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Enough is Enough! - Comments on Obama by Kathleen Douglas

We face absolute tyranny! Our current president and his minions have utterly trashed our Constitution. They have completely disregarded the citizens of this nation. They have promoted and implemented policies that eradicate our basic rights. They have managed to smear their deviant social agenda across the heart of this nation in total disregard to our moral disciplines. They have instigated hatred toward anybody who holds to the principles of our Founding Fathers and our Founding Documents. They have escalated our national debt to levels beyond our ability to control and have placed overwhelming regulations on our own industries, making it almost impossible to conduct business. They have invited swarms of criminals to run amuck within our borders. The list goes on and on.”The events of the past couple of weeks have been quite disturbing. The Executive Order our current president used to bypass Congress and allow almost a million illegal immigrants “amnesty”; the Executive Decision to protect himself and the Attorney General from Congressional inquiry into a botched government program; the directive to the Secretary of Homeland Security to ignore the decision of the Supreme Court concerning Arizona’s desire to uphold federal immigration law; and the call to people to forgo their graduation, anniversary, birthday and wedding gifts and turn over their gifts to the president’s campaign. These actions, along with many others, are an absolute indictment of our current president’s fascist ideals. The mainstream media, in total compliance with the Administration’s agenda, have ignored the truth, and refused to report what is really going on. Instead, the mainstream media has been perpetuating lies and inciting racial, generational and gender divisions within our citizenry.

Fascism – “Any program for setting up a centralized autocratic national regime with severely nationalistic policies, exercising regimentation of industry, commerce, and finance, rigid censorship, and forcible suppression of opposition.” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, Copyright 1956)

We face absolute tyranny! Our current president and his minions have utterly trashed our Constitution. They have completely disregarded the citizens of this nation. They have promoted and implemented policies that eradicate our basic rights. They have managed to smear their deviant social agenda across the heart of this nation in total disregard to our moral disciplines. They have instigated hatred toward anybody who holds to the principles of our Founding Fathers and our Founding Documents. They have escalated our national debt to levels beyond our ability to control and have placed overwhelming regulations on our own industries, making it almost impossible to conduct business. They have invited swarms of criminals to run amuck within our borders. The list goes on and on.

ENOUGH! This is the United States of America! We have a government of the people, for the people and by the people. There is no place for tyranny, despotism or fascism here! We the People must be willing to stand up and speak up against the current president and his radical agenda. In 2008 a lot of us went to the polls with the attitude that we would be voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’. We did not show support for the Republican candidate, because we saw, in him, very little difference than the opposition. We cannot afford to do that again! Admittedly, Governor Romney was not the first choice for a lot of us. However, he is our candidate, and we have the opportunity to grow him and build him into the candidate we need. The days of blindly supporting any candidate (from dog-catcher on up) are gone. The days of letting politicians, lobbyists, professors and the media set the agenda are gone. We must actively promote and encourage our candidates to stand up and speak up for us. We the People must drive the agenda! This is our country. Instead of allowing our candidates to stand at the podium and ramble on with tired old rhetoric, We the People need to let them know exactly what we expect of them. We need to let them know that once they are elected, We the People are going to hold their feet in the fire and keep them on the right track. We cannot cast our vote and then “hope for the best”. It is time to honor every drop of blood that has been shed in the last 240 years to purchase our freedom. We are endowed with, and we own the unalienable rights given to us by our Creator; Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It is time to let the fascists know that we are not willing to give up our freedom.

It is not my job to educate liberals. It is my blessing to support and encourage Conservatives. You and I are in this fight together. Let us be strong and courageous in letting our candidates know that the true leadership in this country belongs to the citizenry. Let us be vigilant in letting our candidates know that we require their attention and their proper service to us. Let us not neglect our duty as citizens to honor our Constitution and the blood of the fallen. Together we will defeat the evil agenda we are faced with. Complacency is not an option! Are you with me?


We The People think

You asked ‘what do I think’? I’ll tell you what We The People think. We The People think raising the taxes on the job creators in this country might raise 47 billion dollars over a ten year period which is a drop in the bucket. Spending in excess of 3.5 trillion per year is the problem. We The People borrow money from China to give to the very people that hate us and want to see us dead. We The People give deadbeats free food, cell phones, yes free cell phones, We The People pay people to go to college or trade schools not to learn or better themselves to get off social programs but to collect a check. We The People pay for these same deadbeats to have babies so they can collect more checks, worse yet We The People pay for them to abort babies that have no say.
In the real world We The People have to make a budget, and learn to live within that budget. Not in Washington, you just spend willy nilly then want to raise taxes on the masses, yes, We The People. Just look at the news lately, the GSA spends our money on lavish vacations, parties, spa outings and who knows what else. “We The People” are fed up with this crap coming from Washington. We The People are told we have to pass a bill before We The People know what’s in it. Then when We The People speak out it’s crammed down our throats.
We The People question the eligibility of our President and are ridiculed for it. We The People demand an answer. We The People are finished being silent. We The People are watching. We The People demand voter ID laws in all States, in all elections. We The People will be voting in November and We The People are going to take OUR Country back. We The People want Tort reform. We The People want term limits, one and done no pensions and medical for life. It’s a shame when you send our young men and women to fight and sacrifice for our country and to put their lives on the line for a meager salary. Why are taxes taken out of their checks? Why after serving 20 years do they get 50% of their pay, when Senators and Congressmen serve 1 term and get full pensions and Medical? There, I’ve told you what I think.

Americans Can "ONCE AGAIN Become The Standard For A Free Society" - Ron Paul


Obama, Warren and The Imperial Presidency

The Wall Street journal
SEPTEMBER 22, 2010
The Senate should vote on all senior appointments within 60 days. But the president should give it a chance to vote.

President Obama’s appointment of Elizabeth Warren late last week is another milestone down the path toward an imperial presidency. During America’s first 150 years, Ms. Warren’s appointment as a special adviser to the White House would have been unthinkable. Today, it’s par for the course.
Only in 1939 did Franklin Roosevelt win the right to appoint six “special assistants.” To gain congressional approval, he pledged that his assistants would act strictly as advisers. Thus they did not require Senate confirmation.
Since Roosevelt’s initiative, presidents of both parties have consistently expanded the size and power of the White House establishment. There are now more than 500 super-loyalists intervening in the affairs of Cabinet departments. But until now, presidents have maintained the legal fiction that they were merely advisers without decision-making powers.
No longer. As White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explained, Ms. Warren has been appointed “to lead” a team of “about 30 or 40 people at the Department of Treasury working” in “standing up” the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This burst of candor punctures the legal fiction that has exempted White House appointees from the Constitution’s requirement of “advice and consent” from the Senate. Since Ms. Warren will be a key executive in Treasury, earning the salary of an undersecretary, shouldn’t she be treated as an undersecretary and be required to run the gauntlet of Senate approval?
To deflect this question, the president’s lawyers have cobbled together yet another legal fiction. The trick is to give her a second appointment. In addition to serving as President Obama’s special assistant, she will also serve as a special adviser to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. This allows her to pretend she is Mr. Geithner’s humble consultant when she and her staff come up with an action plan for the new agency.
This legalistic gambit serves as a fig leaf for a very different reality: Mr. Geithner will never reject any of Ms. Warren’s “advice.” The simple truth is that the Treasury secretary is being transformed into a rubber stamp for a White House staffer.
In his great book on 19th-century British government, “The English Constitution,” Walter Bagehot emphasized the importance of distinguishing the “efficient” from the “dignified” aspects of the constitution. Britain’s “dignified” constitution then focused on the Queen, diverting attention from the “efficient” power wielded by the Cabinet.
A similar but opposite transformation is happening in today’s America. The dignified Constitution emphasizes Senate confirmation of cabinet officers, but effective power is increasingly exercised by presidential assistants. Despite Mr. Obama’s campaign against the excesses of the Bush White House, he is now making his own contribution to the ongoing construction of an imperial presidency.
Maybe so, say the president’s defenders, but the Senate has only itself to blame. John Kennedy had to wait two months for the Senate to confirm his initial round of nominees. It took six months for Ronald Reagan, and nine for George W. Bush, and even longer for Mr. Obama. Given the Senate’s increasing intransigence, the president has no choice but to engage in legal fictions that will allow him to govern effectively. Although Republicans are condemning Mr. Obama for creating another White House czar, they will change their tune if their party regains control of the presidency and confronts a Democratic roadblock in the Senate.
Americans can break through this impasse if both sides negotiate a “grand bargain.” Here is the deal: The Senate should change its rules to require an up-or-down vote on all executive branch appointments within 60 days. In exchange, the president should sign legislation to require Senate approval of all senior White House appointments. By reaching this agreement, the president regains the powers to govern effectively and the Senate regains its authority to approve all major appointments—regardless of their location in the executive branch.
This grand bargain requires both sides to give up the petty privileges of the existing system. Senators will lose their power to hold up nominations to blackmail the administration into approving their pet projects. Presidents will lose their ability to appoint super-loyalists who can’t convince 51 senators that they merit powerful White House positions. But the rest of us will profit greatly from the reinvigoration of the founding principle of checks-and-balances for a new century.
Mr. Ackerman is a professor at Yale and the author of “The Decline and Fall of the American Republic,” forthcoming from Harvard University Press.

Glenn Beck's Happy Warriors

You probably couldn’t have found a more polite crowd at the opera.
Thw Wall Street Journal Opinion
August 30, 2010
Washington, D.C.
Pundits will debate whether the crowd at Glenn Beck’s Saturday rally in Washington was the largest in recent political history, but it was certainly among the most impressive.
Mr. Beck is a television host and radio broadcaster with a checkered past and a penchant for incendiary remarks. But if he’s judged by the quality of people of all colors that he attracted to the Lincoln Memorial, his stock can’t help but rise.
One would not be able to find a more polite crowd at a political convention, certainly not at a professional sporting event, probably not even at an opera. In fact, judging by the behavior of the attendees following the event, you’d have a tough time finding churches in which people display more patience as others make their way to the exits.
This army of well-mannered folks that marched into Washington seemed comprised mainly of people who had once marched in the U.S. Army or other military branch, or at least had a family member who had. Perhaps that’s not surprising, given that the event was a fund-raiser for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides scholarships to the children of elite troops killed in the performance of their duty. The day was largely devoted to expressions of gratitude for the sacrifices of U.S. soldiers, for great men of American history like the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and for God.
But it didn’t end there. Dave Roever, a Vietnam veteran, offered a closing prayer in which he thanked the Lord for the president and for the Congress. Despite the unpopularity of the latter two, no booing or catcalls could be heard.
Perhaps feeling defensive about how they would be portrayed in media reports, various attendees wore t-shirts noting that they were “Not violent” or “Non-violent.” For other participants, there was no need for an explicit message. Relaxed young parents felt comfortable enough to push toddlers in strollers through the crowded areas along the memorial’s reflecting pool.
Not only was the rally akin to a “huge church picnic” (in one Journal reporter’s description), but one had to wonder if the over-achievers in this crowd actually left the area in better shape than they found it.
After the event, walking from the Lincoln Memorial’s reflecting pool through Constitution Gardens, this reporter scanned 360 degrees and could not see a scrap of trash anywhere. Participants and volunteers had collected all their refuse and left it piled neatly in bags around the public garbage cans. Near Constitution Avenue, I did encounter one stray piece of paper—but too old and faded to have been left that day.
Given the huge representation of military families at the event, maybe it’s not surprising the grounds were left ship-shape. A principal theme of the day was that attendees should restore the country by making improvements in their own lives—be the change you wish to see in the world, as Gandhi once put it.
Most of the participants were strictly amateurs in the business of activism. For many, it was their first appearance at a public demonstration. Their strikingly mild-mannered nature might inspire even Mr. Beck to acknowledge that in a crowd estimated at 300,000, the craziest person at the event might have been the one with the microphone. While he admits that he’s part entertainer and prone to over-the-top comments, his followers appear to be sincerely responding to his message that Americans need to cling to their best traditions. (Mr. Beck’s program appears on the Fox News Channel, which is owned by News Corp., which also owns this newspaper.)
The conservative Mr. Beck’s ability to draw this many people to Washington may suggest enormous gains for Republicans come the fall. But the GOP shouldn’t expect voters to simply hand them a congressional majority without making them earn it. If pregame chatter and off-season optimism translated into victory, the New York Jets and the Washington Redskins would meet in the Super Bowl every year.
Between Saturday’s crowd in Washington and the tea partiers agitating for limited government, we may be witnessing the rebuilding of the Reagan coalition, the “fusion” of religious and economic conservatives that political theorist Frank Meyer once endorsed. Reagan always believed that the Republican Party was the natural home for this movement, but GOP leaders in Washington need to prove they are worthy of it.
Mr. Freeman is assistant editor of the Journal’s editorial page.

Muslim Brotherhood – Know Who They Are

Americans Do Not want Shariah Law Imposed Upon Them and No Mosque near Ground Zero

By Rosario A. Grasso

I would like to reiterate I have no ill feelings towards Muslims or their faith. I welcome hold heartily all nationalities who come to this great country legally. I am very assertive when a foreigner, country will not assimilate to America’s way of life and its’ laws. Nor will I rest til I find the true purpose who or what wants to change or destroy the country I love. For this is my mission to expose the truth and facts underlying the so called GZ, ground zero mosque and its’ perpetrators. Sincerely, Rosario A. Grasso

As I looked out at the thousands of people assembled near Ground Zero on Sunday to oppose the construction of a mega mosque there, I was reminded of Winston Churchill’s famous line that inspirited Britain at the first sign the tide was turning in World War II: “Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

To be sure, the rally held two blocks from the World Trade Center was not a decisive defeat of the enemy like that dealt by the storied British “Desert Rats” to Hitler’s Afrika Korps in November 1942. But there was something pivotal about the fact that throngs of ordinary Americans – many of them family or friends of those who died on 9/11 – had come together to stand for hours in an intermittent rain not just to contest the construction of a megamosque at a wholly inappropriate location, but in informed opposition to the impetus behind that mosque: shariah.

In fact, throughout the crowd could be seen signs with just the word “shariah” lettered in dripping, blood-red ink. The prospect that the tide is beginning now to turn in our generation’s War for the Free World can be found in those signs. They bespeak recognition of the danger posed by the brutally repressive, totalitarian and anti-constitutional program that is espoused by the authorities of Islam. Shariah, the law of Saudi Arabia and Iran, is what Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the prime-mover behind the Ground Zero mosque, says he wants to “bring to America.” The assembled union workers, firefighters, police officers, Patriot Guard bikers and other regular folks were addressed by a succession of citizen activists, community leaders and 9/11 family members. The thunderous response to patriotic speeches and songs about freedom and the threat posed to it by people l like those who toppled the once-adjacent World Trade Center rang in the canyons of Lower Manhattan and – due to the massive media presence – across the land. When my turn came to speak, I actually thanked Imam Rauf. For, in his overreaching ambition to build what he first dubbed the “Ground Zero Mosque,” Rauf unwittingly and unintentionally created a “teachable moment” about shariah, and what he and others like him are doing to insinuate it into this country. As a result most especially of President Obama’s ill-advised decision on August 13th to embroil himself in the debate over the mosque, millions of Americans are now opposing its construction in proximity to some of our most hallowed ground. Our countrymen are also becoming more knowledgeable about shariah and why simply moving this advocate and his Islamic “cultural center” complex a few blocks away will not mitigate the danger they pose. Specifically, the public is learning of the obligation on shariah’s adherents to impose this toxic program everywhere via jihad – holy war, waged by violence or by stealth.

Thanks to the Ground Zero mosque controversy, Americans are also getting a crash-course on the preeminent perpetrator of the stealthy form of “civilization jihad,” the Muslim Brotherhood. While its tactics may differ from, say, al Qaeda’s, the Brotherhood’s objectives are identical: the supremacy of Islam and the establishment of a theocratic ruler, the Caliph, who is to govern worldwide in accordance with shariah. As spokesmen from various Brotherhood front groups (notably, the Council on American Islamic Relations, the Muslim American Society and the Muslim Public Affairs Council) have been vociferously demanding that the construction of a megamosque is a test of our religious tolerance, more and more of us are realizing that this is what is known in shariah as taqqiya, lying for the faith.

The crowd on Sunday understood that, no matter how often the Brotherhood’s operatives and their non-Muslim apologists and enablers assert otherwise, the United States is not intolerant of the practice of Islam; the hundred or so mosques in New York City alone attest to that. Rather, the Brothers endlessly make such claims as part of the stealth jihad. Their playbook calls for them cynically to use our civil liberties to suppress opposition to the insinuation here of the most intolerant doctrine of all: shariah. As public awareness of and concern about shariah intensifies, the Muslim Brotherhood and its friends are employing taqqiya frantically in the hope of maintaining the obscuration so critical to their stealth jihad. Notably, on the margins of Sunday’s event, Salam al-Marayati of the Muslim Public Affairs Council – who attended Obama’s iftar dinner on the 13th – tried to deflect criticism of Shariah, saying it is subject to various interpretations. He and his friends would have us believe that the jihad it orders means nothing more than “internal struggle” to practice one’s faith properly.

Some, like Feisal Rauf, go so far as to insist that shariah is compatible with the U.S. Constitution. Fortunately, not all Muslims adhere to or seek to impose shariah. If we start in a concerted way to empower those that do not, and effectively counter those – like the Muslim Brotherhood — that do, we may just be at the end of the beginning of this war to keep America shariah-free.

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