pension plans would climb to 5.8 percent of their pay. This was still a sweetheart deal compared to what private-sector workers get. Most of the latter have no pension whatsoever; those who do contribute, on average, a lot more than 5.8 percent of their pay toward their retirement.
Healthcare is even more expensive. The average private-sector worker pays 21 percent of the premiums for his or her coverage; government employees in Wisconsin paid just 6 percent of the costs of their health insurance, or less than one-third as much. The Walker plan would double that figure to 12.6 percent — still a bargain by almost any measure.
Union members in Wisconsin went absolutely ballistic at the thought of having to dig into their own pockets so much. Tens of thousands of them marched on the State Capitol in Madison, in a sort of local “Occupy” movement. When that wasn’t enough to intimidate the Legislature, 14 Democratic Senators fled the State. Yep, they high-tailed it to Illinois, so there wouldn’t be enough voters left in Madison to form a quorum.
That standoff lasted for a while. When a vote was finally taken, the Walker proposals passed handily. Union officials and their Democratic allies immediately launched a highly publicized petition movement to demand a recall of Walker, his Lieutenant Governor and four Republican State Senators. Thousands of union volunteers poured into the State. They ended up collecting more than 900,000 signatures for the petition — way more than the 400,000 needed to force a special election.
On Tuesday, the unions and their Democratic allies got what they said they wanted: a chance for the public to vote “aye” or “nay” on the Walker reforms. After one of the most costly and divisive campaigns in State history, a record number of voters showed up at the polls.
Bless their hearts! They gave Walker an even bigger victory than they did in 2010, when he defeated Tom Barrett (yes, the same guy) by 5.5 percent of the votes cast. This time his victory was even bigger; he carried the State by 53 percent to 46 percent.
Let’s not forget that other Governors, including Mitch Daniels in Indiana and Chris Christie in New Jersey, have seen their popularity soar the more they have challenged teachers and other union members.
By the way, I suspect Obama’s pollsters had a much better idea of what was going to happen in Wisconsin than the number crunchers at CNN. How else can you explain Obama’s invisibility in what was clearly going to be one of the most important pre-November elections this year?
Oh, sure, Obama issued a lukewarm endorsement of Barrett from the safe confines of the White House. But when it came time to press the flesh and energize the crowds in Wisconsin, the President was nowhere to be seen. Nor was Vice President Joe Biden.
Remember, Obama and Biden carried the State handily in 2008. Afterwards, the Veep told an enthusiastic crowd of union loyalists, “We owe you!” Sure thing, buddy. But not enough to risk getting some egg on their faces this time around.
Does Walker’s stunning victory mean that Wisconsin is “in play” for Romney this fall? Time will tell. But in the meantime, is that a groundswell I hear saying “Walker for VP?”
Until next time, keep some powder dry.
–Chip Wood